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John D. Cannon Papers, 1900-1984, bulk 1966-1969

Series V: Publications--Collected

This series contains publications collected by Rev. Cannon and deals with the political, religious, and social upheavals facing university ministries during the late 1960s. These publications, many of them rare, contain Cannon's marginalia and notes evincing the development of his thoughts about how to lead a chaplaincy in a time of great campus turmoil. This series is arranged alphabetically by author. If the author is not known, the publication is arranged alphabetically by either article or periodical title.

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Box 5 "An Activist Bishop Faces Life" Newsweek , 1972 December 25

Box 5 Campus Ministers' Conference for the Metropolitan New York City Area, Catholic Center, New York University, under the auspices of the Metropolitan New York City Chapter of the Religious Education Association, 1966 March 22, 1966

Box 5 Carey, John J., "The Changing Campus" Dialogue on Campus, vol. 19, pp. 2-6, 1969 April

Box 5 Chambeau, Frank Alsid de, "An Exploratory Ministry in Education: Analysis and Recommendations", undated

Box 5 The Chautauquan: Illustrated Book of Chautauqua, 1952 April, 1952

Box 5 Free Student: Published by May 2nd Movement, no. 3, undated

Box 5 Goodman, Paul, "Student Chaplains", The New Republic, 1967 January 7, 1967

Box 5 Heights , 1967

Box 5 Hill, Herbert, "Planning the End of the American Ghetto: A Program of Economic Development for Equal Rights", 1966

Box 5 Hudson, Frederic M., "The American College Chaplaincy as an Action Research Community", undated

Box 5 Journal of Social Commentary, 1967 May, 1967

Box 5 Kavanaugh, Robert E., "The Grim Generation", Psychology Today Magazine, 1968 October, 1968

Box 5 Merkovic, Lee, "Rabbi Goldman", Manhattan Tribune, vol. 1, no. 27, 1969 May 24

Box 5 Moore, John M. The Place of Moral and Religious Values in Programs of General Education, 1952

Box 5 New York State Campus Ministry Consultation--Reaction Papers, 1967 May 25-June 3, 1967

Box 5 The Proceedings from an Invitational Workshop on Religious Studies in Higher Education , 1967

Box 5 Roy Rogers: a magazine of the arts, 1967 May, 1967

Box 5 Schlossberg, Edwin, ed. Good News, The Institute for Contemporary Studies, undated

Box 5 Senarclens, Jacques de The Church and the University, undated

Box 5 Summer '69: Published by Columbia University and Teachers College , 1969

Box 5 Tremmel, William C., "Changing Patterns of Religion on Campus", undated

Box 5 Wedel, Theodore O. The Church and the University, undated