Columbia University Archives

John D. Cannon Papers, 1900-1984, bulk 1966-1969

Series II: Sermons, Speeches and Writings

Arranged in chronological order, this series consists predominantly of Rev. Cannon's sermons and speeches given during his chaplaincy at Columbia University.

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Box 1 Comments to Freshmen, 1965-1967

Sermons, 1963-1969 1975, undated, 1963-1969, 1975, undated, (7 folders)

Box 1 "Christ and the Mature Man"--on Ephesians 4, 1964 February 2, 1964

Box 1 "To Tell the Truth--on truth-telling on the language of faith, 1964 March 8, 1964

Box 1 "Man's Coming of Age", St. Paul's Chapel, 1964 May 31, 1964

Box 1 "The One and the Many", 1964 August 2, 1964

Box 1 "The Christian and the Movement: Cooperation or Collision", 1966 February 13

Box 1 "The College Consensus: A Commentary on Its Character", Miss Porter's School, 1966 May 1

Box 1 "Is Nothing Sacred", St. Paul's Chapel, 1966 July 24

Box 1 "Christian Presence in the University"--Opening Service, 1966

Box 1 "The Church and Ecumenical Life", 1966

Box 1 "Freedom-Now and Then"--Baccalaureate Sermon, 1966

Box 1 "Relationship of Community of faith to Community of learning"--Opening Service, 1966

Box 1 Vetlesen Award--Jan Hendrick Cort, 1966

Box 1 "The Heart of the Wise in the House of Mourning"--Commemoration Service, 1967 January 15

Box 1 "Conscienceless Power Meets Powerless Conscience"--Race Relations Sunday, 1967 February 12

Box 1 "Godly Guides and Ungodly Gurus", 1967 April 9

Box 1 "Christian Attitude toward Power in the Eucharist as Social Action", 1967 July

Box 1 Good Friday--Dialogues, 1967

Box 1 Hiroshima Day--Feast of Transfiguration, 1967

Box 1 "On Church and State"--Reformation Sunday [text: give to Caesar the things that are Caesars], 1967

Box 1 "Freedom Now and Then", Miss Porter's School, 1967

Box 1 "Knowledge Beyond Knowledge", 1968 September

Box 1 Baccalaureate Service, 1968

Box 1 Passion Sunday--following the death of Martin Luther King, 1968

Box 1 Race Relations Sunday, 1968

Box 1 "True Religion and Political Relevance", 1968

Box 1 "Why Tell it Like it is?", Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, 1969 February 9

Box 1 "Guilt and Hope", 1st Sunday in Lent [Temptation in the Wilderness], 1969

Box 1 Rogation Sunday [the Sunday preceding the Rogation Days], 1969

Box 2 "The Advantage of Being Christian", undated

Box 2 "Christian Identity in a Post-Christian World", undated

Box 2 "Citizens of Heaven", St. Paul's Chapel, undated

Box 2 "The Lure of Detachment", St. Paul's Chapel, undated

Box 2 "The New Reformation: Will the Institutional Church Survive", Reformation Sunday, undated

Box 2 Notes for a lecture--talk on the New Morality, undated

Box 2 "On Detachment and Confessions" St: Luke's Hospital, undated

Box 2 "On the Eucharistic Assembly in Prodigal Son", undated

Box 2 "The Parable of the Prodigal Son", undated

Box 2 Passion Sunday, Columbia University--with comments on Ed Crawford's paintings, undated

Box 2 "Sower and the Seed", undated

Box 2 "Technology and Progress: Towards the New Jerusalem", undated

Box 2 Thanksgiving Sermon, St. Thomas Church, undated

"What Resources Do We Have for Christian Living", St. Paul's Chapel, undated

Box 2 Preparation Materials--Miscellaneous Notes, 1963-1969 undated, 1963-1969, undated, (3 folders)

Box 2 Speeches, 1959-1960

Box 2 "Student Power -- Open Revolt" Seventeen Magazine, 1968