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Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program records, 2000-2013

Series II: Archived Websites, 2012-present

Series II contains archived websites created by the IFP Secretariat, many of its international partners, and some IFP alumni associations. The websites were archived by Columbia University Libraries web archivists using the Internet Archive's Archive-It software beginning in 2012. Websites which are still live and being updated continue to be crawled twice a year. Inactive websites or those which have been removed from the live web are no longer crawled by Columbia University Libraries. All archived websites can be accessed online through theRare Book and Manuscript Library's Archive-It web page, or through the links to individual archived websites below.

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Subseries II.1: Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program Website Captures, 2012-present

Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (IFP) Website Captures, 2012-present

Subseries II.2: IFP Alumni Tracking Study Website Captures, 2014-present

IFP Alumni Tracking Study, 2014-present

Subseries II.3: IFP Brazil Website Captures, 2012-2013

Programa de Ação afirmativa na Pós-Graduação, IFP - International Fellowships Program/Brasil, 2012-2013

Subseries II.4: IFP Chile and Peru Website Captures, 2012-2013

Fundacion Equitas, 2012-2013

Subseries II.5: IFP China Website Captures, 2012-2013

IFP China, 2012-2013

Subseries II.6: IFP Egypt and Palestine Website Captures, 2012-2014

International Fellowship Program (IFP) | AMIDEAST, 2012-2014

Subseries II.7: IFP Guatemala Website Captures, 2012-present

Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de Mesoamerica, 2012-present

Subseries II.8: IFP India Website Captures, 2012-2013

IFP India, 2012-2013

Subseries II.9: IFP Indonesia Website Captures, 2012-2013

Indonesian International Education Foundation, 2012-2014

Subseries II.10: IFP Kenya Website Captures, 2012-2013

IFP East Africa, 2012-2014

Subseries II.11: IFP Mexico Website Captures, 2012-2013

CIESAS IFP Mexico, 2012-2014

Subseries II.12: IFP Mozambique and South Africa Website Captures, 2012-2013

Africa-America Institute South Africa, 2012-2013

Subseries II.13: IFP Nigeria Website Captures, 2012-2014

IFP Nigeria, Pathfinder International: International Fellowships Program (IFP), 2012-2014

Subseries II.14: IFP Russia Website Captures, 2012-2014

IFP Russia, 2012-2014

Subseries II.15: IFP Senegal Website Captures, 2012-2013

IFP Senegal, WARC | Gateway to Research in West Africa, 2012-2013

Subseries II.16: IFP Tanzania Website Captures, 2012-2013

IFP Tanzania, 2012-2013

Subseries II.17: IFP Thailand Website Captures, 2012-2013

Asian Scholarship Foundation, 2012-2013

Subseries II.18: IFP Uganda Website Captures, 2012-2014

Association for the Advancement of Higher Education and Development, 2012-2014

Subseries II.19: IFP Vietnam Website Captures, 2012-present

Center for Educational Exchange with Vietnam: International Fellowships Program (IFP), 2012-present

Subseries II.20: IFP Guatemala Alumni Association Website Captures, 2013-present

Red de Becados IFP en Guatemala, 2001-2010, 2013-present

Subseries II.21: IFP Indonesia Alumni Association Website Captures, 2013-present

Indonesia Social Justice Network, 2013-present

Subseries II.22: IFP Peru Alumni Association Website Captures, 2013-2015

Asociacion de Alumni Peruanos Fundación Ford "Centro para el Desarollo Social,", 2013-2015

Subseries II.23: IFP Russia Alumni Association Website Captures, 2013-present

Ford IFP Russia Alumni, 2013-prsent

Subseries II.24: IFP Vietnam Alumni Association Website Captures, 2013-present

IFP Vietnam Alumni, 2013-present