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Call No.: MS#2010
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Creator(s) Crespo, Jaime; Cabrera, José; Navarro, Rafael, 1967-; Rodríguez, Octavio; Gonzalez, Crystal; Leaños, John Jota; Hernandez, Javier, 1966-; Tito, na Rua, 1978-; Moon, Fábio; Bá, Gabriel
Title Latino Comics Collection, circa 1990s-2010s
Physical Description 3 linear feet (2 manuscript boxes, one oversized box (16''x20''))
Language(s) English , Spanish; Castilian .
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This collection contains comics illustrated, written, inked and published by Latinos in the US. It also includes associated ephemera that includes posters, animated DVDs, posters, pins, dolls and more.

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Purchased 2012, received 2012-08-15

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Latino Comics Collection, 1984-2012

Box 1 Folder 1 Mayorga Amaya, Liz, 2010-2012

OUTGROWING PLASTIC DOLLS, INKED, VIRERE ARDENDO, A CAXCAN GUERRILLA TAKES OVER THE AWKWARD GIRL, THE PIGEON QUEEN AND A POSTCARD "STOP THE VIOLENCE, STOP THE HATRED." California: Author, 2010-2012. First edition. 3 octavo-sized zines, two oblong 12mos and a postcard. Illustrations. Staplebound Wraps. New. Inked treats the subjects of the author's tatoos and her Mexican family's reaction to her. Caxcan guerrilla is a series of related short stories and comix about the author's experiences as a teenager, Outgrowin Plastic Dolls is a coming of age story in comic form, Vivere Ardendo is a collection of graffitti and street art photography (b+w) accompanied by travel stories, reflections, journal notes, etc.

Box 1 Folder 2 Gamboa, Gabby, 1984-2011

CHRIS MONTEZ: TEENAGE ROCKSTAR, MISS LONEY HEARTS 1, AND DONUT HOLE (WRITTEN BY JAMES TRACY, ILLUSTRATED BY GABBY GAMBOA). Oakland, CA: Author, Kapow!, 1984 Printing, 2000, 2011. 3 zines. Miss LH1-8vo, 36 p., Donut/Montez-12mo. Staplebound Wraps. New. Donut Hole written by James Tracey and illustrated by Gabby Gamboa is a series of poems, the first half religious in content and the second half deals with policing, 9/11 and class war. Miss Lonely Hearts is the first half of an comic book adaptation of Nathanel West's 1933 story about an advice columnist, and Montez is a comic strip styles story about a young musician.

Box 1 Folder 3 Rodriguez, Fernando B, 2003-2012

AZTEC OF THE CITY, VOL. 3, NO. 1; ADELITA/TALES OF AZTLAN: THE LEGEND OF LA LLORONA. San Jose: DeLilia Images/El Salto Comics/Fernando Balderas Rodriguez, 2012 (originally published 1993) / 2003. 8vo, wrps, 32 p. b+w illus., color cover illustrations, Staplebound Wraps. New. An early issue of Aztec of the City reprinted here called "Drive-By' which deals with bay area gangs, police and latino realities in the street. Illustrated by Ernie Polo, Sergio Lopez Moya, Horacio Luis Balderas Rodriguez, and Alfonso Salazar. The second issue is a dual-edition with two stories: Adelita illustrated by Gabriel Alberola deals with a young woman in Sonora coming of age during the Mexican Revolution (references to the Flores Magon brother and Porfirio Diaz), The story of La Llorana, a poor woman bequethed to a young Spainard some forty years after the conquest and fall of the Aztec empire, is presented with illustrations by Kasey Quevedo and H. Luis Rodriguez.

Box 1 Folder 4 Parada, Daniel, 2011

ZOTZ: SERPENT AND SHIELD. ISSUE #1. San Francisco, California: Daniel Parada (Co-edited by Jorge Parada), 2011. 1st ed. ISBN: 9780615562346. 4to, wrps, unpag., b+w illus. (cover and to pages in color). Paperback. New. "Zotz" means "bat" in some Mayan languages, and it is the title of a comic book created by Daniel Parada. The multi-arc story has supernatural elements and is set in 16th century Mesoamerica, in an imaginary world where the Spaniards never fully conquered the Americas. Zotz centers on the adventures of twin brothers Pakal and Kaan, whose characters are loosely based on Hunahpu and Xbalanque, the Hero twins featured in the Popol Vuh, the sacred K'iche Maya book of creation. Daniel developed the story over the last 6 years, motivated by the lack of Mesoamerican stories in our popular culture. Which is surprising given the epic sagas and existence of advanced cultures (past and present) in Mesoamerica. Trying to capture some of this grandness within a single tale, was perhaps the biggest challenge in the development of Zotz.

Box 1 Folder 5 Oropeza, Antonio F, 2003-2012

AMIGOMAN, THE LATIN AVENGER. 3 ISSUES: #1 HOLA, SOY AMIGOMAN. AMIGOMAN: THE ORIGIN, AND THE SPECIAL EDITION: AMIGOMAN VS. FRANKENSTEIN. Kansas City: Strong Ave. Studios, AO ART 5, 2003, 2009, 2012. 4to, wrps, ~20 p., b+w illus by Anthony Oropeza and Lorenzo Lizana. Staplebound Wraps. New. Comic book about the author's alter-ego Amigoman. Bilingual editions intended for a young audience (K-8). The issue for the youngest children includes coloring book pages.

Box 1 Folder 6 Rodriguez, Grasiela, 2010

SPADRA. ISSUE NO. 1. "GHOSTLY APPROPRIATIONS OF A TOWN THAT TIME FORGOT." [Los Angeles, California]: Not Your Friend Comic Books and Animation, 2010. 1st ed. 8vo, wrps, 16 p., color illus. Comes with a pin. Staplebound Wraps. New. Meet Billy Rubottom, the founder of Spadra and then take a ride with the Bride in the Stagecoach! LUNATIC FRINGE. ISSUE NUMBER ONE FOR MATURE READERS. "WE ALL KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE." [Los Angeles, California]: Not Your Friend Comic Books and Animation, 2010. 1st ed. 8vo, wrps, p., color illus. Comes with an air freshener. Staplebound Wraps. New. It started with a boy and a girl...and a heart and a game... The life of a "normal" girl intertwines in a tale of love/hate and redemption.

Box 1 Folder 7 Crespo, Jaime, 1995-2012

NARCOLEPSY DREAMS #2, THROB, TORTILLA ISSUE NUMBER ONE, TORTILLA ISSUE NUMBER TWO, LAST SLICE (BEST OF THE LAST SLICES STRIPS), AND SLICES (SELECTED FAVORITES FROM THE WEEKLY STRIP: SLICE O'LIFE. San Anselmo, California: Slave Labor Graphics, Corn Tortilla Press, 1995,2012, 2008,2011, 2011, 2008. 8vo, wrps, ~15-30 p. ea., illus. Staplebound Wraps. New. Jaime Crespo has had his comix as well as folk art pieces appear all over the U.S. and abroad in everything from comic books, magazines, newspapers, anthologies, zines, chap books and art shows for over the past 30 years. Many of the comix panels treat immigration, latino culture, policing, and everyday life.

Box 1 Folder 8 Aushenker, Michael, 1995-2010

FUTURESH CK: EL GATO 2002 (SPECIAL MILLENIAL EDITION). THE NINE LIVES OF EL GATO CRIME MANGLER #1, THE NINE LOVES OF EL GATO CRIME MANGLER. GUMBY'S GANG STARRING POKEY (CO-PRODUCED BY AUSHENKER, NAVARRO, BORDE AND BUHALIS). FOUR ITEMS. Los Angeles, California: Original Syndicate Press, (Pokey published by Premavision Inc.), 1995-2010. 1st ed. 8vo, wrps, unpag., illus. Staplebound Wraps. New. Michael Aushenker is a Los Angeles-based cartoonist and creator of independent comic books. Past work includes comic strips for Heavy Metal magazine, Fantagraphics Books, Cake Magazine, Raygun and The Stranger Weekly. Influences from Mexican masked wrestlers, 1930s-2002 Los Angeles, superhero comics and Felix the Cat, Michael's EL GATO, CRIME MANGLER series delivers it's message of fun, outrageous adventure with a sense of absurdity that borders on surrealism.

Box 1 Folder 9 Rodriguez, Isis (Ilustradora) y Alfi Lopez (Escritor)., 2012

NIÑAJÍ. EL RENACIMIENTO. ISSUE #1 "COMO VIVERA SU VIDA NUEVA?" 8vo, unpag., b+w illus. Staplebound Wraps. New. A Bilingual Comic Book Novel, "Niñají" is inspired by the Oaxacan Mexico legend, "Donají". The legend says an adolescent Zapotec Princess named "Donají" was assasinated in the early 1500's over a broken treaty between the Indigenous tribes, the Mixtecs and the Zapotecs for control of Monte Alban. PLOT:A ressurected Mexican Princess named "Niñají", gets a second chance to live her life again and befriends a unique group of teenagers, a shaman dog and two mezcal producers, "Bichi" and "Corchito", who dream about their future while overcoming life's most difficult situations. All Niñají comic book characters are based on real kids and real life situations that the artist and writer have observed in the streets, parks, schools, mercados and cantinas in Mexico.

Box 1 Folder 10 Navarro, Rafael, 1997-2012

EIGHT "SONAMBULO" TITLES: SONAMBULO LIVES, STRANGE TALES, GHOST OF A CHANCE, MASKS OF SONAMBULO, MEXICAN STAND-OFF (PARTS 1-3), AND SLEEP OF THE JUST ; A RAFAEL NAVARRO SKETCH BOOK, AND LUCHA NOIR. Los Angeles, California: Ninth Circle Studies (Sonambulo), From Parts Unknown , 1997-2012. 10 titles in all. 8vo (with the exception of Lucha Noir-4to). The Sonambulo series are short comic books, staplebound, except for Sleep of the Just which is a paperback collection. Paperback. New. Born in 1967 in Sonora, Mexico, and raised in California since 1969 Rafael Navarro is an independent American comic-book artist best known for creating the Xeric Award winning series, Sonambulo, which cleverly blends elements of Lucha Libre and the noir genre. He has collaborated with Keith Rainville. LUCHA NOIR: This first art book from the publishers of FROM PARTS UNKNOWN magazine collects ten years of lucha libre and masked wrestler artwork by Xeric Award-winning artist Rafael Navarro. His work, inspired by 60's and 70's Marvel comics, classic pulps, and film noir, is a unique take on the Mexican masked wrestler idiom. A decade of commissioned illustrations have been re-scanned and are run full-size, un-cropped and clean of logos and other distractions for the first time anywhere.

Box 2 Folder 1 Rodriguez, Robbi; Rafael Navarro, Rikki Neihaus, Neal Von Flue, Chuck BB and Chris Brandt, 2009

THE KIDS OF WIDNEY HIGH: BEYOND THE SKY'S LIMIT! ISSUE 1. Los Angeles, California: Atomic Basement Entertainment, 2009. 8vo, wrps, unpag., illus. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good. The two police officiers are portrayed as tough guys and they are based on two of the writers on this comic. Captain Goodhope and Sgt. Fernandez are illustrated with very different art styles from the various artists on this comic. This story is written by foermer special ed High School students. Each former student writes a small section of the comic and a different artist draws it. The Kids of Widney High! Matty Carvajal, Daniel Cubas, Peewee Fernandez, Tanesa Tarvin, Cain Fonseca, Shelly Goodhope, Elisa De La Torre and Tony Whitfield.

Box 2 Folder 2 Rodriguez, Octavio, 2005-2011

CIUDAD, ISSUE 1. 'CANO SCRIBBLES, 'CANO SCRIBBLES 1-5, THE ADVENTURES OF PLAT & DAVE ISSUES 1 AND 2 (LIMITED EDITIONS), AND NEW BEGINNINGS... San Francisco, California: Keness/ Author, 2005-2011. 1st ed. 6 itles, one large format (4to), full-color comic book, two sketchbooks, a children's comic strip and two limited edtion comics. Some in color. Very professional publications. Paperback. New. Rodriguez is a seasoned story artist who has worked over 14 years at some of the finest animation studios including Starz, Sony Pictures, Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon and Lucasfilm Animation. Currently he works at Pixar Animation. Children oriented cartoons/comics/drawings.

Box 2 Folder 3 Lanao, Mario T. (writer), Cristian Garcia (artist), Keith Agcaoili (Inker/Layout)., 2011

RELUCTANT ZERO. #1, OCT. San Francisco, California: 148 Print, 2011. 1st ed. 8vo, wrps, unpag., illus. Staplebound Wraps. New. "Guillermo "Memo" Morales, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, is a nerd in the truest sense of the word. By day, he works various odd jobs to make ends meet. By night, he dreams of starting a family and supporting them with a t-shirt company starring his sketches as the main design. He lives with two roommates. Stan "The Circumstance" Green is a young man obsessed with the opposite sex. He lies to no end in attaining his goal. His other rommate is Malik Strong, a brilliant man who is slowly and surely withdrawing from society. Memo's love interest is Isla Song, the very personification of beauty, brains, and brawn. Memo lives the life of a poor man. He wears the same clothes from high school and often eats the cheapest thing he can find. His furniture is from thrift shops. He walks everywhere and avoids transportation in order to save money. He is a simple man with simple interests. However, deep within lies the heart of a warrior. Often times, his art reflects the power developed by the many years of ridicule from supposed "cool people". This all reinforces the theme of the story : Nerds posses an internal strength that shines in times of crisis." (Author's description)

Box 2 Folder 4 Gonzalez, Crystal, 2010-2012

TRASH & CLASH. SPECIAL MINI ISSUE #1. (AND) IN THE DARK: GLUTTONY. ISSUE #1. San Francisco, California: Author, 2012, 2010. 1st ed. 8vo, wrps, unpag., illus (T&C in color). Paperback. New. Born in Reno, NV, Gonzalez graduated from the University of Nevada with her BA in 2006 and her MFA from The California College of the Arts in 2010. She has been professionally painting for more than 10yrs and self-published the first issue to her graphic novel entitled "In The Dark", which is a humorous and satirical story that looks at religions and customs through the eyes of the demons in Hell.

Box 2 Folder 5 Leaños, John Jota, 2008

IMPERIAL SILENCE: UNA ÓPERA MUERTA. A DEAD OPERA IN FOUR ANIMATED ACTS. San Francisco, California: Burning Wagon Productions, 2008. 1st ed. DVD, 42 min. Audio CD of11 tracks. New. 4 animated stories by media scholar, activist and social documentarian at UC Santa Cruz: Los ABC, Deadtime Stories and Mariachi Goose and Friends, Radio Muerto! and Dead News Network. Includes an audio CD.

Box 2 Folder 6 Hernandez, Javier, 2011-2012

EL MUERTO MISHMASH, WEAPON TEX-MEX VS. EL MUERTO, THE ART OF THE COMA, COMIC POP!, THE COMIC POP SKETCHBOOK, MAN-SWAMP, THE COMA, AND MANGA MUERTO. [Los Angeles, California]: Los Comex, 2011-2012. 1st ed. 8 titles. Typical presentation: (Manga Muerto) 48 pgs., color cardstock covers, b&w interiors. Some guest illustrators collaborate on some issues including Jose Cabrera and Rafael Navarro. Paperback. New. Javier Hernandez: Los Angeles, California, United States. I'm a DIY cartoonist, creator of such comics as EL MUERTO, THE COMA and WEAPON TEX-MEX, which I publish under my own imprint, LOS COMEX. I'm also the Associate Producer of the award-winning El Muerto live-action film adaptation and I co-founded the LATINO COMICS EXPO. I teach comic book workshops locally in Pico Rivera, CA.

Box 3 Hernandez, Javier, 2011-2012

1) JACOB & JOAQUIN: THE WANDERING JEW AND CATHOLIC BOY. 2) CONTRACT FOR LIFE, 3) TO BE CONTINUED 4) SPIDER-CALACA 5) ANDROMEDA X7X AND 6) BATICALACA. [Los Angeles, California]: Los Comex, 2011-2012. 1st ed. 11x17 in. Poster presentation of the comics. Full color. New. 1)The debut Poster Comic, featuring the demon-hunting duo of Jacob and Joaquin: The Wandering Jew & Catholic Boy! A one-page stand alone story, written & illustrated by Javier Hernandez. 2)Featuring a meeting between publisher Javier Hernandez and 6 of his comic book characters! What are the 2012 publishing plans for Los Comex? And will they get donuts for the meeting? 3) The Man with The Crystal Gun is hired for his latest contract killing. His target: a zombie! See the twist ending and don't fall prey to...The Wake! 4) In the city of Posadaville, every day is Dia de Los Muertos. But for the new superhero Spider-Calaca, maybe there are some things worse than death!

Box 3 Hernandez, Javier, 2012

EL MUERTO COLLECTOR BOX. [Los Angeles, California]: Los Comex, 2012. 1st ed. 9x12 in. box with a doll, the first issue of El Muerto, and the film based on the comic. New. Packed with the first issue of EL MUERTO, the DVD of the live-action film and a hand-drawn & colored EL MUERTO mini sketch doll! The premiere issue of EL MUERTO! Featuring the origin story "DAZE OF THE DEAD". When Diego de La Muerte is abducted on his 21st Birthday by the Aztec God of Death, he's reborn one year later on the Day of the Dead as El Muerto, the Aztec Zombie! Also includes a 3 page Elastico story, guest pin-ups and a few extra features. The Award-Winning EL MUERTO film (2008 Whittier Independent Film Festival-Best Feature) based on the comic book. Starring Wilmer Valderrama (THAT 70s SHOW), Joel David Moore (AVATAR), Tony Plana (UGLY BETTY) and Michael Parks (KILL BILL Vol 1 & 2). DVD features commentary track by screenwriter director Brian Cox and creator/Associate Producer Javier Hernandez, a making-of-featurette, guest artist gallery, and more!

Box 2 Folder 7 Cabrera, José, 2010-2012

CRYING MACHO MAN COLLECTION: ISSUES 1-4 OF THE COMIC AND FOUR BOOKS: PRIME CUT, YOU SO LOCO, MACHO AND THE GANG, AND THE BIG JOKE BOOK. Los Angeles, California: Books: Up and Over Publishing, Comics: Cartoon Flophouse, 2010-2012. 1st ed. 8 titles. Paperback/Comic book. Paperback. New. Crying Macho Man is an online comic strip created by Jose Cabrera and updated weekly on his official website. Making its online debut in August 2005, the comic is best known for its satirical views on politics, the media, popular culture, and Latin machismo. The series has garnered enough popularity and media attention for a published compilation release in 2007 with future collections in development. Recurring characters include Macho Man, Fidel Castro, A chef, Prince, and a detective that solves crimes by reading messages in his bodilyfluids.

Box 3 Cabrera, José, 2007

CRYING MACHO MAN POSTER COMIC STRIPS. Los Angeles, California: Books: Up and Over Publishing, Comics: Cartoon Flophouse, 2007. 1st ed. Seven11x14 in. posters, each with a single comic strip. Political and social satire. Color. Paperback. New. Topics include vegetarianism, George Bush, Hunger and Gluttony, and Internet Predators.

Box 3 Cabrera, José, 2011

POSTER SET. PRODUCED FOR THE LATINO COMICS EXPO 2012. [Los Angeles, California]: 2011. 1st ed. Four 11 x 14.5 in. posters. Full color. Lighter stock, encased in plastic. New. Japanese influenced cartoon/comic character depictions with elaborate details in character and background. Saturated color schemes. Cabrera: New York-based artist and creator of the Crying Macho Man series. OFFICIAL POSTER FOR THE LATINO COMICS EXPO 2012. California: 2012. 1st ed. 11 x 17 in poster. Full color. Artwork byJose Cabrera. New. Japanese influenced cartoon/comic character depiction with elaborate details in character and background. Printed for the second annual Latino Comics Expo at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum, and the museum's art exhibit May 4 - Sept 2., 2012, "La Raza Comica: The Latino American Experience in the Comic Arts". Cabrera: New York-based artist and creator of the Crying Macho Man series.

Box 2 Folder 8 Serrano, Alberto (aka Tito na Rua), 2011

ZÉ NINGUÉM E O CÃO VIRALATA = THE ADVENTURES OF JOE NOBODY AND THE POOCH DOG. Street Comics (No. 2), 2011. 1st ed. 8vo, wrps, 20 p., illus. Staplebound Wraps. New. The story of a homeless man and his mutt, searching for his lost love in Rio de Janeiro. This New York artist, based in Rio, plays out his serial graphic novel Ze Ninguem (Joe Nobody) in segments in oversized graffiti-style murals on the streets of Rio. STREET COMICS BY TITO NA RUA. VOL. 1. Street Comics, 2011. 1st ed. 8vo, wrps, unpag. Staplebound Wraps. New. The story of a homeless man and his mutt, searching for his lost love in Rio de Janeiro. This edition exposits photographs of the artist's work around the city, as well as some of his sketchbook work. This New York artist, based in Rio, plays out his serial graphic novel Ze Ninguem (Joe Nobody) in segments in oversized graffiti-style murals on the streets of Rio.

Box 2 Folder 9 Andersen, Brian; Neftali Centeno, Falencia Woods, 2010

FRIENDS OF DOROTHY. STORY BY BRIAN ANDERSEN, ART BY NEFTALI CENTENO, LETTERS/COLORS BY FALENCIA WOODS. CBG Comics (Issue 1 of 3), 2010. 8vo, wrps, 36 p., illus. Paperback. New. Friend of Dorothy takes the beloved, iconic 'Wizard of Oz' characters and themes and playfully twists them into new, sometimes deadly, occasionally sexy, but always exciting, fresh and modern characters for the superhero age, says creator Brian Andersen. Friend of Dorothy stars Scott-John, a young teenage boy struggling with his sexuality who, after attempting to end his life, finds himself brought back from the brink to be given the mantel of Oz's first Official Campion on Earth —the one being in all the universe imbued with the strength, stamina, and righteous weapons of Oz itself!

Box 2 Folder 10 Andersen, Brian and Celina Hernandez, 2008

REIGNBOW AND DEE-VA Brian Andersen and Celina Hernandez. CBG Comics (Issue # 1), 2008. 8vo, wrps, 36 p., illus. Paperback. New. Reignbow and Dee-Va are a heroic duo made in feather boa, MAC counter heaven. This sparkling romp of a comic, written by the seriously nice Brian Anderson (So Super Duper) and illustrated by Celina Hernandez, is as fun as it is unambiguous. The male half of the team, Reignbow, is flamboyantly out and proud, and he's not above busting some Madonna dance moves while beating down bad guys, like homophobic vampires. "Brown sugar mama" Dee-Va is his best gal pal, and let's just say you don't want to cross a woman who can injure you with some bangles.

Box 2 Folder 11 Wishnia, Leah, 2012

THE CACTUS QUEEN. Author, January 2012. 1st ed. 16 full-color pages + a 3-layer screenprinted cover. Staplebound Wraps. New. Limited edition of 200. Mini comic that depicts a truck driver who rapes a young girl in the desert (Part One: La Frontera). The act is avenged by a pair of tourists following a peyote experience (Part Two: Las Turistas).

Box 3 Israel, James, 2012

THE HUMOR TIMES. VOL 21, ISSUE #244. Sacramento: Herburger Publications Inc., April 2012. First edition, presumed. 4to, wrps, 27 p., illus. Paperback. New. This is a political satire magazine, in this volume the authors give their acid perspective about the next presidential elections.