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István Deák Papers, 1960-1995

Series I: Scholarly Writing, 1963-1996

This series contains documents related to Deak's published and unpublished scholarly writing. It documents his professional life, particularly the relationships he had in the intellectual community, and his professional status in the study of the history of central Europe as a contributor and editor.

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Subseries I.1: Articles and Essays, 1967-1996

Deak wrote many articles, and kept copies of those articles as well as their reviews from other publications. There are a number of drafts and published copies of articles. The files also contain correspondence regarding articles and that Deak worked on, copies of reviews of his work and letters in response to negative and positive reviews of his work.

Box 1 Folder 3 Articles and Essays, 1970-1974

Box 1 Folder 4 Articles and Essays, 1967-1970

Box 1 Folder 5 Articles and Essays, 1970-1974

Box 1 Folder 6 Articles and Essays, 1978-1980

Box 1 Folder 7 Articles and Essays, 1970-1978

Box 2 Folder 1 Articles and Essays, 1981-1982

Box 2 Folder 2 Articles and Essays, 1982-1986

Box 2 Folder 3 Articles and Essays, 1988-1993

Box 2 Folder 7 Articles and Essays--"Revolution, Progress and Decline: Hungary Between 1848 and 1918,", undated

Box 2 Folder 10 Articles and Essays, 1981-1983

Box 2 Folder 11 Articles and Essays, 1983-1987

Box 2 Folder 12 Articles and Essays--"Rosen Manuscript, Habsburg Monarchy: A Complex Patrimony," Conference,, 1989-1992

Box 2 Folder 13 Articles and Essays--German Unification, 1990

Box 2 Folder 14 Articles and Essays, 1990

Box 2 Folder 18 Articles and Essays, 1986-1989

Box 2 Folder 19 Articles and Essays, 1988-1990

Box 3 Folder 1 Articles and Essays, 1991-1995

Box 3 Folder 2 Articles and Essays--The American Historical Review, 1987-1993

Box 3 Folder 3 Articles and Essays--Review of "The Contested Country," #113, 1991-1992

Box 3 Folder 4 Articles and Essays--"The Making of Modern Freedom" Washington University St. Louis 992-1994

Box 3 Folder 5 Articles and Essays--"The Ethnic Question in the Multinational Habsburg Army,", 1990-1992

Box 3 Folder 6 Articles and Essays--Review of "Budapest and New York,", 1995

Box 3 Folder 7 Articles and Essays--New York Times Book Review, Balkan Ghosts: A Tourney Through History,", 1993

Box 3 Folder 8 Articles and Essays, circa, 1995-1996

Box 8 Folder 10 Articles and Essays--Szazadok, 1981

Box 11 Folder 11 Articles and Essays--The European Right: A Historical Profile Review,, 1965

Box 12 Folder 2 Articles and Essays--Germany, undated

Box 12 Folder 5 Articles and Essays--Germany, undated

Subseries I.2. Correspondence, 1982-1991

The correspondence covers various academic topics, some related to articles and books that Deak was working on, conference organizing, and his response to other people's work. Deak corresponds with academics and publishers, almost entirely on work-related subjects.

Box 2 Folder 5 Correspondence--Grothusen, K.D., 1983-1987

Box 2 Folder 6 Correspondence--Sugar, Peter, 1982-1986

Box 2 Folder 8 Correspondence--Carl Beck Papers, 1983

Box 2 Folder 9 Correspondence--"The Habsburg Army in Memoir Literature,", 1986-1987

Box 2 Folder 15 Correspondence--Solomon Wank, 1990

Box 2 Folder 16 Correspondence--Jean-Paul Bled, 1987-1988

Box 2 Folder 17 Correspondence, 1988-1991

Subseries I.3. Projects, 1986-1994

This subseries is related to Deak's academic projects other than publication. In 1991, Deak helped organize an exhibition of the Hugarian Avant-Garde at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and provided an essay for the book describing the context for Hungarian artists working from 1908-1930. Deak also provided a number of entries to encyclopedias.

Box 2 Folder 4 Projects--Hungarian Avant-Garde, 1986-1992

Box 8 Folder 9 Projects--Encyclopedia Entries, 1994

Subseries I.4. Book Reviews and Manuscripts Read for Publishers, 1966-1996

Deak wrote many reviews of other people's work, and this series contains a number of formal reviews he published in journals, and informal peer reviews for publishers. The files contain drafts, publisher's preprints, and final copies of reviews. There is also correspondence with publishers and other scholars, and reactions to his reviews. Deak was also very active in peer reviews for books. He read many articles for journals, publishers, and foundations. In many cases he read the articles anonymously

Box 5 Folder 1 Book Reviews, 1976-1978

Box 5 Folder 2 Book Reviews, 1978-1980

Box 6 Folder 1 Book Reviews, 1989-1994

Box 6 Folder 2 Book Reviews, 1980

Box 6 Folder 3 Book Reviews, 1966-1975

Box 6 Folder 4 Book Reviews, 1975-1980

Box 6 Folder 5 Book Reviews, 1981-1992

Box 6 Folder 6 Book Reviews, 1971

Box 6 Folder 7 Book Reviews, 1972-1976

Box 7 Folder 8 Book Reviews, 1985-1990

Box 7 Folder 9 Book Reviews, 1991-1996

Box 7 Folder 10 Book Reviews, 1994

Box 8 Folder 3 Book Reviews, 1970

Subseries I.5. PhD Dissertation, 1963-1969

This subseries contains Deak's PhD dissertation. He finished his degree in 1964, and the dissertation eventually became his first bookWeimer Germany's Left Wing Intellectuals, A Political History of the Weltbühne and its Causes.

Box 10 Folder 1 to 3 Ph.D. Dissertation, 1964

Box 13 Folder 2 Correspondence--Dissertation, 1963-1989