Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Sophie Wilkins papers, 1930s-2003

Series II: Editorial Files, Manuscripts, and Translation Work, 1936-1995, undated

This series documents Wilkins' work as an editor and translator. This series contains general correspondence and files, as well as manuscripts, most notably a complete working draft of her translation of Robert Musil's Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften.

The series also contains a curriculum vita, which primarily documents her translation projects, and a small file on her teaching work.

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Box 28 Biographical File, 1980s 1995, 1980s, 1995

(Contains a curriculum vita and a biographical statement)


Editorial Correspondence

Box 26 General, 1964 February-1981 November (2 Folders), 1964

Box 26 Re[faced]? Material, circa, 1965-1970

Box 26 Miscellaneous Letters from, 1962-1988


Box 27 Diderot, Denis Wicked Philosophy (Is he good? Is he bad?), 1982

(Translated from the French by Gabriel John Brogyanyi)

Musil, Robert

The Man Who Had No Character

Box 35 Volume 1: Part I, Part II, 1981

(Chapters 1-72)

Box 36 Unorganized Manuscripts, 1980s

The Man Without Qualities

Box 32 Volume 1: Part I-Part II, circa, 1982

(Chapters 1-66)

Box 34 Volume 1: Part II, 1982-1983 undated, 1982-1983, undated

(Chapters 77-123)

Box 33 Volume 2: Part III, undated


Box 30 Volume 2: Part III, 1985 January -1986 January, 1985


Box 27 Strauss, Bortho Three Acts of Recognition, 1982-1986

(Translated by Sophie Wilkins)

Box 28 Wagn, Klaus What time is,, 1976

(Translated from the German by Sophie Wilkins (Master Set) )

Box 28 Wiedermann, Hilde. Untitled manuscript with related correspondence, 1975

(In German)

Box 31 Miscellaneous and Unidentified Manuscripts, 1960s-1980s undated, 1960s-1980s, undated, (3 Folders)


Box 28 Translation, 1952-1991 undated, 1952-1991, undated

Box 28 Christian Morgenstern Translations, 1971-1980 undated, 1971-1980, undated

Box 28 Christian Morgenstern Essay by Wilkins, 1936

Box 26 Poems, 1943-1984 undated, 1943-1984, undated

Box 26 Translated Poems, 1957-1981 undated, 1957-1981, undated

Box 26 Raising a Poet (Lecture Academy of American Poets), 1990

Box 28 Teaching, 1938 1951-1957, 1938, 1951-1957



Box 29 1942-1982

(Correspondence, resumes, notes, and other material primarily related to Wilkins' employment as a translator.)

Box 27 1962-1991, (2 Folders)

(Correspondence and other materials related to translation)

Box 29 Workshops, 1980-1983

Box 31 Miscellaneous Notes, 1989 undated