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Harriman Institute Theses and Dissertations, 1947-2018

Series II: East Central European Institute Theses, 1958-2012

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Box 46 Folder 1 Fred Abrahams. Human Rights in Albania: The Greek Minority, 1995

Box 46 Folder 2 Tenley Adams. Varieties of Romantic Experience: Responses to Romanticism in the Interwar and Post-World War II Periods, 1990

Box 46 Folder 3 Ana Antic. Police Force under occupation: The Serbian State Guard and Volunteers' Corps in the Holocaust, 2010

Box 46 Folder 4 Takuya Aoyama. The Political Economy of Re-Privatization in Hungary, 1990

Box 46 Folder 5 Susan Baker. The Shadow, 2002

Box 46 Folder 6 Richard E. Banasikowski. Controlling the "Polish Virus" in Eastern Europe 1980-81, 1987

Box 46 Folder 7 Nicole Barrett. Primordial Imaginings: Masaryk's Myth of Czechoslovakia, 1995

Box 46 Folder 8 Iwo Bender. From Communists to...Communists? The Evolution of the Political Spectrum in Poland 1989-1993, 1994

Box 46 Folder 9 Mark J. Bonamo. The Common Thread: Kosovo and Macedonia: Turbulent Pasts and Entwined Futures, 1997

Box 46 Folder 10 Darko Bosnjak. Escaping Politics and Reality in Fin de Siecle: Vienna and Budapest, 2000

Box 46 Folder 11 Evangelia M. Bouzis. Greece's Relations with its Balkan Neighbors:Pre- and Post-1995, 2000

Box 46 Folder 12 Sonia Bujas. The Economic Viability of Croatian Independence, undated

Box 46 Folder 13 Hilary Carlson. NATO: Slovakia's Chance for Democracy, 1998

Box 46 Folder 14 Emilio Carril. Citizens or Aliens? A History of the Ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia, 1996

Box 46 Folder 15 Julie Dawson. The Jews of Saxon Medias: The German-Jewish Thread in Transylvanian Tapestry, 2012

Box 46 Folder 16 Stephen G. Deets. Hungary and Romanian Minority Policies in the 1980s, 1990

Box 46 Folder 17 William deJong-Lambert. From Eugenics to Lysenkoism: A Comparative History of Four Polish Biologists, 2005

Box 46 Folder 18 Frank Scott Colin Douglas IV. Allied Assistance to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, 2001

Box 46 Folder 19 Jeremy Druker. Squandered Opoortunity? Regional Cooperation in East Central Europe in the Twentieth Century, 1997

Box 46 Folder 20 Joanna Dutton. The Evolution of Nationalism in Montenegro, 2000

Box 46 Folder 21 Bradley Foerster. The Dictatorship of the Proletariat: From Marx to Lenin, 1988

Box 46 Folder 22 Edin Forto. The Role of the Croats in Disintegration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2001

Box 46 Folder 23 Christia Fotini. Rehabilitating the KLA, 2001

Box 46 Folder 24 David S. Frey. Stalinization of the Churches and Religions: A Comparison between Hungary and Poland, 1948-1956, 1996

Box 46 Folder 25 Valere Philip Gagnon, Jr. Ethnicity, Nationalism and International Conflict: The Case of Serbia, 1992

Box 46 Folder 26 Savka Gajic. A Critical Look at Past, Present, and Future NATO-Russian Relations, 2006

Box 46 Folder 27 Aleksey Grigor'ev. The Balkan Union of 1942 and the Question of Albania, 1995

Box 46 Folder 28 Karen Marie Groshek. Poland, Its Creditors, the IMF and the World Bank, 1987

Box 46 Folder 29 Gloria Hartner. The Implications of Russia's Energy Policy on Germany, 2008

Box 46 Folder 30 Kate Hecht. Networks of Citizens Advice Bureaux in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania: New Mechanisms for Representation and Addressing Social Exclusion?, 2002

Box 46 Folder 31 Natalia Hojny. Windmill Energy Farm in Poland: Business Plan Prospectus, 2002

Box 46 Folder 32 Besnik Hyseni. Institutions, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development: The Case of Kosovo, 2009

Box 46 Folder 33 L. Spencer Jakab. Macroeconomic Effects on Privatization in Poland and Hungary, 1993

Box 46 Folder 34 Hawley Johnson. Media Development in Bosnia-Herzegovina from Dayton to the Present, 2000

Box 46 Folder 35 Albana Karakushi. Albanian Italian Foreign Relations in the Post-Communist World, 2010

Box 46 Folder 36 Elizabeth Karkus. Prospects for Democratic Consolidation in Slovakia: Can Democracy be Institutionalized despite Meciar?, 1998

Box 46 Folder 37 Jacques Klein Herman. Antonescu: Hero or Hitler Henchman: The Rehabilitation of Romania's Pro-Nazi Dictator, 1995

Box 46 Folder 38 Rebekah Klein-Pejsova. The Education of Middle Class Jewish Daughters in Vienna, 1867-1914, 2001

Box 46 Folder 39 Kurt M. Klotzle. The Development of Postcommunist Political Party Systems in Poland and the Czech Republic, 2000

Box 46 Folder 40 Magda (Nutsa) Kobakhidze. Teacher Salaries, Supplements and Incentives in Georgia, 2009

Box 46 Folder 41 Joseph S. Korbl. The Many Faces of Organized Crime in Central and Eastern Europe, 1997

Box 46 Folder 42 Amber Kubera. Assisting Internally Displaced Persons in Serbia and Kosovo: Lessons Learned and Moving Forward, 2008

Box 46 Folder 43 Alfred Kueppers. Russophone Minorities in the Baltic States, 1999

Box 46 Folder 44 Stephan Lang. The Jozef Beck Spy Scandal of 1923: Is There More ot the Story?, undated

Box 46 Folder 45 Carolyn M. Leddy. The Baltic Identity Crisis, 2000

Box 46 Folder 46 Ann Lien. Nationality Conflict in Yugoslavia, undated

Box 46 Folder 47 John Lis. NATO Enlargement to Central Europe: Political and Practical Considerations, 1996

Box 47 Folder 1 Daniel Mahla. The Challenge of National Indifference and Socialist Zionism- Suggestions for a New Reading of Ber Borokhov, 2010

Box 47 Folder 2 Vira Mamchur. The Origins and Development of the Ukrainian National Army (1943-1945), 1990

Box 47 Folder 3 Jared Manasek. The Uses of Displacement: Austro-Hungarian Refugee Aid and the Bosnian Crisis, 1875-1878, 2005

Box 47 Folder 4 Sasha Mart. The EU, the US and Yugoslavia: Involvement of European Union in the Dissolution of Yugoslavia 1990-1992, 2000

Box 47 Folder 5 Liane Martindale. Lessons from the former Yugoslavia, 2003

Box 47 Folder 6 Christopher Mattheisen. The Changing Relationship between the Economies of Eastern Europe and the "Newly Industrializing Countries", 1988

Box 47 Folder 7 Troy McGrath. National Minorites and the Legacy of Communism, 1996

Box 47 Folder 8 Jack Mendelsohn. The Impact of Ostpolitik on Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union 1961-1971, 1977

Box 47 Folder 9 Stefan Minovici. Diplomacy, Ignorance and Belligerence: The Meaning of the War in Bosnia, 1995

Box 47 Folder 10 Alexander Miral. What's all the fuss about a Name? The Macedonian Dilemma, 2001

Box 47 Folder 11 Mitch Mitchell. Repealing "Munich" and the Fate of the Sudeten Germans: A Look at the Exile Czechoslovak Politicians, 1997

Box 47 Folder 12 Karolina Moczarska. To Be or Not To Be...Polish Accession to the European Union, 2001

Box 47 Folder 13 Kirsten Muetzel. Economics of European Integration, Effects of Romania's Accession: Costs and Benefits of the Common Agricultural Policy, 2006

Box 47 Folder 14 Robert Nemes. The Politics of the Dance Floor: Cultural Life in Budapest before 1848, 1998

Box 47 Folder 15 Christian A. Nielsen. Imitations of Reform: Governance and Transition in Serbia and Bulgaria 1990-1997, 1997

Box 47 Folder 16 Ivana Nizich. The Politics of Human Rights and the Development of Democracy in Contemporary Yugoslavia, 1990

Box 47 Folder 17 Dorota A. Nowak. Roma and Education in East Central Europe: Past, Present and Future Challenges, 1999

Box 47 Folder 18 Renata Nowak-Garmer. Corruption in Poland, 2005

Box 47 Folder 19 Milica Obradovic. The Banking Sector Development in Central and East Europe: Croatia and Serbia, 2007

Box 47 Folder 20 Ashley Orton. Improving the Educational Inclusion of Romani Children in Hungary, 2007

Box 47 Folder 21 Cynthia Jean Paces. A Gathering for Every Czech: The Jan Hus Memorial Festival of 1903, 1998

Box 47 Folder 22 Tibor Papp. Decline of Empire and the Origins of Ethnic Violence in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, 1996

Box 47 Folder 23 Beata Pasek. Post-Communist Parties After Communism: Lithuania, Slovenia, Albania, and Bulgaria, 1996

Box 47 Folder 24 Alina Simona Pastiu. An Analysis of Women in Romanian Public Life From 1989 to the Present, 1995

Box 47 Folder 25 Laura Pitter. Nationalism in the Former Yugoslavia: Application of Ernest Gellner's Nations and Nationalism, 1996

Box 47 Folder 26 Brian J. Pozun. Rusyn-Language Media in the Context of Minority Language Media Studies, 2008

Box 47 Folder 27 Wesley Pulisic. Banking Systems and Reforms in Poland and in the Former Yugoslavia, 2004

Box 47 Folder 28 Raisinger, Iva Karolina. The Socio-Political Influences on the Czech Language between 1948 and 1989: Czech in the Hands of Communism, 1994

Box 47 Folder 29 Robert Rajewski. The European Union Enlargement to Poland: German Interests, 2000

Box 47 Folder 30 Allison Joy Ramler. Towards National Independence: a Slovak Perspective, 1996

Box 47 Folder 31 Slobodan Ristic. Can the Ruble Become a Convertible Currency?, undated

Box 47 Folder 32 Jonathan Rose. Privatization in East Central Europe: An Examination of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania, 1996

Box 47 Folder 33 Jeanne Rupchina. The Experience of Cohesion Countries: factors affecting convergence and their relevance to the new EU member states, 2007

Box 47 Folder 34 Julie Ruterbories. The Evolution of Constitutionalism and Democracy in Hungarian History, 1991

Box 47 Folder 35 Margaret Sekula. Social Policy and Its Effects on Unemployment and Work Incentives: The Issue of Equity vs. Efficiency in the Transforming Welfare State in East Central Europe, 2001

Box 47 Folder 36 Alexander R. Serban. Polish-Romanian Relations during the Interwar Period: 1919-1939, 1997

Box 47 Folder 37 Peter Serenyi. Hungary's Millennial Festival of 1896: Pomp, Propaganda, and Political Message, 2003

Box 47 Folder 38 Laura J. Silber. Current Yugoslav Policy in Light of the Soviet-Yugoslav dispute of 1948, 1987

Box 47 Folder 39 Gabriele Simoncini. The Communist Workers' Party of Poland, 1918-1923: A Study in Political Ideology, 1990

Box 48 Folder 1 Nina Soljan. Current Security Issues in the Balkans, 2002

Box 48 Folder 2 Lara Saxman. Cross-Boundary Networking and Electronic Organizing: The Network of East-West Women, 2001

Box 48 Folder 3 John W. Schiemann. Are Budapest and Warsaw Halfway Between Rochester and Frankfurt? Round Tables, Institutions and Communicative Action, 1994

Box 48 Folder 4 Robert A. Schupp. Refugees and Return: A Case Study of Post-Dayton Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2000

Box 48 Folder 5 Katarzyna Stanclik. Electoral laws and their political consequences: the case of new Eastern European democracies, 1996

Box 48 Folder 6 Sherrill Stroschein. The Czechoslovak Divorce and the Politics of Personality, 1994

Box 48 Folder 7 Keith E. Seibert. Conflict in the Pursuit of Reform: The Enduring Lessons of Hungary, 1968-1972, 1992

Box 48 Folder 8 Chiara Tessaris. The War Relief Work of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in Poland and Lithuania, 1915-1918, 2008

Box 48 Folder 9 Martin Tharp. Ecologies of Imagination: The Press of Central Europe since 1989, 1997

Box 48 Folder 10 David G. Tompkins. The Stalinist Show Trials of East Central Europe: A Reappraisal Fifty Years Later, 1999

Box 48 Folder 11 Gabriel Topor. The Military and Romania's Prospects for Democratic Consolidation, 1992

Box 48 Folder 12 Tracey L. Trenam. Polish Liberals Gather Support: The Press, The Russian Liberation Movement and the Polish Question, November 1904-April 1905, 1994

Box 48 Folder 13 Bolko von Reinersdorff. Polish Agriculture and the Transition to the Market, undated

Box 48 Folder 14 Dean Vuletic. The Silent Republic: Popular Music and Nationalism in Croatia, 2006

Box 48 Folder 15 Svetoslava Pavlova. Tanker Traffic in the Turkish Straits-Safet, Environment and Energy Supply, 2009

Box 48 Folder 16 Mirka Tvaruzkova. Closer Together or Further Apart: Has Convergence of Eastern and Central Europe into thte European Union Been Successful?, 2009

Box 48 Folder 17 Oksana Shulyar. Ukraine's Achievements and Challenges on the Way Towards European Integration, 2009

Box 48 Folder 18 Alexandra Wagner. Human rights aspects of European integration: Roma in the Czech Republic, 2001

Box 48 Folder 19 Dawid Walendowski. Party Politics in Poland after 1989: The Experience of a Single "Sofa Party", 1997

Box 48 Folder 20 Christopher Walker. NATO Englargement: Yesterday and Tomorrow- Forging New Links in the Transatlantic Alliance, 2001

Box 48 Folder 21 Gillian Wedon-Lumer. Banking Systems in Czechoslovakia: Evolution, Problems and Reform, 1992

Box 48 Folder 22 Christopher Wellisz. Privatization in Poland: The Problem of Valuation, 1991

Box 48 Folder 23 Richard J. Wolff. The Force of Post World War I Nationalism: Italo-Yugoslav Diplomacy and the Question of Fiume 1918-1920, 1977

Box 48 Folder 24 Latika L. Young. Exhibiting Peace: An Examination of Museums in the Peacemaking Process within Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2012

Box 48 Folder 25 Alex Zucker. Democracy, Nationality, and the Expansion of Autonomy in the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic, 1990

Box 49 Folder 1 John Christos Alexander. The Klephtic Institution of the Morea and its Destruction in 1806, undated

Box 49 Folder 2 Richard E. Allen. Background of the Viennese Revolution of 1848: An Essay in Social History, 1962

Box 49 Folder 3 Stanley Joseph Antosik. The Origins of the Slovak National Uprising of 1944, 1966

Box 49 Folder 4 Robert Louis Barry. Trade and the Empire of Stephen Dusan, 1963

Box 49 Folder 5 William M. Batkay. Politics of Agrarian Interests in Hungary, 1967

Box 49 Folder 6 Stanislaus Andrew Blejwas. Napoleon III and the Polish Question: 1830-1856, 1966

Box 49 Folder 7 Bohdan Basil Budurowycz. Polish-Soviet Relations, 1932-1939, 1958

Box 49 Folder 8 Harris L. Coulter. The Social and Political Impact of Communism on the Hungarian Peasantry, 1961

Box 49 Folder 9 Christopher J. Doersam. Religious Institutions and Nationalism in the Baltic Area in the Modern Era, 1978

Box 49 Folder 10 Peter Gyallay-Pap. Regionalism in Hungarian Thought and Action 1843-1948, 1974

Box 49 Folder 11 Paul Hacker. Theory and Reality in World Politics: The People's Democracy, undated

Box 49 Folder 12 Allen Zangwill Hertz. Austria-Hungary's War Aims in 1914, undated

Box 49 Folder 13 Michael G. Hillinger. The Political Development of the German Minority in Hungary 1919-1938, 1967

Box 49 Folder 14 Trevor J. Hope. The Activities of an Eighteenth Century British Spy in the Balkans: The Reports of Sir William Sidney Smith concerning his secret mission to the Ottoman Empire on behalf of the British Government in 1792-1793, 1973

Box 49 Folder 15 Jiri Horak. The Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party 1918-1945, undated

Box 50 Folder 1 Jerome Jareb. The Adriatic Question from the Armistice 1918 to Orlando's Fall, June 1919, Parts I and II, 1958

Box 50 Folder 2 J. Arthur Johnson. Operations of the Hungarian Communist Army in 1919, 1968

Box 50 Folder 3 Herbert Harold Kaplan. The Election of the Last King of Poland: Stanislas Augustus Poniatowski, undated

Box 50 Folder 4 Stanley Buchholz Kimball. Czech Nationalism; A Study of the National Theatre Movement 1845-1883, 1960

Box 50 Folder 5 John J. Kulczycki. Pilsudski and Hitler: Polish-German Relations 1933-1935, 1966

Box 50 Folder 6 Bohuslav B. Kymlicka. The Origins and Establishment of National Committees in Czechoslovakia 1943-1945, 1961

Box 50 Folder 7 Leslie Laszlo. The Agreement between the Government of the Hungarian People's Republic and the Roman Catholic Bench of Bishops, 1958

Box 50 Folder 8 Miriam Janice Levy. The Martinovics Constitutional Project: Comments on a Would-Be Hungarian Revolutionary and his Era, 1975

Box 50 Folder 9 Thomas David Marzik. T.G. Masaryk and the Slovaks 1850-1918, 1966

Box 50 Folder 10 John W. McDonald, Jr. Agriculture and the Peasantry in Communist Yugoslavia, 1960

Box 50 Folder 11 Piroska Molnar. Baron Jozsef Eotvos and the Problem of Hungary's Imperial Connection, 1965

Box 50 Folder 12 Elinor Anne Murray. Ljudevit Gaj 1809-1835, 1959

Box 50 Folder 13 Knuts A. Ozols. Krisjanis Valdemars and the Russophile Tendency in the Lativan National Movement, 1968

Box 50 Folder 14 Leslie Peter Pastor. Count Istvan Szechenyi and the Beginning of the Hungarian Reform Movement 1791-1825, 1959

Box 51 Folder 1 Carole Rogel. The Illyrian Provinces (1809-13), 1962

Box 51 Folder 2 H. K. Rosenthal. The Right to the Homeland, 1962

Box 51 Folder 3 Manuela Schleicher. The Communist International and the Communist Party of Yugoslavia 1919-1926, 1967

Box 51 Folder 4 Ioannis Sinanoglou. Greece and the Cental Powers 1913-1915, undated

Box 51 Folder 5 Patricia Lee Spencer. The Hotel Lambert and the Polish Insurrection of 1863: The First Eight Months, 1964

Box 51 Folder 6 Stephen M. Thomas. Czechoslovak-Hungarian Relations: November, 1918-March, 1919, 1959

Box 51 Folder 7 Rudolf Leslie Tokes. The Communist Party of Hungary: Its Origins and Role in the Revolutions of 1918-1919, 1966

Box 51 Folder 8 Isaac Mayer Traube. The Textile Industry of Lodz 1815-1914, undated

Box 51 Folder 9 Nancy Meriwether Wingfield. Eduard Benes' World War II Diplomacy and the Transfer of the Sudeten Germans, 1982

Box 51 Folder 10 Claus Wittich. The Polish Price Debate 1956-1958 and its Background, 1968

Box 51 Folder 11 Barbara Wolfe. Methods of Mass Control in Communist Czechoslovakia, 1959 to March 1962, 1963

Box 51 Folder 12 Joseph Frederick Zacek. Frantisek Palacky and the Founding of Modern Czech Historiography, 1962

Box 51 Folder 13 Jonathan Zorach. Czechoslovakia's Military Policy and the Road to Munich, 1972