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Harriman Institute Theses and Dissertations, 1947-2018

Series I: Harriman Institute Theses and Dissertations

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Box 1 1, Heuser, William J., The Conflict of Ideas at the Second Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party

Box 1 2, Felchlin, Howard L., United States Decision to Intervene in Russia, July, 1918 Political and Military Factors, July, 1918

Box 1 3, Baron, Samuel H., Lenin's Views on the Peasant Commune, 1894-1904

Box 1 4, Beckman, Charles J., Machine-Tractor Stations in the USSR (1929-1939)

Box 1 5, Bergerson, Charles A., The Root Mission to Russia: A Reappraisal

Box 1 6, Bradley, Gloria D., Soviet-Persian Relations 1917-21

Box 1 7, Brown, Deming, Soviet Criticism of Six American Authors

Box 1 8, Choseed, Bernard J., The Jew in Soviet Literature and Criticism

Box 1 9, Fuller, C. Dale, Lenin's Attitude Toward an International Organization for the Maintenance of Peace,, 1914-1919

Box 1 10, Hammond, Thomas Taylor, Lenin on Russian Trade-Unions Under Capitalism,, 1894-1904

Box 1 11, Harper, Kenneth E., Soviet Literary Critics and the Doctrine of Socialist Realism

Box 1 12, Korey, William, Lenin's Theory of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat on the Eve of the October Revolutions

Box 1 13, Kutscheroff, Alexander, Lenin on the Possibility of a Socialist Revolution in the United States of America, 1914-1924

Box 1 14, Lemley, Kenneth McRae, The Development of the Railway Net of the USSR Under the Five-Year Plans

Box 1 15, Lever, Philip R., The State Labor Reserves System of the Soviet Union

Box 1 16, Mathewson, Rufus W. Jr., Soviet-American Literary Relations, 1929-1935

Box 1 17, McLane, Charles B., Sholokhov and the Soviet Critics

Box 1 18, Moley, Jr. Raymond, Stalin on the Relationship Between Revolution in Russia and Revolution Abroad

Box 1 19, Moos, Elizabeth, Soviet Criticism of Western European Literature

Box 1 20, Petrovich, Michael Boro, The Italio-Yugoslav Boundary Question,, 1914-1915

Box 1 21, Raphael, Joan, Russia, America and the Armenian Problem, 1918-1921

Box 1 22, Reed, Barrett M., Sinkiang, Crossroads of Empires (A Review of Great Power Rivalry in Central Asia to 1924)

Box 1 23, Root, William A., The Inter-relationships of Science and Politics in the Soviet Union as Evidenced in Antireligious Propaganda

Box 2 24, Rotter, Seymour, The Background of Rapallo

Box 2 25, Schumer, William, Incomes of Selected Professions in the USSR

Box 2 26, Smith, Weldon H., Aspects of the Development of the Soviet Petroleum Industry Under the Five-Year Plans

Box 2 27, Suter, Richard S., The Soviet Trade Unions and the Administration of Social Insurance, 1928-1933

Box 2 28, Felchlin, Howard L., United States Decision to Intervene in Russia, July, 1918 Political and Military Factors, July, 1918

Box 2 29, Heymann Jr., Hans, The Soviet Union in the World Petroleum Market; A Case Study in Soviet Foreign Trade

Box 2 30, Sahlin, Margaret, The Foreign Policy of the Provisional Government, May -November 1917

Box 2 31, Kerst, Kenneth Alan, The Participation of Soviet Trade Unions in the Legislative Process Through the Medium of Their Press

Box 2 32, Kramer, Richard, Lenin on Religion and the R.S.F.S.R. Laws on Religion Passed During his Lifetime

Box 2 33, Von Laue, Theodore H., The Industrialization of Russia in the Views of Sergei Iu. Witte, Russian Minister of Finance,, 1892-1903

Box 2 34, Granick, David, The Role of the Firm in Soviet Planning

Box 2 35, Blackman, James H., Aspects of Russia's Industrial Development Since, 1940

Box 2 36, Dallin, Alexander, Russo-Polish Relations, 1914-1917

Box 2 37, Engle, David Harris, Soviet-Polish Relations, November 1918 to April 1920, November 1918, April 1920

Box 2 38, Leitch, Donald G., Developments in Soviet Housing Administration Since the Reform of 1937--With Emphasis Upon Conditions Caused by the War

Box 2 39, Jameson, D.F.B., Bolshevism and the Causes of the Finnish Civil War--1918

Box 2 40, Thompson, John M., The Proposal for a Conference on the Prinkipo Islands,, 1919

Box 3 41, Cattell, Nancy G., Soviet Attitude Toward the Bavarian Revolution of, April 1919

Box 3 42, Park, Alexander Garland, The Non-Capitalistic Path of Development

Box 3 43, Bowden, Lewis W., The Ukraine and the Provisional Government (March to August 1917)

Box 3 44, Cattell, David T., Soviet Russia and the Hungarian Revolution of, 1919

Box 3 45, Washburn, John N., The Wrecker as a Social Problem in Soviet Literature During the First Five-Year Plan

Box 3 46, Borland, Harriet, Soviet Literary Theory and Practice During the First Five-Year Plan (1928-32)

Box 3 47, Edgerton, William, The Evolution of the Russian Intelligentsia as Reflected in the Works of V.V. Veresayev

Box 3 48, Goure, Leon, Soviet Foreign Policy and the March1921 Crisis, March1921

Box 3 49, Hollis, Jr., Ernest V., Legislative Aspects of the Soviet Police System

Box 3 50, McLean, Jr., Hugh, Self-Criticism in Soviet State

Box 3 51, Sosin, Gene, Plays for the Soviet Children's Theatre as a Medium of Communist Education (1925-1948)

Box 3 52, Rosa, Ruth A., The Relationship Between Revolution in the Soviet Union and Revolution Abroad, According to Stalin;, 1936-1939

Box 3 53, Joravsky, David, The Struggle Against "Menshevising Idealism": Case History of a Turn (povorot) in the Party Line in the Soviet Union

Box 3 54, McKenzie, Kermit E., The Seventh World Congress of the Communist International: A Study of the Interrelation of the Soviet Union and Revolution Abroad

Box 3 55, Tatsios, Theodore G., The U.S.S.R. and Revolution Abroad: The Question of Their Relationship as Treated in Three Soviet Politgramoti (1924 1933 and 1937), 1933

Box 3 56, Tuck, Robert L., The Relation Between The USSR and Revolution Abroad, as Treated by Two Popular Soviet Encyclopedias

Box 3 57, Baster, Nancy, Agrarian Overpopulation in the USSR, 1921-1940

Box 3 58, Littell, Wallace W., Revolution at Home and Abroad, The Soviet View of Their Interrelation, As Expressed in Two Basic Soviet Encyclopedias

Box 4 60, Jackson, Robert Louis, The Sociological Method of V.F. Pereverzev

Box 4 61, Montias, John Michael, Economics of Soviet State Grain Farms

Box 4 62, Whiting, Allen S., Sino-Soviet Relations:, 1917-1924

Box 4 63, Goldstein, Reuben, The Zubatov Movement

Box 4 64, Marin, David Paul, Failure in the South: An Account of Andre Marty, the French Mutiny and Withdrawal from Southern Russia (November, 1918-April, 1919), 1918-April, 1919

Box 4 65, Rodin, Nicholas Weber, A Critique of the First Soviet Five Year Plan

Box 4 66, Minkoff, Jack, Social Insurance in the Soviet Union

Box 4 67, Hardt, John P., Some Aspects of Soviet Electrification in the First Five Year Plan

Box 4 68, Denney, Jr., George C., Comparison of Arrest and Search and Seizure in the United States and the Soviet Union

Box 4 69, Baclawski, Joseph A., Ukrainian Wheat Yields, 1928-39

Box 4 70, Ablin, Fred, The Soviet Procuracy--1917-1936

Box 4 71, Reddin, Alan David, Aspects of State Farm Agriculture in the USSR

Box 4 72, Ignatieff, Leonide, The Struggle with Kulakism in the Initial Stages of Mass Collectivization

Box 4 73, Meyers, Maurice F., The Soviet Writers' Union and the Communist Party

Box 4 74, Cray, Gibson, The Basis of Self Expression of the Student of Soviet Higher Education

Box 4 75, Shaw, Robert M., The Soviet-Yugoslav Dispute

Box 4 76, Hankin, Robert M., Soviet Literary Theory

Box 4 77, Cherot, Romeo A., Political Aspects of the Nationality Policy and the Kazakh Assr,, 1917-1927

Box 4 78, Simpkins, Richard C., Finland, the Ukraine, and the Nationality Policy During the First Months of Bolshevik Power

Box 5 79, Munselle, Carl DeVerle, A Legal Analysis of Marxian Literary Theory in the Soviet Union

Box 5 80, Goldstein, David I., Russo-Finnish Relations, 1944-1950

Box 5 81, Rowson, Richard C., Soviet Interpretation of United States Policy in the Philippines since, 1946

Box 5 82, Blasier, Cole S., Foundations of Comintern Policy Toward Latin America

Box 5 83, Turgeon, Edgar Lynn, On the Theory of Socialist Development

Box 5 84, Luke, Louise E., Marxism and the Woman Question in Soviet Literature (1923-1932)

Box 5 85, Thompson, Elizabeth M., Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union

Box 5 86, Kogan, Wolf, Soviet-Israel Relations

Box 5 87, Michaels, Jr., John Irl, The Territorial Position of the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the Soviet Union and Its Internal Territorial Structure

Box 5 88, Stone, Lois Jane, The Soviet Union and the Law of War

Box 5 89, Ginsburg, Leo, Productivity of Labor and the Coal Industry of the USSR

Box 5 90, Finke, Dean E., The Industrial Bank of the USSR

Box 5 91, Wegener, Hertha C., Economic Relations Between Soviet Russia and Eastern Germany (1945-1950)

Box 5 92, Eason, Warren W., Investment Projection in the Soviet Union: A Case Study in the Labor Theory of Value under Socialism

Box 5 93, Winch, Richard L., Soviet Interpretation of the Romanian Constitution

Box 5 94, Daniels, Lois A., Sergei Kravchinsky's Views on the Future Socialist Society

Box 5 95, Fisher, Jr., Ralph T., A Soviet Ideal: The Young Communist as Depicted at the Eleventh Congress of the Komsomol (Moscow, March-April, 1949), March-April, 1949

Box 5 96, Marshall, Joyce D., Soviet Attitude Toward the Foreign Policies of the Left Wing of the British Labor Party Since, 1948

Box 6 97, Kendrick, Jr., Joseph, The Structure of the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U.(B)

Box 6 98, Chapman, Janet G., The Regional Structure of Soviet Retail Prices

Box 6 99, Laufer, Leopold, Soviet and American Domestic Propaganda on the United Nations Unanimity Principle

Box 6 100, Krane, Georg, Soviet Policy in Scandinavia, 1948-50

Box 6 101, White, James W., The Role of Spain in the East-West Struggle

Box 6 102, Holub, Maria, Communist View of the Communist Party and Situation in India (1948-1951)

Box 6 103, Gross, Clifford H., Leon Trotsky as Literary Critic and Theoretician

Box 6 104, Goodman, Elliot R., The Bolshevik Concept of a World State (to 1924)

Box 6 105, Boiter, Albert L., Postwar Criticism of Soviet Legal Scholarship

Box 6 106, Lane, John S., Pilnyak and the Social Command (1917-37)

Box 6 107, Luckyj, George, America in Soviet Ukrainian Literature (1917-1950)

Box 6 108, Cowden, Morton H., The Soviet Union, International Communism, and the British General Strike of, May, 1926

Box 6 109, Naar, Leonard Jon, Central Planning in the U.S.S.R. and Britain: The Political and Administrative Framework

Box 6 110, Butler, Scot, Stalin on Interrelations Between the Revolution in Russia and Revolution in Other Countries, 1926-28

Box 6 111, Kridl, Elizabeth, Lenin on the Role of the National S.D. Parties in the Organization and Structure of the All-Russian S.D.W. Party, 1901-1914

Box 6 112, Godwin, Robert K., Russian-Georgian Relations, 1917-1921

Box 6 113, Potts, James M., Russian Diplomacy and Bulgaria, 1914-1915

Box 6 114, Jasper, A.B., Robert Scott, Soviet Foreign Trade Policy in Asia and the West,, 1929-1932

Box 6 115, Janssons Edmond F., The People's Commissariat for Light Industry; A Case Study in Soviet Industrial Administration

Box 7 116, Nelson, Daniel J., The Views of N. Bukharin on the Future Communist Society

Box 7 117, Leedy, Frederick A., National Defense and Revolutionary Expansion in the Political Education of the Red Army,, 1939-1941

Box 7 118, Bowles, W. Donald, The Role of the Chairman of a Collective Farm in the Soviet Union

Box 7 119, Cockell, Jr. William A., Letters to the Editor: A Study of Self-Criticism in the Soviet Press

Box 7 120, Fogwell, Seymour F., The Soviet Cotton-Textile Industry, 1928-1938

Box 7 121, Weston, Lydia, Literary Politics of the Left Wing of the On Guard Group

Box 7 122, Korol, Alexander G., Gold Resources and Gold Mining in the U.S.S.R.

Box 7 123, Rolick, Alexander J., Fedin and Soviet Criticism (Works from 1919 to 1926), 1919

Box 7 124, Reeve, F.D., Soviet Russian Poetry and Its Criticism, 1941-1945

Box 7 125, Rimberg, John D., The Motion-Picture Industry in the Soviet Union: Its Administration, Product, and Ideological Message

Box 7 126, Matlock, Jr., Jack F., The Function of the "Governing Organs" of The Union of Soviet Writers (1934-1950)

Box 7 127, McBrearty, William J., The Characterization of Americans in Post-War Soviet Drama

Box 7 128, Becker, Abraham S., The State Budget of the USSR During the Second World War

Box 7 129, Heitman, Sidney, Bukharin's Conception of the Transition to Communism in Soviet Russia: An Analysis of His Basic Views, 1923-28

Box 7 130, Guillebaud, P., The Role of Honorary Awards in The Soviet Economic System

Box 7 131, Mansfield, Jack, Industrial Relations in Soviet State Industry

Box 8 132, Spencer, Jr., Frank W., Origins, Theory, and Practice of Communism in Yugoslavia,, 1948-1952

Box 8 133, Purdue, Richard B., Communism and French North Africa

Box 8 134, Resis, Albert, Could Russia Skip the Stage of Capitalism and Pleckhanov's Views:, 1878-1884

Box 8 135, Basarab, John, The Campaign Against The Uniates in the Russian Empire Under Nicholas I

Box 8 136, Cheselka, Andrew, Soviet Attitudes Towarsd American Political Institutions

Box 8 137, Corenetz, Helen, Views of Pravda and Izvestia on International Control of Atomic Energy

Box 8 138, Simmonds, George W., The Soviet Conception of Cominform: A Study of Certain Official Sources, 1947-1949

Box 8 139, Spector, Sherman D., The Doctrine and Program of the Union of Russian People in, 1906

Box 8 140, Mikulak, Maxim, Postwar Soviet Attacks on "Bourgeois" Science,, 1945-1951

Box 8 141, Kurland, Jordan E., The History and Destiny of Russia According to Konstantin Leontiev

Box 8 142, Gill, Jr., Frank E., The Administration of the Ministry of Labor Reserves in the USSR

Box 8 143, Rothchild, Thomas H., The Highest Phase of Communism According to the Works of Joseph Stalin,, 1924-1936

Box 8 144, Rosen, Seymour M., The Soviet Communist Party Literary Policy As Reflected in the Stalin Prizes in Prose and Drama

Box 8 145, MacKenzie, David, P.L. Lavrov's Program of Means of Achieving Revolution in Russia (1870s)

Box 8 146, Overstreet, Gene D., The Soviet View of India, 1945-48

Box 8 147, Friedberg, Maurice, Textual Changes in Soviet Belles-Lettres: A Function of Party-Line Fluctuations

Box 8 148, Osborn, Robert J., Soviet Karelia: A Case History in Soviet Nationality Policy and the Pattern of Russian Expansion

Box 8 149, Maguire, Robert A., Plot Situations and Character Motivations in the Soviet Postwar Drama

Box 8 150, Jacobs, Dan N., Some Aspects of the Soviet Value System

Box 8 151, Davidson, Jay Alan, The Red Army: Recruitment and Training, 1917 Through World War II, 1917

Box 9 154, Schuman, Marilyn, The Autonomous Republics of Azerbaijan and Kurdistan in Iran, November 1945 to December 1946, November 1945, December 1946

Box 9 155, Polner, Murray, Bolshevik Relations with the Czechoslovak Legions,, January 1918-June 29, 1918

Box 9 156, O'Rosky, E. John, The Attitude of the Soviet Union During the United Nations' Discussion of the Question of the World Federation of Trade Unions, 1945-46: A Case Study of Soviet Foreign Policy Toward an International Mass Movement

Box 9 157, Barron, Arthur S., Soviet Participation in the American Left Movement, 1917-1922

Box 9 158, Alpern, Stanley B., Iran, 1941-1946 A Case Study in the Soviet Theory of Colonial Revolution, 1941-1946

Box 9 160, Slominski, Martin J., The Soviet Press on the Projected Rearmament of Western Germany, September Through, December, 1950

Box 9 161, McDowell, Charles T. McDowell, The Development of the Elite and the Role of the Komsomol in the Soviet Union

Box 9 162, Ramsey, Robert W., Political Indoctrination in the Red Army 1941-1945 The Concepts of National Defense and Revolutionary Expansion, 1941-1945

Box 9 163, Howard, John R., Relations Between Revolution in Russia and Revolution Abroad; A Study of the Ninth and Tenth Congresses of the R.C.P.(B) (1920 1921)

Box 9 164, Phillips, Wayne, Lenin and the Origin of the Third International July 28, 1914 to September 8, 1915, July 28, 1914, September 8, 1915

Box 9 165, Willen, Paul, Soviet Architecture in Transformation A Study in Ideological Manipulation

Box 9 166, Millikan, Gordon W., The Question of Interdependence Between The Russian Revolution and Revolution Abroad: Discussions in the Comintern, First and Fifth Congresses

Box 9 167, Malone, Gifford D., The American Communist Party and the Comintern,, 1928-1929

Box 9 168, Kravitz, Seymour, Soviet Trade Unions

Box 9 169, Sanders, Ben L., Disciplinary Powers of Commanding Officers in the Soviet Army

Box 9 170, Spahr, W.J., The Korean Question as Presented in the Soviet Press January 1 to, June 25, 1950

Box 10 171, Smith, Reed Meredith, The Guiding Role of the Institute of Law of the Academy of Science of the U.S.S.R. as Indicated in Its Publication for 1939 and 1949, 1939, 1949

Box 10 172, Neubert, Joseph W., The Trieste Problem with Special Emphasis on Post-War Soviet Policy and its Implications

Box 10 173, Davis, Richard H., Revisions in Rules of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks)

Box 10 174, Luther, Michael M., The German Occupation of the Crimea in World War II

Box 10 176, Saikowki, Charlotte, Albania in Soviet Satellite Policy

Box 10 177, Morton, Henry W., The Komsomol and the Hitler-Jugend in, 1934-1935

Box 10 178, Randall, Francis Ballard, Victor Chernov's Philosophy of History

Box 10 179, Lerner, Warren, The Russian Plan to Sovietize Poland in, 1920

Box 10 180, McNeal, Robert H., Stalin on the Question of Nationality (1901-1913)

Box 10 181, Rieber, Alfred, Russian Policy and Romania--A Study in War Diplomacy

Box 10 182, Juviler, Peter H., The Aims and Organization of Soviet Education,, 1928-1932

Box 10 183, Carpenter, Donald L., Elections and the Social Structure of the Elected Organs of Government in Post-War Yugoslavia

Box 10 184, Barse, Joseph R., The Planning of Technological Progress in the U.S.S.R.

Box 10 185, Miloradovich, S., N.A. Dobroliubov and Soviet Literary Criticism

Box 10 186, Malyshev, Alexey N., Development and Structure of the Central Executive and Administrative Organs of U.S.S.R.

Box 10 187, Lagawier, Edith, Discussion of Russia's Relation to World Revolution at the XVII Congresses of the CPSU (b), 1930 and 1934, 1930, 1934

Box 10 188, Aquilina, Edwin C., State Control in the U.S.S.R. (1917-1952)

Box 10 189, Stewart, David Hugh, Sholokhov and the Soviet Critics Since, 1947

Box 10 190, Hazard, Clifton Eugene, Lenin and Literature from an Examination of his Writings

Box 10 191, Feuer, Kathryn, Evidences of Class Stratification and Social Mobility in Postwar Soviet Literature

Box 11 192, Orton, James N., The State Bank and Control of Short-Term Credit in the USSR

Box 11 193, Beach, Peter K., Lenin's Defense of a Separate Peace with the Central Powers

Box 11 194, Schmidinger, Helen Barsova, Soviet Aesthetics; An Examination of Voprosy Filosofii

Box 11 195, Strong, Jr., Robert L., Gogol in Soviet Literary Criticism

Box 11 196, Hanneher, William J., Radishchev and Soviet Criticism: A Literary Reclamation Project

Box 11 197, Moses, Captain Albert R., Soviet Participation in World Cooperation

Box 11 199, Budz, Jr., Andrew D., The Oder-Neisse Border: Weapon in Communist Domination over Poland

Box 11 200, Sherman, Jr., George F., Bolshevik Internationalism and the German Revolution, 1917-1918

Box 11 201, Brannon, Jr., Otis E., Origins of the Tito-Stalin Break, 1941-1948

Box 11 202, Berton, Peter Alexander, The Conclusion of the Russo-Japanese Alliance of, 1916

Box 11 203, Broy, Anton Peter, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Moltov "The Hammer", 1890-1939

Box 11 205, Robert Waring Herrick, Formulation of Russia's Wartime Naval Strategy at the Black Sea Straits,, 1912-1914

Box 11 206, Henry Krisch, The East Berlin Riots of June 17, 1953 Their Interpretation in the Soviet Press, June 17, 1953

Box 11 207, Spencer E. Roberts, Marxian Criticism of Soviet Historical Drama

Box 11 208, Alfred Erich Senn, Lithuania and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia,, 1917-1919

Box 11 209, Morton Schwartz, The Communist Part of India:, 1948-1951

Box 11 210, Lily Feiler, Vladimir Maiakovskii in Soviet Literary Criticism 1919-1930 1946-1954, 1919-1930, 1946-1954

Box 11 211, George L. Sherry, Early English Radicals: Their Place in Marxist and Soviet Theory; A Case Study in the Application of Marxian and Soviet Theory to the Levellers and Diggers of the English Civil War

Box 11 212, Dorothy Litchfield Tedeschi, The Relation between Revolution in Russia and Revolution Abroad; As Discussed at the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Congresses of the C.P.S.U.

Box 12 213, Maj. Ralph A. Penington, Uniform Code of Military Justice: Soviet Style; a Comparative Study of Military Law, Discipline, and Courts-Martial Procedure in the USSR

Box 12 214, Jeri Laber, The Post-War Conception of Socialist Realism; A Study of Opposition to Official Policy

Box 12 215, George A. Brinkley, Jr., The Volunteer Army and General Denikin's Relations with the French,, 1918-1920

Box 12 216, Suzanne Somes Williams, The Communist Party of Yugoslavia and the Nationality Problem,, 1922-1925

Box 12 217, Edwin Sparn, Ideological Patterns in the Works of Ilya Ehrenburg

Box 12 218, Spencer Rich, Trotsky on "Proletarian" Revolution and its Preconditions,, 1923

Box 12 219, Mark Joseph Garrison, The Courtship of Tito by Stalin's Successors

Box 12 220, Peter S. Bridges, The Character of the Party Secretary in Postwar Soviet Novels

Box 12 221, Silbajoris, Frank R., Soviet Cultural Imperialism in Postwar Lithuanian Literature

Box 12 222, Clarridge, Duane R., The World Federation of Trade Unions in Asia

Box 12 223, Watras, Max A., Soviet Ideological Influences on the Union of Polish Writers, 1949-1954

Box 12 224, Farrelly, Thomas P., Trotsky's Conception of the Future Communist Society

Box 12 225, Rubin, Burton, Plekhanov and the Soviet Critics

Box 12 226, Skwirsky, Maxine, V. Kataev--A Case Study In Literary Survival

Box 12 227, Fedyshyn, Oleh S., German Plans for the Ukraine in, 1918

Box 12 228, Humphrey, Gay, The Sino-Soviet Alliance Through the Communist Press

Box 12 230, Swatkovsky, Andrew, Alexander II and the Press

Box 14 231, Rosen, Nathan, Leonid Leonov: The Reforging of a Fellow-Traveler (1922-35)

Box 14 232, Vogel, John Jacob, The Labor Day System of Remuneration on Collective Farms in the Soviet Union

Box 14 233, Cooper, Captain Richmond J., Finland Between East and West

Box 14 234, Backer, John H., The pattern of Soviet Trade with the West, 1946-1953

Box 14 235, Delvin Jr., Jordan Edward, Some Aspects of Juvenile Delinquency in the Soviet Union

Box 14 236, Leavitt, Albert M., Standing Army vs. Militia System in Conscription of the Russian People from 1918 to 1923, 1918, 1923

Box 14 237, Sorenson, Jay Bertram, The Workers' Opposition; A Case Study of Factionalism in the Russian Communist Party

Box 14 238, Low, Alfred D., Austria Between Two Soviet Republics; In the Mirror of the Russian Press of, 1919

Box 14 239, Lehrman, Edgar H., Shakespeare Criticism in the Soviet Union Before, 1939

Box 14 240, Jacobs, Walter Darnell, The Soviet Record on Voluntary Repatriation

Box 14 241, Jensen, Harold A., The Soviet Value System During WWII: An Analysis of Pravda for June and October 1941 and September 1945, October 1941, September 1945

Box 14 242, Curran, Robert T., The Collectivization of Agriculture in Soviet Central Asia:, 1930-1937

Box 14 243, Forsythe, Thomas Roberts, George Lukacs as a Marxian Literary Critic

Box 14 244, Rabinovich, Harold S., The Evolution of the "Bund" to, 1903

Box 14 245, Halpern, Irwin P., The Communist Party Attitude Toward the Collectivization of Agriculture During the Years of the Crisis,, 1927-1932

Box 14 246, Deikman, Ethel Ilene, Ivan Aksakov's Interpretation of the Raskol and the Sects

Box 14 247, Fic, Miroslav V., The Moscow Peace Offensive and Its Revolutionary Potential; A Study in Political Dynamics

Box 14 248, Jackson Jr., George D., Soviet-Yugoslav-Bulgarian Relations Since World War II

Box 13 250, Rantz, John R., Basis of Preparations For The Twentieth Congress of the CPSU

Box 13 251, Fair, Leland B., Pressures in Collective Farming During the Fifth Five Year Plan

Box 13 252, Morgan, Walter Nathaniel, Soviet Attitudes Toward the Korean Problem,, 1953-1955

Box 13 253, Krynski, Magnus Jan, Soviet Impact on Polish Literature, 1944-1950 A Study of Controls and Coercion, 1944-1950

Box 13 254, Magzanian, Alberta S., Stalin and Tomsky on Trade Unions, A Study of the Transition Period, Late 1928 to June -July, 1930, 1928, June -July, 1930

Box 13 255, Siswadji, The Impact of Comintern Policy on the Indonesian Communist Movement

Box 13 256, Bissonnette, A.A., Rev. Georges, The Legislation of Peter the Great in Religious Matters Prior to, 1721

Box 13 257, Roche, William L., The Komsomol, A Soviet Failure of Success?

Box 13 258, Belknap, Robert L., A.V. Lunacharskii as a Pre-Revolutionary Russian

Box 13 259, Ramundo, Bernard A., "Counterrevolutionary Crimes" Under the Laws of the Soviet Union and the United States

Box 13 260, Conkilin, Jr., Paul S., The Comintern and the Near East:, 1919-1928

Box 13 261, Mathes, Willian Lloyd, The Views of J.V. Stalin on Communist Party Unity as Expressed at the XII Through XIX Party Congresses (1932-1952)

Box 13 262, Bronkema, Donald Everett, Kropotkin on Ethics, Politics, and Economics, With the Reaction of Soviet Critics to His Program

Box 13 263, Levchenko, Margaret M., The SWoviet View of the Socialist Camp

Box 13 264, Hughes, Orville Ro, Political Indoctrination in the Soviet Army; The Postwar Party Line

Box 13 265, Glassford, Walker, Some Aspects of the Soviet Control Apparatus that Effect The Kolkhoz1

Box 13 266, Cornell, Richard, The Soviet Union and "Atoms for Peace"

Box 15 267, Magerovsky, Eugene L., The People's Commissariat For Foreign Affairs 1917-1923 (Organization and Evolution), 1917-1923

Box 15 268, Holbrow, Charles H., Lenin's Views of the United States

Box 15 269, Martel, Jr., Leon C., Russian Foreign Policy and the Establishment of the Far Eastern Republic

Box 15 270, Levine, Carol, Critical Letters To The Editor In the Soviet Press in, 1956

Box 15 271, Schonwald, Janet, The Marxist-Existentialist Philosophical Dialogue in France, 1945-1947

Box 15 272, Swanson, Jack R., The Duma Debates on Russia's Balkan Policy 1912-14

Box 15 273, Clemens, Jr., Walter C., Bolshevik Expectations of a German Revolution During War Communism

Box 15 274, Rous, Nita V., The Manifestations of Juvenile Delinquency in the Soviet Union Since the Death of Stalin

Box 15 275, Zeimer, Paul Roger, Soviet Concession Policy in Soviet-American Relations,, 1918-1921

Box 15 276, Darby, Joseph James, Capital Punishment in Russia

Box 15 277, Mott III, Henry Wilmarth, The Occupation and Incorporation of Latvia (June 17 to August 5, 1940)

Box 15 278, Lawrence, Renn M., Public Administration in Soviet Agriculture

Box 15 279, Francis, William Wallace, The Stalin-Trotsky Controversy Over Soviet Policy in China,, 1925-1927

Box 15 280, Wallfield, Joseph, The Theory of Translation in Soviet Literary Criticism, 1935-1955

Box 15 281, Kugler, William Austin, The Ideological Redefinition of Later Stalinism

Box 15 282, Nolting, Louvan Edward, The Policy of Amalgamation of the Collective Farms in the Soviet Union,, 1950-1953

Box 16 283, Myer, Richard B., Bakunin and Lenin: A Comparative Study of Revolutionary Tactics

Box 16 284, Stockhold,Henry, "Workers' Control" in the First Stage of Transition to Socialism (Lenin's Views, March1917 to July 1918), March1917

Box 16 285, Enteen, George, George Plekhanov's Conception of Revolution (1904-1908)

Box 16 287, Schlesinger, Ina, De-Stalinisation in Elementary Education

Box 16 288, Biddle, Julian C., Revolutionary Theories and Methods of the Decembrist Pavel Ivanovich Pestel

Box 16 289, Toman, John M., Iurii Olesha: Soviet Criticism of His Thought and Literary Expression

Box 16 290, Feldman, Lloyd, The Soviet Impact on the French Communist Party,, 1927-1931

Box 16 291, Moser, Charles A., Mayakovsky's Unsentimental Journeys

Box 16 292, Mason, George John, The Uzbeck Criminal Code as Compared to the Criminal Code of the R.S.F.S.R.

Box 16 293, Hodges, Morris D., United States and Soviet Concepts on Air Sovereignty in Air and Space Law

Box 16 294, Abrash, Merritt Gold, Entente Policy Towards Austria-Hungary,, August 1914-March1917

Box 16 295, Perry, Jack Richard, The Soviet Union and French North Africa, 1917-1945

Box 16 296, Hodorawis, Joseph J., Soviet Reaction to the Manchurian Incident,, 1931-1932

Box 16 297, Avrich, Paul H., Changing Attitudes Toward the Kratkii Kurs; The Stalinist History of the Communist Party, 1938-1958

Box 16 298, Hayley, Harold D., Germany, Russia and France:, 1950-1952

Box 16 299, Noor, Gusti Roesli, Sino-Soviet Attitudes Towards Indonesia (1950-1955)

Box 17 300, Miller, David B., Lenin's Views on Factionalism and Unity in the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party,, January 1906-January 1909

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