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Aleksandr Kazem-Bek Papers, 1898-2014

Series III: Documents and Biographical Materials, 1902-2014

Aleksandr Kazem-Bek's and his family members' personal documents and Aleksandr Kazem-Bek's biographical materials.

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Subseries III.1: Aleksandr Kazem-Bek's documents, 1902-1967

Contains Aleksandr Kazem-Bek's certificates, IDs, immigration papers, travel documents, passports, CVs, financial and legal documents, business cards, contacts, etc.

Box 8 Folder 13 Certificates: Birth certificate, Nobility certificate, 1902

Box 8 Folder 14 Nansen Passport (photocopy), 1941

Box 8 Folder 15 IDs and business cards, 1932-1946

(identification and membership cards, and business cards)

Box 8 Folder 16 French visas and other French documents, 1925-1941

(originals and photocopies)

Box 8 Folder 17 USA naturalization related documents, 1940-1944

Box 8 Folder 18 Affidavits of support, 1942-1950

Box 8 Folder 19 Financial and Legal documents, 1940-1967

Box 8 Folder 20 Medical documents, 1953-1954

Box 8 Folder 21 Travel documents, 1949-1955

(itineraries, travel insurances, tickets, reservations, etc. Oversized travel insurance documents are stored in oversize flat box 20, folder 1)

Box 8 Folder 22 Various documents, 1923-1948

(War ration book, lists of Russian intellectuals leaving for the USA, change of addresses, notes, application forms, etc.)


(business and personal contact lists, business cards, index cards, address books)

Box 8 Folder 23 Business cards

Box 8 Folder 24 Lists of contacts

Box 8 Folder 25 Index cards A-Z

Box 8 Folder 26 Address books

(2 items)

Subseries III.2: Aleksandr Kazem-Bek's Biographical Materials, 1939-2014

Biographical materials include CVs and biographical statements, genealogical notes, letters of recommendation, publications about Kazem-Bek, and Mireille Massip's extensive correspondence with various people related to her work on Kazem-Bek's biography.

Box 9 Folder 1 Biographical statements and CVs, [1940s-1950s]

Box 9 Folder 2 Genealogy

Box 9 Folder 3 Letters of recommendation and introduction, 1940-1946

Box 9 Folder 4 Lectures announcement, 1939-1942, undated

Publications about A. Kazem-Bek, 1941-1989

(newspaper clippings)

Box 9 Folder 5 Clippings, 1941-1945

Box 9 Folder 6 Poems dedicated to A. Kazem-Bek, 1944, 1989

(V. Leonov. "K ot'ezdu"; V. Nikitin. Untitled)

Box 9 Folder 7 False death rumors, 1955

(letters, clippings)

Box 9 Folder 8 Return to USSR, 1957-1958

(clippings, letters, memos)

Box 9 Folder 9 Obituaries and In memoria, 1977-1979

Box 9 Folder 10 Various notes

Mireille Massip correspondence related to her work on Kazem-Bek's biography, 1956-2014

Correspondence with various persons

Box 9 Folder 11 1988-1990

Box 9 Folder 12 1991-1993

Box 9 Folder 13 1994-1997

Box 10 Folder 1 1998-2000

Box 10 Folder 2 2001-2014

Box 10 Folder 3 Correspondence with Svetlana Kazem-Bek, 1956-1989, undated

Box 10 Folder 4 Correspondence with Nadine Marquies, 1988-1995

Box 10 Folder 5 Mireille Massip's notes with information about various individuals related to Kazem-Bek

Box 18 Microfilms

(three microfilm reels with materials from the National Archives of the United States; were ordered by Mireille Massip and may conteain materials related to her research work on Kazem-Bek's biography)

Subseries III.3: Kazem-Bek's Family Documents, 1898-1994

Documents of Aleksandr Kazem-Bek's wife, children, and father.

Svetlana Kazem-Bek's documents, 1975-1986

Box 10 Folder 6 Pesonal documents, 1898-1994

(certificates, imigration documents, visas, Nansen passport, war ration book, IDs, obituaries, etc.)

Box 10 Folder 7 Claims: Social Security, death benefits, retirement, 1975-1986

Box 10 Folder 8 Various documents and notes, 1923-1949, undated

Box 10 Folder 9 Aleksandr Kazem-Bek Jr. documents, 1930s-1959

Box 10 Folder 10 Lev Kazem-Bek's documents, 1923, undated

Box 10 Folder 11 Nadine Kazem-Bek's documents, 1944

(materials related to teaching Russian at the Yale University)