Columbia University Archives

Core Curriculum records, 1937-2007, bulk 1937-1995

Series V: Administrative Files, 1951-2004

This series contains Core office correspondence, staffing end enrollment documents, and materials related to Core weekly luncheon meetings, student prizes, and Spectator Clippings. The series includes 5 subseries.

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Subseries V.1: Correspondence (CC and Hum), 1965-1988

This subseries contains administrative correspondence related to Core funding and resources, staffing deliberations (especially related to retaining senior faculty's participating in the Core and the allocation of graduate preceptorships), communications with department chairs, and responses to student inquiries and complaints. It also contains applications from Barnard students interested in taking Core courses and a folder of external correspondence with other universities offering their own Great Books curriculum or interested in adopting one.

Box 31 Folder 2 Administrative Correspondence, 1965-1980

Box 31 Folder 3 Administrative Correspondence, Spring 1980-Spring, 1984

Box 31 Folder 4 Administrative Correspondence, Fall 1984 -- Fall 1988, 1984, 1988

Box 31 Folder 5 Barnard Student Applications, 1971

Box 31 Folder 6 External Correspondence, 1966-1985

Subseries V.2: Staffing, 1966-1997

This subseries consists of Core staff directories and memos, room assignments, and schedules.

Box 31 Folder 7 Staffing, 1966-1979

Box 31 Folder 8 Staffing, 1980-1988 1993-1997, 1980-1988, 1993-1997


Subseries V.3: Enrollment, 1976-1998

This subseries contains documents on Core course enrollments, sometimes broken down by non-Columbia College student populations (Engineering, Barnard, etc.).

Box 32 Folder 1 Enrollment, 1976-1998


Subseries V.4: Core Luncheon and Lecture Series, 1966-2004

This subseries consists of materials related to the long-running lunch staff meetings for both Humanities and Contemporary Civilization. It also contains records of lectures by both Columbia and visiting scholars on weekly readings. (Subseries I.1 contains some memos on the lunch meetings for C.C. from 1937 to 1950.)

Box 32 Folder 2 Humanities Luncheon Series, 1966-1978

Box 32 Folder 3 Humanities Luncheon Series, 1979-1989

Box 32 Folder 4 Humanities Luncheon Series, 1990-2004


Box 32 Folder 5 Contemporary Civilization Lecture Series and Luncheon, 1973 1980-2004, 1973, 1980-2004


Subseries V.5: Miscellaneous, 1951-1965

This subseries contains documents related to several prizes given during this period for excellence in the Core. It also contains a folder of Spectator Clippings on the Core.

Box 32 Folder 6 Herbert Hawkes Prize, 1951-1965

Box 32 Folder 7 Burdette I. Kinne Prize, 1953-1962

Box 32 Folder 8 Spectator Clippings, 1963-1965