Rare Book & Manuscript Library

RBML Office Files, 1917-2016

Series VII. Reading Room registers, 1931- 2010

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The Reading room registers series consists of ledgers and pages of registration sheets (sign-in registers) containing information about users of the Rare Book and Manuscript Library and the predecessors that made up the Department of Special Collections. Over the years, the different collections have kept joint or separate registers. A new joint reading room was created in 1985 for manuscript and rare book readers, which resulted in a joint ledger/register of researchers. This series also contains the microfilm reading machine book (1947-1949), and the guest book of the Rare Book department (1931-1937), the guest book/register for the Plimpton Library, the David Eugene Smith Library, and the Dale Library; the register of the Library of the American Type Founder's Company (1937-1947); and the Seligman Library register (1938-1955). Patron information was entered into an Access database between July 9, 2010 and February 1, 2013. Beginning in February 2013, all patron information is entered in the Special Collections Research Account Aeon software.

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Ledger 1 Special Collections daybook, June 1937-February 1941

Ledger 2 Special Collections daybook, March 1941-May 1947

Ledger 3 Special Collections daybook, July 1947-March 1948

Ledger 4 Special Collections daybook, May 1948-Feb, 1949

Ledger 5 Special Collections daybook, March 1949-July 1949

Ledger 6 Department of Special collections, 1949-1950

Ledger 7 Department of Special collections, 1950-1951

Ledger 7a Department of Special collections, 1951-1952

Ledger 8 Department of Special collections, 1952-1953

Ledger 9 Department of Special collections, 1953-1954

Ledger 10 Department of Special collections, 1954-1955

Ledger 11 Department of Special collections, 1955-1956

Ledger 12 Department of Special collections, 1956-1957

Ledger 13 Department of Special collections, 1957-1958

Ledger 14 Department of Special collections, 1958-1959

Ledger 15 Department of Special collections, 1959-1960

Ledger 16 Department of Special collections, 1960-1961

Ledger 17 Department of Special collections, 1961-1962

Ledger 18 Department of Special collections, 1962-1963

Ledger 19 Department of Special collections, 1963-1964

Ledger 20 Department of Special collections, 1964-1965

Ledger 21 Department of Special collections, 1965-1966

Ledger 22 Microfilm Reading Machine record book, 1947-1948

Ledger 23 Microfilm Reading Machine record book, 1948-1949

Ledger 24 Guest book of the Rare Book Department, February 1931-August 1937

Ledger 25 Register of researcher names and addresses, 1937-1939

Ledger 26 Plimpton Library, David Eugene Smith Library, Dale Library, 1938-1950

Ledger 27 Register of the Library of the American Type Founders Company, January 1937-May 1947

Ledger 28 Seligman Library Register, November 1938-June 1955

Ledger 29 Special collections register, July 1939-March 1942

Ledger 30 Special collections register, April 1942-October 1947

Ledger 31 Special collections register, November 1947-November 1949

Ledger 32 Special collections register, November 1949-January 1953

Ledger 33 Special collections register, January 1953-July 1954

Ledger 34 Special collections register, June 1955-May 1958

Ledger 35 Special collections register, May 1958-September 1960

Ledger 36 Special collections register, September 1960-July 1962

Ledger 37 Special collections register, July 1962-February 1964

Ledger 38 Special collections register, February 1964-May 1965

Ledger 39 Special collections register, May 1965-October 1966

Ledger 40 Special collections register, October 1966-March 1968

Ledger 41 Special collections register, March 1968-December 1969

Ledger 42 Special collections register, December 1969-September 1971

Ledger 43 Special collections register, September 1971-March 1973

Ledger 44 Special collections register, March 1973-August 1975

Ledger 45 Special collections Manuscript collections register, October 1971-September 1975

Ledger 46 Special collections Manuscript collections register, September 1975-October 1980

Ledger 47 RBML Manuscript Reading Room register, November 1980-July 1985

Ledger 48 RBML Rare Book Reading Room register, July 1985-June 1991

Ledger 49 RBML Rare Book Reading Room register, August -November 1975

Ledger 50 RBML Rare Book Reading Room register, November 1975-April 1978

Ledger 51 RBML Rare Book Reading Room register, April 1978-February 1981

Ledger 52 RBML Rare Book Reading Room register, February 1981-Aug, 1984

Ledger 53 RBML Rare Book Reading Room register, August 1984-December 1987

Ledger 54 RBML Rare Book Reading Room register, December 1987-January 1990

Box 139 Rare Book Reading Room register, January 1990-June 1994

Box 140 Manuscript Reading Room register, June 1991-July 1997

Box 141 Reading Room register of readers, July 1997-July 2003

Box 142 Folder 1 Sign-in register for readers, July 2003-June 2004

Box 142 Folder 2 Sign-in register for readers, July 2004-June 2005

Box 142 Folder 3 Sign-in register for readers, June 2005-June 2006

Box 142 Folder 4 Sign-in register for readers, June 2006-February 2007

Box 142 Folder 5 Sign-in register for readers, February 2009-July 8, 2010