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Albert Goldman papers, 1953-1994

Series XVI:Digitized Audio

A miscellaneous group of items which have been digitized by Columbia University Libraries

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Adams, Pepper, and Donald Byrd at the Half Note

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026735_01 (ca. 1961; PRES026735; Reel 66)

Adams, Pepper, and John Coltrane

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026760_01 late 1950s PRES026760 reel 66)

Adams, Pepper, Dizzy Gillespie, Jimmy Witherspoon

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026751_01 1967/04/xx PRES026751 reel 66)

Adams, Pepper: at Gulliver's

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026786_01 1975/05/17 PRES026786 reel 66)

Adams, Pepper: at Gulliver's

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026794_02 1975/05/17 PRES026794 reel 66)

Adams, Pepper: Half Note, & interview

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026808_01 1971/09/10 PRES026808 reel 66)

Adams, Pepper: Half Note, & interview

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026816_02 1971/09/10 PRES026816 reel 66)

Adams, Pepper: interview

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026719_01 1975/06/19 PRES026719 reel 66)

Adams, Pepper: interview

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026727_02 1975/06/19 PRES026727 reel 66)

Adams, Pepper: plays Charlie Mingus

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026743_01 ca. 1963 PRES026743 reel 66)

Albert re hypochondria

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026522_01 PRES026522 reel A32)

AMS-SM address University of North Carolina

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026948_01 1971/10/12 PRES026948 reel 87)

Ann's 440 #1 and index

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027685_01 1958/06/06 tape labeled 1; no others found PRES027685 reel 114)

Athens Bar Houston

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027065_01 1972/11/xx PRES027065 reel 87)

Bacharach, Burt: interview

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028363_01 1972/02/22 PRES028363 reel 98)

Baker, Fred: Lenny Bruce Without Tears

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027790_01 PRES027790 reel 114)

Baker, Fred: Lenny Bruce Without Tears

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027804_02 PRES027804 reel 114)

Bennett, Tony: Biography

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026492_01 PRES026492 reel A32)

Bennett, Tony: Biography

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026506_02 PRES026506 reel A32)

Black radio WLIB

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026972_01 PRES026972 reel 87)

Blocos Rio Carnival 3rd night

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027154_02 1972 PRES027154 reel 87)

Bruce, Lenny

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026433_01 PRES026433 disc 117B)

Bruce, Lenny, & Jonathan Winters at the Off Broadway

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027812_01 PRES027812 reel 114)

Bruce, Lenny, & Jonathan Winters at the Off Broadway

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027820_02 not clear if this is part 2 or a dup of PRES027812 PRES027820 reel 114)

Bruce, Lenny: Ann's 440

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027510_02 1958/01/xx PRES027510 reel 81)

Bruce, Lenny: Ann's 440

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027693_01 1958/01/xx PRES027693 reel 114)

Bruce, Lenny: Commercials, Zeitler & Zeitler

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026565_01 before 1963 PRES026565 reel A71)

Bruce, Lenny: Dance Hall Racket

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027839_01 PRES027839 reel 114)

Bruce, Lenny: Facks 1958, Judge, Gate of Horn

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027898_01 PRES027898 reel 114)

Bruce, Lenny: Frisco Facks #2

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027537_02 1958/10/24 PRES027537 reel 81)

Bruce, Lenny: Frisco Facks #2

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027588_01 1958/10/24 PRES027588 reel 81)

Bruce, Lenny: Gate of Horn and untitled shows

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027871_01 1962/11/xx PRES027871 reel 114)

Bruce, Lenny: interview on WNCN

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027910_01 1960/03/17 PRES027910 reel 114)

Bruce, Lenny: jazz workshop

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027855_01 1961/10/04 PRES027855 reel 114)

Bruce, Lenny: jazz workshop

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027863_01 1961/10/05 PRES027863 reel 114)

Bruce, Lenny: Lone Ranger, Gate of Horn

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027880_01 1962/11/xx PRES027880 reel 114)

Bruce, Lenny: master ref dub

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026441_01 PRES026441 disc 117A)

Bruce, Lenny: master ref dub

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026450_02 PRES026450 disc 117A)

Bruce, Lenny: master ref dub

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026468_03 PRES026468 disc 117A)

Bruce, Lenny: NY 59

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026530_01 1959/05/xx PRES026530 reel A32)

Bruce, Lenny: The Den

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027847_01 1959/11/xx PRES027847 reel 114)

Bruce, Lenny: Village Theater

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027901_01 1963/11/30 PRES027901 reel 114)

Buddy's Place; Marty Ross interview; Dizzy Gillespie

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026867_01 1975/07/03 PRES026867 reel 66)

Carey, David: Anima

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027316_01 PRES027316 reel 4)

Carey, David: Suite 2 for percussion

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027308_01 PRES027308 reel 4)

Carlin, George

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027456_01 1972/07/07 PRES027456 reel 81)

Carlin, George: Carnegie Hall

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027375_02 1972/07/09 reel 1 missing PRES027375 reel 81)

Carlin, George: Carnegie Hall

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027383_03 1972/07/09 reel 1 missing PRES027383 reel 81)

Carlin, George: Carnegie Hall

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027391_04 1972/07/09 reel 1 missing PRES027391 reel 81)

Chic: autobiographical narrative

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028398_01 1974/01/04 PRES028398 reel 98)

Chic: flight

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028380_01 PRES028380 reel 98)

Chic: Folsom maximum security

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028371_01 1975/07/01 PRES028371 reel 98)

Chic: on dope for New York Magazine

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028410_01 PRES028410 reel 98)

Chic: on dope in prison

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028428_01 1975/05/17 PRES028428 reel 98)

Chic: Spanish Harlem, "on escape" in NYC

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028401_01 PRES028401 reel 98)

Cinema sonoro; Reginaldo Araye; Pita 2

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026557_01 1972/12/18 PRES026557 reel A32)

Colorado jazz party

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026824_01 tape labeled 1; no others found PRES026824 reel 66)

Credibility gap in the New journalism

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027030_01 1971/10/17 PRES027030 reel 87)

Czar Nancy (Hefner)

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027073_01 1975/02/04 PRES027073 reel 87)

Dangerfield, Rodney, George Burns, and Bucky Pizzarelli

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026930_01 1971/09/16 PRES026930 reel 87)

Davis, Danny (Phil Spector's business manager)

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027430_01 PRES027430 reel 81)

Death of rock commentary

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026964_01 PRES026964 reel 87)

Description of driving to Lenny Bruce's neighborhood

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027928_01 PRES027928 reel 114)

Draft chapter on Joe Ancis, Lenny, & Brooklyn

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027723_01 PRES027723 reel 114)

Draft chapter on Joe Ancis, Lenny, & Brooklyn

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027731_02 PRES027731 reel 114)

Dunaway, Faye

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026913_01 PRES026913 reel 87)

Elite last night of Carnival

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026875_01 1976 PRES026875 reel 87)

Elite last night of Carnival

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026883_02 1976 PRES026883 reel 87)

Encounter for Hnd Perc?

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027529_01 PRES027529 reel 81)

First long rap on Shrinks

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027081_01 PRES027081 reel 87)

Freberg, Stan, Steve Allen, Pete Barbutti, George Burns

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027553_01 PRES027553 reel 81)

Friedman, Don

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027979_01 1970/10/15 PRES027979 reel 114)

Goldman, Harry B

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027545_01 1968/06/03 PRES027545 reel 81)

Goldman: New School last lecture

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028304_01 1975/05/21 PRES028304 reel 98)

Goldman: teaching career

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028266_01 1968/05/20 PRES028266 reel 98)

Goldman: teaching career

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028274_01 1968/05/27 PRES028274 reel 98)

Hayden, Maury

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027570_01 PRES027570 reel 81)

Hayes, Isaac, and Nina Simone, Fillmore East

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027049_01 1969/12/13 PRES027049 reel 87)

Hentoff, Nat: on Lenny Bruce

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027944_01 1971/11/08 PRES027944 reel 114)

History of Carnival music

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027332_02 reel 1 missing PRES027332 reel 4)

History of Carnival music

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027340_03 reel 1 missing PRES027340 reel 4)

Honey's story draft

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027669_01 PRES027669 reel 114)

Honey's story draft

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027677_02 PRES027677 reel 114)

Horowitz, Sue

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027448_01 1969/09/11 PRES027448 reel 81)

Hume, Kenny

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027960_01 1970/12/05 PRES027960 reel 114)

Impressions of Texas from T & L trip

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027219_01 PRES027219 reel 87)

Jazz crisis

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026980_03 reels 1 & 2 missing PRES026980 reel 87)

Jazz party report

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026832_ 1971/09/07 PRES026832 reel 66)

Jones, Elvin: New agenda

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027324_01 PRES027324 reel 4)

Jordan, Will

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027758_01 1972/01/11 PRES027758 reel 114 0 1)

Jordan, Will: cut outs from Ill Will

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027499_01 1961 PRES027499 reel 81)

Jordan, Will: rap about mimics and show business

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027766_01 1972/03/24 PRES027766 reel 114)

July 4 party

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026999_01 1975/07/04 PRES026999 reel 87)

July 4 party

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027006_02 1975/07/04 PRES027006 reel 87)

July 4 party

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027014_03 1975/07/04 PRES027014 reel 87)

July 4 party

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027022_04 1975/07/04 PRES027022 reel 87 )

Karl F - Teddy Wilson - 5

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027251_01 PRES027251 reel 87)

Kath, Terry, of Chicago

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027200_01 1971/04/08 PRES027200 reel 87)

Lee, Peggy

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026905_01 1971/04/22 PRES026905 reel 87)

Lenny Penny & Daddy

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027936_01 PRES027936 reel 114)

Lenny, Lily, & Maurice last tape

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027561_01 1966/08/01 PRES027561 reel 81)

Lord Buckley: Euphoria II etc

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027294_01 PRES027294 reel 4)

Lord Buckley: Gettysburg Address etc; The Mad Show

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027286_01 PRES027286 reel 4)

Lyons, Ronnie

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027952_01 1972/06/03 PRES027952 reel 114)

Maini, Joe: interview

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027421_02 reel 1 missing PRES027421 reel 81)

Maini, Sandra

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027405_01 PRES027405 reel 81)

Maini, Sandra

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027413_02 PRES027413 reel 81)

Mann, Harvey: on Max Jacobson, Arlene Francis Show

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026956_01 1975/06/19 PRES026956 reel 87)

Manquerira & other escolas, Rio Carnival

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027170_01 1972 PRES027170 reel 87)

Marr, Sally

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027995_01 1967/08/28 PRES027995 reel 114)

Memphis fragment

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027464_01 PRES027464 reel 81)

Menage a trois; Chic on dope

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028436_01 1975/01/31 PRES028436 reel 98)

Misc topics

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027260_01 PRES027260 reel 87)

Mitchell, Red

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026638_01 1971/09/30 PRES026638 reel 66)

Moody flute - 4

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027243_01 PRES027243 reel 87)

Norman, Gene

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028053_01 1969/09/19 PRES028053 reel 114)


RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027235_01 PRES027235 reel 87)

Pop preface final

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026891_01 PRES026891 reel 87)

Pop preface final

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028452_01 PRES028452 reel 87)

Popular Culture course, Columbia

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028070_01 1971 PRES028070 reel 98)

Popular Culture course, Columbia, #1

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028061_01 1971/10/04 PRES028061 reel 98)

Popular Culture course, Columbia, #10-11, Arthur Janou and psychoanalysis

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028126_01 1971/11/01 PRES028126 reel 98)

Popular Culture course, Columbia, #4-5, Jazz & the profane values

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028088_01 1971/10/18 PRES028088 reel 98)

Popular Culture course, Columbia, #6-7, Lenny Bruce

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028096_01 PRES028096 reel 98)

Popular Culture course, Columbia, #8 Lenny Bruce; #9 failure of sublimation

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028118_01 PRES028118 reel 98)

Popular Culture course, Columbia, #8 writing journalism; #10 jazz

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028100_01 1971/11/xx PRES028100 reel 98)

Portela & other escolas, Rio Carnival

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027162_01 1972 PRES027162 reel 87)

Portela rehearsal & Blocos Rio Carnival

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027146_01 1972 PRES027146 reel 87)

Presley, Elvis: at the Fadals

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026476_01 PRES026476 reel A32)

Presley, Elvis: at the Fadals

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026484_02 PRES026484 reel A32)

Professor Goldman: Brooklyn

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028339_01 PRES028339 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: hot women, furtive fancies

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026832_01 PRES026859 reel 87)

Professor Goldman: interview about Florence & his marriage

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028282_01 1974/12/29 PRES028282 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: Mansdorf

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028320_01 PRES028320 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028134_01 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028134 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028142_02 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028142 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028150_03 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028150 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028169_04 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028169 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028177_08 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028177 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028185_09 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028185 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028193_10 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028193 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028207_11 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028207 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028215_12 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028215 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028223_13 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028223 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028231_14 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028231 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028240_15 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028240 reel 98)

Professor Goldman: transcribed

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028258_16 tapes 5-7 missing PRES028258 reel 98)

Pryor, Richard: craps

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027480_01 1971/02/xx PRES027480 reel 81)

Pryor, Richard: wino routine

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027472_01 1971/07/03 PRES027472 reel 81)

Radio Guanabara

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027057_01 1973/03/06 PRES027057 reel 87)

Reyes, Flip: on Lenny Bruce's discharge

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028029_01 1969/11/01 PRES028029 reel 114)

Rickles, Don: Friars Club roast; Lord Buckley: Hipsters Flipsters etc

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027359_01 PRES027359 reel 4)

Rio Ball

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027111_02 1976 PRES027111 reel 87)

Rio Ball

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027120_03 1976 PRES027120 reel 87)

Rio Ball

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027138_01 1976 PRES027138 reel 87)

Rio Ball Canecao

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027103_01 1976 PRES027103 reel 87)

Rio Carnival described

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026514_01 1971 PRES026514 reel A32)

Rio Carnival first night; Radio Guanabara

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027189_01 1973/03/04 PRES027189 reel 87)

Rio Carnival samba schools; Radio Guanabara

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027197_01 1973/03/05 PRES027197 reel 87)

Romney, Lily

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027774_01 1972/07/31 PRES027774 reel 114)

Romney, Lily: second interview

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027782_01 1972/08/xx PRES027782 reel 114)

Roth Log

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027367_01 1969/07/22 PRES027367 reel 4)

Roth Log; Larry Schiller Anecdotes; Elvis Presley Las Vegas

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027596_01 1970/01/xx PRES027596 reel 81)

Roth, Philip, Susan Brustman, Joe Ancis

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027740_01 1971/10/xx PRES027740 reel 114)

Roth, Philip: discussed by Goldman

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027634_01 tape labeled 1; no others found PRES027634 reel 81)

Roth, Philip: does his bits, Rabbi Farb

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027600_01 1968/11/06 PRES027600 reel 81)

Roth, Philip: interview

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027618_01 1968/12/xx PRES027618 reel 81)

Roth, Philip: On the Air

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027626_01 1970/02/04 PRES027626 reel 81)

Sahl, Mort: at the Sunset Auditorium

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027502_01 1955? PRES027502 reel 81)

Schillinger, Morton: Lincoln Inst & APA shrinks

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027090_01 1975/02/06 PRES027090 reel 87)

Schwartz, Allen

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027987_01 1972/05/24 PRES027987 reel 114)

Shackleton, Richard

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028037_01 1972/05/16 PRES028037 reel 114)

Silver, Faye: discussing book deal with Goldman

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028355_01 1974/04/24 PRES028355 reel 98)

Silver, Faye: Nymphomania

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026921_02 PRES026921 reel 87)

Silver, Faye: Nymphomania

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027227_01 PRES027227 reel 87)

Silver, Faye: Nymphomania demo; Chic 3

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028444_01 1975/01/04 PRES028444 reel 98)

Sims, Zoot

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026620_01 1974/04/xx PRES026620 reel 66)

Sims, Zoot, and Al Cohn at Condon's

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026700_01 1975/09/07 PRES026700 reel 66)

Sims, Zoot, and Bucky Pizzarelli

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026689_01 1974/05/03 PRES026689 reel 66)

Sims, Zoot, and Bucky Pizzarelli

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026697_01 1974/05/04 PRES026697 reel 66)

Sims, Zoot: Gulliver's

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026662_01 1975/05/31 PRES026662 reel 66)

Sims, Zoot: Gulliver's

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026670_02 1975/05/31 PRES026670 reel 66)

Sims, Zoot: Half Note

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026654_01 1970/11/xx PRES026654 reel 66)

Solomon, Ella

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028010_01 1972/06/29 PRES028010 reel 114)

Sullivan, Tom

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026611_01 1978/10/15 PRES026611 reel 66)

Summary analysis of The Palladium

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028045_01 PRES028045 reel 114)

Tampa trip

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028290_01 1976/02/11 PRES028290 reel 98)

Teaching III

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028312_01 not clear if this continues PRES028274 PRES028312 reel 98)

Trilling teaching

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026549_01 PRES026549 reel A32)


RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027278_01 PRES027278 reel 87)


RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027642_01 PRES027642 reel 81)


RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES027650_01 PRES027650 reel 81)

Untitled 4 reel set

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026573_01 PRES026573 reel 66)

Untitled 4 reel set

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026581_02 PRES026581 reel 66)

Untitled 4 reel set

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026590_03 PRES026590 reel 66)

Untitled 4 reel set

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026603_04 PRES026603 reel 66)

Visiting Pina's house in the old neighborhood

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028347_01 PRES028347 reel 98)

Winters, Jonathan

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES026646_01 1957? PRES026646 reel 66)

Worth, Marvin, Hollywood producer

RBML_AGoldman_6910494_PRES028002_01 1969/09/17 PRES028002 reel 114)