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Amiri Baraka papers, 1945-2015

Series IX: Printed Material, 1961-2007

This series holds printed materials collected by Baraka, but produced primarily by others. There are large numbers of flyers and print announcements and advertisements for Baraka's readings, lectures, appearances, and publications, as well as non-Baraka events across the arts, primarily visual arts, literature, film, and music, are located here. There are also a large number of flyers pertaining to political actions. In addition, this series holds many clippings from newspapers and magazines about Baraka. Also in this series is a large collection of little magazines, literary journals, magazines, and newspapers that contain work by Baraka, as well as copies of a number of his broadsides and books. There is also a large collection of literary journals and little magazines from the 1960s to the 2000s, as well as many socialist, Maoist, and radical magazines, journals, newsletters, and newspapers from the 1960s through the 2000s. Materials are arranged by medium and alphabetically, and much of the material is arranged at box-level.

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By Baraka, 1961-2004

Box 148 General

Box 150 General

Box 131 Black Theatre #1 , 1968

Box 131 Chapbooks, undated

Box 146 "Get Organized!", undated

Box 131 Folder 1 Jihad Productions--Soul Session: Anthology of the B.C.D., 1969

Box 131 Folder 2-7 Magazines and Literary Journals, 1968-2004(6 Folders)

Box 131 Folder 8 Political Pamphlets, undated

Box 131 Folder 9 Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note...--Totem/Corinth Edition, 1961

Box 131 Folder 10 Totem/Corinth Editions--Four Young Lady Poets, 1969

Box 54 Box 136 Books, Magazines, Newspapers

Box 56 Broadsides

Box 56 General, undated

Box 67 The Alternative Press, 1997

By Others

Box 95 Box 142 Books

Box 95 Box 142 General

Box 131 Jones, Sylvia--Songs for the Masses, 1978

Box 144 Books, Magazines, Zines, Journals and Pamphlets

Box 96 Literary Journals

Box 97 Literary Journals

Box 98 Literary Journals

Box 99 Literary Journals

Box 101 Literary Journals

Box 102 Literary Journals

Box 103 Literary Journals

Box 104 Literary Journals

Box 151 Literary Journals


Box 105 General

Box 106 General

Box 107 General

Box 108 General

Box 110 General

Box 111 General

Box 112 General

Box 138 General

Box 140 General

Box 141 General

Box 145 General

Box 113 Jazz

Box 114 Jazz


Box 115 General

Box 117 General

Box 118 General

Box 119 General

Box 120 General

Box 139 General

Box 141 General

Box 149 General

Box 121 African Political

Box 149 "All About Jazz L.A. Issues",, 2004-2007

Box 122 Political

Box 123 Political

Box 124 Political

Box 145 Political

Box 132 Folder 1-8 Poetry Project Newsletter

Box 132 Folder 9-11 Black News


Box 125 Folder 1-15 Baraka

Box 133 Folder 1-9 Baraka

Box 143 Baraka

Box 146 Baraka

Box 146 General

Box 143 General

Box 134 General

Box 126 General

Box 127 General

Box 128 General

Box 135 General

Box 143 General


Box 135 Baraka

Box 135 General

Box 129 General

Box 130 General

Box 147 Scrapbook, 1971-1991

Broadsides and Posters, 1968-2005

Box 147 Baraka, 1971-2005

By Others, 1968-2005

Box 152 Calendars and Magazines