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Annie Stein papers, 1954-1993, bulk 1954-1981

2020 Addition to the Papers

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Box 32 Non School (to be sorted)

Box 32 Labor Board Case

Box 32 Pare Paper Articles

Box 32 Angela Davis

Box 32 RfA

Box 32 China-Cuba Ed.

Box 32 AESA conv.

Box 32 Soviet Education

Box 32 China

Box 32 Jeanne Baum, 7/78-11/78

Box 32 PARE, Essay: "Land, Peace, Bread"

Box 32 Repression/Big Brother

Box 32 Umbrella

Box 32 Welfare-School Struggles

Box 32 City College-Women's Study Program

Box 32 SAAL

Box 32 Aronwitz Youth Studies

Box 32 COHR Hearing

Box 32 NJ Organizing Committee Against Grand Jury Abuse

Box 32 May 3 Anti War

Box 32 New Party Peoples Alliance

Box 32 Freedom of Information

Box 32 Black United Frat.

Box 32 Committee to Elect Margarita N. Ortiz to Community Board #10

Box 32 PRSC Bd. , October 1979

Box 32 Weber Case Bakke Fallout

Box 32 Black Protest Clip, 9/1978

Box 32 Planned Shrinkage

Box 32 CDF Reports

Box 32 Fight Back for Children

Box 32 CLIPS P.R., 1979

Box 32 P.R. Symposium

Box 32 Chapter VIII - "Days of Rage"

Box 33 Eleanor Stein Raskin FBI File, 1979

Box 33 Marvel Comics: "Fool Killer" Volume 1, No. 1, October 1990

Box 33 Clippings and offprints

Box 33 Educational Park Picture Book First draft manuscript

Box 33 CUNY Admission Letters

Box 33 Columbia University Law School Correspondence and Statements, 1969-1983

Box 33 Wooden BoxH. Upmann Habana containing memoralilia, correspondence, photographs

Box 34 Strategies for Failure by Annie Stein

Box 34 Javits Sit In

Box 34 Annie's Writings

Box 34 Hard Times

Box 34 PARE

Box 34 Politics of Reading Failure First draft, 5/1974

Box 34 Medical Summary Sheet for baby boy, 1977

Box 34 Chapter 3

Box 34 Lay Advocates Center

Box 34 Counterpoint in Carnarsie by Annie Stein

Box 34 Articles and Research re. Education

Box 34 Annie Stein 100th Birthday, March 21, 2013 Guest Book

Box 34 Small Box"Annie's Travels" containing postcards, photographs and travel brochures

Box 35 Pamphlets, Memoranda, and Statements re. Organizing Workers and Anti-Racism

Box 35 Annie pamphlets

Box 35 Friends, Family & Freedom Fighters Pay Tribute to Annie Stein (March 3, 1913-May 13, 1981) 35 The Black Scholar: Black Politics 1980"

Box 35 Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles: How to Start Your Own White Nationalist Party

Box 35 Women Office Workers Orginizing Materials

Box 35 Integrated Education (pamphlets and publications)

Box 36 Miscellaneous pamphlets, brochures, clippings, etc. re. NYC Schools and Boston Race Relations, 1980-1981

Box 37 Annie's Writings

Box 37 Annie's Correspondence

Box 37 China Action

Box 37 Aboriginal Education

Box 37 Tracking

Box 37 Politics of Reading Failure

Box 37 Education Clippings

Box 37 KKK

Box 37 Brenda's Paper

Box 37 Bill Carlotti letter re. Education

Box 37 Photographs

Box 37 Charles Isaacs "Race and Social Class as Variables Limiting Curriculum Oprions in the City University of New York"

Box 37 Puerto Rican Solidarity Committee

Box 37 Miscellaneous newsletters, pamphlets, broadsides, etc. re. education and race relations

Box 37 Appeal to help free Carol Crooks

Box 37 Articles, Essays, Off-Prints re. Education and Racism

Box 38 Annie Stein's Accident

Box 38 Map: Distribution of Balck, Puerto Rican & Other Pupils in New York Public Schools 1972-73

Box 38 Transfer all Power to the People of Puerto Rico

Box 38 Facts for School Action

Box 38 We Miss You Booklet of drawings created by children

Box 38 URPE: The Review of Radical Political Economics

Box 38 Name and Address Stickers

Box 38 Calligraphy

Box 38 David Rein Celebration

Box 38 ROAR Lists

Miscellaneous Publications, Reports, Newsletters, and Flyers:

Box 38 National Directory of Black School Board Members, 1971

Box 38 Directory of National Black Periodicals and Journals. Issue #2, 22 October 1971

Box 38 1970 Census of Population: General Social and Economic Characteristics New Yorl

Box 38 Bureau of Labor Statistics. Special Labor Force Report No. 32

Box 38 White-Nonwhite Mortality Differentials in the United States, June 1965

Box 38 Contrasts in Spending by Urban Families: Trends Since 1950 and Variations in 1960-61, February 1965

Box 38 National Geographic, Volume 177, No. 4, April 1990

Box 38 An Evening Honoring Joe Forer, 9 June 1979

Box 38 Young Workers: Their Special Traing Needs, May 1963

Box 38 Helen Ginsburg. Unemployment, Subemployment, and Public Policy, 1975

Box 38 Obreros en Marcha, September 1980

Box 38 NECLC Reprot, 1971-1980

Box 38 7 Geat Plays, 1980-81

Box 38 Integrated Education, September 1980

Box 38 Interracial Books for Children, 4 September 1974

Box 38 Annie Stein. The Persistenec of Academic Retardation in New York Coty Schools (Changing Patterns 1958-1971), October 1971

Box 38 1970 Census of Population and Housing. New Jersey Final Report., August 1971

Box 38 1970 Census of Population and Housing. United States Summary Final Report., October 1971

Box 38 PARE Mailings

Box 38 The American Federation of Teachers [A/F/T/] and the C.I.A.

Box 38 Consumer Income, July 1972

Box 38 Thomas Pettigrew "The Cold Structural Inducements to Integration", Summer 1975

Box 38 People Against Racism in Education (PARE), December 1977

Box 38 People Against Racism in Education (PARE), April 1977

Box 38 Codes Used to Represent the General Racial Background of the Newspapers Listed

Box 38 Employment and Earnings, Volume 17 No. 3, September 1970

Box 38 Monthly Labor Review. Volume 88, No. 6, June 1965

Box 38 An Analysis of Pockets of High Unemployment in New York City, August 1963

Box 38 Employment of Unskilled Workers, October 1965

Box 38 Directory of National Black Organizations, 1972

Box 38 Changes in the Structure of Manufacturing Employment

Box 38 Marital and Family Characteristics of Workers, March 1971

Box 38 Differences between Incomes of White and Negro Families by Work Experience of Wife and Region: 1970, 1969, and 1959

Box 38 The Negro's Journey to the City-Part I, May 1965

Box 38 The Economic Situation of Negroes in the United Sates, 1962

Box 38 Down the Up Staicase. Tracking Public Schools, 1971

Box 38 Documents of the First National Puerto Rican Convention held April 25, 26, 1981 at Paul Robeson Intermediate School, Bronx, New York

Box 39 Black Labor and Action

Box 39 Correspondence re. her article "Strategies of Failure", 1971-1978

Box 39 Citizens' Review Committee/Grand Jury Project/Assata Shakur Defense Committee

Box 39 Park West Village Tenant's Association

Box 39 Bluedini the Great Children's art/story book

Box 39 Friends, Family & Freedom Fighters Pay Tribute to Annie Stein (March 3, 1913-May 13, 1981) (11 copies) 39 Annie Stein. The Persistence of Academic Retardation in New York City Schools: Changing Patterns 1958-1971", October 1971

Box 39 Interracial Books

Box 39 Sealed and addressed envelopes (10)

Box 39 Interracial Books for Children (publication)

Box 39 Paw Prints (Newsletter of Prople Against White Supremacy)

Box 39 Three poems" "The North Star"; "Before the Snow"; "Montage of a Dream Deferred"

Box 39 Puerto Rico by Peoples Press. Manuscript

Box 39 Changing Composition of W-C.

Box 39 A Study of Racial and Ethnic Imbalance in the Paterson Public Schools by Max Wolff

Box 39 Harlen Cases, 1975

Box 39 Bronx Real Estate

Box 39 Bronx Politics (Mss.)

Box 39 Bronx Politics/Roberto Ramirez research

Box 39 Clippings

Box 39 Miscellaneous photographs, poem, card, floppy disk 'Konkret #1"