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Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand records, 1891-2000

Price Waterhouse Series VI: Digital files

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Subseries VI.1: Oral History Wordprocessor Files

Most files are interview transcripts (with hard copies on file in Oral History Transcripts subseries of Paper files), but a few only have audio records. Files originally on 5.25'' diskettes. Migrated to CD (in original WordPerfect format). CD stored in box 91, and to 3.5 diskettes (ascii text files), stored in box 96.

Baird, Walter M.

Bevis, Herman

Biegler, John

Biggs, Sheridan

Bross, Stewart; Hupper, John

Coates, Michael

Cohen, Albert

Connor, Joseph

Cummins, Alphonsus T.

Dahlem, Maury

De Voss, Dusty

Dykeman, Francis Charles

Egger, Roscoe

Field, Robert E.

Fitzgerald, Richard D.

Goodstat, Paul


Gunders, Henry

Hampton, Robert

Hart, Peter

Inglis, John and Campbell, Hugh

Jackson, Ben

Larkin, Mark

Lauver, Raymond C.

Meagher, Brendan

Miller, William C.

O'Hara, John

O'Malley, Shaun / James Daley/Dominic Tarantino

Patten, Wyman

Pell, Gary

Rankin, Weston

Schan, William

Sicchitano, Kenton

Tarantino, Dominic A.

Tietjen , Carl

Toan, Arthur B.

Watt, George

White , J. Robert

Zick, John

Subseries VI.2: Database

Box 97 Inmagic database of correspondence from G. O. May files, as cataloged by PW information service. The documents descibed in this database are a part of G. O. May files series (correspondence by subject). Hard copy printout available at Paper - Centennial Research - Reference Materials subseries.