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Peter H.L. and Edith Chang papers, 1930s-2001

Series VI: Art/系列六: 藝術品

The dimension and condition notes were made during a survey made on February 21, 2002 by Maria Fredericks, Jane Siegel and Jennifer B. Lee, with information provided by C. P. Sobelman. These notes are added regarding possible use in the Chang Octagon exhibition scheduled to open June 3, 2002.

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Zhang Da Qian [also as Ta Chien Chang], He[Lotus]; 張大千: 嘉耦圖

Box 25 has been missing from our stacks since at least 2017. The scroll contained therein was returned to the family, along with other scrolls with monetary value. The item was imaged circa 2009, and a high-resolution reproduction was made in circa 2013 and hangs in the Chang Room. kws 2023-02-24.

15 x 25cm. painting (watercolor)



15 x 25 釐米,水彩

Box 26 Ching-Kuo Chiang: Li Hua Xiao Yuan [Pear Blossom] painting; 蔣經國: 梨花小院

[In Scroll Box]

Calligraphy: Marshall Chang

Size: 24.5" x 13.5" with 5" top and 3" bottom

Condition: Good

Box 27 Mei Ling Soong Chiang: Lan [Orchids] painting; 蔣宋美齡: 蘭

[In Scroll Box]

Reproduction on view in the Chang Room.

Hybrid orchid named after her; the Marshall raised orchids

Size: Horizontal 23" x 48"

Condition: Matting too narrow, uneven trim, but in good condition

Box 29 Mei Ling Soong Chiang: Shan Shui [Landscape] painting 蔣宋美齡: 山水,仿石濤法,壬辰春, circa 1952

[In Scroll Box [Note: Signed by the painter]]


Reproduction on view in the Chang Room.

Size: Painting 26" x 14.5" with ca. 6" top and 6" bottom

Condition: Backing very stiff, 5 layers plus silk

Box 28 Ching-Kuo Chiang (Son of K. S. Chiang): Mei [plum] painting 蔣經國: 梅

[In Scroll Box [Note: Inscription by H. L. Chang]]


Reproduction on view in the Chang Room.

Size: 27" x 13.5" with 6" top and 6" bottom

Condition: Fragile, mat cracking near painting

Box 28 Ching-Kuo Chiang Zhu Shi [Bamboo and Stone] painting; 蔣經國: 竹石圖,高逸鴻題

[In Scroll Box]

Reproduction on view in the Chang Room.

Dedicated to Marshall Chang, with text on his house arrest

Condition: very brittle backing, poor silk matting, tear at bottom that cuts into painting

Box 28 Ching-Kuo Chiang Lan [Orchids] painting; 蔣經國: 蘭

[In Scroll Box ]

Inscription describes that he is learning how to paint in the Marshall's house

Size: small

Condition: plain paper, good

Box 28 Ching-Kuo Chiang Calligraphy; 蔣經國: 書法

[In Scroll Box]

Size: very small

Condition: plain paper, good

Box 38 Folder 03 Calligraphy, [n.p., n.d.], 2 pages

Records related to Chang's other paintings/scrolls/seals collection:

Box 41 Folder 01 Sotheby Catalogue of Fine Chinese Paintings from the Dingyuan Zhai Collection, Taipei: April 10, 1994, 174 pages and one page handwritten note inserted to H. L. Chang from Maria dated March 10

Box 41 Folder 01.01 C. P. Sobelman 22 Handwritten pages of list of painting and scroll lists, Taipei: [n.d.]

Box 41 Folder 02 3 photocopies of paintings and one cross reference note, New York: [ n. d.]

Box 41 Folder 05.01 Two Reproductions of landscape paintings, Two 1 page reproductions

Box 41 Folder 06.01 Photocopy of 22 page handwritten list of seals with photos of the seals belonging to Peter Chang