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H. Lawrence Freeman papers, 1870-1982, 2015, bulk 1890-1954

Series IV: Correspondence, 1900-1980, undated

Contained in this series are letters to and from the Freemans over their entire adult lives. Much material survives from the 1920s and 1930s relating to production of H. Lawrence's operas. Other highlights include several letters from Carlotta to Valdo, 1915-1918, when she was touring with a theatrical company, and a letter from H. Lawrence to Edward Hipsher with a wealth of biographical detail to assist Hipsher with his entry on Freeman in his book, American Opera and its Composers, 1933.

Correspondents include (* Indicates outgoing correspondence only): Amato, Pasquale*; Bearden, Bessye*; Bingham, Ralph; Bogen, Hyman; Bourne, St. Claire; Brascher, Nahum; Briglia, J.; Burgoyne, Allie; Burleigh, Harry T.*; Butler, Ewan; Caldwell, Ella Mary; Chamberlin, Clarence; Chotzinoff, Samuel*; Colfer, Jessica; Copley, Richard; Cottman, Dorothella; Cushing, Bartley; Davis, Marita; Delacorte, George T., Jr.; DeMille, Cecil B.*; Downs, W. C.; Finsterwald, Maxine; Ford, Harry; Fowler, Thomas; George, Louis W.; Gregory, Oliver H.; Harris, Arthur*; Harris, George; Henry St Settlement Music School (signature illegible); Hersey, Harold; Horsey, Mabel Laws; Hubbert, James*; Hubbard, Ida Forsyne; Hurley, Edward F.; Jeter, Olyve L.; Johnson, Edward; Johnson, William; Jones, Robert Edmond; Keppel, F.P.; Kuhn, Irene*; Lee, Margurite ; Madison, Hattie*; Mannes, David*; Margetson, Edward*; Matthews, Ralph; Mores, J. Francis; Moss, Paul; Murray, James; Nichols, Col. Richard; Office of Mayor LaGuardia (secretary); Perlis, Vivian; Pitcairn, Fred R.; Polacheck, Charles; Provincetown Players, The; Pryor, Arthur Jr.; Rahn, Muriel; Rathbun, Alan; Ratleffe, S.A.; Rhone, Happy; Ricordi Publishing Co (correspondent signature illegible); Roberson, Nora A.; Roberts, Beverly; Robertson, Edythe*; Robinson, Paul; Roy, L. A.; Salmaggi, Alfredo; Schrab, Mirza Ahmad*; Slonimsky, Nicholas *; Still, William; Solomon, Milton; Tannen, Lilyan; Taylor, Pearl; Theobald, Jacob; Vallee, Rudy*; Voorhees, W. P.; Wagner, Oscar; Watson, James; Weber, Henriette; White House, Secretary to the President; and Wilkinson, Robert, M.D.*

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Box 49 Folder 1 to 7 1900-1980, undated, (7 Folders)