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David Dinkins papers, 1941-2017, bulk 1985-1993

Series II: Memorabilia, 1947-2001

This series comprises certificates, awards, posters, original drawings, original prints, keys to international cities, caricatures and an album of drawings and poems dedicated to David Dinkins. These materials are arranged chronologically by format and size.

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Box 137 Folder 1 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity--David Dinkins is a Duly Initiated Active Member of Beta Chapter Located at Howard University, Washington, DC,, 1947 December 5

Box 137 Folder 2 New York County Lawyers' Association--To Certify David Dinkins Membership,, 1957 February 15

Box 137 Folder 3 United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Certifies David Dinkins Being Duly Qualified, Was Admitted As Attorney…,, 1960 November 1

Box 137 Folder 4 David N. Dinkins Duly Admitted and Qualified as an Attorney by the Court for the Southern District of New York,, 1960 November 15

Box 137 Folder 5 United States District Court, Eastern District of New York Certifies David Dinkins As Duly Admitted and Qualified as Attorney…,, 1960 November 16

Box 137 Folder 6 State of New York Department of State--David Dinkins Duly Elected Member of Assembly, Seventy-Eighth District,, 1965 December 15

Box 137 Folder 7 John V. Lindsay, Mayor of the City of New York--David Dinkins Appointment as Member of Mayor's Committee on Marshals,, 1970 July 8

Box 137 Folder 8 New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation Certificate of Recognition Awarded to David Dinkins,, 1971 December

Box 137 Folder 9 John V. Lindsay, Mayor of the City of New York--David Dinkins Appointment As a Public Member of the New York City Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance Corporation,, 1973 August 7

Box 137 Folder 10 The Howard University Alumni Federation Salutes David Dinkins Upon the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Your Graduation From Howard University,, 1975 May 10

Box 137 Folder 11 City of Muskogee, State of Oklahoma--To Certify That David Dinkins Has Been Proclaimed By the Honorable Mayor of the City An Honorary Okie From Muskogee,, 1977 June 30

Box 137 Folder 12 Joint Schools Committee for Academic Excellence Now Proudly Presents To David Dinkins Our Sincere Thanks…,, 1977 November 6

Box 137 Folder 13 Black Women United For Political Action Award To David Dinkins, 1977 December 18

Box 137 Folder 14 Sidewalks of New York Productions Is Pleased to Present This Honorary Clown Certificate of Award to David Dinkins,, 1982 August 20

Box 137 Folder 15 County of Mercer New Jersey Board of Chosen Freeholders Certificate of Honor to David Dinkins,, 1985 June 15

Box 137 Folder 16 East 79th Street Block Association Certificate of Appreciation Awarded to David Dinkins,, 1987 March 2

Box 137 Folder 17 The National Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration--This is To Certify that David Dinkins Has Been Elected a Member of Phi Alpha Alpha By the New School for Social Research Chapter,, 1987 May 20

Box 137 Folder 18 Citation To David Dinkins, Project LIFE, 1987 November 6

Box 137 Folder 19 Myopia International Research Foundation Citation to David Dinkins, 1987 December 5

Box 137 Folder 20 State of New York Legislative Resolution Commending David Dinkins, Borough President,, 1988 March

Box 137 Folder 21 Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement--David Dinkins, By Engine 41 Committee,, 1988 July 6

Box 137 Folder 22 State of New York, State Board of Elections--David Dinkins Duly Elected Presidential Elector,, 1988 November 8

Box 137 Folder 23 Queens County Builders and Contractors Association Certificate of Appreciation to David Dinkins,, 1989 March 15

Box 137 Folder 24 Rotary Club of the Bronx, New York--David Dinkins Recognition as a Guest Speaker,, 1989 May 9

Box 137 Folder 25 The Board of Trustees of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine On Recommendation of the Faculty has Conferred Upon David Dinkins, The Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters,, 1989 May 24

Box 137 Folder 26 Detroit City Council Award of Recognition Presented to David Dinkins,, 1989 May 27

Box 137 Folder 27 Congressional Achievement Award--Congressman Floyd H. Flake Offers His Sincerest Congratulations to David Dinkins,, 1989 June 10

Box 137 Folder 28 Harlem McDonald's Honors David N. Dinkins, 1989 December 4

Box 137 Folder 29 Pace University--The Trustees of Pace University in New York Unanimously Grant to David Dinkins the Honorary Degree Doctor of Humane Letters,, 1990 June 2

Box 137 Folder 30 Citation--David Dinkins, As the First African American to Serve As Mayor of New York City, Howard University, Washington, DC,, 1991 March 1

Box 137 Folder 31 Citation--Howard University Takes Great Pride in Honoring You This Day for Outstanding Achievements in the Political Arena…,1992 September 25

Box 137 Folder 32 Honorary Membership In The Alliance of Black Telecommunications Employees, Awarded to David Dinkins,, 1993 May 27

Box 137 Folder 33 Citation--Hunter College, 1993 June 3

Box 137 Folder 34 Rockland Psychiatric Center 17th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Commemoration, Multicultural Awareness Committee Humanitarian Award Presented To David Dinkins,, 2001 January 9

Box 137 Folder 35 Certificate of Appreciation, David Dinkins as Guest Speaker Before the American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement,, undated

Box 137 Folder 36 The American Judicature Society Certifies That David Dinkins Has Been Since 1962 A Voting Member and Supporter of its Program, undated, 1962, undated

Box 137 Folder 37 The American Legion Certificate of Appreciation Presented to David Dinkins,, undated

Box 137 Folder 38 International Institute of Municipal Clerks Certifies That All Of The Benefits Of Active Membership Have Been Bestowed Upon David Dinkins,, undated

Box 137 Folder 39 National Bar Association Certificate of Membership to David Dinkins, undated

Box 137 Folder 40 New York City Basketball Hall of Fame, Inc., "The City Game", Inaugural Induction Ceremony Autographed Catalog,, 1990 September

Box 137 Folder 41 "The Champ" Sports Illustrated-Autographed by Riddick Bowe, 1992 November 23

Box 137 Folder 42 Two Letters to David Dinkins From Ed Koch and Mario Cuomo, 1982 June

Flat Box 138 Folder 1 Certificate of Election for the Office of Borough President, Manhattan, to David N. Dinkins,, 1985 December 3

Flat Box 138 Folder 2 Original Caricature of David Dinkins in Tennis Gear, By Allamby, 1989


Flat Box 138 Folder 3 JVC Company of America Donates to the City of New York in Honor of the Eighth Annual JVC Jazz Festival New York,, 1993 June 17

Flat Box 138 Folder 4 Harlem Week, Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce Presents the Harlem Heroes Award to David Dinkins,, 1994 August 17

Flat Box 138 Folder 5 The Historical Research Center--Family Name History, Dinkins, With Blazon of Arms,, 1993 October 14

Flat Box 139 Certificates

Flat Box 139 Folder 1 State of New York Executive Chamber To David Dinkins, 1980 April 8

Flat Box 139 Folder 2 New York Urban Coalition, Minority Organizers For Voter Education and Registration Presented to David Dinkins,, 1987 June 15

Flat Box 139 Folder 3 County of Wayne, Michigan, Resolution Honoring David Dinkins, 1989 May 17

Flat Box 139 Folder 4 Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, 1991 Special Commendation to David N. Dinkins, 1991, 1991, 1991

Flat Box 139 Folder 5 Korean American Small Business Service Center of New York Honor's David N. Dinkins,, 1992 November 28

Flat Box 139 Folder 6 Joint Communique Between the City of New York and the Metropolis of Tokyo, 1993 February 23 (English and Japanese), 1993 February 23

Flat Box 139 Folder 7 New York State Historic Preservation Award Presented to David N. Dinkins For His Leadership in Preserving the African Burial Ground,, 1993 April

Flat Box 139 Folder 8 Lenox Hill Hospital In Appreciation to David Dinkins, 1996 November 7

Flat Box 139 Folder 9 Community Access Proudly Honors David Dinkins, 1996 November 13

Flat Box 139 Folder 10 Social Action Commissions--Delta Sigma Theta, Social Action Institute Human Rights Award, David Dinkins,, undated

Pen and Ink Drawings

Flat Box 139 Folder 11 "New York's First", David Dinkins, Unidentified Artist, undated

Flat Box 139 Folder 12 Written Thank You with Accompanying Drawing, by Red Grooms, undated

Flat Box 139 Folder 13 Photograph--The Central Park Conservancy, 1996 April 10


Flat Box 139 Folder 14 Presented to David Dinkins By the Marines of United States Marine Corps Recruiting Station, New York,, 1986 September 14

Flat Box 139 Folder 15 The Positive Image Awards Presentation, Honoring David Dinkins and Others,, 1987 May 3

Flat Box 139 Folder 16 Black New Yorkers of the 20th Century, The New York Black 100, David N. Dinkins, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The New York Public Library,, 1998 October 5

Original Print

Flat Box 139 Folder 17 Untitled by Carreno, Pablo, New York, 1990

Flat Box 139 Folder 18 "Grand Union", By Otto Neals, 1 of 27, 1993

Flat Box 140 Folder 1 Original Caricature of Herman D. Farrell, Jr., By Bill Gallo, undated


Flat Box 140 Folder 2 The Manhattan Guardsmen Present this Certificate of Award to Commissioner David Dinkins, President, New York City Board of Elections,, 1973 June 22

Flat Box 140 Folder 3 To David Dinkins, In Tribute, From the Carver Democratic Club, 1974 March 3

Flat Box 140 Folder 4 Board of Education of the City of New York, High School Division Outreach Program, The Bushwick Outreach Center, Honors Outstanding Role Model David N. Dinkins,, 1986 February 27

Flat Box 140 Folder 5 Daily News Gratefully Acknowledges David N. Dinkins For Appearing As Its Newsmaker,, 1986 July 30

Flat Box 140 Folder 6 The Catholic Interracial Council of New York Presents the John Lafarge Memorial Award for Interracial Justice to the Honorable David N. Dinkins, Manhattan Borough President,, 1987 April 27

Flat Box 140 Folder 7 The City of Miami Presents a Certificate of Appreciation to David N. Dinkins, 1988 Annual Tennis Friendship Competition, 1988 April 24, 1988, 1988 April 24

Flat Box 140 Folder 8 In Deep Appreciation to David N. Dinkins, Manhattan Borough President, From the Members of the New York State Wide Senior Action Council, Inc.,, 1988 September 20


Flat Box 140 Folder 9 The Bronx Loves You, From the Women Executives of Bronx County, 1989 November 4

Flat Box 140 Folder 10 Front Page Award, The New York Carib News, Special Harlem Week Gala Award Edition Celebrating and Saluting the Dinkins Family, Presented at the Apollo Theatre,, 1992 August 13

Flat Box 140 Folder 11 Original Drawing--Portrait of David Dinkins, by Cliff Joseph, 1989


Flat Box 140 Folder 12 A Tribute to David Dinkins, From the 58th Assembly District, 1993 December 19

Flat Box 140 Folder 13 Campaign Poster, "Dinkins For Mayor", undated


Flat Box 141 Folder 1 Certificate of Appreciation to David N. Dinkins for Service Contributed to the Nation and Selective Service by the President of the United States,, 1975 July 24

Flat Box 141 Folder 2 East Side Chamber of Commerce, Certificate of Merit to David Dinkins, Clerk and Clerk of the Council,, 1983 October 22

Flat Box 141 Folder 3 The Anglo-American School of New York City Bestows Honorary Fellowship on David Dinkins,, 1987 June 8

Flat Box 141 Folder 4 Howard University, District of Columbia, Honors David N. Dinkins For the Election to the Office of Mayor of New York City,, 1989 November 17

Flat Box 141 Folder 5 Special Recognition to Mayor David N. Dinkins and Joyce Dinkins, With Deep Appreciation, Learning Through Art, The Guggenheim Museum Children's Program,, 1990

Flat Box 141 Folder 6 New York Democratic Champion of Democracy, 1999 Award to David Dinkins, 1999 April 29, 1999, 1999 April 29

Flat Box 141 Folder 7 Mayoral Certificate of Appointment, Blank, undated

Flat Box 141 Folder 8 "Here is My Legacy", Presented In Appreciation to Mayor David N. Dinkins, By the National Council of Negro Women, Inc.,, undated


Flat Box 142 Folder 1 The World Institute of Black Communications Pays Tribute To David N. Dinkins,, 1986 March 9

Flat Box 142 Folder 2 Certificate of Personal Tree Planting in Israel, Planted By Herbert Block In Tribute to David N. Dinkins at American Independence Park, 1987 July 19 (In English and Hebrew), 1987 July 19

Flat Box 142 Folder 3 The People of the State of New York, Nominate and Appoint David N. Dinkins A Member of the Local Government Advisory Board,, 1990 May 30

Flat Box 142 Folder 4 New York Society of Association Executives Outstanding New Yorker Award Presented to David Dinkins,, 1993 February 18

Flat Box 142 Folder 5 The Council, City of New York Proclamation Honoring the Honorable David Norman Dinkins, First African American Mayor of New York City,, 1997 February 6

Flat Box 142 Folder 6 Cover of New York Magazine "Can Dinkins Do It?", by Joe Klein,, 1989 July 31

Flat Box 142 Folder 7 Original Drawing--Untitled, by Unidentified Individual, undated

Flat Box 142 Folder 8 Pastel on Paper--Portrait of David Dinkins, by Unidentified Individual, 1999

Pen and Ink Drawings

Flat Box 142 Folder 9 "Blue Heron Park", by Graham Usaef, 1990

Flat Box 142 Folder 10 "The Gazebo", Snug Harbor, Staten Island, by Lucy Morton, 1990

Flat Box 142 Folder 11 "The Neptune Fountain", Snug Harbor, by S. Busocco, undated

Flat Box 142 Folder 12 Pen and Marker Drawing--Children Playing, by Charlene Ruiz, Ten Years Old, The Mott Hall School,, undated

Flat Box 143 Album--Student Artists of Public School 133--Drawings and Poems Dedicated to David Dinkins, 1990 April, June, 1990

Original Paintings

Acrylic on Canvas

Flat Box 144 Untitled, by Peter Max. Inscribed on Back to David Dinkins, 1991

Flat Box 145 "N.Y.C. First Lady Joyce Dinkins", by L. Green, undated

Flat Box 146 Portrait of David Dinkins, by D. Godbold, undated


Tube Box 147 Collage--1986 Civic Leadership Award to David N. Dinkins--Created by Allegra Ockler, From the New York Junior Tennis League, Inc.,, 1986 October 28

Tube Box 148 Print--Bronze Monument "Behold", by Patrick Morelli--Includes Letter to David Dinkins Requesting His Presence at the Unveiling at the King Center in Atlanta,1988 July 27

Tube Box 149 New York Post the First Democratic Mayoral Debate,, 1989 July 26

Tube Box 150 Limited Edition Eubie Blake Poster, From Carol Friedman, 3/300, undated

Keys to Cities

Index Card Box 151 Presented by Mayor of Osaka, Japan, 1993 February 23

Index Card Box 151 Presented by Shunichi Suzuki, Governor of Tokyo, 1993 February 23