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John B. Oakes papers, 1912-2005

Series III: Arranged Subject Files

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Subseries III.1: New York Times General Files

Box 44 Accounting

Box 44 Advertising Policy/Correspondence

Box 44 Affirmative Action Program

Box 44 Alfred Knopf Book Project on "Best NYT Editorials"

Box 44 Annual Reports

Box 44 Art Department

Box 44 Articles and Letters re: JBO Move to Senior Editor

Box 44 Asahi Shinbun (Japan): Editorial Collaboration

Box 44 Board of Directors Reports

Box 44 Book Review

Box 44 Booz, Allen, and Hamilton Office Services Project

Box 44 Charitable Contributions

Box 45 Carnegie Corporation Travel Grant

Box 45 Composing Room Correspondence

Box 45 Congressional Correspondence 1

Box 45 Congressional Correspondence 2

Box 46 Congressional Correspondence 3

Box 46 Editorial Department: Discussions of Editorial Page

Box 46 Editorial Position on Everglades Tourism (1965 Controversy with Miami Herald)

Box 46 Editorial Position on the New York Stock Exchange

Box 46 Editorial Position on Press Monopoly

Box 46 Editorial Reference Library

Box 46 Education News Department: Search for Editor, 1958

Box 46 Electronic Editing Program

Box 46 Financial New York Times, 1972-1978

Box 46 Financial New York Times, 1986, 1989-91

Box 46 Financial New York Times Expenses, 1958-1968 (2)

Box 47 Foreign News Desk: Correspondence/ Story Suggestions by JBO

Box 47 Governor's Conferences, 1954, 1956, 1958

Box 47 Indianapolis Star: Controversy re: printed NYT editorial, 1968

Box 47 International Edition: Memos re: Editorial/Letters Policy

Box 115 Folder 1 Interview Summary of John B. Oakes by Susan W. Dryfoos, 6/5/1984

Box 47 John Paul Vann: Letters from Vietnam

Box 47 JBO Defense of NYT on Vietnam

[See also Hansen Baldwin Corresp.]

Box 47 JBO v. Edward Costikyan re: New York Magazine Article "Who Runs the City", 1968

Box 47 JBO v. Edward Klein Re: Manhattan, Inc. article on GWOO

Box 47 JBO v. Encounter Magazine re: Henry Faille article Press, 1966

Box 47 JBO Awards and Honors

Box 47 Legal Department: Julius Ochs Adler Trusts

Box 47 Letters Department: Also see Kalman Seigel, International Edition (2)

Box 47 Letters of Complaint (JBO Responses)

Box 48 McCarthy/McCarthyism: Grace Roosevelt-Iphigene Sulzberger-Pegler

Box 48 Correspondence

Box 48 McCarthy/McCarthyism: JBO Articles and Responses

Box 48 McCarthy/McCarthyism: JBO and NYT Editorial Position

Box 48 Management Reports: Publisher's Confidential Reports

Box 48 Metropolitan News Desk: Correspondence (w/A. Gelb), Story Suggestions by JBO

Box 48 National Conference of Editorial Writers, 1955

[Notable for A.H.]

Box 48 Sulzberger comment on NYT position re: race relations

Box 48 National News Desk (story suggestions by JBO)

Box 48 New Contract (1970) and Public Reaction to Times Settlement

Box 48 News Bureaus: Correspondence with Timesmen/women

Box 48 News Dept. Memos re: Policy/Story suggestions by JBO

Box 48 Newspaper Guild

Box 48 New York Times News Service

Box 48 New York Times Vietnam Editorials

Box 49 Op-Ed Advertising Policy

Box 49 Op-Ed Art Exhibition in France, 1973-1974

Box 49 Op-Ed Memos re: Creation of Op-Ed page, 1966-1970

Box 49 Op-Ed Memos re: Proposed Disclaimer for Opinions on Page

Box 49 Op-Ed Memos re: Functioning of Op-Ed page, 1970 (4)

Box 50 Permissions Department

Box 50 Poetry Department

Box 50 Promotion/Public Relations Department

Box 50 Pulitzer Prize Entries, 1961-1976

Box 50 Quadrangle (NYT Book Company)

Box 50 Readership Surveys

Box 50 Reports on Washington Trips: Interviews with Government Officials, 1950-1960

Box 50 Science Department

Box 50 Serbelloni Conference, Italy, 7/25-29, 1965

Box 50 Society Department (Wedding Announcements)

Box 50 Sports Department

Box 50 Style Department (Memos Largely to/from Lewis Jordan)

Box 50 Task Force Editorial Page, 1972

Box 51 Task Force : Final Report "How to Improve the Times", 1972

Box 51 Task Force : Letters to the Editor (Editorial Page), 1972

Box 51 Task Force : News of the Week in Review, 1972

Box 51 Task Force : NYT Magazine, 1972

Box 51 Task Force : Op-Ed Page (Editorial Page), 1972

Box 51 Third Informal US-USSR Conference, Andover MA, 10/21-27, 1962

Box 51 Topics Column (includes unsolicited submissions)

Box 51 White House Fellows

Box 51 Woodrow Wilson Award Congratulatory letters and answers

Box 51 WQXR-FM

Subseries III.2: Biographical Material: Education

Box 52 Childhood/Youth/Collegiate/Lawrenceville

Box 52 Report Books, Collegiate School

Box 52 Summer Camp

Box 52 Princeton

Box 53 Princeton/Oxford

Box 53 Princeton/Oxford

Box 53 Oxford

Box 53 Syracuse University Course

Subseries III.3: Biographical Material: Military Service

Box 54 Army, 1951

Box 54 Army Records, 1948-1969

Box 54 Army JBO:, 1941-1950

Box 54 Army/Military/OSS Service (WWII)

Box 54 Army Service—Decorations

Box 55 CIA File

Subseries III.4: Biographical Material: Documents, Diaries, Datebooks, and Notebooks

Diaries and Address/Appointment Books:

Box 114 Diaries, 1930 and 1959

Box 114 Address and appointment books (28), 1967-a1997

Box 56 Passport

Box 56 Driver's License

Box 56 Address Book

Box 56 Notebook

Subseries III.5: Biographical Material: Photographs and ID Cards

Box 57 Unsorted Photographs

Box 115 Folder 6 Photograph taken at the conference center, Villa Sebelloni, in Bellagio, Italy, July 1966

On the extreme left is John B. Oakes, second from the right is Jack Fischer, former editor of Harper's Magazine. At the extreme right is James Perkins, former President of Cornell University.

Box 114 Folder 1 Two ID Cards: United Nations (15th Session) and Service de la Presse et de la Radio Entrangèrs, 1959

Subseries III.6: Clubs, Awards, Honors, Etc.

Box 58 Awards and Honors: Polk Award, Columbia-Catherwood Award

Box 58 AAAs Committee on Environmental Alternatives

Box 115 The Adirondack Park in the Twentieth Century: Technical Reports. Volumes One and Two [paperback], 1990.

Box 58 Adirondack Council/Commission on the Adirondacks

Box 115 Folder 4 & 5 Adirondack Council/Commission on the Adirondacks: An Act (accompanied by a t.l.s. from Mario M. Cuomo to Jan B. Oakes, 11 October 1991)

Box 58 America the Beautiful

Box 58 American Civil Liberties Union

Box 58 American Newspaper Publishers Association

Box 58 American Philosophical Society

Box 58 American Press Institute

Box 58 American Society of Newspaper Editors

Box 58 American Wilderness Alliance

Box 59 America's Watch/ Helsinki Watch

Box 59 Aspen Seminar, 8/29-9/3/70

Box 59 Axe-Houghton Foundation

Box 59 Beamish, Richard

Box 59 Brearly School

Box 59 Center for Communication: Population Resource Center

Box 59 Century Club

Box 59 Channel Thirteen

Box 59 Chatham College Board of Trustees

Box 59 Coast Alliance

Box 60 Collegiate School

Box 60 Columbia University

Box 60 Columbia University Oral History, 2 folders

Box 60 Committee to Protect Journalists

Box 60 Conservation Foundation

Box 60 Conservation Law Foundation of New England

Box 60 Cosmos Club

Box 60 Council on Foreign Relations

Box 60 Council on Learning Advisory Board

Box 60 Defenders of Wildlife

Box 60 Editor in Residence

Box 60 Environmental Bond Act Committee

Box 60 Environmental Project in Central America

Box 60 Fellowship in Israel for Arab-Jewish Youth, Inc.

Box 61 Fisk University

Box 61 Forum Institute Prevention-Nuclear War, 1983

Box 61 French-American Foundation

Box 61 Friends of the Earth

Box 61 Garden Club of America

Box 61 Global 2000

Box 61 Harper's Ferry Meeting, 1/8/80

Box 61 Heckinger Institute

Box 61 Institute for Policy Studies US/USSR Conference

Box 61 League of Conservation Voters

Box 61 MacArthur Foundation Global Issues

Box 61 Moniter-NYT Foundation

Box 61 National Audubon Society

Box 61 National Environmental Leadership Council

Box 62 National News Council (Twentieth Century Fund)

Box 62 National Parks and Conservation Assoc./ National Parks Service

Box 62 National Science Foundation

Box 62 NYC Police Foundation, Inc. Board of Trustees

Box 63 National Public Lands Advisory Council (Bureau of Land Management, US Dept. of the Interior)

Box 63 Nature Conservancy

Box 63 NYC Audubon Society

Box 63 New York City Urban Fellowship

Box 63 New York Foundation

Box 64 New York Society

Box 64 NYS Conservation Council, Inc.

Box 64 New York State Environmental 2000 Program

Box 64 NYU Council

Box 64 Neiman Foundation

Box 64 Phi Beta Kappa Association

Box 64 Princeton University Advisory Council/Hillel/Whig-Clio

Box 64 Princeton University Advisory Council

Box 64 Princeton University Alumni Weekly, 1952

Box 64 Princeton University CAP Right Wing Alumni Publication and Rebuttal

Box 64 Princeton University Sheldon Fund, 1948-49

Box 64 The Queen's College College Building Expansion

Box 64 Rhodes American Oxonian

Box 64 Rhodes Association of American Rhodes Scholars

Box 65 Rhodes Class Letter (JBO Class Secretary)

Box 65 Rhodes Reunions in UK et al. Rhodes Class Reunions

Box 65 Rhodes Scholarship Trust

Box 65 Roundtable

Box 65 Save-the-Redwoods League

Box 65 Sierra Club

Box 66 Sigma Delta Chi

Box 66 State Charities Aid Assoc. Board of Managers Member, 1937-1957

Box 66 Temple Emanu-El

Box 66 United Nations Association of the USA (Environmental Group)

Box 66 University of Hartford

Box 66 Trilateral Commission

Box 66 Vineyard Conservation Society

Box 66 Warburg Museum 5th Ave. Preservation

Box 66 Wilderness Society

Box 66 Woodrow Wilson Foundation

Box 66 Woodrow Wilson Foundation and Papers

Box 66 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Box 66 World Resources Institute

Subseries III.7: Family Papers

Box 67 George W. Oakes

Box 67 George W. Oakes Estate Etc.

Box 67 George W. Oakes Memorial Plaque at Whig Hall, Princeton U.

Box 67 Oakes, G.W. Bequests—Princeton

Box 67 Oakes Memorial F.S.S.C

Box 67 Oakes Memorial—Queen's College

Box 67 Oakes, George W. Memorial Pamphlet

Box 67 GWOO/ASO/ CHK Curtis Public Ledger

Box 67 GWOO/NBO Knoxville and Chattanooga

Box 67 George Washington Ochs-Oakes Mayor of Chattanooga/Current History

Box 67 George Washington Ochs-Oakes Negotiations to buy Public Ledger

Box 67 George Washington Ochs-Oakes Speeches/Correspondence

Box 68 Current History Magazine, Dec. 1931

Box 68 George W. Ochs-Oakes

Box 68 George W. Ochs-Oakes Unsorted Correspondence

Box 68 George W. Ochs-Oakes Clippings

Box 68 George W. Oches-Oakes Paris and Philadelphia pre-Ledger

Box 68 George W. Ochs-Oakes Public Ledger and ASO

Box 68 George W. Ochs-Oakes On Zionism

Box 68 Ochs-Oakes George W. Papers

Subseries III.8: Family Papers: Ochs/Talimer Papers

Box 69 Adler, General Julius Ochs

Box 69 Ochs Family

Box 69 Ochs, Adolph

Box 69 Ochs, Martin and A. Shelby (Tenn.)

Box 69 Talimer Estate (2)

Box 69 Family letters/papers