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Phoebe Jacobs papers, 1951-2002

Series II: Pheobe Jacobs Personal Material

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Subseries II.1: General

Box 1 Folder 1 Manuscript of autobiography., [n.d.], 121 pages t.ms. 1 t.ms.

[With annotations by Armstrong handwritten in green ink. Title changes from "Life Story of Louis Armstrong"to "The Armstrong Story." ]

Box 4 Folder 102 Assorted correspondence, press clippings, contracts regarding the work of Phoebe Jacobs., [n.p.], [n.d.], 1 folder

Box 11 Folder 187 Jacobs, Phoebe Resume, Scarsdale, NY, Through Feb. 1957, 1 page t.ms.

Box 5 Folder 109 New York Jazz Museum List of inventory and staff responsibilities, New York, April 1978, 2 pages t.ms. 1 postmarked envelope.

Box 11 Folder 188 Jacobs, Phoebe Vita through 1981, [v.p.], 1981, 1 page t.ms.

Box 5 Folder 110 Gerald Marks Materials related to the life and career of Gerald Marks, composer. Includes press biographies and press releases, newspaper articles, correspondence with Phil Leshin (Marks' manager and publicist), and Mr. Marks' will, Vita, clippings, last will and testament, [n.p.], [n.d.] 1991-1997, 1 folder

[Phoebe Jacobs named among beneficiaries in will.]

Box 11 Folder 189 Jacobs, Phoebe Interview by James Briggs Murray, New York, 11 September 1996, 22 pages t.ms.

[Transcribed by Frankie MacCormick.]

Box 3 Folder 90 Social paraphrenalia: invitations, funeral announcement, unused picture postcards, press releases, receipts., [n.p.], [n.d.]; 1980-1999, 1 folder

Box 11 Folder 190 Jacobs, Phoebe ABC Radio Biographical write up , New York, 20 April 1998, 1 page t.ms. facsimile

[With handwritten changes (possibly by Jacobs)]

Box 3 Folder 91 Phoebe Jacobs promotional items, [n.p.], [n.d.] 1994, 1 folder

Box 11 Folder 191 Jacobs, Phoebe A brief biography, New York, 28 June 2001, 1page

[From the fax machine of Phil Leshin]

Box 11 Folder 194 Historical information and maps re: College Point, Central Park, The Bronx Zoo and other New York Locales, New York, [n.d.], 1 folder

[Extensive information on Central Park and Bronx Zoo. ]

Box 11 Folder 199 U.S. Open Complimentary tickets: Phoebe Jacobs and guest, New York, August 1999, 2 invitations 1 postmarked envelope 1, business card

Box 11 Folder 200 High School for Leadership To Phoebe Jacobs, New York, [n.d.], 1 a.l.s.

[Thank you for support of music department]

Box 11 Folder 201 Jacobs, Phoebe Miscellaneous receipts and billing records, [n.p.], 2000-2002, 4 items

Box 11 Folder 202 Invitations, [n.p.] Monaco; New York, [n.d.]; 1962-1974, 5 items

Box 11 Folder 204 Jacobs, Phoebe Ticket stub and travel itinerary for Lucille Armstrong and Phoebe Jacobs, [v.p.] New York, Italy, Warsaw, 1974, 2 items

Box 11 Folder 205 Miscellaneous items from the postal service, [n.p.], [n.d.] 1982, 4 items

Box 11 Folder 206 Miscellaneous notepaper and printed materials, [n.p.], [n.d.], 1 folder

Box 11 Folder 207 Miscellaneous personal items, [n.p.], [n.d.], 1 folder

[Envelope marked "Louis and Lucille's marriage license" empty]

Box 3 Folder 36 Paraphernalia regarding Phoebe Jacobs' activities: handwritten notes, playbills, expenses, invitations, etc.

[Includes undated, signed New Year's note to Jacobs from Mercer Ellington.]

Box 2 Folder 34 Assorted correspondence to and from Ms. Phoebe Jacobs, mostly regarding jazz promotion, events, and concerts, [v.p.], [n.d.] 1980-1999, 1 folder

Box 19 Schuyler, George S. Black No More, New York, July 1999, 1v. Advance Uncorrected Proof

[Signed by Phoebe Jacobs]

Box 19 Various Magazines and Printed Material, 14 items

[Some magazines contain articles pertaining to Louis Armstrong]

Box 23 Miscellaneous memorabilia

[Items include daily planners for 1983, 1994 and note pad from Lucille Armstrong 1974 trip]

Subseries II.2: Rainbow Room

Box 11 Folder 192 Rainbow Room Invitations to parties held at Rainbow Room and resturant revues, New York City

Box 5 Folder 111 Rainbow Room Press materials and clippings regarding Phoebe Jacob's publicity position at the venue, New York, [n.d.] 1968, 1 folder

Box 11 Folder 193 Rainbow Room Items regarding entertainment at the Rainbow Room, New York, [n.d.] 1970-1971, 10 items

[Where Phoebe Jacobs was public relations assistant. One event "The British are Coming!" noted specifically as her creation.]