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Earl L. Packer papers, 1910-1990

Series V: Manuscripts

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Earl L. Packer:

Box 7 "American Spotlight on Soviet Copyright"

"The Baltic States, the Helsinki Conference and 'Betrayal"'

"Beauty Contests Originated in the Ukraine"

"Bolshevik War and Bolshevik Peace"

"Centralization of Power"

"The Commissar's Daughter"

Box 8 "Content"

"Disposing of Disposables"

"Doctoring the Record"

"First Formal Tea"

''History of a Kremlin Pledge"

"Krushchev After Russia"




"Mouse in the Corner"

Box 9 "National Question"


"On Effective Speaking"

"Quid Pro Quo I"

"Quid Pro Quo-New Series"

'"Red' Intervention and 'Foreign' Intervention"

"Soviet Expansionism"

"The Soviet Union and its European Satellites" (Part I, Chapter IV)

"Surprise Attack"

Box 10 "This Week in Cincinnati"

"The Twentieth Congress of the C.P.S. U."

"The Yalta Conference Documents: A Study of Textual Variations"

"Volume Outline"

"Yes, Nikita, There is an 1ron Curtain"

"Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

"Yost, C. W."

Identified Manuscripts: Earl L. Packer:

Box 11 Articles (newspaper, etc.)

Boston Globe, "The 1933 Agreements", 1933

Cold War


Current, other

Earliest Manuscripts

Box 12 Earliest Manuscripts

Foreign Affairs-ideas for final report

Funk and Wagnalls-notes and drafts


Hold with U.S.S.R Conclusions

Introduction to Blodniek's Book

June 1960

Box 13 Mimeographs

1964 and 1965 late, 1964, 1965


Reply to Chossudovsky

Revision, items for

Speller, potential manuscript for

Speller, ribbon copies 2


Miscellaneous Manuscripts:

Box 14 Manuscripts

Box 15 Manuscripts

Ideas for Manuscripts:

Box 16 Articles, items for




Research Material for Book (operetta)




Trans global

Voice of America

Miscellaneous Ideas for Manuscripts:

Box 17 Manuscripts by Iris Packer:

Box 18 "We Traveled with the Moiseyev Dancers"

Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box 19 Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box 20 Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Research for "The Yalta Conference Documents: A Study of Textual Variations":

Box 21 Yalta Conference

Yalta Documents-U.K.

Box 22 Yalta Documents-U.S.

Yalta Documents-U .S.S. R