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Leonard Altman papers, 1930-1995

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Call No.: MS#0021
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Creator(s) Altman, Leonard, 1920-1996
Title Leonard Altman papers, 1930-1995
Physical Description 1 linear feet (2 manuscript boxes)
Language(s) English .

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Selected materials cataloged; remainder arranged. Box 1: Cataloged correspondence and manuscripts; Box 2: Uncataloged materials, A-Z.



Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, notes, printed material, and photographs of Leonard Altman concerning his work as editor of LISTEN and board member of Carnegie Hall as well as his other professional and personal interests.

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Vötterle, Karl, 1903-1975 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

Musician, teacher, writer, and arts administrator who played an important role in the preservation of Carnegie Hall and was Director of the music division of the New York State Council of the Arts. In the 1950s and 1960s, he wrote about music for Stereo Review, The American Record Guide and Musical America, and was the editor and publisher of Listen: A Music Monthly from 1963 to 1965. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he produced more than 200 music programs for WNYC-TV, and radio programs for stations in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. He was editor of the Leeds Music Corporation, a music publisher, in the early 1960s and director of the Concert Artists Guild from 1969 to 1973. He helped start the Citizens Committee to Save Carnegie Hall and was a board member for Carnegie Hall until 1974. He also was chairman for the unsuccessful Citizens Committee for the Preservation of the Old Metropolitan Opera House. He was with the New York State Council on the Arts from 1973 until 1979; taught at New York University, the New School, and Queens College; and was with the Berkshire Music Center at Tanglewood in Lenox MA. He moved to California in 1979 and became a director of the Los Angeles County Music and Performing Arts Commission. From the late 1980s, he was director of the Maestro Foundation which sponsored private concerts in California.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Babin, Victor To the editor of Listen, Cleveland, OH, 3 July 1964, 1 t.l.s

Box 1 Bacon, Ernst To Leonard Altman, Middletown, CT, 12 Dec 1963- 19 Feb 1964, 2 a.l.s.

Box 1 Beardslee, Bethany To Leonard Altman, Princeton NJ, 16 Aug 1962 - 1 Oct 1962, 4 a.l.s.

Box 1 Beardslee, Bethany To Leonard Altman, Princeton NJ, 16 Aug 1962 - 1 Oct 1962, 4 a.l.s.

Box 1 Bentley, Eric Russell To Leonard Altman, v.p., 7 Dec 1963 - 1982, 4 t.l.s , 5 t.p.c.s.

Box 1 Biggs, E. Power To Joseph Dash, Cambridge, MA, 14 March 1976, 2 a.l.s.

Box 1 Brown, Earle Homer To Leonard Altman, v.p., 25 June 1964 - 18 Aug 1964, 1 t.l.s,; 2 t.ms.s.

Box 1 Carlisle, Kitty To Leonard Altman, v.p., various [1984 - 1993], 1 t.l.s,; 4 a.l.s.

Box 1 Demus, Jorg To Leonard Altman, Vienna, 23 June 1981 - 21 July 1981, 2 t.l.s.

Box 1 Duke, Vernon To Leonard Altman, Pacific Palisades, CA & Paris, 6 Jan 1964 - 24 May 1966, 9 t.l.s,; 17 a.p.c.s,; 17 a.l.s,; 7 t.ms.

Box 1 Faberman, Harold To Leonard Altman, [New York], [18 May 1964], 1 a.n.s.

Box 1 Feldman, Morton To [the editor of "Listen"], New York, 25 March 1964, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Fortas, Abe To Leonard Altman, Washington, 25 Nov 1963, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Fuleihan, Anis To Leonard Altman, Tunis, 11 Feb 1963, 2 t.l.s

Box 1 Gebhard, Heinrich To Leonard Altman, Brookline, MA, 4 May 1950, 1 a.l.s.

Box 1 Schonberg, Harold C. To Leonard Altman, New York, 26 Nov 1963 - 7 Sept. 1964, 2 t.l.s.

Box 1 Kassern, Tadeusz To Leonard Altman, [New York], 10 June 1950, 2 a.l.s.

[With 2 snapshots of Kassern, taken at Rev. Hebert Owen's house]

Box 1 Malraux, Madeleine Lioux (Mme. Andre) To Leonard Altman, v.p., various [1973], 5 a.l.s,; 1 a.n.s,; 2 t.l.s.

Box 1 Meyerowitz, Jan [To Leonard Altman], Berlin, 3 May 1964, 10 t.ms.s.

Box 1 Milhaud, Darius [To Leonard Altman], [Oakland, CA], [Dec 1962], 1 Christmas cards.

Box 1 Nestev, Izrail Vladimirovich To Leonard Altman, Moscow, 28 Ma7 1961 - Dec 1965, 2 t.l.s,; 1 t.p.c.s,; 1 a.l.s.

Box 1 Perry, Julia Amanda To Leonard Altman, Akron, OH, [24 Aug 1949], 1 a.p.c.s.

Box 1 Previn, Andre To Leonard Altman, [Los Angeles], 11 May 1963, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Reich, Steve To Leonard Altman, n.p., 25 Oct 1978, 1 a.l.s.

Box 1 Reich, Steve To Leonard Altman, v.p., 25 Oct 1978 - 26 Dec 1991, 1 a.l.s,; 2 a.p.c.s.

Box 1 Rochberg, George To Leonard Altman, Newtown Square, PA, 2 Aug 1961 - 28 April 1962, 18 a.l.s.

Box 1 Rodgers, Dorothy Feiner (Mrs. Richard) To Leonard Altman, [New York], [2 Feb 1980], 2 a.l.s.

Box 1 Sargeant, Winthrop To Leonard Altman, [New York], 27 Nov 1963, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Schonberg, Harold C. To Leonard Altman, New York, 26 Nov 1963, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Schuller, Gunther To Leonard Altman, v.p., various [1962-1988], 5 a.l.s,; 3 a.n.s,; 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Secrest, Meryle To Leonard Altman, v.p., 23 May 1991 - 2 Jan 1992, 4 t.l.s.

Box 1 Sessions, Roger To Rebecca La Brecque, v.p., 26 May 1979 - 21 July 1980, 1 a.l,; 6 a.l.s,; 1 a.p.c.s.

Box 1 Shapey, Ralph To Leonard Altman, v.p., [27 June 1963 - 31 Dec 1987], 1 t.l.s,; 15 a.l.s,; 3 a.p.c.s,; 1 p.l,; 1 and a.n.s.

Box 1 Sokolow, Anna To Leonard Altman, [New York], [11 July 1990 - 20 Jan 1991], 1 a.l.s,; 2 a.p.c.s.

Box 1 Sowande, Fela To Leonard Altman, v.p., 8 May 1962 - 17 June 1966, 2 a.l.s,; 2 t.l.s.

Box 1 Starer, Robert & Johanna (Mrs. Robert) To Leonard Altman, [Rome], 19 Nov 1964, 1 a.l.s.

Box 1 Stern, Isaac To Leonard Altman, New York, 11 Nov 1974 - 3 Jan 1991, 2 t.l.s.

Box 1 Stern, Vera Lindenblit (Mrs. Isaac) To Leonard Altman, New York, 5 Dec 1991, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Stevens, Denis To James Goodfriend, South Croydon, UK, 10 July 1964, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Stevens, Rise To [Leonard Altman], n.p., n.y., 1 Christmas card

Box 1 Stravinsky, Igor A Cure for V.D. [Vernon Duke], New York, 14 Aug 1964, 4 t.ms.

Box 1 Tcherepnin, Alexander & Ming Lee To [Leonard Altman], Bach, Switz., [Nov 1964], 1 Christmas card

Box 1 Thorne, Francis Burritt, Jr. To Leonard Altman, New York, 3 April 1984, 1 a.l.s.

Box 1 Tourel, Jennie To Leonard Altman, New York, 4 June 1969, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Trampler, Walter To Leonard Altman, [Polensa, Mallorca, Sp.], 13 Sept. 1962, 4 a.l.s.

Box 1 Twining, Nathan To Leonard Altman, [Baltimore], 20 Sept 1972, 1 a.l.s.

[This concerto was first performed on 20 Sept 1972 by Nathan Twining & Martin Berkofsky.]

Box 1 Varese, Louise McCutcheon (Mrs. Edgar) To Leonard Altman, [New York], [18 Nov 1965], 1 a.l.s.

Box 1 Votterle, Karl To Leonard Altman, Frankfurt/Main, 27 Aug 1963 - 30 Sept 1963, 4 t.l.s.

Box 1 Westergaard, Peter To Leonard Altman, New York, 4 April 1962, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Wolpe, Hilda Morley To Leonard Altman, New York, 20 Aug 1981 - 30 Jan 1982, 4 t.l.s.

Series II: Uncataloged Material

Box 2 Carnegie Hall Letters, memoranda, lists, printed items, etc., New York City

Box 2 Foster, Norman Recipe, members' book, invitation, program, essay: "Why?"

Box 2 Rudhyar, Dane (1895-1985) Pamphlet, clipping Human Dimensions Vol. 4, No. 3, signed

Box 2 Shapey, Ralph (1921- ) Letters, program, and clippings

Box 2 USSR Lists, essays, clippings. letters

Box 2 Varese, Edgard (1883-1965) Essays, lectures

Box 2 Miscellaneous correspondence, essays, lists, programs