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   A. P. Watt & Son, 1883-1917.

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Identification of specific item; Date (if known); A. P. Watt & Son Correspondence; Box and Folder; Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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Bib ID:4079831 View CLIO record
Creator(s):A.P. Watt (Firm)
Title:A. P. Watt & Son, 1883-1917.
Physical description:1 linear ft. (240 items in 2 boxes).
Language(s):In English
Access: This collection has no restrictions. This collection is located on-site.  More information »



Cataloged. Box 1: A - L; Box 2: M - Z & printed materials.

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Scope and Content

Mostly testimonial letters from satisfied clients of A.P. Watt, praising his services. Many of the letters were published in promotional brochures. Two of these books, COLLECTION OF LETTERS ADDRESSED TO A.P. WATT BY VARIOUS WRITERS (London, 1893) & LETTERS ADDRESSED TO A.P. WATT (London, 1894), are included in the collection. There were other editions published in 1889, 1898, 1899, 1924, 1929, etc.

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Using the Collection


Access Restrictions

This collection has no restrictions.

This collection is located on-site.

Restrictions on Use

Single photocopies may be made for research purposes. Permission to publish material from the collection must be requested from the Curator of Manuscripts, Rare Book and Manuscript Library (RBML). The RBML approves permission to publish that which it physically owns; the responsibility to secure copyright permission rests with the patron.

Preferred Citation

Identification of specific item; Date (if known); A. P. Watt & Son Correspondence; Box and Folder; Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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Aikman, Charles Morton.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Alden, W. L. (William Livingston), 1837-1908.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Alexander, William, 1824-1911.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Allen, Grant, 1848-1899.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Atherton, Gertrude Franklin Horn, 1857-1948.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Austin, Alfred, 1835-1913.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Authors and publishers--20th century.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Authors, English.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bacheller, Irving, 1859-1950.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, Earl of, 1848-1930.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Baring-Gould, S. (Sabine), 1834-1924.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Barlow, Jane, 1857?-1917.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Barr, Robert, 1850-1912.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Becke, Louis, 1855-1913.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Belloc, Hilaire, 1870-1953.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bentley, George, 1828-1895.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Besant, Walter, Sir, 1836-1901.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Black, William, 1841-1898.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Blackmore, R. D. (Richard Doddridge), 1825-1900.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bloundelle-Burton, John, 1850-1917.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Boldrewood, Rolf, 1826-1915.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Boothby, Guy Newell, 1867-1905.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Braddon, M. E. (Mary Elizabeth), 1835-1915.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Bullen, Frank Thomas, 1857-1915.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Burgess, Gelett, 1866-1951.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Burnet, John, 1863-1928.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Butler, Samuel, 1835-1902.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Caffyn, Mannington,--Mrs.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Caldecott, William Shaw, 1839-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Cambridge, Ada, 1844-1926.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Capes, Bernard Edward Joseph, d. 1918.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Carr, J. Comyns (Joseph Comyns), 1849-1916.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Castle, Egerton, 1858-1920.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Chambers, Robert W. (Robert William), 1865-1933.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Chesterton, G. K. (Gilbert Keith), 1874-1936.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Clifford, W. K., Mrs., d. 1929.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
College teachers.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Collins, Wilkie, 1824-1889.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Conybeare, William James, 1871-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Corelli, Marie, 1855-1924.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Crawfurd, Oswald, 1834-1909.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Crockett, S. R. (Samuel Rutherford), 1860-1914.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Croker, B. M. (Bithia Mary), d. 1920.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Davidson, John, 1857-1909.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Dougall, L. (Lily), 1858-1923.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Douglas, George Cunninghame Monteath, 1826-1904.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Dowden, Edward, 1843-1913.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Dramatists, English.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Duncan, Sara Jeannette, 1861-1922.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Earle, John, 1824-1903.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
English literature--20th century.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Farrar, F. W. (Frederic William), 1831-1903.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Fitzpatrick, Percy, Sir, 1862-1931.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Fowler, Edith Henrietta, 1865-1944.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Fowler, Ellen Thorneycroft, 1860-1929.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gallon, Tom, 1866-1914.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Glasgow, Ellen Anderson Gholson, 1873-1945.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Gough, Edward John, 1849-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Haddock, John V.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), 1856-1925.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Harraden, Beatrice, 1864-1936.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Harte, Bret, 1836-1902.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hatton, Joseph, 1841-1907.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Herman, Henry, 1832-1894.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hewlett, Maurice Henry, 1861-1923.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hill, Headon, 1857-1927.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hobbes, John Oliver, 1867-1906.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hodgson, William Earl, d.1910.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hoey, Frances Cashel, 1830-1908.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hope, Anthony, 1863-1933.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hornung, E. W. (Ernest William), 1866-1921.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Hunter, William Wilson, Sir, 1840-1900.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Jerome, Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka), 1859-1927.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Joubert, Carl.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Keats, Gwendoline.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Keith, Leslie (Grace L. Keith Johnston)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Kingsley, Rose Georgina, 1845-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lawless, Emily, 1845-1913.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Le Queux, William, 1864-1927.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Leland, Charles Godfrey, 1824-1903.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Leng, William C.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Levett-Yeats, Sidney Kilner.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lindsay, Lady (Caroline Blanche Elizabeth)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Linton, E. Lynn (Elizabeth Lynn), 1822-1898.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Literary agents.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Longman, Charles James, 1852-1934.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lubbock, John, Sir, 1834-1913.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lytton, Constance, Lady, 1869-1923.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Lytton, Edith Villiers Bulwer-Lytton, Countess of, 1841-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
MacCunn, Hamish, 1868-1916.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
MacDonald, George, 1824-1905.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Maclaren, Ian, 1850-1907.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Macleod, Donald, 1831-1916.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Madden, Dodgson Hamilton, 1840-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Maitland, Ella Fuller.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Malet, Lucas, 1852-1931.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Mallock, W. H. (William Hurrell), 1849-1923.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Marchmont, Arthur Williams, 1852-1923.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Marlowe, Thomas, 1868-1935.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Marsh, Diana.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Metcalfe, Henry Wray.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Meyer, Charles.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Millais, John Guille, 1865-1931.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Mitford, Bertram, 1855-1914.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Moore, Frank Frankfort, 1855-1931.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Morrison, Arthur, 1863-1945.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Murray, David Christie, 1847-1907.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Newbolt, Henry John, Sir, 1862-1938.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Newnes, George, 1851-1910.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Nicholson, Joseph Shield, 1850-1927.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Norris, W. E. (William Edward), 1847-1925.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Novelists, English.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Oliphant, Mrs. (Margaret), 1828-1897.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Osbourne, Lloyd, 1868-1947.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Paget, Augustus Berkeley, Sir, 1823-1896.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Parker, Gilbert, 1862-1932.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Payn, James, 1830-1898.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Pearson, Cyril Arthur, Sir, 1866-1921PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Phillipps-Woolley, Clive, 1834-PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Poets, English.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Pollock, Walter Herries, 1850-1926.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Poynter, Edward John, Sir, bart., 1836-1919.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Publishers and publishing--20th century.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Quiller-Couch, Arthur Thomas, Sir, 1863-1944.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Ralph, Julian, 1853-1903.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Raymond, Walter, 1852-1931.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Roberts, Morley, 1857-1942.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Rowlands, Effie Adelaide, 1866-1936.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Russell, William Clark, 1844-1911.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sabatier, Paul, 1854-1941.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sabatini, Rafael, 1875-1950.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sala, George Augustus, 1828-1895.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Saunders, John, 1811-1895.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sayce, A. H. (Archibald Henry), 1845-1933.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Scott, Clement, 1841-1904.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Scott, Hugh Stowell, 1862-1903.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sergeant, Adeline, 1851-1904.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sidgwick, Cecily Ullmann, d.1934.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sinclair, May.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sladen, Douglas Brooke Wheelton, 1856-1947.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Steuart, John A. (John Alexander), 1861-1932.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Stockton, Frank Richard, 1834-1902.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Sutcliffe, Halliwell, 1870-1932.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Swan, Annie S., 1859-1943.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Thomson, H. C. (Harry Craufuird)PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Thorne, Whyte, 1840-1928.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Townend, Thomas S.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Tytler, Sarah, 1827-1914.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Vachell, Horace Annesley, 1861-1955.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Warden, Florence, 1857-1929.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Watson, Robert A., Mrs., d. 1918.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Watt, Alexander Pollock, d.1914.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Watt, Alexander Strahan, d.1948.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Weaver, Gertrude Renton Colemore Dunn Baillie.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Weyman, Stanley John, 1855-1928.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
White, Percy, 1852-1938.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Whiteing, Richard, 1840-1928.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Wilson, Andrew, 1852-1912.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Wingate, F. R. (Francis Reginald), Sir, 1861-1953.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Winter, John Strange, 1856-1911.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Women authors, English.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Women editors.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Women journalists.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Women novelists, English.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Wright, William, 1837-1899.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Yeats, W. B. (William Butler), 1865-1939.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID
Yorke, Curtis.PortalCLIOArchiveGRID

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History / Biographical Note


Founded in 1875 by Alexander Pollock Watt (1834-1914), A. P. Watt is the longest-established literary agency in the world. It is also one of the most dynamic and successful. The literary estates this agency represents include those of some of the foremost British and Irish writers of the 20th Century. Its current authors include leading novelists, biographers, historians, and specialist writers pre-eminent in their field. The agency also represents some outstanding children's authors and illustrators, and, in its film and television department, a select number of screenwriters and directors. A. P. Watt's clients include a Nobel Prize winner, four Booker Prize winners, three Orange Prize winners, several Whitbread Prize winners, and the first Children's Laureate. Its writers have achieved some outstanding No 1 bestsellers, several long-running television series, and three of Hollywood's top box office successes.

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