Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Henry Beetle Hough papers, 1841-1994

Series II: Manuscripts

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Box 26 Address Book

Box 26 Appointment Calendars, 1974-1975, 1977-1979, 1981, undated

Box 26 A-- Miscellaneous

Box 26 Bird Sighting Journal, 1957-1958

Box 26 Bird Sighting Journal, 1958-1959

Box 26 Bird Sighting Journal, 1960-1961

Box 27 Bird Sighting Journal, 1961-1962

Book Review

Box 27 Blow the Man Down

Box 27 The Christmas Party

Box 27 The Disturber

Box 27 Famous Lighthouses of America

Box 27 Follow the Whale

Box 27 Ghost Towns of New England

Box 27 Great Circle

Box 27 Great Gales and Dire Disasters

Box 27 In Deep

Box 27 Indians, Privateers, and High Society

Box 27 The Life and Death of the Duchess

Box 27 Manjiro, the Man Who Discovered America

Box 27 Miss Alcott of Concord

Box 27 Nantucket Landfall

Box 27 Native to the Grain

Box 27 Of Whales and Men

Box 27 Of Whales and Women

Box 27 Peter Freuchen's Book of the Seven Seas

Box 27 Sail Ho

Box 27 The Search for Captain Slocum

Box 27 Spindrift

Box 27 Tales and Trails of Martha's Vineyard

Box 27 Theodore Roosevelt the Naturalist

Box 27 Three Sides to the Sea

Box 27 Tramps and Ladies

Box 27 Voyage with Destiny

Box 27 The Voyages of Joshua Slocum

Box 27 Whale Hunter of the Azores

Box 27 Whales and Whaling

Box 27 Yankee Whalers in the South Sea

Box 27 A Wind from the North

Box 27 Fragments

Box 27 Edgartown School Committee Minutes

Box 27 Historical Materials

Box 28 Journals, 1910-1946, undated

Journals, 1920-46; Journal of Short Stories , Ideas; Journal of EBH, 1909-10

Box 28A Journals, 1910-1946, undated

Journals, 1920-46; Journal of Short Stories , Ideas; Journal of EBH, 1909-10


Box 29 Lecture 1

Box 29 Lecture 2

Box 29 Lecture 3

Box 29 Lecture 4

Box 29 Lecture 5

Box 29 Lecture 6

Box 29 Conservation Society

Box 29 Introduction of William Styron

Box 29 The Liberty Pole

Box 29 The Lost Individuals

Box 29 Fragments

Radio Script

Box 29 Alexander Nazaroff Weekly Cultural Review

Box 29 American Comics

Box 29 American Martyr

Box 29 Copyboy Interview

Box 29 Dept. of State

Box 29 Editorial Page

Box 29 Foreign Editors and Foreign Correspondence

Box 29 The Gift of the Magi

Box 29 Henry Hough and the Vineyard Gazette

Box 29 High Speed of News Transmission

Box 29 Metropolitan Press

Box 29 Nicholas Nabokofffs Talk

Box 29 Once More the Thunder

Box 29 Questions and Answer

Box 29 Small Town Newspapers

Box 29 Twenty Five Cent Books

Box 29 The Value We Live By

Box 29 Miscellaneous


Box 29 About the Bayberry

Box 29 Adventure of the Small Newspaper

Box 29 Advice to EGB

Box 29 Affectionate Wife

Box 29 Allen, Joseph Chase

Box 29 All Un-Sung the Serve

Box 29 An Alcoholic to his Sons

Box 29 Ann Tayle of Ann Christmans Knight

Box 29 Apple Season

Box 29 Are Newspapers to Much Alike

Box 29 Argument Settlers

Box 29 Art of Mr. Lasse

Box 29 Ash Heaps

Box 29 Autumnal Plaint of the Home Gardner

Box 30 Blame the Ancients

Box 30 Bleak Autumn of Old Tom

Box 30 Bowie, Elizabeth (Article by)

Box 30 Candlemas Passes

Box 30 Characters

Box 30 Christmas Card World

Box 30 Climate of Paradise

Box 30 Closer to the Bank

Box 30 Cold Earth

Box 30 The Corpse

Box 30 A Country Editor

Box 30 Country Towns, Country People and Books

Box 30 Directory

Box 30 Dark Baptism

Box 30 Edgartown and Martha's Vineyard

Box 30 Double Quest

Box 30 Environment Political Processes and US

Box 30 First Order of the Day

Box 30 For Direction Read the Gazette

Box 30 From Heath to Heath

Box 30 Graham Fragment

Box 30 Gray Head News

Box 30 Great Erasure

Box 30 Historic Date

Box 30 History Much Foreshortened

Box 30 Home Gardner Once More

Box 30 Hull Down in the Sunset

Box 30 Ideal Boss

Box 30 In Disfavor of Spring

Box 30 In Memory of Frances Willard

Box 30 In the Field

Box 30 An Incident it the March of Progress

Box 30 Indian Summer

Box 30 Indian Landmarks

Box 30 Indian Landmarks, An Indian Home

Box 30 Indian Landmarks - Old House

Box 30 Lillies

Box 30 Miss Kirk Second Career

Box 30 More Mid-Winter Musings

Box 30 My Life with Roses

Box 30 Nearer than Famine

Box 30 New Cold

Box 30 New tis Mens Hand-bags

Box 30 New Year and Winter

Box 30 Not the Surrey, but the Card with the Fringe

Box 30 Novel Fragments

Box 30 Of Ancient Pranks

Box 30 Of Coner

Box 30 Of the Diversity of Things

Box 30 Of the Evolution of the Tomato

Box 30 Of the History of Pic

Box 30 Of Island

Box 30 Oldest House

Box 30 On the Particularity of Frost

Box 30 Once More the Thunderer

Box 30 Our Own October

Box 31 The Penalties of Vanity

Box 31 Plight of the Home Gardener

Box 31 Political Process

Box 31 Portrait of a Vineyard Character

Box 31 Preface and Property

Box 31 Quawk

Box 31 Remembered Island

Box 31 Sixty Years Ago

Box 31 Sixty-five Years Ago

Box 31 Solar Greenhouse

Box 31 Soundings at Sea Level

Includes galley proofs.

Box 31 Sounds from Faroff

Box 31 Statement Re: Kennedy Bill

Box 31 Stonington

Box 31 Summer People

Box 31 Tale of the Ford

Box 31 Testimony

Box 31 That Post Office Inkwell

Box 31 The Time Draws Near

Box 31 They that Mourn

Box 31 To Seven Gates and Back

Box 31 Today in our Town

Box 31 Travel

Box 31 Truce Account in the Woods

Box 31 Views and Vistas

Box 31 Vineyard History

Box 31 Vineyard Law of the Misplaced Tool

Box 31 Vineyard of Martha

Box 31 Voyage

Box 31 We and the Tow and Thirty Years, 1952 Gift

Box 31 We Call Them

Box 31 We Rake Up the Leaves - Almost

Box 32 Whaling Wives, 1952 Gift

Box 32 Whaling Wives, (proof), 1952 Gift

Box 32 What is the Reason

Box 32 What of Tomorrow

Box 32 A Winter Household

Box 32 Wreck of the Whaleship Essex

Box 32 Ye Ministrelle's Christmas

Box 32 Ye Tayle of James Hys Trails

Box 32 The Year 2,000

Box 32 You Can't Go Home Again

Box 32 Miscellaneous

Box 32 Miscellaneous--Fragments