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Mary Klachko papers, 1852-1995

Series II: Arranged Series

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Subseries II.1: Correspondence

Box 7 Akademiya Nauk, USSR.

Box 4 Allard, Dean C.

Box 4 Albion, R.G.

Box 4 American Embassy - London

Box 4 Atkinsin, James

Box 4 Balfour Papers

Box 4 Baruch, Bernard M.

Box 4 Benson, Admiral F. W.

Box 4 Benson, H. W.

Box 5 Benson, Commodore Howard H. J. Benson, June 10, 1955 - 1973, 5 folders

Box 5 Benson Biography - Opinion of Readers

Box 5 Bilbie, W.C.

Box 5 Bradford, James C.

Box 5 Braisted, William R.

Box 6 Bremmer, I.A.D.

Box 6 British Admiralty

Box 6 British Foreign Office

Box 6 British Humor

Box 6 British Museum

Box 6 British Navy Staff

Box 6 Brooks, Rosemary

Box 6 Broome, D.M.

Box 6 Browning Papers

Box 6 Canadian Information

Box 6 Carnegie Papers

Box 6 Cavalcante, Bernard

Box 6 Churchill, Winston

Box 6 Columbia University Library. Special Collections

Box 6 Columbia University Press

Box 6 Costello, Daniel

Box 6 Custer, Ben Scott

Box 6 Daniels, Jonathan

Box 6 Dartmouth House

Box 6 Davidson, John Wells

Box 6 Department of Navy - Naval Historical Center

Box 6 Department of State

Box 6 Donald, David

Box 6 Doyle, Sandy

Box 6 Eldridge, Dan

Box 6 Elibank, Arthur (Lord)

Box 6 Eller, Admiral E. M.

Box 7 Ellis, John Tracy

Box 7 Encyclopedia of World War I

Box 7 Federal Archives and Record Center

Box 7 Fitzhardings, L.F.

Box 7 French Archives

Box 7 Fox, William

Box 7 Galway, E.

Box 7 Gateswood, Richard Duncan

Box 7 Gill, Rowland P.

Box 7 Grayson Papers

Box 7 Hankey Papers/Pollen Papers

Box 7 Harbough, William H.

Box 7 Harvard University

Box 7 Hayes, Barbara

Box 7 Hazard, John N.

Box 7 Heinl, R.D.

Box 7 Heyes, Clair

Box 7 Hone, Thomas

Box 7 Hooper Edwin B.

Box 7 Hoover, Herbert

Box 7A Hughes Papers

Box 7A Ingersoll, Rogall C.

Box 7A Jackson, Richard H.

Box 7A John, Harry

Box 7A Johnston, A.C.

Box 7A Kane, John R.H.

Box 7A Kaspi, Andre

Box 7A Kemp, P. K.

Box 7A Kerneck, Sterling

Box 7A King-Hall, (Sir) Stephen

Box 7A Klachko, Mary Letter of introduction by various people.

Box 7A Krafft, Mrs. H. F.

Box 7A Kraft, Mary B.

Box 7A Landau, Helmor

Box 7A Lewis, Michael A.

Box 7A Library of Congress

Box 7A Lloyd George Papers

Box 7A Longworth, Alice R.

Box 7A MacDonald, J. Kenneth

Box 7A MacInnes, J.

Box 7A Marder, A.

Box 7A Maywood, J.S.

Box 7A Milne, Taylor

Box 7A Ministry of Defence

Box 7B Miscellaneous letters from friends of Mary Klachko

Box 7B Mogenburg, Harm H.

Box 7B Morison, Elting E.

Box 7B Morrison, Jim

Box 7B Mouton & Co.

Box 7B Murrow, Edward R.

Box 7B National Archives

Box 7B Naval Historical Foundation

Box 7B Naval Institute Press

Box 7B Naval War College

Box 7B Navy League

Box 7B O'Connor, Cardinal

Box 7B Opperman, Herbert

Box 7B Parsons, Edward

Box 7B Philadelphia Navy Yard

Box 7B Princeton University

Box 7B Private collections

Box 7B Reynolds, P.A.

Box 7B Roskill, S.W.

Box 7B Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park

Box 7B Royal Military College of Canada

Box 7B Russell & Arnholy

Box 7B Sawada, Toshio

Box 7B Seymour, Charles

Box 7B Sears, J.W.

Box 7B Shiels, Margaret

Box 7B Singwell, John E.

Box 7C Sims Papers

Box 7C Stade, Dorothy

Box 7C Stanford University Library

Box 7C Steed, Wickham

Box 7C Steed, Violet Mason (Mrs. Wickham)

Box 7C Still, William N., Jr.

Box 7C Stuart, (Sir) Cambell

Box 7C Takeuchi, Tatsuji

Box 7C Townshend, Heather

Box 7C Train, Harold

Box 7C Trask, Daniel

Box 7C Trost, Admiral C.A.H.

Box 7C Wehmueller, Jackie

Box 7C U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences

Box 7C United States Naval Institute

Box 7C Wheeler, Gerald E.

Box 7C Henry White Papers

Box 7C Willert, Arthur

Box 7C Williams, Michael

Subseries II.2: Manuscripts

Box 8 William Shepherd Benson: First Chief of Naval Operations


Subseries II.3: Research Notes

Box 9 American Fighting Naval Ships - Benson: Naval Exam Board Records, Folders I-3

Box 10 Benson: Naval Exam Board Records - Hearings, 1920, Folders 4- 5

Box 11 Merchant Marine - Undated American and English Papers

Box 12 Illustrations (photocopies and repro's of photographs, some used in Benson's biography)

Box 13 Research notes, 1852 - 1908

Box 14 Research notes, 1909 - July 1914

Box 15 Research notes, August 1914 - June 1914

Box 16 Research notes, July 1915 - February 1916

Box 17 Research notes, March 1916 - November 1916

Box 18 Research notes, December 1916 - March 31, 1917

Box 19 Research notes, April 1917 - May 31, 1917

Box 20 Research notes, June 1917 - July 8, 1917

Box 21 Research notes, July 9, 1917 - August 30, 1917

Box 22 Research notes, September 1917 - October 19, 1917

Box 23 Research notes, October 20, 1917 - November 30, 1917

Box 24 Research notes, December 1917 - February 1918

Box 25 Research notes, March 1918 - May 1918

Box 26 Research notes, June 1918 - August 31, 1918

Box 27 Research notes, September 1918 - October 31, 1918

Box 28 Research notes, November 1918 - December 10, 1918

Box 29 Research notes, December 11, 1918 - December, 31, 1918

Box 30 Research notes, January 1 - 31, 1919

Box 31 Research notes, February - March 20, 1919

Box 32 Research notes, March 21 - April 30, 1919

Box 33 Research notes, May - July 10, 1919

Box 34 Research notes, July 11 - October 1919

Box 35 Research notes, November 1919 - February 1920

Box 36 Research notes, March - July 1920

Box 37 Research notes, August 1920 - April 1921

Box 38 Research notes, May - November 1921

Box 39 Research notes, December 1921 - 1924

Box 40 Research notes, 1924 - 1967

Subseries II.4: Manuscripts

Box 41 Klachko, Mary Address at American Historical Associaltion and American Military Institute

Box 41 Klachko, Mary Anglo-American Naval Relations Cooperation or Competition?

Box 41 Klachko, Mary Dissertation outline and adstract

Subseries II.5: Topical Files

Box 41 Admirals of the New Navy: Makers of American Naval Traditions, 1886-'93

Box 41 British Humour

Box 41 Burke, Admiral Arleigh Obituaries

Box 41 Columbia University Mementos

Box 41 Biographical Notes re. Mary Klachko

Box 41 Mary Klachko's organizational membership

Box 41 Photocopies of articles which mention Mary Klachko

Box 42 Photographs and Clippings