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Leslie H. Dingyan Chen's collection of Historiographic Materials for a Biography of Chen Chiung-Ming, 1988

Leslie H. Dingyan Chen's Collection of Historiographic Materials for a Biography of Chen Chiung-Ming, 1988

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Box 1 Preliminary matter

Box 1 1 Early Years, 1878-1911

Haifeng and its people; Formative years (1878 - 1900); Kwangtung Provincial Assembly; Anti-gambling movement and Ko Po.

Box 1 2 The Revolution of 1911, 1911

New Army Revolt at Canton: "March 29" Uprising; Assassination Corps; Battle of Waichow.

Box 1 3 First Republican Administration in Canton, 1911-1913

Canton: between declaration of independence and Chen's entry; Maintenance of peace and order; Support of the new Republic; First return (to Canton) of Sun Yat-sen; Acting Governor-General of Kwangtung; The Pacification Bureau and the Army Protector; Governor-General prior to declaration of independence (against Yuan Shih-kai).

Box 1 4 The Second Revolution, 1913-1916

First anti-Yuan campaign: Exile in Singapore; Second anti-Yuan campaign; The Northern sojourn.

Box 1 5 Constitution Protection Movement, 1917-1918

Political Situation prior to Chen's return; Return to Canton; Canton Military Government (July 1917 -Dec 1918); The Fukien Campaign (Dec. 1917 – Dec. 1918); The Southern Cause.

Box 1 6 "Little Model China" in Fukien, 1918-1920

Political situation (Jan. 1919 – Aug. 1920); Conditions in East Kwangtung ( Jan. 1919 – Aug. 1920) , Conditions in Fukien (Jan. 1919 – Aug. 1920); Administration in Changchow (Aug. 1918 – Aug. 1920); New Culture Movement in Southern Fukien (1918 - 1920); Chen's personal activities during the Changchow period The Soviet contact; Special reports from USDS on Bolshevik propaganda and political activities.

Box 1 7 The Return to Kwangtung, 1920

Political situation in Canton and Peking; Return of Kwangtung Army to Kwangtung; Aeroplanes and American aviators; Excesses of Kwangsi troops; Conditions in Fukien; Condition in East Kwangtung; Second Return (to Canton) of Sun Yat-sen.

Box 1 8 Experiments in Democracy, Nov 1920 - June 1922

Re-establishment of the Military Government; Disbandment of troops; Anti-gambling and anti-opium; Inauguration of municipal governments; Modernization of education; Modernization of army; Finance , Industry and miscellaneous and election of magistrates; Labor activities; District relations self-government and communist

Box 2 9 The Kwangsi Campaign, June-Sept 1921

Events leading to Kwangsi Campaign; The Kwangsi Campaign; Reform of Kwangsi; Victorious Return to Canton ( Nov 7, 1921).

Box 2 10 Federalist Movement, Early to 1922

Aspirations in the early Republic (1911-1913); Federalist activities (1916 -1920); Chen's political views (1920 - 1922); Federalist activities (1920-1922); Kwangtung Provincial Constitution (Nov 1920 - 1922); Kwangtung, China and Foreign Powers (Nov 1920 - 1922)

Box 2 11 The Split with Sun Yat-sen -- The June 16 Incident, 1922

His relation with Sun, Sun's activities and political views prior to Sun's extraordinary presidency (Nov 1920 - May 1921); Sun's extraordinary presidency; His relation with Sun, Sun's activities and political views after Sun's extraordinary presidency and two months before the June incident (May 1921 - April 1922); Sun's assassination tactics; The June 16 Incident; Contemporary comments on the Incident; Posterior comments on the Incident

Box 2 12 Federalist Movement - Another Chance, Aug 1922 - Jan 1923

The Civil Governorship and Canton Municipality; Finance and Loans: His political views and activities; Sun's Proposed Triple Alliance Exposed; Sun's Proposed Japanese agreement.

Box 2 13 Retirement in Hong Kong, Jan - May 1923

Canton prior to invasion from Kwangsi (Aug 1922 - Jan 1923); Invasion from Kwangsi; His followers in Eastern Kwangtung and the Fukien War (Aug 1922 - May 1923); Comments and reports relating to his retirement.

Box 3 14 The Struggle Resumes, May 1923 - Dec 1924

Sun's administration in Canton (Jan 1923 - Nov 1924); Chen, his followers, Southwest and the North (Feb 1923 - Dec 1924; Reconciliation efforts (between Sun and Chen) - (Nov 1922 – Dec 1924); the military contest (May 1923 - Nov 1924); The Merchants Volunteer Corps Incident- Sun's departure and death.

Box 3 15 The End of Military Struggle, Nov 1924 - Dec 1925

Political and military situations after Sun's departure: First East River battles (Jan-March, 1925); Activities between the battles ( March-Oct , 1925); Second East River battles – Fall of Waichow (Sept- Nov 1925); The Soviet Conspiracy (1922 -1929)

Box 3 16 Final Quest for Unification by Political Means, 1926-1933

A new political party; other activities; Excerpts from "a Proposal for the Unification of China; Miscellaneous.

Box 3 17 His Writings and Speeches

Essays; Poems; Vernacular Poems; Index for speeches and circular telegrams.

Box 3 18 Writings in Memory of Him

Excerpts from "the Memorial Record of Mr. Chen Chiung-ming" –Eulogistic essays, poems, etc.