Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Guglielmo Ferrero papers, 1871-1944, 1981, bulk 1890-1942

Series VII: Addendum, 1870-1944, 1981

This eclectic series contains a range of writings in a variety of genres and formats, and personal material.

Found here are several hand-written and bound drafts of Ferrero's novel La Terza Roma, dating from 1920 to 1925 and a manuscript of Reconstruction (1941) one of Ferrero's last works.

The bulk of the lessons and lectures in this series are in French and were given at the University of Geneva while Ferrero was exiled in Switzerland. The lessons consist on topics of European history with emphasis on 18th and 19th century issues, such as the French Revolution, the Versailles Treaty and the First World War.

Found here are notes made by Ferrero on the first edition of Das Capital in French, published in 1871 and one of Ferrero's first written works, East and West, dated 1892.

Published articles and essays in this series date primarily from 1890 to 1940 and include copies of La Culture Latine a L'Epoque Actuelle, a lecture that Ferrero delivered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1907, and articles and manifestos written by Ferrero against the Fascist regime and Benito Mussolini. Also here are articles are on Ferrero by Helmut Goetz in 1981.

Clippings of articles written by Ferrero or regarding Ferrero, are arranged chronologically. Also included are a number of Italian and French newspapers (L'Unita, L'Illustration, La Depeche) and newspapers from Argentina (Italia Libre) and Serbia (Jutarnji List) to which Ferrero contributed articles.

The correspondence includes letters received from Italian journalist Giovanni Amendola, one of the founders of the Italian Communist Party Bruno Rizzi, Croatian politician and journalist Franco Supilo, and Croatian politician Ante Trumbić. Correspondence that belonged to Ferrero's wife Gina Lombroso Ferrero and three folders of notes and drafts written by Guglielmo Ferrero's son Leo Ferrero are also here. Finally, personal documents, such as Ferrero's 1871 school report, a diary with his personal notes and information and a scrapbook with a collection of clippings and pictures dating from 1942 to 1944, correspondence and family material round out this series.

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Manuscript Drafts

Box 114 La Terza Roma--La Rivolta del Figlio, 1922 (First draft), 1922

Box 115 La Terza Roma--La Rivolta del Figlio, 1925 (Second draft), 1925

Box 116 La Terza Roma--La Rivolta del Figlio, 1927 (First draft), 1927

Box 117 La Terza Roma--Le due verita, 1920-1922 (First draft), 1920-1922

Box 118 La Terza Roma--Le due verita, 1925 (Draft), 1925

Box 119 La Terza Roma--Le due verita, 1925 (Final Draft), 1925

Box 120 Reconstruction, 1940 (Manuscript), 1940

Lessons and Lectures, 1919-1941

Box 121 Lectures

Box 121 In English, 1920s, (2 folders)

Box 121 1930s-1940s, (2 folders)

Lessons--in French--Arranged Chronologically:

Box 121 The Evolution of Military Doctrines after, 1870, 1934-1935, (2 folders)

Box 121 The First World War, 1935-1936

Box 121 Industrial and Economical Evolution in Europe, 1936-1937

Box 122 The Russian-Japanese War, 1936-1937, (2 folders)

Box 122 Colonialism, 1937-1938, (2 folders)

Box 122 European History, 1900-1914, 1938-1939

Box 122 French Revolution--Part 1, 1939, (2 folders)

Box 122 The French Revolution--Part 2, 1939-1940, (2 folders)

Box 123 The Versailles Treaty and Post-World War I, 1939-1940

Box 123 Napoleon, 1940-1941, (3 folders)

Box 123 The French Revolution--Part 3, 1941-1942, (2 folders)

Drafts--Corrections, 1892-1942

Box 123 Notes on Das Capital, Undated

Box 124 La Democracie Légitime , Undated

Box 124 East and West , 1892, (2 folders)

Box 123 Julio Caesar , Undated

Box 124 L'Oasi di Siva , 1942

Box 124 Corrections on Pouvoir, Undated

Box 124 War and Peace , Undated

Box 124 General, Undated, (3 folders)

Published Articles and Essays, 1890-1981

Box 125 1890s-1981, (7 folders)

Box 123 Translations to Japanese, 1980s


Box 126 By Ferrero, 1903-1934, (7 folders)

Box 127 By Ferrero, 1934-1942, (6 folders)

Box 128 On Ferrero's works, 1920s-1980s

Box 128 On Reconstruction, 1930s-1940s

Box 128 Other Works, 1920s-1930s, (6 folders)

Box 128 After his Death, 1942, (2 folders)

Box 128 Other, Undated

Box 134 Newspapers, 1890-1941

Personal Papers, 1871-1941

Box 129 Diary, Undated

Box 130 Correspondence--A-W, 1903-1940, (2 folders)

Box 130 Correspondence--Unidentified, 1890-1941

Box 130 Ferrero, Leo--Notes and Drafts, 1922-1932, (3 folders)

Box 130 Lombroso, Gina, 1923

Box 130 General--School Records, 1871

Box 130 General--Speeches in Ferrero's Honor, 1942

Box 131 Scrapbook--Clippings and Pictures, 1942-1944