Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Lewis Corey papers, 1910-1953

Series II: Manuscripts

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Box 2 Pre-Communist and Communist Period, 1922

Box 3 Amalgamated Union-- Articles and manuscript of book about Union

Box 4 Amalgamated Union-- Correspondence; The New Third Party-- Correspondence, 1946-47

Fanny Wright Research

Box 5 Preliminary research; Outline of Last 12 Chapters; Notes for Chapter 4,5,8,9

Box 6 Chapters 9-12, 14-18, 20; Epilogue; Feminist Chapter; Infidelity Chapter

Box 7 Various notes; Clippings; Photostats; Research; Nashoba Chapter

Box 8 Drafts of Chapters 1-9

Box 8 Obituaries

Box 9 Articles by Corey

Box 10 Articles by Corey

Box 10 Union for Democratic Action

Box 10 Americans for Democratic Action

Box 10 Correspondence of the 1940s relating to lectures, UTA, ADA, Labor and Peace Movements, including such individuals as Granville Hicks, Sidney Hook and Reinhold Niebuhr, 1940s

Box 11 Articles by Corey (unpublished and published)

Box 11 Lectures

Box 11 Material relating to an unfinished book, Understanding of America

Box 12 Reviews and related correspondence

Box 14 Lectures--Marxism

(includes "Beyond Marxism to Socialism")

Box 15 Lectures--Town Hall

Box 16 Lectures--labor relations, Marxism, Social and Political Movements

Box 17 Antioch

Box 17 Antioch Review, 1943-1952

Box 18 Lectures

(topics include economics, labor relations, and Marxism)

Box 19 Letters from Students, 1942-1952

Box 19 "Three Boys" Article

Box 19 War Activities

(correspondents include Daniel Bell, Charles Beard, Clifford Geertz, Max Lerner, David Lilinthal, Reinhold Niebuhr, and Walter Reuther)

Box 20 1949-1950

Box 20 Corey-MacGregor Controversy

Box 21 Labor relations

Box 21 World reconstruction

Box 21 Middle Class (articles and an outline of an unfinished book)

Box 22 Syllabi

Box 22 Labor Institute

Box 23 Attacks on Corey

Box 23 Correspondence, including individuals such as Victor Reuther, Max Eastman

Box 23 Lecture-- "In Defense of Capitalism"

Box 24 Notes

Box 25 Printed Material