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Community Service Society records, 1842-1995

Series XVIII:Legal and Financial Matters, and H. Dogue Materials

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Subseries XVIII.1: Legal & Financial Matters

Box 594 Adopt-a-family

Box 594 American Foundation for the Blind *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #607)

Box 594 Annual Printing Report (Haskins & Sells)

Box 594 Annual Reports

Box 594 Audit Committee

Box 594 Auditing--Haskins & Sells

Box 595 Bank Accounts Courtesy Account

Box 595 Bank of New York

Box 595 Banks Trust Company

Box 595 Board of Managers Meetings--United Charities

Box 595 Boys House and Dosoris *(See: H. Dogue Materials Box #607)

Box 595 Budgetary Process in CSS

Box 595 Caldwalder-Wickersham & Taft

Box 595 Capital & Operating Cash Funds

Box 595 Capital Funds General and Restricted

Box 595 Certificate of consolidation of CSS

Box 596 Chase Manhattan Bank-Letters, 1956-1973

Box 596 Chase Manhattan Bank Savings Account(Opp. Shop)

Box 596 Chemical Bank & Trust Co.

Box 596 Childeren's Rights Project

Box 596 Citibank Archer Ave. Project Checking Account

Box 596 Citibank Capital Fund Savings Account

Box 596 Closed Bank Accounts

Box 596 Community Action Program *(See H. Dogue Materials Box # 607)

Box 596 Community Board Project

Box 596 CSS Board of Trustees *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #608)

Box 596 CSS Briefing on Fiscal Year, 1983

Box 596 CSS Budget, 1973-1974

Box 596 CSS Bulletin Board

Box 596 "CSS Fair" held at Rockefeller Center

Box 596 CSS Financial Study

Box 597 CSS Inventories

Box 597 CSS Miscellaneous

Box 597 CSS News

Box 597 CSS Program Agenda

Box 597 CSS Proposed Budjets, 1967-1973

Box 597 CSS Publication AfProgram

Box 597 CSS Report, July 1982

Box 597 Confidential

Box 597 Continuity in Care for Impaired Older Persons

Box 597 Department of Finance

Box 597 The Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn

Box 597 District 1199 (Union) *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #608), 1199

Box 597 Donations from Lottie Muller Fink (Mrs. Colin G.) *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #608)

Box 597 Donors *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #608)

Box 598 DSS-CSS Collaborative Project

Box 598 Expense Definitions

Box 598 Fees Miscellaneous

Box 598 Financial Assistance Information

Box 598 Financial Assistance Fund

Box 598 Financial Miscellaneous

Box 598 Friendship Center *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #608)

Box 598 Functions/001

Box 598 Fund Raising Gifts Received by CSS Greater New York Fund *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #609)

Box 599 Haley, William, Esq.Papers *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #609)

Box 599 Head Start

Box 599 Homemaker Service

Box 599 International Press Ball

Box 599 Investments Jamaica Service Program, 1975-1977

Box 600 Kings County Savings Bank (Capital fund/Savings Account)

Box 600 Ladies' Christian Union *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #609)

Box 600 Landlork/Tenant Forms plus instructions

Box 600 Lay Staff Relationship, 1975

Box 600 Legal Case (L. McMillan et al. 1970-Legal Papers)

Box 600 Legal Matters

Box 600 Marine Midland Grace Trust Co. of NY

Box 600 Memos to Data Processing Unit

Box 601 Mortgages

Box 601 Neighborhood Conservation ProgramCity Contract

Box 601 Neighborhood Conservation Project

Box 601 New York Bank for Savings

Box 601 New York School of Social Work *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #610)

Box 601 New York Times Neediest Cases Fund *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #610)

Box 601 Older Persons Service SEE Natural Supts.

Box 602 Opportunity Shop *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #610)

Box 602 Out-of-State Placement Documents

Box 602 Placement of Children in Foster Care

Box 602 Project for Addicted Servicemen *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #611)

Box 602 Project Forms (Informational Records)Blanks

Box 602 Property (= real estate) *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #611)


Box 602 Camp Scholarships, 1978

Box 602 Community Planning Board, 1976

Box 602 Purchase Requisitions

Box 602 Rockefeller Brothers' Fund

Box 602 Salaries--Unclassified Positions

Box 603 Sale of Securities--Blank Forms

Box 603 School Project

Box 603 (The) Seamen's Bank for Savings

Box 604 Senior Advisory Service Projects

Box 604 Senior Advisors Service

Senior Advisory Service:

Box 604 10/1/66-9/30/67

Box 604 10/1/67-9/30/68

Box 604 10/1/68-11/30/69

Box 605 SAS(Senior Advisory Service), 1969

Box 605 SERVE *(See H. Dogue Materials Box #612-615)

Box 605 Serving The Aging

Box 605 State Supreme Court of NY--Briefs

Box 605 Stock Confirmations

Box 605 Stock Gifts--Confidential

Box 605 Stock Gift Folder: II

Box 606 Taxes

Box 606 Thompkins Square House *(See also H. Dogue Materials Box #616)

Box 606 United Charities Building

Box 606 United Charities Mortgage Interest

Box 606 United States Trust Co.

Box 606 Wood, Struthers, & Winthrop Investment Advisors

Subseries XVIII.2: H.Dogue

Box 607 American Foundation for the Blind

Box 607 Boys House and Dosoris

Box 607 Community Action Program

Box 608 CSS Board of Trustees

Box 608 District 1199 (Union), 1199

Box 608 Donations from Lottie Muller Fink (Mrs. Colin G.)

Box 608 Donors

Box 608 Friendship Center

Box 609 Greater New York Fund

Box 609 Haley, William, Esq. Papers

Box 609 Ladies' Christian Union

Box 610 New York School of Social Work

Box 610 New York Times Neediest Cases Fund

Box 610 Opportunity Shop

Box 611 Project for Addicted Servicemen

Box 611 Property (=real estate)

Box 612 SERVE

Box 613 SERVE

Box 614 SERVE

Box 615 SERVE

Box 616 Tompkins Square House

CSS Publications:

Box 616 Address by John S. Kennedy at the Opening of the United Charities Building, March 6, 1893

Box 616 Senior Advisory Service for Public Housing Tenants, 12/69

Box 616 Status Report Special on the Federal Budget Process: Session Alert, November 22, 1982

Box 616 Thinking About Alternatives, by Kim Hopper, July 1981

Box 616 Treatment Programs for New York City's Youthful Drug Abusers, Part 2, by Suzanne W. Todd, January 1974