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Moncure Daniel Conway papers, 1847-1907

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Call No.: MS#0277
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Creator(s) Conway, Moncure Daniel, 1832-1907
Title Moncure Daniel Conway papers, 1847-1907
Physical Description 21 linear feet (47 boxes; 7 bound volumes; 1 flat box)
Language(s) English .

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Selected materials cataloged; remainder arranged.



Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, memorabilia, pictures, portraits, and printed material. Included are about 800 letters from outstanding literary figures of Mr. Conway's lifetime, manuscripts of his sermons, lectures and other writings and photostats of Conway material in Dickinson College Library. Among the cataloged correspondents are: Thomas Carlyle, S.L. Clemens, Arthur Conan Doyle, R.W. Emerson, O.W. Holmes, and Walt Whitman

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Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Moncure Daniel Conway papers; Box and Folder; Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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Gift of Mrs. Mildred Sawyer, 1939-1941.

Gift of Misses Eleanor and Mildred Sawyer, daughter and granddaughter of Conway.

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American author and clergyman.

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I.Moncure Conway papers

I.1 Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Abbey, Edwin Austin

Box 1 Abbot, Francis Ellingwood

Box 1 Abbott, J.B.

Box 1 Adams, Charles Francis

Box 1 Adams, Ellen

Box 1 Adler, Felix

Box 1 Admerin, Ada

Box 1 Agassiz, Elizabeth C.

Box 1 Ahlborn, Alice

Box 1 Alcott, Louisa May

Box 1 Alcott, May [May Alcott Nieriker]

Box 1 Alden, Henry Mills

Box 1 Aldrich, Thomas Bailey

Box 1 Alger, John G.

Box 1 Allingham, Helen Paterson

Box 1 Allingham, William

Box 1 Allis, Margaret W.

Box 1 Alma-Tadema, [Sir] Laurence

Box 1 Ameer Ali

Box 1 Ames, Sheldon

Box 1 Anderson, William

Box 1 Anthony, Susan Brownell

Box 1 Appleton, C.

Box 1 Argyll

Box 1 Elizabeth Georgiana Campbell, Duchess of Argyll [née Sutherland-Leveson-Gower]

Box 1 George John Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll

Box 1 Arnold, Edwin

Box 1 Arnold, Mary

Box 1 Arnold, Matthew

Box 1 Arunáchalam, P.

Box 1 Aulard, François-Victor-Alphonse

Box 1 Avebury

Box 1 John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury, B.L.

Box 1 Baba, Tatui

Box 1 Bacon, Henry

Box 1 Baljarine, Florence

Box 1 Ball, G.W.

Box 1 Ballantyne-Hanson & Co.

Box 1 Bancroft, Charles E.

Box 1 Bandman, Daniel C.

Box 1 Bangs, F.S.

Box 1 Baring-Gould, Sabine

Box 1 Barnes, F.L.

Box 1 Barnes, Lawrence

Box 1 Barnes, William

Box 1 Baron, He.

Box 1 Barrillot, Blanche

Box 1 Barton, -----

Box 1 Bathurst

Box 1 Henry Bathurst, 2nd Earl Bathurst

Box 1 Batineau, Isabel

Box 1 Beard, Charles Austin

Box 1 Becker, Adolf von

Box 1 Begelow, Anna B.

Box 1 Belford, P.J.

Box 1 Bell, Mynie

Box 1 Bellet, Noemie du

Box 1 Bellows, Henry Whitney

Box 1 Benson, George Vere

Box 1 Benton, Joel

Box 1 Besant, Annie [Wood]

Box 1 Besant, Walter

Box 1 Bigelow, John

Box 1 Biggs, Ashurst

Box 1 Bird, Francis W.

Box 1 Bird, George M.

Box 1 Bixby, W.K.

Box 2 Black, William

Box 2 Blackfield, Edwin H.

Box 2 Blanc, Christina

Box 2 Blanc, Louis

Box 2 Bland, Miss

Box 2 Blatch, Stanton

Box 2 Blind, Karl

Box 2 Blind, Mathilde

Box 2 Bloom, A.J.

Box 2 Blount, Lucia Barnes

Box 2 Bluze de Berry, G.B. Stuart

Box 2 Blyth, Edward K.

Box 2 Bodichon, Barbara Leigh Smith

Box 2 Bodington, N.

Box 2 Bonner, F. Bradlaugh

Box 2 Bouciault, Dion

Box 2 Boudousquie, G.C.

Box 2 Boughton, George Henry

Box 2 Boulnois, Clara L.

Box 2 Bowe, Henry

Box 2 Bowles, Francis T.

Box 2 Bradlaugh, Charles

Box 2 Bradley, G.G.

Box 2 Bran-Léqnard, E.G.

Box 2 Bray, Charles

Box 2 Bridges, Fidelia

Box 2 Bridges, H.G.

Box 2 Briggs, George

Box 2 Bright, H.A.

Box 2 Bright, John

Box 2 Brine, C.

Box 2 Brock, Robert Alonzo

Box 2 Brok, Edward Henry

Box 2 Brooks, Henry M.

Box 2 Brooks, I.J.

Box 2 Brown, Alice R.

Box 2 Brown, Ford Madox

Box 2 Brown, Harriet R.

Box 2 Brown, Helen

Box 2 Brown-Séguard, Charles Edouard

Box 2 Browne, Jane

Box 2 Browne, Junius Henri

Box 2 Browne, Montagu

Box 2 Browning, Robert

Box 2 Browning, Sarianna

Box 3 Buchanan, Robert William

Box 3 Bucke, Martha J.T.

Box 3 Bullen, George

Box 3 Bulwer-Lytton, Edward Robert

Box 3 Buncen, Ernest de

Box 3 Burnap, George W.

Box 3 Burne-Jones, Edward Coley

Box 3 Burr, W.H.

Box 3 Burroughs, John

Box 3 Burrows, Herbert

Box 3 Burton, Marian

Box 3 Bush-Brown, Margaret Lesley

Box 3 Cable, George Washington

Box 3 Cains, Mona

Box 3 Caine, Thomas Henry Hall

Box 3 Cairnes, John Eliet

Box 3 Call, Wathen Mark Wilks

Box 3 Campbell, D.

Box 3 Capmiste, D.

Box 3 Carlyle, Alex.

Box 3 Carlyle, Jane Baillie Welsh [Mrs. Thomas]

Box 3 Carlyle, Mary [Mary Carlyle Aitken]

Box 3 Carlyle, Thomas

Box 3 Carnegie, Andrew

Box 3 Carnegie, Flora

Box 3 Carnegie, Louise W.

Box 3 Carpenter, Ada

Box 3 Carpenter, J. Estlin

Box 3 Carter, Robert

Box 3 Carus, Paul

Box 3 Cary, Melbert B. & Company

Box 3 Castequier, Cécile

Box 3 Cautley, Lucy B.

Box 3 Cautley, R.K.

Box 3 Cernuschi, Henri

Box 3 Chace, Jonathan

Box 3 Chace, Lillie

Box 3 Chadwick, J.W.

Box 3 Chambers, Robert, Jr.

Box 3 Channing, William Henry

Box 3 Chapin, J.H.

Box 3 Chapman, John

Box 3 Chatto, Andrew

Box 3 Chatto & Windus

Box 3 Chauvelon, Emile

Box 4 Chenery, J.

Box 4 Child, Coles

Box 4 Choate, Joseph Hodges

Box 4 Christie, [L.L.?]

Box 4 Cincinnati Gazette

Box 4 Clark, A. Inglis

Box 4 Clark, Emma

Box 4 Clark, Helen P.B.

Box 4 Clarke, James Freeman

Box 4 Clemenceau, Georges Eugène Benjamin

Box 4 Clemens, Olivia Langdon [Mrs. Samuel Langhorne]

Box 4 Samuel Langhorne

Box 4 Clements, Alfred J.

Box 4 Clifford, Sophia Lucy Lane [Mrs. William Kingdon Clifford]

Box 4 Clifford, William Kingdon

Box 4 Clodd, Edward

Box 4 Clough, Anne Jemima

Box 4 Clough, Blanche M. Smith [Mrs. Arthur]

Box 4 Clyde, B.M.S.

Box 4 Clymer, Ella Dietz

Box 4 Coan, Titus M.

Box 4 Cobbe, Frances Power

Box 4 Cobbett, William

Box 4 Coffin, William A.

Box 4 Cohen, Mendes

Box 4 Cohn, Adolphe

Box 4 Coit, Stanton

Box 4 Cole, Madeleine

Box 4 Colern, Sidney

Box 4 Collet, E.D.

Box 4 Collet, Sophia D.

Box 4 Collyer, Robert

Box 4 Common, Thomas

Box 4 Concord Mass. Centennial Committee

Box 5 Conway, Elizabeth T.D.

Box 5 Conway, Ellen Dana

Box 5 Conway, Eustace

Box 5 Conway, Kate L.

Box 6 Conway, Margaret C.

Box 6 Conway, Margaret Eleanor Daniel

Box 6 Conway, Martin

Box 6 Conway, Mary P.

Box 6 Conway, Maud Allis

Box 6 Conway, Moncure Daniel

Box 7 Conway, Moncure Daniel

Box 7 Conway, Peter V.D.

Box 7 Conway, Richard Moncure

Box 7 Conway, Walker Peyton

Box 7 Corelli, Marie

Box 7 Costelyon, George B.

Box 7 Cotton, H.J.S.

Box 7 Coulomb, E.

Box 7 Courbet, Gustave

Box 7 Coves, Charlotte W.L.

Box 7 Cowen, Joseph

Box 7 Cox, George W.

Box 7 Cox, Robert

Box 7 Craft, E.

Box 7 Crampton, Lassie

Box 7 Crane, J.

Box 7 Crane, Jean

Box 7 Crane, Walter

Box 7 Crawshay, Rosemary

Box 7 Croffut, William Augustus

Box 7 Croly, Jane Cunningham

Box 7 Crompton, Henry

Box 7 Crooks, George R.

Box 7 Curtis, George William

Box 7 Custer, Elizabeth B.

Box 7 Cutter, T.L.

Box 8 D'Adda, Mary Hooper

Box 8 Dalby, -----

Box 8 Dana, Charles Davis

Box 8 Dana, George D.

Box 8 Dara, Joseph

Box 8 Dana, Sarah Pond Lyman

Box 8 Daniel, A.T.

Box 8 Daniel, Charles Henry Olive

Box 8 Daniel, J. Mitchell

Box 8 Daniel, James R.V.

Box 8 Daniel, John Warwick

Box 8 Daniel, P.V., Jr.

Box 8 Daniel, Travers

Box 8 Dannreuther, Edward

Box 8 Darwin, Charles Robert

Box 8 Darwin, Erasmus

Box 8 Davids, T.W. Rhys

Box 8 Davidson, Jean Halstead

Box 8 Davidson, J. Morrison

Box 8 Davidson, Samuel

Box 8 Dean, Richard

Box 8 Delves Broughton, L.P.

Box 8 Delves, Broughton, M.

Box 8 Denny, Henry G.

Box 8 Denny, J.

Box 8 Dickens, F.M.

Box 8 Dickinson, Anna E.

Box 8 Dilke, Ashton W.

Box 8 Dilke, Sir Charles Wentworth

Box 8 Dixon, Mrs. H.M.

Box 8 Dixon, M. Louise

Box 8 Dixon, P. St. John

Box 8 Dixon, Thomas

Box 8 Dodd, John H.K.

Box 8 Dodge, Mary Mapes

Box 8 Doe, Peter M.

Box 8 Dorange, -----

Box 8 Douglas, David

Box 8 Dowling, J.

Box 8 Doyle, Arthur Conan

Box 8 Drummond, Robert B.

Box 8 Dryden, H.

Box 8 Du Chaillu, Paul Belloni

Box 8 Dufferin and Ava Frederick Temple Hamilton Blackwood, First Marquess of

Box 8 Dufferin and Ava, The Marchioness of

Box 8 Dunbar, Paul Laurence

Box 9 Eaton, Emma G.

Box 9 Eaton, J.0.

Box 9 Eaton, Wyatt

Box 9 Eckler, Peter

Box 9 Eddis, W.K.

Box 9 Edgcomb, Richard

Box 9 Edwards, Frances T.

Box 9 Edwards, W. Belham

Box 9 Eggleston, Edward

Box 9 Eliot, Charles William

Box 9 Elliot, James B.

Box 9 Ellis, Alexander J.

Box 9 Ellis, Henry

Box 9 Ellis, T.J.

Box 9 Emanuel, John Moncure

Box 9 Emerson, Annie S.

Box 9 Emerson, Edward Waldo

Box 9 Emerson, Ellen T.

Box 9 Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Box 9 Emerson, Susan G.

Box 9 Emerson, William

Box 9 Emory, Catherine [Kate]

Box 9 Evans, Charlotte Taylor

Box 9 Evarts, William M.

Box 9 Evatt, George

Box 9 Evelyn, William

Box 10 Fafessor, -----

Box 10 Farman, J.B.

Box 10 Farquhar, A.B.

Box 10 Farquhar, Edward

Box 10 Farquhar, Ellen

Box 10 Farquhar, William H.

Box 10 Fawcett, Henry

Box 10 Fenton, Samuel G.

Box 10 Ferguson, Robert

Box 10 Field, Kate

Box 10 Fields, Annie

Box 10 Fields, James T.

Box 10 Fisher, A. Hugh

Box 10 Fisher, R.C.

Box 10 Fitzgerald, Gerald

Box 10 Fitzhugh, George

Box 10 Flagg, W.J.

Box 10 Flemner, C.S.

Box 10 Fletcher, S.P.

Box 10 Flower, Celina

Box 10 Flower, Charles E.

Box 10 Flower, E.F.

Box 10 Flower, Sarah F.

Box 10 Flower, W.H.

Box 10 Foras, Marie de

Box 10 Forbes, Edith Emerson

Box 10 Forbes, J. Malcolm

Box 10 Ford, -----

Box 10 Ford, Paul Leicester

Box 10 Ford, Worthington C.

Box 10 Forder, Robert

Box 10 Fordham, Herbert George

Box 10 Forman, H. Buxton

Box 10 Forsman, J.B.

Box 10 Fox, E.F. Bridell

Box 10 Frankenstein, Godfrey N.

Box 10 Fremont, Jessie Benton

Box 10 Fremont, John Charles

Box 10 French, Daniel Chester

Box 10 Fritsch, C.

Box 10 Frölich, Lorentz

Box 10 Frothingham, Octavius Brooks

Box 11 Froude, James Anthony

Box 11 Froyer, Edmond

Box 11 Fuller, Sarah Margaret

Box 11 Furness, Horace Howard

Box 11 Furness, William Henry

Box 11 Gabrilowitsch, Clara Langdon Clemens

Box 11 Gage, Matilda Joslyn

Box 11 Gale, LeRoy

Box 11 Galton, [Sir] Francis

Box 11 Gandhi, Virehand P.

Box 11 Gardiner, Samuel

Box 11 Garnett, Pichard

Box 11 Garrett, Elizabeth

Box 11 Garrison, Ellen W.

Box 11 Garrison, Frank J.

Box 11 Garrison, George T.

Box 11 Garrison, H.

Box 11 Garrison, W.L.

Box 11 Garrison, Wendell P

Box 11 Gayler, Catherine

Box 11 Geer, Ellen W.W. [Mrs. Danforth Geer, Jr.]

Box 11 Genet, George C.

Box 11 Gerald, Herbert Parvin

Box 11 Ghosh, Jogendra Chandra

Box 11 Gibson, William Hamilton

Box 11 Gilchrist, Anne

Box 11 Gilchrist, Herbert

Box 11 Gilchrist, Herbert H.

Box 11 Gilchrist, W.W.

Box 11 Gilder, Richard Watson

Box 11 Gilder, Rodman

Box 11 Gladstone, William Ewart

Box 11 Glennie, J.S. Stuart

Box 11 Glynes, Ella M. Dietz

Box 12 Godfrey, W.S.

Box 12 Goldsmith, M.

Box 12 Gordon, D.H.

Box 12 Gould, Annie W.

Box 12 Gousy, John Russell

Box 12 Grant, Corrie

Box 12 Grant, Frederick

Box 12 Grant, J.B.

Box 12 Gratz, Simon

Box 12 Gray, Caroline

Box 12 Grece, Clair

Box 12 Green, Charlotte

Box 12 Green, J. Arnold

Box 12 Green, Thomas M.

Box 12 Greenwood, Frederick

Box 12 Grene, S.

Box 12 Grey, William

Box 12 Grossmith, Ceorge

Box 12 Gunn, Thomas Butler

Box 12 Gustafson, Zadel Barnes

Box 12 Greeley, Horace

Box 12 Gwinn, Dunmore

Box 12 Gwinn, Eliza

Box 12 Gwinn, Peter [McGwin]

Box 12 Gwythes, J.

Box 12 H. -----, Annie E.

Box 12 Haden, Francis Seymour

Box 12 Haliburton, Richard Grant

Box 12 Hall, E.B

Box 12 Hall, S.C.

Box 12 Hall, R.C.

Box 12 Hallam, John

Box 12 Hallowell, Alice

Box 12 Hallowes, C.M.S

Box 12 Halstead, Murat

Box 12 Hammond, A.

Box 12 Hamson, L.B.

Box 12 Hanan, L R.

Box 12 Hancock, Otillie

Box 12 Harcourt, [Lady] Elizabeth Motley Ives

Box 12 Hardy, Alice

Box 12 Harland, Aline

Box 12 Harper, J. Henry

Box 12 Harper & Brothers

Box 12 Harper, Joseph W.

Box 12 Harper, Joseph W.

Box 12 Harrison, Constance Cary

Box 12 Harrison, E.L.

Box 12 Harrison, E.W.

Box 12 Harrison, Frederic

Box 12 Harrison, L.B.

Box 12 Harte, Bret

Box 12 Hatton, Bessie

Box 12 Hatton, Joseph

Box 12 Havemeyer, William Frederick

Box 12 Hawes, M.R.

Box 12 Hawtrey, Charles Henry

Box 12 Hayden, Horace Edwin

Box 12 Hearst, Phebe A.

Box 12 Heath, Lilian

Box 12 Hegeler, B.C.

Box 12 Henchman, Annie P.

Box 12 Hendrick, Burton J.

Box 12 Hennessy, Kathleen

Box 12 Hennessy, W.J.

Box 12 Henry, William Wirt

Box 12 Hensany, George

Box 12 Hepsted [?] R.

Box 12 Herbert, Auberon Edward William Molyneux

Box 12 Herford, Brooke

Box 12 Hergenholtz, P.H. Jr.

Box 12 Heron, Emily Manning

Box 12 Hesse, -----

Box 12 Hewitt, Candace

Box 13 Hickson, Will

Box 13 Higginson, Mary Thatcher [Mrs. Thomas Wentworth Higginson]

Box 13 Higginson, Thomas Wentworth

Box 13 Hilles, Charles Dewey

Box 13 Hilles, Charles Dewey [Stuart, Sir Campbell]

Box 13 Hilles, Dollie [Mrs. Charles D.]

Box 13 Hoadly, George

Box 13 Hoadly, Mary

Box 13 Hoadly, Mary P.

Box 13 Hoar, John W.

Box 13 Hodgson, W.B.

Box 13 Holland, Fred. May

Box 13 Holland, J.G.

Box 13 Holmes, Joseph E.

Box 13 Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Box 13 Holt, Florence Taber [Mrs. Henry]

Box 13 Holt, Henry

Box 13 Holt, Henry & Co.

Box 13 Holt, Winifred

Box 13 Holyoake, Austin

Box 13 Holyoake, George Jacob

Box 13 Homer, Louise Dilworth Beatty

Box 13 Hooker, Joseph Dalton

Box 13 Hooper, W.

Box 13 Hopekirk, Helen

Box 13 Hosie, John

Box 13 Hotten, Charlotte [Mrs. John Camden Hotten]

Box 13 Hotten, John Camden

Box 13 Hough, P.R.S.

Box 13 Housman, Lawrence

Box 13 Howard, Bronson

Box 13 Howe, Julia Ward

Box 13 Howell, George R.

Box 13 Howells, William Dean

Box 13 Howson, Roger

Box 14 Hueffer, F.

Box 14 Hughes, Arthur

Box 14 Hughes, Charles

Box 14 Hughes, Fanny

Box 14 Hughes, H.

Box 14 Hughes, Thomas

Box 14 Hughes, W.

Box 14 Hull, Anna

Box 14 Hunns, J.

Box 14 Hunt, Caroline B.

Box 14 Hunt, M. Edith Holman

Box 14 Hunt, Violet

Box 14 Hunter, Horace Edwin

Box 14 Huntingdon, W.H.

Box 14 Hutchinson, Thomas

Hutton, Arthur W.

Box 14 Hutton, Lawrence

Box 14 Huxley, Thomas Henry

Box 14 Ingersoll, Robert Green

Box 14 Ingram, John H.

Box 14 Innes, Arthur D.

Box 14 Ireland, Alexander

Box 14 Irving, Dorthea

Box 14 Irving, Henry

Box 14 Ives, Florence C.

Box 14 Ivey, E.

Box 14 Jackson, Abraham Valentine Williams

Box 14 Jackson, Helen Maria Fiske Hunt [Mrs. William Sharpless]

Box 14 Jacobi, C. Adolph

Box 14 James, Henry

Box 14 Jameson, J.F.

Box 14 Jarvis, Lewis G.

Box 14 Jay, John

Box 14 Jefferson, Joseph

Box 14 Jencks, Joseph S., Jr

Box 14 Jenkins, Edward

Box 14 Johnson, Edelle M.

Box 14 Johnson, Lionel Pigot

Box 14 Johnson, Noel

Box 14 Johnson, Robert Underwood

Box 14 Johnston, John H.

Box 14 Johnstone, Helen Louise

Box 14 Jordan, J.D.

Box 14 Jowett, Benjamin

Box 14 Judd, Nina

Box 14 Kalisch, Marcus

Box 14 Kamakazu, S.

Box 14 Kasson, John A.

Box 14 Katz, A.P.

Box 14 Keary, C.F.

Box 14 Keary, E.

Box 14 Kebler, John

Box 14 Keim, Betty

Box 14 Keim, George de Bonneville

Box 14 Kennedy, Florence

Box 14 Key, John J.

Box 14 King, Bolton

Box 14 King, Henry S.

Box 14 Kingsley, Charles

Box 14 Klaassen, H.M.

Box 14 Knight, William

Box 14 Krehbiel, H.E.

Box 14 Krout, Mary H.

Box 15 Labouchere, Henry du Pré

Box 15 Lambert, Alexander

Box 15 Lander, John

Box 15 Langley, S.P.

Box 15 Lankester, E. Ray

Box 15 Lanza, Clara [Macguire]

Box 15 Lasker, F.

Box 15 Laugel, August

Box 15 Laurence, Samuel

Box 15 Leach, Bruce

Box 15 Learned, J.C.

Box 15 Leffe, Edward

Box 15 Le Foyer, Lucien

Box 15 Legros, Marie F.

Box 15 Legros, L.A.

Box 15 Leitner, G.W.

Box 15 Le Moyne, Sarah Cowell

Box 15 Leon, Dottie Grant

Box 15 Lepsius, R.

Box 15 Lesley, J. Peter

Box 15 Leveson, E.J.

Box 15 Lewes, George Henry

Box 15 Lillie, John

Box 15 Libbie, Charles F.

Box 15 Linton, E. Lynn

Box 15 Linton, W.J.

Box 15 Lippincott, Sarah Jane "Grace Greenwood"

Box 15 Little, A. Alexander

Box 15 Little, Arabella

Box 15 Livermore, Mary A.

Box 15 Logan, Eliza

Box 15 Longfellow, -----

Box 15 Longfellow, Samuel

Box 15 Longman, William

Box 15 Lord, S.D.

Box 15 Lothian, Maurice

Box 15 Lothrop, H.M. [Mrs. Daniel]

Box 15 Lovett, William

Box 15 Lowell, James Russell

Box 15 Lyell, [Lady] Mary E. Horner

Box 15 Lyman, E.

Box 15 Lyman, Martha

Box 15 McCabe, Joseph

Box 15 McCarthy, Justin

Box 15 McChesney, Clara

Box 15 McClintock, John

Box 15 MacColl, N.

Box 15 McConnell, Elizabeth

Box 15 MacDonald, E.M.

Box 15 MacDonald, Fredericke

Box 15 MacDonald, Katie

Box 15 MacDonell, James

Box 15 MacFarren, Natalia

Box 15 MacFarren, G.A.

Box 15 Macfarren, Walter Cecil

Box 15 MacFie, Matthew

Box 15 McGuire, Emily Taylor

Box 15 Machburn, Henry

Box 15 McKeen, M.F.

Box 15 McKelway, St. Clair

Box 15 McLaren, Charles

Box 15 Macmillan, A.

Box 15 Macrae, Cecilia

Box 15 Maitland, Fdward

Box 15 Mann, Mary

Box 15 Manning, [Cardinal] Henry Edward

Box 15 Mansford, Muller

Box 15 March, Alden

Box 15 March, Francis Andrew

Box 15 March, John L.

Box 15 March, Joseph Moncure

Box 15 March, Margaret

Box 15 March, Mildred L. Conway

Box 15 Marshall, J.W.

Box 15 Martin, B.E.

Box 15 Martin, Sella

Box 15 Martineau, Harriet

Box 15 Martineau, James

Box 15 Martineau, Ralph

Box 15 Marye, George T., Jr.

Box 16 Masaryk, Charlotte Garrigue

Box 16 Mase, F.H.

Box 16 Mason, Caroline Atherton

Box 16 Maude, Aylmer

Box 16 Mavor, James

Box 16 Max Müller, Friedrich

Box 16 Mayer, J.R. Townshend

Box 16 Mazzini, Joseph

Box 16 Mead, Edwin D.

Box 16 Meline, James

Box 16 Mendoza, H., & Son

Box 16 Meredith, George

Box 16 Mew, Egan

Box 16 Mielziner, Leo

Box 16 Mildmay, Susan Motley St. John [Mrs. Herbert]

Box 16 Miles, George Francis

Box 16 Milholland, John E.

Box 16 Mill, John Stuart

Box 16 Miller, C.H.

Box 16 Miner, W.C.

Box 16 Minor, George

Box 16 Modler, Sallie E.

Box 16 Moncure, A.L.

Box 16 Moncure, Richard C.L.

Box 16 Monod, Henri

Box 16 Moore, C.

Box 16 Moore, H. Keatley

Box 16 Moore, Norman

Box 16 Morgan, Mr. and Mrs.

Box 16 Morgan, Camilla

Box 16 Morley, John

Box 16 Morris, Edmund

Box 16 Morris, Jane Burden [Mrs. William]

Box 16 Morris, Mary E.

Box 16 Morrison, W.

Box 16 Morse, George R.

Box 16 Morse, John T.

Box 16 Morse, Sidney H.

Box 16 Moschelez, Margaret

Box 16 Mosely, B.L.

Box 16 Motley, John Lothrop

Box 16 Moulton, [Baron Moulton] John Fletcher

Box 16 Moulton, Louise C.

Box 16 Muir, Ethel Gordon

Box 16 Munn, Fisher

Box 16 Murdoch, Ida E.

Box 16 Murray, Grace A.

Box 16 Murray, James Augustus Henry

Box 16 Murray, W.J.

Box 16 Musgrave, T.B.

Box 16 Myers, Isaac

Box 16 Myles, Marie

Box 17 Neftel, P.J.

Box 17 Neuten, R. Heber

Box 17 New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital

Box 17 Newman, Francis William

Box 17 Newport, David

Box 17 Open Court Publishing Co.

Box 17 Newton, Byron Rufus

Box 17 Nichol, E.P.

Box 17 Nicolovius, Mary

Box 17 Noa, Henriette

Box 17 Noa, Jessie

Box 17 Norcliffe, Charles Bert

Box 17 Nordhoff, Evelyn Hunter

Box 17 Norton, Charles Eliot

Box 17 Nourrit, John

Box 17 O'Connor, William Douglas

Box 17 O'Donnel, Kane

Box 17 O'Reilly, John Boyle

Box 17 Osborne, Duffield

Box 17 Osborne, Thomas Mott

Box 17 Osgood, James R.

Box 17 Overy, Frank M.

Box 17 Page, Thomas Nelson

Box 17 Palmer, Cortlandt

Box 17 Parker, James

Box 17 Paul, C. Kegan

Box 17 Paulding, James Kirke

Box 17 Payne, J.

Box 17 Payne, Mary Starting

Box 17 Payton, William

Box 17 Peabody, Andrew Preston

Box 17 Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer

Box 17 Pearson, Karl

Box 17 Pennell, Elizabeth Robins

Box 17 Perkins, Frederic Beecher

Box 17 Perkins, Janes Handasyd

Box 17 Perrier, Anna Frances

Box 17 Perry, Bliss

Box 17 Peyton, J.L.

Box 17 Phillips, Wendell

Box 17 Pickering, L.S.

Box 17 Picton, J. Allanson

Box 17 Pitt-Rivers, Alice Margaret Stanley

Box 17 Pollock, Frederick, 3rd Baronet

Box 17 Pollok, Anthony

Box 17 Potter, William J.

Box 17 Poynder, Frederick

Box 17 Praeger, Ferdinand

Box 17 Praill, Eveline E.

Box 17 Pratt, Hodgson

Box 17 Prentice, Esther Ridley

Box 17 Prentice, Ridley

Box 17 Preston, Alfred

Box 17 Prior, Thomas R.

Box 17 Proctor, Emerson

Box 17 Putnam, George Haven

Box 17 Putnam, Herbert

Box 18 Queensberry, John Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquess of

Box 18 Rabbe, Felix

Box 18 Ralston, William Ralston Shedden

Box 18 Randolph, Alfred Magill

Box 18 Randolph, L.N.

Box 18 Rappard, Clara von

Box 18 Rawle, William

Box 18 Rawlings, H.

Box 18 Read, Delphine Marie Pumpelly [Mrs. John Meredith Read]

Box 18 Read, John Meredith

Box 18 Read, F.W.

Box 18 Read, Harmon Pumpelly

Box 18 Reid, Whitelaw

Box 18 Reitnitz, Lily von

Box 18 Remond, Sarah P.

Box 18 Renan, Cornélie Scheffer [Mrs. Ernest Renan]

Box 18 Renan, Ernest

Box 18 Richardson, Abby Sage

Box 18 Ripley, George

Box 18 Robarts & co.

Box 18 Robertson, John M.

Box 18 Robinson, Conway

Box 18 Robinson, E.R.

Box 18 Robinson, Leigh

Box 18 Robinson, Lizzie M.

Box 18 Robinson, Moncure

Box 18 Roelker, Alfred

Box 18 Roelker, Katie E.

Box 18 Rogers, M.E.

Box 18 Romanes, George John

Box 18 Roosevelt, Sara Delano [Mrs. James Roosevelt]

Box 18 Rose, Ernestine

Box 18 Rosebery, Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of

Box 18 Rossetti, Dante Gabriel

Box 18 Rossetti, William Michael

Box 18 Rossetti, Maria Francesca

Box 18 Rossetti, William Michael

Box 18 Routledge, Edmund

Box 18 Rowland, Kate M.

Box 18 Roworth, Harriet

Box 18 Ructza, -----

Box 18 Rusk, Ralph L.

Box 18 Russell, [Lady] Alyssa Whitall "Alys" Pearsall Smith

Box 18 Russell, [Lady] Constance Charlotte Lennox

Box 18 Russell, L.B.

Box 18 Russell, Le Baron

Box 19 Sabatier, Paul

Box 19 Saffi, A.

Box 19 St. Denis, Ruth

Box 19 St. John, [Sir] Spenser Buckingham?

Box 19 St. Paul's Road Chapel

Box 19 Salter, William

Box 19 Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin

Box 19 Sandwith, Humphrey

Box 19 Sant, G.T.

Box 19 Sargent, Franklin H.

Box 19 Saunoris, May Dana

Box 19 Sawyer, Eleanor Conway

Box 19 Sawyer, Florence H.

Box 19 Sawyer, G.C.

Box 19 Sawyer, H.B.

Box 19 Sawyer, Mildred Conway [Mrs. Philip]

Box 19 Sawyer, Philip

Box 19 Sayce, A.H.

Box 19 Schart, George

Box 19 Schieffelin, W.J.

Box 19 Schlesinger, Berthe

Box 19 School of Mines

Box 19 Schumann, Clara Josephine Wieck

Box 19 Schurz, W.M.

Box 19 Schuyler, Eugene

Box 19 Scott, Thomas

Box 19 Scott, W.S.

Box 19 Scott, William Bell

Box 20 Seemuller, Anne M. Crane

Box 20 Sen, Keshub Chunder

Box 20 Serres, Lavinia Jannetta Horton Ryves ["Princess of Cumberland, Duchess of Lancaster"]

Box 20 Service & Paton, publishers

Box 20 Seyler, Clarence H.

Box 20 Shahabudy, Kazi

Box 20 Shaw, C.K.

Box 20 Sheldon, Joseph, Jr.

Box 20 Sheldon, May French

Box 20 Sherwood, W.E.A.

Box 20 Shilz, Conrad and Emma

Box 20 Shoemaker, Cornelia J.

Box 20 Silsbee, Annie

Box 20 Silsbee, M.P.

Box 20 Silsbee, William

Box 20 Simonds, George

Box 20 Simson, Theodore S.

Box 20 Sladen, Douglas

Box 20 Slimmer, C.G.

Box 20 Smalley, George W.

Box 20 Smalley, Phoebe

Box 20 Smith, Charles A.Y.

Box 20 Smith, Edward

Box 20 Smith, Goldwin

Box 20 Smith, Lloyd Logan Pearsall

Box 20 Smith, Robert Pearsall

Box 20 Smith, S. Morgan

Box 20 Smythe, Percy Ellen Frederick William, 8th Viscount Strangford, 3rd Baron Renshurst

Box 20 Sonnenschein, William Swan

Box 20 Sothern, Edward Askew

Box 20 South Place Chapel

Box 20 South Place Ethical Society

Box 20 Southy, Alfred

Box 20 Sparks, Mary Crowninshield Silsbee [Mrs. Jared Sparks]

Box 20 Spencer, Herbert

Box 20 Spofford, Ainsworth Rand

Box 20 Sproul, George D.

Box 20 Stabler, Jessie B.

Box 20 Stacey, G.B.

Box 20 Stamfeld, J.

Box 20 Stanley, Edward Lyulph, 4th Baron Sheffield, 4th Baron Stanley of Alderley

Box 20 Stanton, Elizabeth Cady

Box 20 Stanton, Theodore

Box 20 Staunton, Howard

Box 20 Stead, William Thomas

Box 20 Stearns, George Luther

Box 20 Stearns, Mary Elizabeth Preston [Mrs. George Luther Stearns]

Box 20 Stedman, Edmund Clarence

Box 20 Stephen, J.P.

Box 20 Stephen, [Sir] Leslie

Box 20 Stevens, B.F.

Box 20 Stevens, E.S.

Box 20 Stone, Margaret

Box 20 Stone, Thomas

Box 20 Storer, B.

Box 20 Storer, Maria Longworth

Box 20 Story, Emma Eames [Mrs. Julian Russell Story]

Box 20 Story, William Wetmore

Box 20 Stover, Charles B.

Box 20 Strauss, Anna Lord

Box 21 Suffield, A.A.

Box 21 Sullivan, W.B. Washington

Box 21 Sumner, Charles

Box 21 Syed, Ali

Box 21 Symonds, John Addington

Box 21 Szigeti, Joseph

Box 21 Swinburne, Algernon

Box 21 Taft, Alphonso

Box 21 Taft, William Howard

Box 21 Talbot, Edward Stuart

Box 21 Tarelli, Charles C.

Box 21 Tayler, John James

Box 21 Taylor, Chuchwill

Box 21 Taylor, Emily

Box 21 Taylor, Sir Henry

Box 21 Taylor, Martin

Box 21 Taylor, Peter Alfred

Box 21 Taylor, Tazewell

Box 21 Taylor, Virginia N.

Box 21 Tebb, Mary E.

Box 21 Terry, Ellen

Box 21 Thaxter, Celia

Box 21 Thayer, George A.

Box 21 Thies, Conrad

Box 21 Thomas, Edith M.

Box 21 Thomas, Jose Sterling

Box 21 Thompson, Charles E.

Box 21 Thompson, Emily Skeffington

Box 21 Thompson, George

Box 21 Thompson, James C.

Box 21 Thompson, W.

Box 21 Thomson, Walter

Box 21 Thoreau, Sophia E.

Box 21 Thorndike, M.

Box 21 Tiffany, C.C.

Box 21 Tiffany, Francis

Box 21 Tilton, Theodore

Box 21 Todd, John H.K.

Box 21 Todhunter, John

Box 21 Toft, Peter

Box 21 Townsend, George Alfred

Box 21 Travers, Ellen

Box 21 Travers, Lily

Box 21 Trene, J.W.

Box 21 Trent, Alice Lyman

Box 21 Troup, E. Josephine

Box 21 Trübner, Nicholas

Box 21 Trübner & Co.

Box 21 Truelove, Edward

Box 21 Truelove, Harriet

Box 21 Tucker, Charles

Box 21 Turner, T.

Box 21 Tyler, Lyon Gardiner

Box 21 Tyler, Moses Coit

Box 21 Tylor, Edward Burnett

Box 21 Tyndall, John

Box 21 Tyndall, Louisa C. Hamilton [Mrs. John]

Box 22 Underwood, Francis Henry

Box 22 Vanan, Amos J.

Box 22 Van Loo, Leon

Box 22 Vaux, Marion

Box 22 Vedder, Elihu

Box 22 Vengnaud, Henry

Box 22 Venturi, Emilie A.

Box 22 Vezin, Hermann

Box 22 Villard, Helen Frances Garrison

Box 22 Voysey, Charles

Box 22 Wadsworth, James Samuel

Box 22 Wagner, John H.

Box 22 Wald, Lilian D.

Box 22 Waldo, Fullerton L.

Box 22 Wallace, William

Box 22 Walters, F.R.

Box 22 Ward, Genevieve

Box 22 Ward, L.G.

Box 22 Ware, L.G.

Box 22 Washburn, Israel Jr.

Box 22 Washington, Booker Taliaferro

Box 22 Washington, Eva

Box 22 Washington, Fannie Virginia

Box 22 Washington, Joseph E.

Box 22 Washington, R.J.

Box 22 Watson, Robert Spence

Box 22 Walters, Margaret

Box 22 Webb, Sidney James, 1st Baron Passfield

Box 22 Weber, A.

Box 22 Weiss, John

Box 22 Wells, Kate Gannett

Box 22 Wendell, Barrett

Box 22 Wendte, Charles W.

Box 22 Weston, Stephen F.

Box 22 Wheelock, Josephine E.

Box 22 Whelpley, A.W.

Box 22 Whinery, Abbie

Box 22 White, Andrew Dickson

Box 22 Whitehead, Frances A.

Box 22 Whitman, Walt

Box 22 Whitney, W.D.

Box 22 Whittier, John Greenleaf

Box 22 Wilder, E.D.

Box 22 Willard, Edward Smith

Box 22 Wilcox, M.B.

Box 22 Williams, Arthur

Box 22 Williams, S.M.

Box 22 Wilson, A.

Box 22 Wilson, Andrew

Box 22 Wilson, Francis

Box 22 Wilson, Helen Hopekirk

Box 22 Wilson, Gen. James Grant

Box 22 Wilson, Jane

Box 22 Wise, Thomas James

Box 22 Wood, Wallace

Box 22 Woodrow, James

Box 22 Wright, Elizur

Box 22 Wylie, William Howie

Box 22 Wyman, Lillie P. Chace

Box 22 Young, Mrs. John L.

Box 22 Young, Robert

Box 22 Miscellaneous letters, unidentified

Box 22 Miscellaneous envelopes and scraps, stamps

I.2 Cataloged Manuscripts and Documents

Box 23 A--Conway, Emerson

Box 24 Conway, Eustace--Conway, Moncure Daniel

Box 25 Conway, Eustace--Conway, Moncure Daniel

Box 26 Conway, Eustace--Conway, Moncure Daniel

Box 27 Conway, Eustace--Conway, Moncure Daniel

Box 28 Conway, Eustace--Conway, Moncure Daniel

Box 29 Conway, Eustace--Conway, Moncure Daniel

Box 30 Conway, Eustace--Conway, Moncure Daniel

Box 31 Conway, Eustace--Conway, Moncure Daniel

Box 32 Conway, Eustace--Conway, Moncure Daniel

Box 33 Conway, Richard M.--end

Box 34 Printed material

Box 35 Printed material

Box 36 Programs [theatrical and other]

Box 37 Pamphlets

Box 38 Books from Conway's library

Box 39 Books from Conway's library

Box 40 Books from Conway's library

Box 41 Presentation copies of books

Box 42 Conway Memorial Lectures

Box 43 Presentation copies of books

Box 44 Pictures

Box 45 Photo albums

Box 46 Photographs and memorabilia

Box 47 Paintings, memorabilia, curiosities

Box 47 Scrapbook

[6] volumes

Box 47 Manuscript volume with addresses and other theater notes

[1] manuscript volume

Box 47 Framed Pictures

[7] pictures

Box 47 Emerson metal plaque

Box 47 Oversize photos and documents

Box 47 Music scores