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Gilmore D. Clarke papers, 1920-1980

Series I: Gilmore David Clarke Papers, circa 1920-1980

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Cataloged correspondence

Box 1 Adams, Sherman

Box 1 Barzun, Jacques

Box 1 Benton, William

Box 1 Bishop, Morris

Box 1 Brooks, Van Wyck

Box 1 Brownell, Herbert

Box 1 Churchill, Winston S.

Box 1 Cowley, Malcolm

Box 1 Damrosch, Walter see Brooks, Van Wyck

Box 1 Day, Edmund Ezra

Box 1 Delano, Frederick A.

Box 1 Ecker, Frederick H.

Box 1 Eisenhower, Dwight D.

Box 1 Eisenhower, Milton S.

Box 1 Farrand, Livingston

Box 1 Herter, Christian A.

Box 1 Hoover, Herbert

Box 1 Hersey, John

Box 1 McClellan, George B.

Box 1 MacLeish, Archibald

Box 1 Manship, Paul

Box 1 Morris, Newbold

Box 1 Moses, Robert

Box 1 Mumford, Lewis

Box 1 Nixon, Richard M.

Box 1 Oakes, John B.

Box 1 Proffitt, Charles G.

Box 1 Rockefeller, John D., II

Box 1 Rockefeller, John D., III

Box 1 Rockefeller, Nelson A.

Box 1 Roosevelt, Eleanor

Box 1 Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Box 1 Rusk, Dean

Box 1 Seymour, Charles

Box 1 Stassen, Harold E.

Box 1 Stone, Harlan F.

Box 1 Tate, Allen

Box 1 Truman, Harry S.

Cataloged photographs:

Box 1 New York City World's Fair Armillary Sphere

Box 1 New York City World's Fair Sundial

Cataloged art work:

Box 1 Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Arranged correspondence

Box 1 Clarke

Box 1 A-G

Box 1 H-M

Box 1 N-Z

Subject files

Architects and Their Work

Box 2 Breuer, Marcel

Box 2 Brooklyn Queens Expressway

Box 2 Grand Central Station

Box 2 Hirschhorn

Box 2 Nevelson, Louise

Box 2 New York

Box 2 Pei, I. M.

Box 2 Washington, D.C. Area

Box 2 Biographical File

Box 2 Board of Design

Box 2 Columbia University Oral History Project

Committee of Fine Arts

Box 2 General

Box 2 Potomac River

Box 2 U.S. Capitol

Box 2 White House

Box 2 Cornell University

Box 2 Franklin Institute

New York World's Fair, 1964-1965


Box 2 August 1960-1961

Box 3 1962-1965

Box 3 Designs

Box 3 Manuscripts


Box 3 DeLue, Donald

Box 3 Fredericks, Marshall

Box 3 Roszak, Theodore

Box 3 Sculptures, Misc.

Box 3 Views

Box 3 Printed materials

Box 3 Clippings

Box 4 Manuscripts (Arranged)


Box 4 General

Box 4 Memorials

Box 4 Sonnets

Box 4 By others, A-Z


Box 4 Clarke family

Box 4 Clarke, Gilmore D.


Box 4 Barrett Park, Staten Island

Box 4 Central Park, Manhattan

Box 4 Cleveland Museum of Art

Box 4 Cross Bronx Parkway

Box 4 Garden State Parkway

Box 4 Grand Central Parkway

Box 4 Henry Hudson Parkway

Box 4 Hutchinson Parkway

Box 4 Nashville Expressway System

Box 4 New Jersey Turnpike

Box 4 New York World's Fair, 1939

Box 4 Palisades Parkway

Box 4 Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Box 4 Queens Botanical Gardens

Box 4 Robert Moses State Park

Box 4 Saw Mill River Parkway

Box 4 State University College, Long Island (Stoney Brook)

Box 4 Stuyvesant Town s Manhattan

Box 4 Taconic State Parkway

Box 4 Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority

Box 4 Van Wyck Expressway

Box 4 Washington, D.C.

Box 4 Unidentified landscapes

Box 4 Unidentified portraits

Box 4 Newspaper clippings (Misc.)

Printed materials

Box 5 Clarke (author), Illustrations, Articles

Box 5 Pamphlets, Programs, Brochures

Box 5 Reports and Studies, 1939-1956

Box 5 Reports and Studies, 1957-1964

Mapcase 14-P-3 1 Oversized Folder of Printed materials - Bound volumes