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Richard Volney Chase papers, 1930-1984

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Aldrich, Margaret Chanler

Box 1 Anderson, Charles

Box 1 Arvin, Newton

Box 1 Barrett, William

Box 1 Barzun, Jacques

Box 1 Bellow, Saul

Box 1 Bentley, Eric

Box 1 Blackmur, Richard Palmer

Box 1 Davis, Robert Gorham

Box 1 Dupee, Frederick W.

Box 1 Fiedler, Leslie

Box 1 Flint, Robert W.

(Includes 2 manuscripts)

Box 2 Hardwick, Elizabeth

Box 2 Hoffman, Frederic John

Box 2 Hofstadter, Richard

Box 2 Howe, Irving

Box 2 Johnson, Thomas Herbert

Box 2 Kazin, Alfred

Box 2 Kirchway, Freda

Box 2 Kronenberger, Louis

Box 2 Lowell, Robert

Box 2 McCarthy, Mary

Box 2 MacDonald, Dwight

Box 2 Mailer, Norman

Box 2 Marshall, Margaret

Box 2 Mason, Ronald Charles

Box 2 Miller, Perry

Box 2 Neff, Emery

Box 2 Olson, Charles

Box 2 Phillips, William

Box 2 Podhoretz, Norman

Box 2 Rahv, Philip

Box 2 Ransome, John Crowe

Box 2 Riesman, David

Box 2 Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr.

Box 2 Simon, Jean

Box 2 Spong, Richard M.

Box 2 Tate, Allen

Box 2 Trilling, Lionel

Box 3A Van Doren, Mark

Box 3A Viereck, Peter

Box 3A Warren, Robert Penn

Series II: Uncataloged Correspondence

Box 3A Letters to Robert Volney Chase, 1949 1956-1962, 1949, 1956-1962

Box 3A Letters from Robert Volney Chase to Frances Chase, 1938 1949-1961, 1938, 1949-1961

Box 3A Letters of Condolence, 1962-1963

Series III: Personal and Biographical Materials

Box 3A Biographical Materials

Box 3A Bibliography of Richard Volney Chase, 1943-1962

Box 3A Memorabilia

Box 3A Photographs

Box 3A Memorial Service for Robert Volney Chase

Box 3B Notes on American and English Literature

Box 3B Signatures of political, scientific, and literary figures collected by Chase

Box 3B Clippings (Writings by and about Robert Volney Chase)

Box 4 Course Materials

Box 5 Course Materials

Series IV: Manuscripts

Box 4 Manuscripts

Series V: Printed Materials

Box 6 Articles and Reviews by Robert Volney Chase

Box 7 Articles and Reviews by Robert Volney Chase

Box 8 Articles and Reprints by Others

(Most of these are inscribed to Chase)

Box 9 Books by Others Inscribed to Chase

Box 10 Books by Chase

Box 11 Books by Chase

Box 12 Books by Chase