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Melville Cane papers, 1901-1979

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Series II: Cataloged Manuscripts

Cataloged Correspondence and Manuscripts are Interfiled

Box 1 Cane, Melville "Two Stars", [New York?], [ca. 17 Oct 1930], 1 page a.ms.s. (poem; copy)

[For the above See: Cane, Melville. To Abraham Valentine Williams Jackson, [17 Oct 1930].]

Box 1 Cane, Melville January Garden, New York, 1926, 33 pages page proof (poems, with autograph corrections, in slipcase)

Box 1 Cane, Melville Poems since 1964, v.p., 1964-1972, 86 pages a.ms.s. (notebook, 1 volume)

Box 1 Cane, Melville "Query", [New York], [Sept 1947], 1 page a.ms. (poem)

[Last 3 lines added by Sinclair Lewis and are in his hand]

Box 1 Cane, Melville "Winter Night", n.p., [1898 or 1899], 1 page a.ms. (poem)

[With corrections by George Edward Woodberry; with related material]

Box 1 Cane, Melville Citation for his service with Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., presented on his one hundredth birthday, [New York], 15 April 1979, 1 page ms.d.

Box 1 [Erskine, John] "Materials of Poetry", [New York?], n.d., 3 pages a.d.

Box 2 Frost, Robert "Departmental", [Amherst, MA], [2 Dec 1935], 3 pages a.d.s. (poem)

Box 2 Frost, Robert "Willful Homing", [Amherst, MA], [15 Nov 1937], 1 page a.d.s. (s. to Melville Cane)

Box 2 Hayden, Hiram "Athwart, We Beg You", [Philadelphia?], 16 April 1969, 1 page t.ms.s. (poem)

[Also signed by Melville Cane, Helen Wolf, William Jovanovich, et al.]

Box 2 Hayden, Hiram "Presence of Cane", [New York], 15 April 1971, 1 page t.ms.s. (poem)

[Also signed by Melville Cane, Helen Wolff, William Jovanovich, et al.]

Box 2 Hayden, Hiram "To Cane, on being ninety-three", [Philadelphia?], 15 April 1972, 1 page printed poem (3 copies, signed by the author; 1 copy, framed, dated "4/20/72" and signed by Cane)

[One copy of the poem printed on different paper, signed by the author, with envelope with a.n. by Melville Cane; SHELVED IN MAP CASE 14-13-10.]

Box 2 [Lincoln, Abraham] A writ of capias by Stuart & Lincoln; in the hand of John Todd Stuart (?), Sangamon Co., IL, [3 May 1839], 1 page ms.d.s.

Box 2 [Moore, Marianne] "The Storm", [New York], n.d., 1 page t.d. (poem)

[A.n. by Cane on his poem, "The Storm is broken"]

Box 2 Morley, Christopher "Midsummer pause: the telephone's talked out...", Roslyn Heights, NY, [ca. 1950?], 1 page t.d.s. (s. with initials)

Box 5 Robinson, Henry Morton "Poetry and personality: an appreciation of Melville Cane", n.p., [Dec 1951], 17 pages t.ms.

[With corrections in the author's hand]

Box 6 Sinclair, Mary Craig Kimbrough (Mrs. Upton) "Heart Attack", Monrovia, CA, ca. May 1955, 1 page t.ms.s. (poem)

Box 6 Struther, Jan "The Sage", n.p., 17 May 1944, 1 page t.ms.

Box 6 Struther, Jan "The Viennese ladies", n.p., [1952], 2 pages t.ms.s. (inscribed to Melville Cane)

Box 6 White, Elwyn Brooks "Response", n.p., n.d., 1 page t.ms.s. (poem to Melville Cane, s. with initials)