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C. J.Bulliet papers, 1899-1952

Series V: Visual Materials, 1884-1946

The majority of this series is composed of photographs of actors and production photographs from film and theatre, and a collection of theatrical portraits and subject files. Bulliet had an extensive collection of autographed portraits and much of this series has been cross-indexed in the Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum Portrait Collection. The series includes catalogued and non-catalogued materials, and retains the earlier arrangement.

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Subseries V.1: Catalogued Images, 1910-1937

Included here are previously catalogued portraits and original drawings.

Box 8 Folder 4 Ayoe, Madame--Autographed, 1910

Box 8 Folder 5 Bell, Claire--Autographed, Undated

Box 8 Folder 6 Enters, Anga, 1937

Box 8 Folder 7 Hoffman, Gertrude--Autographed, Undated

Box 8 Folder 8 King, Alexander, 1928

Box 8 Folder 9 Mantell, Robert--Autographed, 1910

Box 8 Folder 10 Meeker, Chris Marie, Undated

Mapcase 14-L-1 Meeker, Chris Marie, Undated

Box 8 Folder 11 Montana, Bull--Autographed, 1923

Mapcase 14-L-1 Riedell, Boris, Undated

Box 8 Folder 12 Sinnott Lillian--Autographed, Undated

Box 8 Folder 13 Snyder, Corydon--with Enclosed Letter, 1926-1927

Mapcase 14-L-1 Sullivan, Margaret, 1936

Box 8 Folder 14 Wall, Bernhardt, 1926

Box 8 Folder 15 Weed, Raphael A, 1915-1918

Subseries V.2: Non-Catalogued Materials, 1884-1946

The non-catalogued materials include an array of portraits of artists and productions, extensive photographs of Robert Bruce Mantell in his Shakespearean roles and Gordon Craig's design for Lady Macbeth's chamber inMacbeth.

Box 8 Folder 16 to 17 General, 1902-1946, undated, (2 Folders)

Mapcase 14-L-1 General--Richard III--Mary Boland, Undated

Box 8 Folder 18 Atlantic City Beauty Contest, 1922

Mapcase 14-L-1 Craig, Gordon--Design for Macbeth-Illustration of Lady Macbeth's Chamber for 1.5--with Notes,, Undated

Box 8 Folder 19 Dobbins, H. H, 1923

Mapcase 14-L-1 Edison, Robert--with wife, Undated

Box 8 Folder 20 Eltinge, Julian, Undated

Box 8 Folder 21 Fashion--Henry Brothers Photographs, Undated

Mapcase 14-L-1 Frohman, Charles--Stars of the 1909-1910 Season, 1909-1910

Box 8 Folder 22 Hamper, Genevieve, Undated

Mapcase 14-L-1 Huara, Helba--with Personal Note, 1929

Box 8 Folder 23 Mantell, Robert--[as Hamlet], Undated

Box 9 Folder 1 Mantell, Robert--as King Lear, Undated

Box 10 Folder 1 to 3 Mantell, Robert, 1884-Undated, (3 Folders)

Mapcase 14-L-1 Mantel Family, Undated

Box 10 Folder 4 Movie Scenes, Undated

Box 10 Folder 5 to 6 News Service Photographs, 1922-1923 Undated, 1922-1923, Undated, (2 Folders)

Box 10 Folder 7 Performers, Undated

Box 10 Folder 8 Play Scenes, 1916-1917 Undated, 1916-1917, Undated

Mapcase 14-L-1 Police Department Photo, [1927]

Box 10 Folder 9 Portraits--Autographed, Undated

Box Flat File 273 Portraits--Autographed, Undated

Box 10 Folder 10 Raye, Faye, 1926

Box 10 Folder 11 Universal Pictures--Publicity Stills, Undated

Subseries V.3: Catalogued Theatrical Images and Portraits, undated

The bulk of these materials comprise photographs of actors and productions. The materials in this subseries were catalogued previously and the original arrangement has been preserved.

Box 13 Folder 1 Theatrical Images and Portraits--List of, Undated

Box 13 Folder 2 to 7 Abarbanell, Lina - Clifford, Kathleen, Undated (6 Folders), Undated

Box 14 Folder 1 to 6 Coghlan, Gertrude - Gunning, Louise, Undated (6 Folders), Undated

Box 15 Folder 1 to 4 Hackett, James K. - Lloyd, Alice, Undated (4 Folders), Undated

Box 16 Folder 1 to 5 Loftus, Cecelia - Owen, Margaret, Undated (5 Folders), Undated

Box 17 Folder 1 to 5 Parker, Louis-Napoleon - Sylva, Marguerita, Undated (5 Folders), Undated

Box 18 Folder 1 to 4 Taliaferro, Alice - Zangwell, Israel, Undated (4 Folders), Undated

Box 19 Folder 1 to 4 Actor's Church Alliance--Chicago Chapter - Scenes from Plays--"The Way to the Heart," Undated (4 Folders), Undated