Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Jacques Barzun papers, 1900-1999

Series XVI: 1990 Gift

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Correspondence, Editorial and Personal (1986-1988):

Box 362 A

Box 362 B

Box 362 Bentley, Joanne

Box 362 Bertin, Michael

Box 362 Bloom, Peter

Box 362 C

Box 362 Cournand, Marie-Claire

Box 362 The Culture We Deserve (I)

Box 362 The Culture We Deserve (II)

Box 362 Cstcsery-Ronay, Elizabeth

Box 362 Davenport, William

Box 363 E

Box 363 F

Box 363 Feinstein. Herbert

Box 363 G

Box 363 Goodman, Jonathan

Box 363 Ha-He

Box 363 Hf-Hz

Box 363 I & J

Box 363 K

Box 363 L

Box 363 M

Box 363 McAleer, John

Box 363 Miller, Charles

Box 363 N

Box 364 P

Box 364 R

Box 364 Reeve, Katherine

Box 364 Sa-Sm

Box 364 Sn-Sz

Box 364 T & U

Box 364 V

Box 364 W

Box 364 Wadsworth, Robert

Box 364 Y & Z

Box 364 Unidentified

Box 364 By First Name

Box 364 Miscellaneous to Publishers

Box 364 Miscellaneous Printed Materials

Typescripts and Proofs:

Box 365 Typescripts and Proofs-Pre-1986

Box 365 Typescripts and Proofs-1986(1)

Box 365 Typescripts and Proofs-1896(2)

Box 365 Typescripts and Proofs-1987

Box 365 Typescripts and Proofs-1988(1)

Box 365 Typescripts and Proofs-1988(11)

Box 365 Typescripts and Proofs-1989

Box 365 Typescripts and Proofs-Undated(I)

Box 365 Typescripts and Proofs-Undated(II)

Subject Folders:

Box 366 Tolstoy (I)

Box 366 Tolstoy (II)

Box 366 Depot. No. 500

Box 366 Lucy Poate Stebbins (I)

Box 366 Lucy Poate Stebbins (II)

Box 366 Books with Annotations

Box 367 Books Inscribed to J. Barzun