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Jacques Barzun papers, 1900-1999

Series XIV: 1988 Gift

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Box 343 Articles edited by Barzun, undated

A Catalogue of Crime: Files:

Box 343 Pamphlets, 1975-81

Box 343 Photocopies and related materials, 1968-86

Box 343 Short Stories, 1963-73

Box 343 Cosmopolitan Club: Programs and related materials, 1958-73

Box 343 "Doctors Afield": Article by Barzun, 1971

Box 343 From Parnassus (book of essays about Barzun): Correspondence and related materials, 1983-84

Box 343 Morgan, Paul: Oh Clerihew!: Page proofs,, undated

Box 343 Mysteries: Articles, catalogues, and related materials 1965-84

Scribner's Editorial Files:

Box 343 Hemingway, Ernest: The Dangerous Summer, 1984

Simple and Direct (revised edition):

Box 344 Files

Box 344 Correspondence, corrected drafts, and related materials

Box 344 Corrected manuscript with notes

Box 344 Research materials

Box 344 The Use and Abuse of Art: "Speaking Copy" from Mellon Lectures

Box 345 Books with contributions by JB

Box 346 Correspondence with authors (arranged), 1986-1987

Box 346 American Arbitration Association, 1987

Box 346 Columbia University, 1972-1987

Crime fiction:

Box 347 Articles by leading practitioners and a few others, 1951-1987

Box 347 Brief reviews by Barzun and Wendell Taylor, 1960-1982

Box 347 Correspondence (arranged), 1983-1988

Box 347 Important articles, reviews and documents on critical and popular taste, 1983-1988, (2 folders)

Box 348 Interesting promotion and other fugitives, 1950s-1986

Box 348 Reviews, printed and autograph, 1974-1985

Box 348 Stories and articles, 1954-1987

Box 348 Writings on, by Taylor and Barzun, 1950s-1985

Box 349 Encyclopedia Britannica . Comments and rewriting by Barzun,, 1981-1983

Box 349 Honors

Box 349 Lectures accepted, 1984-1986

Box 349 Miscellaneous

Box 349 A Word or Two Before You Go . Correspondence through, 1986

Box 349 Photographs

Manuscripts, 1986-1981

Box 350 Roberts, David Lindsay "Bohr, Trollope, Acoustics and the Island of Long Island"

Box 350 Tolstoy: The Ultimate Reconciliation by Martine de Courcel. photocopy of proof, (4 folders)

Box 350 A Word or Two Before You Go ..., author's set

Box 351 Books and offprints inscribed to and collected by Barzun

Box 352 Books and offprints inscribed to and collected by Barzun

Box 353 Books and offprints inscribed to and collected by Barzun

Box 354 Books and offprints inscribed to and collected by Barzun

Oversized Material:

Mapcase 14-M-7 Four of Barzun's diplomas from Columbia University (1 tube)

Mapcase 14-M-7 Several honorary certificates including one Barzun's nomination to the Ordre National de la Legion d'Honneur, (1 folder)