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Geroid Tanquary Robinson papers, 1915-1965

Series IV: Manuscripts by Others

Arranged alphabetically

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Box 39 Armstrong, W.C. "The Privately Owned Bondsmen of Iaroslavl Province"

Box 39 Benjamin, F.S. "Theorica"

Box 39 Bergson, Abram. Rand Corp Reports, 2 folders

Box 39 Bernaut, Elsa and Ruggles, M.J. "Soviet Collective Leadership"

Box 39 British Reports on the USSR, 1954

Box 39 Chapman, Janet G. "Regional Structure of Soviet Retail Prices"

Box 39 Clarke, Gilmore D. Sonnets

Box 40 Dallin, Alexander. "Red Star on Military Affairs, 1945-1952"

Box 40 Fedotoff-White, Dmitrii D. "Certain Outcomes of Lenin's Philosophy"

Box 40 Garthoff R.L. "The Role of the Military in Recent Soviet Politics"

Box 40 Joravsky, David "Soviet Marxism & the Philosophy of Natural Science, 1922-1929"

Box 40 Low, Alfred D. "Lenin"

Box 40 McNeal, Robert H. "Stalin on the Question of Nationality"

Box 40 Mathes, W.L. "The Views of J.V. Stalin on Communist Party Unity"

Box 40 Mosely, Philip S. "The Story of the Zadruga"

Box 41 Nimitx, Nancy. "A Dollar Index of Soviet Coal Output 1927/28-1937"

Box 41 Randall Francis B. "The Major Prophets of Russian Peasant Socialism", 3 folders

Box 41 Rush, Myron. "Khrushev and the Political Crisis of June, 1957"

Box 42 Shapiro, Leonard. "The Communist Party of the Soviet Union: Its Origins and Development" (Draft)

Box 41 Shteppa, K.F. "Vospitanie Partiinykh Kadrov V SSSR"

Box 41 Smith, G.B. "The Progressive Block in the Russian State Duma"

Box 41 Towster, Julian. Translation of the Proceedings of the 14th CPSU Congress

Box 41 Towster Julian. Translation of the Proceedings of the 15th CPSU Congress

Box 41 Tucker, R.C. "Forces for Change in Soviet Society"

Box 41 Vernadsky, George. "Church and State in the Time of Nikon"

Box 41 Yakobson, Sergius. "Report on the Survey of European Slavic Collections", 1953