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Frances Perkins papers, 1895-1965

Perkins Papers Available on Microfilm (Parts I-V, VIII)

Parts I-V, VIII are also available on microfilm.

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Part I: Cataloged Correspondence--Letters to Perkins from:

Reel 1 A) A - Cantor, Eddie

Reel 2 B) Casey, Thomas - Gildersleeve, Virginia C.

Reel 3 C) Glass, Meta - Lilienthal, David B.

Reel 4 D) Lippmann, Walter - Wolman, Leo

Reel 5 E) Woolley, Mary - Wyzanski, Charles

Part II: Uncataloged Correspondence--Letters to Perkins from:

Reel 6 A) Abbott, Beatrice - Chapman, H.J.

Reel 7 B) Chapman, O .L. - Fletcher, Henry P.

Reel 8 C) Fletcher, Marion R. - Hood, Ellen G.

Reel 9 D) Hook, Charles R. - Lewis, Fulton, Jr.

Reel 10 E) Lewis, Grace H. - Morrison, Alva

Reel 11 F) Morgan, Ruth - Rich, Adena M. (Mrs. Kenneth F.)

Reel 12 G) Rich, Raymond T. - Stacy, Walter P.

Reel 13 H) Stafford, Joya - Whitridge, Janetta (Mrs. Arnold)

Reel 14 I) Wickard, Claude R. - Zvara, Peter

Part III: Cataloged Correspondence--Letters from Perkins to:

Reel 15 A) Adee, Mrs. Ernest - Roosevelt, Franklin D. (1929)

Reel 16 B) Roosevelt, Franklin D. (1931) - Wilson, Paul C.

Part IV: Cataloged Correspondence (t.l. and t.l.s.)--Letters from Perkins to:

Reel 16 1) Various people

Reel 17 2) Arthur, George B. - Wolman, Leo

Part V: Uncataloged Correspondence (Carbons)--Letters from Perkins to:

Reel 17 A.1) Various people

Reel 18 A.2) Abbott, Grace - Ewing, James J.

Reel 19 B) Fagundus, Ruth - Millis, Harry A.

Reel 20 C) Mills, Charles - Tydings, Millard E.

Reel 21 D) Ulio, J.A. - Zvara, Peter

Part VIII: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Reel 22 1) Letters to various people A-Z (Cataloged)

Reel 22 2) Letters from Frances Perkins (Uncataloged)

Reel 22 3) Letters from various people re: various topics (Uncataloged)

Subjects include strikes, labor conditions, World War II, National Defense and other topics

Errata List for Microfilm

Roll I-D (Reel 4)

Pardue, Austin, 1945 May 15

Letter re: E.N. Cocking - notations illegible

Lubin, Simon J., 1934 December 1

San Francisco; to Hiram W. Johnson; 2 car. p.s.

McAllister, Dorothy

Letter to Perkins on dark paper; assorted newspaper clippings

Roll II-B (Reel 7)

Fish, C.E.

Photo: "Mr. Dies goes snipe hunting"

Emmett, Pauline

Letter on dark paper

Roll II-E (Reel 10)

Mitchell, Harry B., 1949 July 26

Letter to O.D. Johnston, pp. 4, 8

Millis, H.A., 1942 February 26

Negative photostat

McClees, Lulu, 1945 April 13

Letter from Delano, CA

Lovejoy, Owen R., 1935 July 29

Notes on back of letter

Roll II-F (Reel 11)

Leslie, Rice C., 1940 December 7

Pierson, John H.G., 1945 September 25(?)


Perlman, Selig, 1954

Photograph signed John R. Connor

Patton, E.B., 1920 August(?)

Letter on dark paper

Paine, Charles B., 1942 July

Newsphoto and wedding announcement

Oxley, Lawrence A., 1946 September

"The Episcopal Church and the Negro Layman"; 3 p.s.

Mullins, John L., 1933 July 12

Morse, Wayne L., 1943 June

Note on 4" x 6" Department of Labor paper