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Ivan I. Morris papers, 1931-1976

Series I: Personal Files

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Subseries 1.1: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Acton, Harold To Ivan Morris, Florence, 2 Jan. 1971

Box 1 Baldwin, Roger Nash To Ivan Morris, [v.p.], May-Nov. 1974

Box 1 Barzun, Jacques To Ivan Morris, New York, 8 Nov. 1968

Box 1 Boyle, Kay To Ivan Morris, San Francisco, Cal., 1975-1976

Box 1 Compton-Burnett, Ivy To Ivan Morris, London, 27 Nov. 1967

Box 1 Forster, E[dward] M[organ], 1879-1970 To Ivan Morris, Cambridge, U.K.,, 31 Nov. 1967

Box 1 Gilliatt, Penelope To Ivan Morris, New York, 2 July 1976

Box 1 [Hazzard], Shirley To Ivan Morris, [v.p.], 1975-1976

Box 1 Janeway, Elizabeth To Ivan Morris, New York, 24 March 1976

Box 1 Keene, Donald To Ivan Morris, [v.p.], [n.d.] & 1961-1975

Box 1 Knopf, Alfred A. To Ivan Morris, New York, 24 Feb. 1967

Box 1 Knopf, Blanche W. To Ivan Morris, New York, 28 Nov. 1955

Box 1 Komroff, Manuel To Ivan Morris, Woodstock, N.Y., 27 Feb. 1968

Box 1 Laughlin, James To Ivan Morris, New York, 25 June 1964

Box 1 Mishima, Yukio To Ivan Morris, Tokyo, Jan.-Nov. 1970

Box 1 Mishima, Yukio To Harold, [n.p.], 17 Nov. 1970

Box 1 Hiraoka, Yoko Sugiyama (Mrs. Yukio Mishima) To Ivan Morris, Tokyo, 21 June 1971

[Correspondence in Japanese]

Box 1 Morris, Ira To Ivan Morris, Agadir, Morocco, 2 March 1953

Box 1 Morris, Ira and Edita To, Nesles, France, 1968

Box 1 Powell, Anthony To Ivan Morris, Frome, U.K., 17 July 1964 & 6 Nov. 1967

Box 1 Riesman, David To Ivan Morris, Cambridge, Mass., 18 Aug. 1965

Box 1 Shawn, William To Ivan Morris, New York, 25 July 1975

Box 1 Sitwell, Sacheverell To Ivan Morris, Towcester, U.K., 1967-1968

Box 1 Steegmuller, Francis To Ivan Morris, New York, 5 Dec. 1971

Box 1 Stokes, Henry Scott To Ivan Morris, Tokyo, 28 Nov. 1970

[Re: Yukio Mishima]

Box 1 [Trevor-Roper], Hugh [Redwald, 1914- ] To Ivan Morris, [n.p.],, [n.d.]

Box 1 [Trevor-Roper], Hugh [Redwald, 1914- ] To Roderick MacFarquhar, Oxford, U.K.,, 16 Nov. 1968

Box 1 Waley, Arthur To Theodore de Bary, London, 13 Jan. 1962

Box 1 Waley, Arthur [David] To Ivan Morris, [London], [n.d.]

Box 1 Waley, Arthur David and Alison Grant Robinson To Ivan Morris, London,, ca. 26 May 1966

Box 1 Waugh, Alec To Ivan Morris, Tangier, Morocco, 23 July 1975

Subseries I.2: Uncataloged Correspondence

Box 1 General

Box 1 Legal correspondence, 1964-1965

Box 1 Family correspondence (RESTRICTED)


Subseries I.3: Manuscripts and Documents

Box 1 Forrestal, James , Washington, D.C., 9 Dec. 1944

Box 1 Forrestal, James , Washington, D.C., 8 July 1946

Box 1 Keene, Donald [In Your Distant Street Few Drums Were Heard], [n.p.],, ca. 1967

[Essay included inMadly Singing in the Mountainsby Ivan Morris]

Box 1 Keene, Donald , [n.p.], [ca. March 1968]

Box 1 Morris, Ivan Misunderstandings re Mishima Suicide, [n.p.], [1970]

Box 1 Sitwell, Sacheverell Reminiscences of Arthur Waley, [n.p.], ca. 1968

Box 1 Sitwell, Sacheverell , [n.p.], ca. 1968

Subseries I.4: Miscellaneous Files

Box 1 Academic Record Philips Academy and Harvard University

Box 1 Alexander, Annalita M. The Grinding Machine

Box 1 Curriculum Vitae and Obituary

Box 1 Jobs and Tenure

Box 2 Jordan, C. Manuscripts

Box 2 Memberships

Box 2 Nationality

Box 2 Notes, Manuscripts and Documents, Miscellaneous; 1975 Datebook

Box 2 Obituaries and Memorials

Box 2 Passports

Box 2 School notebooks, Summerfields, Oxon, U.K.

Box 2 Travel

Box 2 U. S. Navy

Subseries I.5: Puzzles

Box 3 Correspondence, notes and drafts related primarily to Morris' books The Lonely Monk and Other Puzzles and Basil the Bookworm and Other Puzzles

Subseries I.6: Amnesty International

Box 4 Correspondence: General

Box 4 Correspondence, 1974

Box 4 General

Box 4 Board of Directors

Box 4 Board of Directors: Minutes

Box 4 Budget and Finances

Box 4 By-Laws, Statutes, Incorporation

Box 4 Executive Committee: Minutes

Box 4 Executive Director

Box 5 Fund-Raising

Box 5 Fund-Raising: Art for Amnesty

Box 5 Impartiality

Box 5 Index to Minutes of the Board and Executive Committee Meetings

Box 5 International Council and International Secretariat

Box 5 Lobbying

Box 5 Riverside Group

Box 5 Staff

Box 6 Missions and Investigations: China; Cuba; Dominican Republic; India; Iran; Japan; Syria/Israel; Urugay

Box 6 Missions: General

Box 6 Reports: General

Box 7 Printed material: General

Box 7 Printed material: Clippings

Box 7 Printed material: Periodicals

Subseries I.7: Japanese Literature and Culture

Box 8 Genji: Notes and Related material

Box 8 Madly Singing in the Mountains: Correspondence, Notes, and Related Material

[Book about Arthur Waley]

Box 9 Madly Singing in the Mountains: Correspondence, Notes, and Related Material

Box 10 Mishima, Yukio Correspondence and notes about, etc.

Box 10 The Nobility of Failure

Box 11 The Nobility of Failure

Box 12 The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon: Notes, Manuscripts, and Related Material

Box 13 Politics: Notes, Manuscripts, Correspondence, and Related Material

Box 14 Morris, Ivan The Style of Murassaki Shikibu

Box 15 Class Notes

Box 15 Notes on the 17th Century

Box 15 Notes on Women

Box 16 Notes

Box 17 Notes

Box 18 Book Reviews

Box 18 Nosca, Peter Manuscript

Box 18 Sakamoto, Mariai Manuscripts and notes

Box 18 Translations and miscellaneous notes

Box 18 Notebooks and miscellaneous notes

[Gift 1982]

Box 19 Translation: Notes and Correspondence

Box 19 Translation: Printed

Box 19 Morris, Ivan Articles and Lectures

Box 19 Morris, Ivan Miscellaneous notes and manuscripts

Box 20 Clippings and articles by Ivan Morris

Box 20 Clippings and articles - miscellaneous