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Rockwell Kent papers, 1885-1970

Series VIII: Exhibitions

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ACA Galleries …, 1989

Box 26 printed announcement

Box 26 videotape cassette

American Institute of Graphic Arts …, 1926

Box 26 printed copy

The Art Gallery of Toronto:

Box 26 "Cold feet and warm hearts in Greenland" lecture by Rockwell Kent

Box 26 announcement

Box 26 printed copy

Associated American Artists …, 1975

Box 26 printed invitation

Associated American Artists …, 1987

Box 26 2 printed catalogs

Bowdoin College Museum of Art: Rockwell Kent: the early years. [Brunswick, ME.] Bowdoin College, 1960. 1 vol. (catalogue of 60 paintings by Rockwell Kent) Carnegie Institute (Pittsburgh, PA.): "Paintings by Rockwell Kent"-catalogue:

Box 26 printed

Box 26 leaflet

The Center for Music, Drama and Art (Lake Placid NY) …, 1975

Box 26 4 printed items

The Center for Music, Drama and Art (Lake Placid NY) …, 1977

Box 26 printed catalog

Christie's East …, 1995

Box 26 printed catalog

A Collectors List, Inc. (Rockville Centre NY) … n.d.:

Box 26 mimeographed sales catalog

Columbus Museum of Art … 1985 7 items Daniel Gallery: "The Newfoundland paintings and drawings of Rockwell Kent"-catalogue:, 1985

Box 26 printed leaflet

The Digressionists-Fifth Exhibition, 2, March1911

Box 26 printed program, 8p. in portfolio

East River Savings Bank …, 1975

Box 26 printed catalog

Gallery of Modern Masters (Washington DC) …, 1937

Box 26 Clipping

The Harbor Gallery (Cold Spring Harbor, NY.)-announcement:

Box 26 printed copy

Kennedy & Co.: "The Hogarth, Jr. Series"-announcement:

Box 26 printed copies, 2p.

Knoedler & Co.:

Box 26 "Alaska drawings," 1-12 March1919-catalogue:

Box 26 pencil drafts oversize pencil drafts, 3p. printed copy clipping

Box 26 Knoedler & Co.:

Box 26 "Alaska paintings"-announcement:

Box 26 ink draft on printed copy printed copies, 2p.

Box 26 The Joint Distribution Committee … "Rare Book Auction" …, 1938

The Lakeside Press (Chicago): "The Christening of 'Moby Dick,'" 5, December 1930

Box 26 printed invitation, 3p.

The Lakeside Press (Chicago):

Box 26 An exhibition of contemporary American book illustration...Chicago, R.R. Donnelley & Sons, 1930. 1 vol. Landscape in Maine, 1820-1970 a sesquicentennial exhibition. N.p., Maine Federation of Women's Clubs, The Maine State Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Colby College, Bowdoin College, and the University of Maine at Orono [1970] 128p.:p.84-85 is Kent'sCranberrying Monhegan., 1820-1970

Larcada Gallery-announcement and catalogue:

Box 26 printed copy

Larcada Gallery …, 1966

Box 26 printed catalog

Larcada Gallery, 7-25 November 1972-announcement:

Box 26 2 printed copies

Larcada Gallery …, 1974

Box 26 2 mimeographed catalogs

Larcada Gallery …, 1977

Box 26 mimeographed auction catalog

Littlecote Galleries, Inc. (Utica, NY.): "Annual Spring Exhibit"-catalogue:

Box 26 printed copy

Mitchell Museum (Mount Vernon IL) …, 1976

Box 27 2 items

The New York Public Library … n.d.:

Box 27 mimeographed news release

Parke-Bernet Galleries: "Auction of drawings by Rockwell Kent," 4 May 1972-catalogue:

Box 27 3 printed copies

Plattsburgh State University /SUNY Plattsburgh …:

Box 27 13 items

The Pynson Printers: "Candide:

Box 27 original drawings"-announcement: printed copy (handcolored)

The Pynson Printers: "Later bookplates & marks of Rockwell Kent" …, 1937

Box 27 3 printed copies

Santa Barbara Museum of Art …, 1985

Box 27 "An Enkindled Eye"; the Paintings of Rockwell Kent, June 29-Sept. 1, 1985

Swarthmore College …, 1982

Box 27 "The Many Faceted Rockwell Kent", Jan. 5-March 31, 1982

With invitation for reception on Jan. 21, 1982, with talk by William J. Spangler

Tregoning Fine Art, Inc. …, 1988

Box 27 6 items

Weyhe Gallery: "Drawings for Moby Dick"-announcement:

Box 27 printed leaflet

Weyhe Gallery: "Water-colors of Ireland," 4-26 March 1927-announcement:

Box 27 printed copy

Weyhe Gallery: "Woodcuts and lithographs by Rockwell Kent"-catalogue:

Box 27 printed copy.

Wien Fine Art …, 1993

Box 27 printed catalog

Wildenstein & Co.: "Know and defend America"-announcement:

Box 27 ink draft

Box 27 ink lettering

Box 27 ink lettering (red and black)

Box 27 ink and pencil lettering, 2p.

Box 27 ink sketch

Box 27 pencil drafts, 4p.

Box 27 pencil lettering, 5p.

Box 27 printed copies (2)

Wildenstein & Co.:

Box 27 "Know and defend America"-catalogue:

Box 27 p.1 proof

Box 27 p.5 ink draft (red and black)

Box 27 p.5 proof

Box 27 p.9 proof

Box 27 p.11 proof

Box 27 p.15 proof

Box 27 ink drafts, 2p.

Box 27 2 pencil mock-up copies

Box 27 "Know and defend America"-catalogue: printed copy

Box 27 "Know and defend America"-clipping Wildenstein & Co.

Box 27 "Know and defend America"-misc.

Mapcase 13-F-6 "Retrospective;" oversize printed sign card

Box 27 Announcements: 3 printed copies The Workshop Gallery of L. Calapai (Glencoe IL) … 1974 printed catalog, 1974

Box 27 Miscellaneous Printed Materials:

Box 27 Tregoning Fine Art, Inc.

Box 27 Prints by Edmund Blampied, and Rockwell Kent from the Leona E. Prasse Collection, 1988

Two copies with realted notes and broadsides