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Indusco Inc. records, 1938-1985

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Cataloged Correspondence

These files are arranged alphabetically by correspondent. To request cataloged correspondence, request the files by name of the correspondent.

Box 1 Chou En-lai

Box 1 Chu Teh

Box 1 Li, Fu-chfin (see Mao Tse-tung)

Box 1 Mao Tse-tung

Box 1 Sun-Soong Ching Ling (Mme. Sun Yat-sen)

Box 1 Tung Pi-wu

Series I: Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (CIC)

Subseries I.A: CIC Correspondence, Manuscripts, and Photographs

Sub-subseries I.A.1: CIC Correspondence

Box 1 Lists of letters from China, by date of receipt at Indusco, N.Y., November 1946-December 1948, (8 folders)

Box 2 Lists of letters from China, by date of receipt at Indusco, N.Y., January 1949-April 1950, (2 folders)

Box 2 Extracts of mail from China, mostly taken from correspondence of Rewi Alley (some indexes), 1938-1944, (6 folders)

Box 3 Alexander, John, 1941-1943

Alley, Rewi

(See also I.A.3, I.A.4, I.B.I Bailie Schools--Shantan)

Box 3 1938-1942 June , (21 folders)

Box 4 1942 July -1943, (20 folders)

Box 5 1944, (12 folders)

Box 6 1945, (13 folders)

Box 7 1946, (12 folders)

Box 8 1947, (12 folders)

Box 9 1948, (12 folders)

Box 10 1949-1954, (13 folders)

Box 11 An Fan-chih 1949-Birdsley, Joan, 1946-1947

Box 12 Braid, Andrew 1943-1947-Carlson, Evans F., 1939-1947

Box 13 Carpenter, J. Henry 1942-1943-Chao Shu-I, 1940-1947

Box 14 Chen, Byron 1939-1946-Curwen, Anthony, 1948-1949

Box 15 Dean, Sam 1945-Fisher, Weithy Honsinger, 1947

Box 16 Fitch, George 1941-1946-Goullart, Peter, 1941-1951

Box 17 Haas, Lily 1942-Herman, Theodore, 1938-1941

Box 18 Herman 1942-1951-Hicks, Victor, 1944-1946

Box 19 Higgins, Judson 1946-Huang, W. W. (Wen-wei)

Box 20 Illsley, Walter 1946-1952-Liang Yu-chao, 1948

Box 21 Lin, Dr. Robert 1939-1940-Meng Yiing-chfien, 1940-1949

Box 22 Ming, Mavis 1942-1947-Pruitt, Ida, 1938

(See also: I.A.3, I.A.3, II.A.1)

Box 23 Pruitt, Ida

Box 23 1939

Box 24 1940-1942

Box 25 1942-1944

Box 26 1945-1947

Box 27 1947-1955-Smith, Walter, 1946-1950

Box 28 Smythe, Lewis S. C.

(See also I.A.3)

Box 28 1939-1943

Box 29 1944-1945

Box 30 1946-1952-Snow, Edgar, 1938-1945

Box 31 Snow, Helen Foster (Nym Wales) 1938-1947-Sweet, Lenning, 1944-1945

Box 32 Tan, J. M. 1942-1950-Townsend, Peter, 1942-1945

Box 33 Townsend 1946-1949-Turner, Margaret, 1948

Box 34 Wang, Anna 1938-Yip, Kenneth, 1939

Sub-subseries I.A.2: Cablegrams and Telegrams, 1941-1948

Box 35 Cablegrams and Telegrams, 1941-1948

Sub-subseries I.A.3: CIC Manuscripts, Printed Articles, and Pamphlets

(pamphlets arranges alphabetically by author. See also V no 1)

Box 36 Alley, Rewi

Box 36 Articles and notes on CIC and cooperation, 1939-1950

Box 37 Articles, notes, and reports on CIC and Shantan Bailie School; poems by rewi Alley, typescript, 1938-1953

Box 38 Published Reports and Books

Box 39 Armstrong, John Paul, 1948-Hogg, George

(for George Hogg, see also I.A.1)

Box 39 George Hogg--Articles on CIC and Cooperation, 1940-1944

Box 40 George Hogg--Articles and notes on Bailie Schools; printed articles; resume of work, 1940-1945

Box 40 Lyman John R., 1943

(see alsoI.A.1)

Box 41 Mei, Y.P., 1941-Pruitt, Ida, 1939-1948

Box 42 Reisner, John H. 1939-Snow, Helen Foster, 1939-1943

Box 43 Stevens, W. Mackenzie 1936-1943-Wells, Henry. W., 1950

Sub-subseries I.A.4: CIC Biographical Materials, with Photographs

Box 44 Alley, Michael (Rewi's adopted son)-Alley, Rewi

Box 45 An Fan-chih-Lyman, John R.

Box 46 Mao Tse-tung 1948-Yung, K. S.

Subseries I.B: Subject Files, Printed Matters, and Photographs of Activities

Sub-subseries I.B.1: Subject and Organization Files

Box 47 Indexes to materials, ca. 1942

Box 47 AACIC (Association for the Advancement of CIC) 1943-1945-Army Goods, 1940-1944

Bailie Schools

Box 48 Appeals, 1944-Lanchow (Kansu) Bailie School, 1942-1947

Box 49 Shantan ([Sandan], Kansu) Bailie School

Box 49 1949 study by Yang Hsin-pao for FAO-Geological Drawings, 1945-1949, 1949, 1945-1949

Box 50 Indusco mimeographed materials on Shantan and Lanchow Bailie Schools, 1944-1949

Box 50 Serials, 1946-1950, (2 folders)

Box 51 Yunnan: Kunming Proposal, 1945

Box 52 Bibliographies of materials on CIC and on cooperation in China, 1940-1947 -- Exchange rate, 1944-1948, 1940-1947, 1944-1948

Box 53 Farmers Bank of China 1941 Human interest stories, 1939-1945, 1941, 1939-1945

Box 54 Indusco Office for Supplies of Allied Military Services, 1943-1944-International Committee (IC)

International Committee

Box 54 "Announcement" 1939-Finances, 1942-1949

Box 55 Financial Statements, 1938-1947

Box 56 Financial Statements, 1948-1949

Meeting Minutes

Box 56 General Meetings, 1939-1951

Box 57 Annual Meeting 1945-1948-Executive Committee Meetings, 1943-1949

Box 58 Minutes of Joint Executive Committee Meetings 1946-1948-Minutes of JEC Projects Sub-committee, 1947

Box 58 Needs and Requests from China, 1941-1942

Box 59 Overseas promotion (notably Britain, Canada, postwar Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines), 1939-1951

Box 60 Peking Peace Conference, with photographs and news clippings, 1952-Refugees, 1943-1943

Box 61 Regions of GIG work

Box 61 Regional analyses, 1941-1944

Box 61 General Data, 1941-1948

Regional Areas of Work

Box 61 Border Regions, 1939-1949

Box 62 Northwest Headquarters area (NWHQ)

Box 62 Geographical file--sites of work activity, 1939-1952

Box 63 Subject File

Box 63 Conferences and Discussions, 1945-1946

Box 63 Reports, 1939-1946

Box 64 Serials, 1939-1945

Box 64 Women's Work, 1939-1945

Box 65 Southeast Headquarters area (SEHQ)

Box 65 Geographical File, 1939-1949

Subject File

Box 65 Articles on SEHQ, 1939-1949

Box 65 Reports--General, 1938-1939

Box 66 Reports--General, 1940-1947

Box 66 Technical Data, 1939-1947

Box 67 Southwest Headquarters area (SWHQ), 1939-1949

Box 67 Others (Hopei), 1947-1948

Box 68 Relief, Politics and problems of, 1938-1939 -- Rural Industry in China, 1942-1945, 1938-1939, 1942-1945

Box 69 Serials, National (CIC): Published in Chungking, Hongkong, and Shanghai, 1939-1950

(for non-CIC serials see I.B.3 Serials)

Box 70 Shanghai Promotion Committee, 1939-YMCA, 1942

Sub-subseries I.B.2: CIC Newspaper Clippings

(See also V, no. 2)

Box 71 Folders of clippings from Hongkong, Shanghai, the Philippines, and the United States, 1939-1941 1945-1948, 1939-1941, 1945-1948

Box 72 Binder of clippings from Hongkong, Shanghai, the Philippines and Hawaii, 1939-1941

Sub-subseries I.B.3: CIC Printed Material and Serials

Box 74 China Defense League, 1941-1943

Hongkong Promotion Committee

Box 74 Announcements, leaflets, pamphlets (many loose items)

Box 75 Serials, duplicate copies of Indusco News and News Release

(for publication details see I.B.1 Serials--Hongkong Promotion Committee)

Box 76 Indusco, Inc. announcements, leaflets, pamphlets-Pamphlets, miscellaneous

Box 77 Serials (Non-CIC) -- Unclassified Material

Sub-subseries I.B.4: CIC Photographs of Activities

(see also V nos 4.b and 4.c)

Box 78 Index of photographs-Bailie Schools:

Box 78 Chengtu Bailie School-Shantan Bailie School

Shantan Bailie School

Box 78 Arts and Drama-Electrical Division

Box 79 Farm Division-Recreation and Hiking

Box 80 Staff (Foreign and Chinese) -- Transport Division

Box 81 Shuangshihpu (Shensi) Bailie School-Southeast Headquarters Bailie School

Box 82 Unclassified Photographs and Negatives

(largely of Shantan Bailie School)

Box 83 Blanket-making-Exhibits (Chungking and U.S.)

Box 84 Food-making-Machinery and machine shops

Box 85 Matches-Regions of CIC

Box 85 Border Regions

Box 86 Northwest Headquarters area-Southeast Headquarters area

Box 87 Southwest Headquarters area


Box 87 Ancient methods -- Reeling

Box 88 Silk-Yarn preparation

Box 88 Women

Series II: INDUSCO, Inc.: U.S. Materials

Series II.A: Correspondence and Photographs of Persons

Series II.A.1 Important Correspondence

Box 89 Addis, Dr. Thomas (Stanford Univ. School of Medicine), 1946-1947 -- Crow, Carl (New York author and businessman), 1942, 1946-1947

Box 90 Currie, Lauchlin (Wash., D.C., White House Adviser, Foreign economic Administration), 1942-1945 -- Freyn, Hubert (New York, China News Service), 1942, 1942-1945

Box 91 Gamble, Sidney B. (N.Y., China Famine Relief, U.S.A.), 1940-1941-Hooker, Mrs. Edward (L.A., LOS Angeles-Hollywood Indusco Committee), 1941

Box 92 Hsia, C.L. (N.Y., Chinese News Service), 1940-1945-Kohlberg, Alfred (N.Y., Textile importer, later initiator of charges of communist leanings against I.P.R. and Owen Lattimore), 1943

Box 93 Lang, Olga (Boston and N.Y.), 1939-1942-Liu Liang-mo (N.Y., Chinese People's Chorus, speaker) 1942-1945, 1939-1945

Box 94 Lobenstein, Edwin C. (N.Y., China Medical Board) 1940-1941-Orcahrd, John, 1939

Box 95 Peffer, Nathaniel (N.Y., Columbia University) 1940-1942-Pruitt, Ida (N.Y., Indusco, Inc.), 1941-1942

Box 96 Rauschenbush, Carl (N.Y., NYU, Indusco Executive Board), 1941-1943-Swisher, Earl (Boulder, Univ, of Colorado), 1940-1942

Box 97 Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. George (Seattle, Univ. of Wash.), 1940-1942-Warbasse, James P. (N.Y., President, The Cooperative League of the United States of America), 1940

Box 98 Welles, Sunner (Wash., D.C., Acting Secretary of State), 1942-Yu Tsime-chi (N.Y., Chinese Consul-General), 1940-1941

Sub-subseries II.A.2: INDUSCO Routine and Fund-Raising Correspondence

1940-1942 September

Box 99 A-E

(missing, withdrawn by Indusco Office to make room for later materials)

Box 99 F-G

Box 100 H-J

Box 101 K-L

Box 102 M

Box 103 N-P

Box 104 Q-Se

Box 105 Sh-T

Box 106 U-Y

1942 October-1944

(section b. is less extensive than section a. due to a reduction in the number of private appeals for contributions made by Indusco following its 1942 contract with United China Relief.)

Box 107 A-Ch

Box 108 Ci-G

Box 109 H-Z


Box 110 A-C

Box 111 D-J

Box 112 K-Q

Box 113 R-Z

Box 114 1946

Box 114 (missing from files, discarded by Indusco), 1947-1949


Box 114 A-L

(missing except for miscellaneous files)

Box 114 N-Z

Sub-subseries II.A.3: Photographs of Persons

Box 114 Fenn, Charles -- Yarnell, Admiral Harry E.

Box 114 Others

Subseries II.B: Indusco Subject and Organizations File

Box 115 Americans, former residents of China, including missionaries, 1939-1949 -- Boards of Indusco, 1939-1949

Boards of Indusco

Box 115 Advisory Board, 1940-1951 -- Executive Board (later Board of Directors): lists of members, resolutions, and correspondence, 1940-1941, 1940-1951, 1940-1941

Box 116 Advisory Board, 1941-1950

Box 117 Branch Committees of Indusco, Inc.

Box 117 Baltimore, MD -- Washington D.C.

Box 118 China Aid Convention (November 1940), program and "Who's Who" of Participants -- Chinese Student Contracts, 1939-1945

Box 119 Church-related Groups

Box 119 American Friends Service Committee 1939-1945 1950-1952 -- World Council of Churches, 1945, 1939-1945, 1950-1952, 1945

Box 120 Committees of Indusco, Inc.-Cooperatives, U.S. 1940-1945 1949, 1940-1945, 1949

Box 121 Equipment sent to China (See II.C.2.b) -- Finances


(See also the President's War relief Control Board, IV.B Finances--Indusco and V. no. 7)

Box Box 122 1939-1940

Box Box 123 1941-1944

Box Box 124 1945-1947

Box Box 125 1948-1952

Box 121 Gripsholm (ship), repatriation of Americans 1943 -- Indusco -- IC-UCR relationship, 1942, 1943, 1942

Box 126 Indusco-UCR/USC relationship, including contracts, 1940-1949

Box 127 Labor U.S. 1940-1948-Library of Congress 1941-1946, 1941-1946

Box 128 Mailings: letters sent out, mailing statistics, name lists, 1940-1943, 1947-1950

(see also Publicity--form letters)

Box 129 Maps of U.S. and Canada-Mimeographed materials: correspondence, reports, projects, articles, 1944-1945

Box 130 Mimeographed Materials, 1946-1948

Box 131 Mimeographed Materials, 1949-1950

Minutes of Meetings

Box 131 Corporation of Indusco, Inc. 1942-1947, 1951-1952 -- Executive Board, 1940-1941, 1942-1947, 1951-1952, 1940-1941

Box 132 Executive Board, 1942-1942

Box 133 Executive Board, 1946-1947

Box 134 Executive Board, 1947-1952

Box 135 Field Work Committee Minutes, 1942

Box 135 Policy, 1941, 1947

Box 136 The President's War Relief Control Board (formerly the President's Committee on War relief Agencies) re: correspondence with Indusco, Indusco Monthly and Quarterly Reports, Monthly Press Releases, 1942-1945

Box 137 Printing and stationery rates and samples-Publicity and Promotion Materials

Publicity and Promotion Materials

Box 137 Anniversary of CIC congratulatory messages -- Films, including "A Nation Rebuilds", 1940-1946

Box 138 Form letters 1940-1952-News/press releases, 1940-1946

Box 139 News/press releases (cont.)-Radio broadcasts, 1940-1946

Box 140 Reports on publicity work, 1941-1949

Box 140 Reports on U.S. promotion work, 1940-1952

Box 141 Serials (Indusco, Inc.)

Box 141 "Aims in Industries" 1942-Indusco Bulletin, 1940-1952

Box 142 "Northwest Indusco News", 1942-1955

Box 142 Staff, Indusco Office: duties, resumes, salaries, insurance, union memberships, 1940-1944

Box 143 Staff, 1945-1950

Box 143 U.S. Government agencies

Box 144 U.S. Government loans, Indusco proposals for 1940-1941-U.S. organizations concerned with China

Box 144 China aid and study groups (local and special; national), 1939-1950

Box 145 Organizations to affect U.S. Government policies toward China -- Research and Discussion Groups

U.S. organizations for relief and reconstruction (not concerned primarily with China)

Box 145 American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service, Inc. New York, 1944-1946

Box 146 American Red Cross, Washington, D.C.


Subseries II.C: Technical Materials

Sub-subseries II.C.1: Technical Materials-Correspondence

Box 147 Correspondence of David J. Leacock (Chairman, Technical Department, 1941-1944), 1941-Correspondence, Equipment Services Division (David King Rothstein, Director)A-F, 1946 August -1947 January, 1946

Box 148 Equipment Services Division, G-Z

Sub-subseries II.C.2: Indusco Technical Materials--Subject Files

Box 149 General

Box 149 Equipment Corporation/Trust, 1944-1945-Mimeographed materials: correspondence, reports, China requests, minutes of meetings, 1943-1945

Box 150 Mimeographed Material, 1945-1946

Box 150 Technical data from China

Box 151 Equipment and supplies for China, 1940-1952

Box 151 Bills of lading 1946-1948-Esser project, 1946

Box 152 Export license applications 1943-1945-Okinawa purchases (U.S. surplus property), 1946

Box 153 Purchases for China 1944-1948-Reports on materials sent to China: books, equipment, microfilm, 1940-1945

Box 154 Reports on Materials sent to China, 1946-1948

Box 154 Shipments to China, 1945-1949

(Premier Shipping Co.)

Box 155 Shipments to China, 1946-1947

Box 155 Suppliers, including invoices, 1945-1949


Box 156 Suppliers, including invoices, 1945-1949


Technical Data, 1941-1944

Box 156 Agriculture-Food products and processing

Box 157 Fuels-Industrial equipment and processes

Box 158 Industrial equipment and processes-Medical supplies

Box 159 Metal -- Printing

Box 160 Textiles

Subseries II.D: Miscellaneous

Box 160 Description and critique of filing system at Indusco, by Gunther Stein, 1946 June, 1946

Box 160 File cards to Indusco collection, loose, prepared by Howard Linton, East Asian Library, Columbia University; unfinished, 1966

Box 160 Filing Instructions, 1945

Series III: China Aid Council (CAC): China Materials

Series III.A: Correspondence and Reports of Individuals

Sub-subseries III.A.1: Correspondence

Box 161 Bertram, James 1940-1941-Bethune, Norman, 1938-1939

Box 161 Chen Han-seng 1941-Ma Hai-teh, 1941-1945

Box 161 Mme Sun Yat-sen 1938-1944-Tung Pi-wu, 1944

Subseries III.A.2: CAC Mimeographed Letters and Reports from China

Box 162 Nora Hsiung Chu, National Association for Refugee Children 1943-1945 T'ao Hsing-chih's Yu Ts'ai School,Chungking, 1943-1945 ? Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Osbome 1946-1947 Mildred Price 1946 and Dr. W. Carson Ryan 1945-1946., 1943-1945, 1943-1945, 1946-1947, 1946

Subseries III.B: CAC Subject File

Box 163 China Aid Council 1938-1949-International Peace Hospitals, Reports and data, 1941-1944

Box 163 Subseries III.C : CAC Photographs of Persons and Activities

Canton Children's Center, one album

Box 163 Yu Ts'ai School for Gifted Children of Tsao Hsing-chih

Series IV: United China Relief (UCR)/ United Service to China (USC): U.S. Materials

Subseries IV.A: Correspondence

Box 164 Earnett, Eugene E. Chairman, Committee on Nominations 1942-1944-Garside, B.A. UCR/USC Vice Pres. and Secretary, 1940-1944

Box 165 1945-1946 1950-Rhodes, Peter Publicity 1941, 1945-1946

Box 166 Sweet, Lenning Director, Program Committee 1942-1946-Mrs. Lennig Sweet, 1941

Subseries IV.A: Subject Files

Box 167 Appeals, 1942-Program Committee, 1942-1946

Box 168 Finances

Box 168 Allocations, 1941

Box 168 Indusco Budget, 1941-1948

Box 169 Indusco contributors list, monthly, 1941-1942, 1945

Box 169 Medicine and Public Health in China, conference

Box 170 Minutes of Meetings

Box 170 Agency Representatives meetings, 1945


Box 170 American Activities Committee, 1945

Box 170 Joint Committee of the Coordinating Committee, 1941

Box 171 Executive Staff Meeting, 1941

Box 171 Program Committee, 1942-1944

Box 172 Program Committee, 1945-1946

Box 173 Program Committee, 1947-1949

Box 173 Executive Committee (Executive Board), 1942-1945

Box 174 Executive Committee, 1946-1949

Box 174 Publicity, 1940-1945

Box 175 Reorganisation plan 1945-"Why every American should help China--Generously and Now", 1941

Series V: Oversized Items

Oversize materials are found in flat boxes 539-552.

Box Flat Box Reprints, magazine articles, unpublished articles, 1939-1949 arranged and listed alphabetically by author. One loose-leaf scrapbook., 1939-1949

(See I.A,3, I.B.3)

Box Flat Box Newspaper and magazine clippings on CIC, 1939-1948 chiefly from the Unites States, also from China, Hongkong, the Philippines, Canada, and Mexico. Two scrapbook volumes., 1939-1948

(See I.B.2, 1.3.3)

Box Flat Box CIC product labels, announcements, insignia, sample invoices, display and promotional materials, in Chinese and English, 1939-1950.

(See I.B.3)

Box Flat Box Photographs

(See I.B.4.. Includes: One scrapbook on Bailie Schools. General photographs arranged by subject, Mounted photographs by Ayscough, Florence--40 enlarged photographs with captions not related to CIC, and several hundred mounted photographs of CIC activities, with captions, for exhibit purposes. Most are enlargements of photographs in I.B.4)

Box Flat Box Posters

Set of thirteen original display posters, each bearing a textile sample, photographs, and captions, representing the different stages of blanket production from wool selection and processing through the collection of the finished product by the army, (See I.B.4) b. Two oversized design books for textiles, produced and published by the CIG Institute, Ghengtu, 1944. See I.B.I Institute for GIG, Textiles)

Box Flat Box Art work

( includes 19 original brush-and-ink drawings by Jack Chan produced to resist Japanese aggression, support CIC. These drawings were first reproduced in The China Weekly Review and later appeared in two booklet editions published in Hongkong and New York. Also includes Shantan Bailie School student art work)

Box Flat Box Daily Record of Cash Received, November 28, 1940

(See II.B Finances.)

Series VI: Miscellaneous Correspondence and Other Files

Box 176 Rewi Alley

Box 177 Hugh Deane: Correspondence, memos, minutes, printed materials, 1939-1943, 1980-1985

(includes files on revival of CIC in 1980s)

Series VII: Photographs and Slides

Box 178 Negative Files, 2 card file boxes and Slide Show with commentary

(commentary for the slide show available in the repository)

Box 179 Negative Files, 2 card file boxes and Slide Show with commentary

(commentary for the slide show available in the repository)

Series VIII: Elizabeth Schiffman Files


Box 180 General Publications

Box 180 Indusco Publications

Box 180 Indusco Bulletin, 1942-1950, (2 folders)

Box 181 Publications and Articles, (3 folders)

(Articles written by or about Indusco in magazines and journals)

Box 181 Newsletters

Box 181 Elizabeth Schiffman Files, 1942-1946

(Primarily material related to the Publicity Committee, including reports, memos, and correspondence)

Box 181 Photographs