Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Robert P. York Collection of P. G. T. Beauregard Papers, 1860-1865

Series I: Cataloged correspondence

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Box 1 Annable, Captain T. H.

Box 1 Balch, George T.

Box 1 Barker, Captain George

Box 1 Beauregard, Richard Toutant

Box 1 Benedict, Judge M.

Box 1 Binger, Assistant Adjutant General W. H.

Box 1 Bragg, Braxton

Box 1 Breck, Samuel

Box 1 Brown, Jack

Box 1 Cohen, Henriette

Box 1 Cooley, Sam A.

Box 1 Dannenfelser, Margaret

Box 1 A Daughter of Charleston

Box 1 Dillon, David R.

Box 1 Doty, L. L., Chief of Bureau

Box 1 Emory, William H.

Box 1 Ewell, Richard Stoddart

Box 1 Fitts, James

Box 1 French, E. B.

Box 1 Gillmore, Quincy Adams

Box 1 Gilmore, James R.

Box 1 Good, Colonel T. H.

Box 1 Gozse, Lieutenant Frank

Box 1 Hampton, Wade

Box 1 Hayes, J. E.

Box 1 Heiss, W. H.

Box 1 Hodge, A. M.

Box 1 Hoffman, William

Box 1 Hood, John Bell

Box 1 Howard, Dr. J. G.

Box 1 Hubbard, Lieutenant N. H.

Box 1 Hutchins, C/B.

Box 1 Johnston, Joseph Eggleston

Box 1 Ketchum, William Scott

Box 1 Lee, Robert Edward

Box 1 Littlefield, General M. S.

Box 1 Lovell, Mansfield

Box 1 McLaws, L.

Box 1 Moses, R. J.

Box 1 Neafie, Alfred

Box 1 Obear, George S. & E. J. Johnston

Box 1 Oliver, Daniel

Box 1 Pellet, E. P.

Box 1 Rattin, George

Box 1 Roberts, Herman

Box 1 St. John, J. M.

Box 1 Seward, William Henry Jr.

Box 1 Sherwood, W. H.

Box 1 Shorter, John Gill

Box 1 Slidell, John

Box 1 Slocum, Henry Warner

Box 1 Smith, Gustavus Woodson

Box 1 Smith, L.

Box 1 Soule, Pierre

Box 1 Spicer, E.

Box 1 Sturgeon, Captain Sheldon

Box 1 Thompson, Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin W.

Box 1 Townsend, E. D.

Box 1 Vincent, Thomas M.

Box 1 Walker, Duncan S.

Box 1 Washburn, Mrs. W. P.

Box 1 Wetter, A. C. T.

Box 1 Wilkinson, Robert F. (Major)

Box 1 Wilson, Joseph Z.

Box 1 Woodford, Lieutenant Colonel Stewart L.

Box 1 Yift, W. O.

Box 1 York, Robert P.