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John Brown manuscripts, 1839-1943

Series II: Arranged Subject Files

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Box 1A Adair, C.S.

(Letter from, to Author, 1909)

Box 1A Adair, S.L.

(Misc. letter, originals in possession of Mrs. S.C. Davis and Mrs. S.L. Clark. Also Miss May o's interview with Mrs. Davis)

Box 1A Adams, Annie Brown

(Letters from/to the Author, Miss May o, also notes of Miss May o's interview with Mrs. Adams. Story of Miss May o's trip to Petrolia to see Mrs. Adams.)

Box 1A Addresses

(Miss May o's address book)

Box 1A Allstadt, John Thomas

(Statement of, to Miss May o on the Harper's Ferry Raid.)

Box 1A Anderson, Jeremiah G.

(Copies of his letters to his brother and to Hinton.)

Box 1A Anderson, Osborn P.

(Pamphlet by, "A Voice from Harper's Ferry: A Narrative of Events at Harper's Ferry." Boston, 1861. Photograph of Anderson. Notes by Miss May o and letters from the Library of Congress concerning Anderson.)

Box 1A Andrews, John A.

(Speeches of, together with his testimony before the Harper's Ferry Committee of the Senate in relation to John Brown, etc. Various original letters and copies of others.)

Box 1A Anti-Slavery Society

(Report of the John Born-Year, New York, 1861.)

Box 1A Appendix

(Material for the John Brown Chronology.)

Box 1A Avis, Captain John

(Author's correspondence with S.B. Avis. Captain Avis was Deputy Sheriff of Charles town at the time of the Brown Raid.)

Box 1A Autographs

(Miscellaneous signatures. Also letter from John Brown to Amos Chamberlain.)

Box 2 Barnes, William

(Two letters from him to the Author in regard to his personal knowledge of John Brown.)

Box 2 Baylor, Robert W.

(Miscellaneous correspondence in regard to Colonel Baylor who commanded a regiment of Virginia Militia when John Brown took possession of Harper's Ferry.)

Box 2 Bibliography

Box 2 Biographical Sketches

(Reviews of Sanborn, Redpath, Hinton. Reasons for new life of Brown. J.T. Morse on Sanborn; L.W. Bacon on Sanborn; C.E. Norton on Redpath.)

Box 2 Birthplace of Brown

(Newspaper clipping and sketch of. Report of John Brown Assoc. of Torrington, Connecticut. Clipping of news article of destruction of the house by fire.)

Box 2 Black Jack

(The author's handwritten chapter of; Miss May o's notes pertaining to.)

Box 2 Black String

(or John Brown League (See Also: J.B. in Cleveland). Correspondence pertaining to.)

Box 2 Bondi, August

(Biographical notes from the Kansas state Historical Society. Miss May o's notes and copies of letters concerning.)

Box 2 Booth, J. Wilkes

(Copy of letter from him to his brother in law, John S. Clark in regard to execution of J.B. Alos copies of clipping from Richmond papers concerning Booth.)

Box 2 Broadsides

(Concerning the execution of J.W. Booth.)

Box 2 Brown, Frederick

(Miss May o's biographical notes concerning)

Box 2 Brown, Dr. G.W.

(His pamphlet "Reminiscences of Old John Brown," 1880. Miss May o's notes concerning.)

Box 2 Brown, Jason

(Newspaper stories of on his 85th birthday; copies of his letters to his sister. Memorandum of his statement to F.G. Adams on April 2, 1884 concerning his Kansas activities, etc.; copies of his letters to his father. Miss May o's report of her interview with Jason Brown on December 13 and 14, 1908. Original letter of Jason Brown to the author, dated March13, 1908.)

Brown, John

Box 3 Ancestry

(Paper pertaining to)

Box 3 Anecdotes

Box 3 Arms and how obtained; J.B. and Nat. Kansas Committee

Box 3 As a Mason

Box 3 Birthplace

Box 3 Chronology of, 1855-1859

Box 3 Counsel for

(Notes and copies of letters and data in connection with retaining of counsel for J.B.)

Box 3 Cabin and Spring; Map of J.B. claims; Map of Osawatomie River

Box 3 Daughters

Box 3 Early Days

Box 3 Early Vow Against Slavery-Views on race amalgamation

Box 3 Individual estimates of

Box 3 Estimates of Kansas Pioneers and latter-day Kansas Press

Box 3 Some later estimates

Box 3 Execution

(Pamphlet "Epitome of the Life of John Born including attack on Harper's Ferry, His Capture and Trial, as related by Cleon Moore of Charles-Town, West Virginia," 1904. Newspaper clippings and notes concerning)

Box 3 Family listed by author

Box 3 Funeral and Burial

(Pamphlets, letters and notes concerning.)

Box 3 "Greatest or Principal Object"

(Author's handwritten chapter)

Box 4 J.B.'s harshness to Dianthe, his first wife

Box 4 J.B. in Cleveland, March1859 and in Ohio, thence to his leaving for Maryland, March1859

Box 4 J.B. in Hudson, Franklin, Akron, and Kent. Report of woolgrowers' meeting.

Box 4 J.B. in Kansas, 1855-1859

(Kansas conditions. Extensive citations from the press of the period.)

Box 4 J.B. in Lawrence, September 1856 for its defense, September 1856

(Press citations, notes, and interviews concerning.)

Box 4 J.B. in North Elba

Box 4 J.B. in Pennsylvania

(The Delamater narrative. Clippings from the press and interviews concerning.)

Box 4 J.B. in Springdale and his men

(Various personal reminiscences and interviews concerning.)

Box 4 Insanity

(Notes and affidavits concerning.)

Box 4 First days in Charlestown jail

(Jail chronology. Various interviews and letters concerning.)

Box 4 Later days in Jail

Box 4 In Jail

(Letters to and concerning. Original letter of J.J. Benning to J.B. dated February23, 1860)

Box 4 Lawsuits

(Correspondence concerning and copies of court records.)

Box 4 Correspondence concerning his letters. Pamphlet containing letters of J.B.

Box 4 Letters, through, 1854

(Copies of many letters of J.B. with various correspondents and his wife and family.)

Box 4 Letters, 1856 January -1859, 1856

Box 4 Letters, 1859

(Jail period. Copies.)

Magazine articles and pamphlets about

Box 21 Sketch of life of J.B.

Box 21 Ohio Archaeological and Historical Review for July 1921 containing seven articles about, July 1921

Box 21 Century, 1885 June, 1885

("John Brown at Harper's Ferry")

Box 21 "John Brown: A Retrospect" by Alfred S. Roe, as read before the Worcester Society of Antiquity, 1884 December 2, 1884

Box 21 Journal of Negro History, 1921 April, 1921

(Canadian Negroes and the John Brown Raid," by Fred Landon)

Box 21 Pamphlet "Letter from Gen. C.F. Henningsen in reply to the letter of Victor Hugo on the Harper's Ferry Invasion." N.Y., 1860"

Box 21 "The Life, Trial and Execution on John Brown." N.Y., 1859

Box 21 "The John Brown Invasion. Authentic History of the Harper's Ferry Tragedy, etc." with lithograph portrait of Capt. John Brown. Boston,, 1860

Box 21 Overland Magazine, 1899 April, 1899

("The Last Days of Old John Brown," by Lou V. Chapin)

Box 21 Atlantic Monthly, 1922 November, 1922

("John Brown," by Gamaliel Bradford)

Box 21 Outlook, 1913 January 25, 1913

("My Father, John Brown," by Salmon Brown)

Box 21 "Owen Brown's Escape from Harper's Ferry," by Ralph Keeler, 1874

Box 21 "The Struggle for Freedom in Kansas," by Thomas Ewing

Box 21 Nickell Magazine, 1897 June, 1897

("The Hero of Harper's Ferry," by Ina Capitola Emery)

Box 21 The Independent, 1907 March, 1907

("How I Captured John Brown," by Joel Clark Rockwell)

Box 21 "John Brown in Canada" A Monograph by James Cleland Hamilton, 1894

Box 21 Magazine of History, 1908 September, 1908

("Some Jewish Associates of John Brown," by Leon Hunter.)

Box 21 "John Brown of Harper's Ferry," by William E.A. Axon. Reprinted from the Manchester Quarterly, 1911 July, 1911

Box 21 "John Brown of Harper's Ferry," by William E.A. Axon. Reprinted from the Manchester Quarterly, London, 1911 July, 1911

Box 21 "The Two Rebellions or Treason Unmasked," by a Virginian, Richmond,, 1865

Box 5 Monument

Box 5 J.B. Prior to 1859-Ohio Interviews

Box 5 Poems

[Missing as of February16,1962]

(In French by Jacques Fernand)

Box 5 Portraits

(Correspondence in regards to)

Box 5 Property, arms, etc.

(Treatment of after his death)

Box 5 Rescue

(Manuscript of Oswald Garrison Villard and notes)

Box 5 Sermons on

Box 5 Should he have hanged?

(Thaddeus Stevens' address to the Pennsylvania Bar Association, June 1906. Various notes.)

Box 5 Slave Raid into Missouri and Canada

Box 5 Song, Its Origin

Box 5 "John Brown the Crusader," by Oswald Garrison Villard, in The Crisis, N.Y., 1925 July, 1925

Box 5 J.B. Trees

Box 5 Trial

(Author's manuscript of the trial chapter)

Box 5 Trial

(Notes, interviews, etc.)

Box 5 Washington sword, pistol, and other relics

Box 5 Will

Box 6 Brown, Mary Ann Day (Mrs. John) and Family

(Copies of family letters from various collections.)

Box 6 Brown, Mr. and Mrs. John, Jr. and Wealthy Hotchkiss

(Some original letters of; copies of letters to various correspondents. Miss May o's notes concerning.)

Box 6 Brown, O.C.

(Miss May o's extracts from the writings of.)

Box 6 Brown, Oliver and Martha his wife

(original letter from/to his family dated February 4, 1851 copies of various letters to his wife; photograph of)

Box 6 Brown, Owen, 1st

(Biographical notes concerning; his signature on fragment of a letter.)

Box 6 Brown, Owen 2nd

(excerpts from his diaries, copies of letters concerning; copies of various letters from; biographical material collected by Miss May o.)

Box Microfilm MN# Ms Coll/Brown (Villard) Brown, Owen. Original Ledger of Owen Brown, father of John Brown, showing transactions with J.B.

Box 6 Brown, Salmon

(Copies of letters of, biographical material concerning clippings from 1905 newspapers when he was 80; photograph of; newspaper clipping telling of his suicide at 83.)

Box 6 Brown, Salmon

(Affidavits and interviews.)

Box 6 Brown, Miss Sarah

(Letter to Mr. Villard from; Miss May o's interview with.)

Box 6 Brown, Watson

(Some copies of letters from and material concerning.)

Box 6 Brown Family in Kansas Politics

Box 6 Brownville

(Letter from Kansas State Historical Society concerning.)

Box 6 Burials and reburials of John Brown's men

Box 6 "By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed"

(Original manuscript of chapter in Mr. Villard's biography of J.B.)

Box 7 Cackler, Christian C.

(Pamphlet "Recollections of an Old Settler")

Box 7 Carr, Eugene

(Letter from to Mr. Villard, 1909)

Box 7 Child, Lydia Maria

(Pamphlet containing correspondence between her and Governor Wise and Mrs. Mason of Virginia, 1860 copies of letters to her from various correspondents.)

Box 7 Connelly, William E.

(Pamphlets of "An Appeal to the Record"; "John Brown, volumes I and II; also his blue pring maps of the Underground Railroad in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska; Mr. Villard's correspondence with.)

Box 7 "A Convention and a Postponement"

(Mr. Villard's original manuscript chapter.)

Box 7 Cook, John E.

(Pamphlet "Confession of John E. Cook, brother-in-law of Governor A.P. Willard of Indiana, and one of the participants in the Harper's Ferry Invasion." Miss May o's interviews concerning, also correspondence.)

Box 7 Copeland, John

(Negro who was with Brown at Harper's Ferry. Copies of letters from; excerpts from newspapers and interviews concerning.)

Box 7 Coppoc, Edwin and Barclay

(Material concerning their connection with Brown, letters, etc.)

Box 7 Craft, Clara J.

(Letters from to Miss May o)

Box 7 Davis, J. Lucas

(Biographical note.)

Box 7 Douglass, Frederick

(Address on John Brown by him, 1881 newspaper clippings concerning; Miss May o's interview with Annie Brown Adams concerning Douglass. Letter from Douglass to Richard J. Hinton, dated August 15, 1892 and an earlier one dated January 17, 1892. Miscellaneous correspondence concerning.)

Box 7 Drear Collection

(Letter concerning.)

Box 7 1857

(Copies of Kansas Historical Society documents, letters, etc. concerning Brown's finances, meetings attended, etc..)

Box 7 Elliott, R.G.

("Footnotes on Kansas History" pamphlet by; letter to Miss May o from.)

Box 7 Emigration

(Mr. Villiard's manuscript)

Box 7 "Eve of the Tragedy"

(Mr. Villard's original manuscript of chapter in J. B. biography)

Box 8 Fablinger, Ellen Brown

(Letters from to Mr. Villard, 1908-1909)

Box 8 "Father of the Man"

(Mr. Villard's original manuscript of chapter in J.B. Biography)

Box 8 Featherstonhaugh, Thomas

(Pamphlet by, "John Brown's Men: The Lives of Those Killed at Harper's Ferry with a Supplementary Bibliography of John Brown." Letters from to Mr. Villard, 1907-1910.)

Box 8 Floyd Letter

(David J. Gue's signed story.)

Box 8 Floyd, John B.

(Letter to Judge Bibb, 1858 (original) )

Box 8 Forbes, Hugh

(Copies of his correspondence with Sumner; Miss May o's notes concerning.)

Box 8 Foreman, James

(Letter from Kansas State Historical Society in regard to spelling of his name.)

Box 8 Garcelon, Jennie Dunbar

(Letters concerning her own story of her visit to the Charlestown jail.)

Box 8 Garrison, Francis J.

("Scrap Book 1859 concerning newspaper clippings of Brown trial, many of J.B.'s published letters and other Browniana; also correspondence between Mr. Garrison and his nephew, the author, 1907-1910)

Box 8 Gibson, Col. John T.

(Miss May o's notes concerning.)

Box 8 Giddings, Jr.

(Miss May o's notes concerning.)

Box 8 Gill, George

(Manuscript of Miss May o's interview with; letter from him to Miss May o; various notes by Miss May o concerning.)

Box 8 Grant Family

(Miss May o's interview with various members in regard to Pottowatomie.)

Box 8 Green, Israel

(His pamphlet "The Capture of John Brown." Correspondence concerning his connection with the Harper's Ferry Raid.)

Box 8 Green, Shields

(Miss May o's notes concerning from the Kansas Historical Society, etc.)

Box 8 Gunther Collection

(Correspondence concerning.)

Box 9 Hanway, James

(Associate of J.B., Free Stater; Mr. Villard's correspondence with his grandchildren. Miss May o's notes made from the Hanway material at the Kansas Historical Society.)

Box 9 Harper's Ferry Arsenal

(Various data concerning.)

Box 9 Harper's Ferry Raid

(Senate Document Y printed March 2, 1860 being Correspondence relating to the Insurrection at Harper's Ferry, 17th October 1859 published eyewitness accounts; pamphlets concerning; Miss May o's interviews with eyewitnesses, etc., etc.)

Box 9 Harper's Ferry, The Raid

(Original manuscript of Mr. Villard's chapter in J.B. Biography)

Harper's Ferry Raid

Box 9 Some who knew in advance

(Miss May o's notes, letters, and interviews concerning)

Box 9 Virginia Militia and its conduct

Box 9 The Victims

Box 9 H.F. and Charles Town after the Raid

Box 9 Hazlett, Albert

(Captured in raid. Copies of correspondence concerning, copies of executive papers, etc.)

Box 9 Higgins, Patrick

(Article "How Patrick Higgins Met John Brown" by Oswald Garrison Villard which appeared in Harper's Weekly. This is Higgin's own story told to the author. Also photographs of Higgins.)

Box 9 Higginson, T.W. Collection in the Boston Library

Box 9 Higginson, Thomas Wentworth

(Correspondence with Oswald Garrison Villard and others of his writings.)

Hinton, Richard J.

Box 10 Various notes concerning, newspaper clippings, etc.

Box 10 Hinton-Connelly Correspondence

Box 10 Newspaper clippings, notes, etc. Letters from Mrs. Isabella H. Hinton.

Box 10 Hobart, Newton B.

(Letter from to O.G.V.)

Box 10 Hobson, J.T.

(Letter to Miss May o from.)

Box 10 Holmes, J.H.

(One of Brown's men, papers concerning.)

Box 10 Howe, Dr. S.G.

(Letters concerning; Miss May o's notes, copies of Howe's letters, newspaper clippings, etc. with regard to Harper's Ferry)

Box 10 Hoyt, George H.

(Biographical note. His connection with J.B. etc.)

Box 10 Hunter, Andrew

(J.B. Prosecuting Attorney. Copies of his correspondence with Governor Wise, other material.)

Box 10 Hyatt, Thaddeus

(His connection with the J.B. Fund fro the aid of B's family; photostat copy of letter of gratitude from B's family to Hyatt from North Elba in 1860. Copies of Sumner correspondence in Hyatt case, etc.)

Box 11 Johnston, Virginia

(Letter from.)

Box 11 Kagi, John H.

(Pamphlet on him "One of John Brown's Men" by John W. Wayland, 1909. Copies of papers in the Kansas Historical Society concerning; George B. Gill on Kagi, etc.)


Box 11 General

(Various pamphlets, correspondence, clippings and notes relating to.)

Box 11 Danite Lodges

Box 11 Miss May o's interviews with various Kansans who knew or were associated with John Brown.

Box 11 Maps of

Box 11 Scene of Operation

(Account of a trip Mr. Villard took in company with William E. Connelly, Arthur Capper, Harold T. Chase, over the country identified with John Brown and his operations in Kansas.)

Box 11 Kansas and Missouri Press, 1856

(Copies of excepts from.)

Box 11 Kennedy Farm

(Plan of; copy of a drawing made by Annie Brown in the Featherstonhaugh collection.)

Box 12 Lane, James Henry

(A pamphlet biography of, and notes concerning his connection with J.B.)

Box 12 Lawrence, Amos A.

(Copies of his correspondence and other copies of documents relating to J.B.)

Box 12 Leary, Lewis Sheridan

(Negro. Biographical material and notes concerning his connection with the Harper's Ferry Raid, and J.B.)

Box 12 LeBarnes, J.W.

(Photograph of.)

Box 12 Lee, Robert E.

(Various letters and notes concerning.)

Box 12 Leeman, William H.

(Notes and correspondence concerning his connection with Harper's Ferry Raid.)

Box 12 Leis, George

(Letter to Miss May o from. He offered his material concerning Brown to her.)

Box 12 Lincoln, A.

(Newspaper clipping quoting speech of Lincoln's made in Kansas on the day John Brown was hanged.)

Box 12 Logan and Eldridge

(List of items in collection of.)

Box 12 Lucas, D.B.

(Letter to Miss May in regard to his lecture on John Brown.)

Box 12 McKim, J.M.

(Copies of papers in the Cornell University Library, 1859.)

Box 12 Martin, George W.

(Secretary of Kansas State Historical Society. Letter to Mr. Villard.)

Box 12 May o, Katherine

(Mr. Villard's correspondence with during the time Miss May o was collecting material for the John Brown Biography.)

Box 12 Meetings of Sympathy and Repudiation in the North

(Notes concerning.)

Box 12 Memorandum Books

(Copies of J.B.'s books made from originals in the Boston Public Library. Copies of J.B. Jr.'s letter on "Preludes.")

Box 12 Meriam, Francis Jackson

(1 original letter from dated September 22, 1858. Joined Brown and financed him, was in Harper's Ferry raid, but escaped. Various correspondence concerning and biographical material.)

Box 12 Moffett, Chas. W.

(Brief notes concerning.)

Box 12 Montgomery, James

(Miss May o's notes concerning. His original signature.)

Box 12 Moore, Cleon

(Correspondence with in regard to H.F. Raid, etc.)

Box 12 "Morgan, Shubel"

[Missing as of June 23,1962]

(Original manuscript of chaper in J.B. Biography by Mr. Villard)

Box 13 Negroes Who should have been at Harper's Ferry-Harriett Tubman

Box 13 New England Emigrant Aid Co.

(Pamphlet report, 1862)

Box 13 "New Friends for Old Visions"

(Mr. Villard's original manuscript of a chapter in J.B. Biography)

Box 13 Newby, Dangerfield

(Notes concerning.)

Box 13 North Elba Celebration

(July 4, 1860 notes and clippings about.)

Box 13 Nute, Rev. Ephraim

(Letter concerning.)

Box 13 Oberlin Lands

(Concerning J.B.'s connection with.)

Box 13 Official Actions, etc. resulting from the raid

(Copies of executive papers, etc.)


Box 13 Miss May o's notes, copies of letters, newspaper clippings, etc. concerning.

Box 13 "The Foe in the Field"

(Original manuscript of Mr. Villard's chapter in the J.B. Biography.)

Box 13 Oviatt, Herman

(Letter to Miss May o concerning.)

Box 13 Ohio State Archeological & Historical Society

(Correspodnence with in 1921.)

Box 14 Parker, Judge Richard

(Presided at J.B.'s trial; his story of the raid.)

Box 14 Parker, Theodore

(Pamphlet, being a letter from Parker to Francis Jackson, together with various notes of Miss May o.)

Box 14 Parsons, Luke F.

(Correspondence with; last survivor John Brown's army.)

Box 14 Pate, Henry Clay

(Copies of his "John Brown as Viewed by Henry Clay Pate," 1859 notes and interviews concerning.)

Box 14 Pottawatomie through Osawatomie

(General material.)

Box 14 Pottawatomie: "Murder on the Pottawatomie"

(Mr. Villard's original manuscript.)

Box 14 Pottawatomie Killings

(General material.)

Box 14 Preface

(Original manuscript.)

Box 14 Press on the Raid and Execution

Box 15 Reader, Samuel J.

(Letter from; newspaper clippings concerning his early days in Kansas. Also available on microfilm MN# 2001-3190.)

Realf, Richard

(Also available on microfilm MN# 2001-3190)

Box 15 Original manuscript of

Box 15 Hinton's material

Box 15 Reese, Louis A.

(Correspondence with in regard to J.B.)

Box 15 Robinson, Charles

(First governor of Kansas. Some writings of and about, and general material concerning.)

Box 15 Robinson, Sara T.D.

(Letters from; clippings about.)

Box 15 Rosengarten, J.G.

(Correspondence with.)

Box 15 Ross, A.M.

(One original letter from him to Colonel Hinton; copies of his various letters from Stearns and Hinton collections.)

Box 15 Russell, Judge Thomas

(Clippings of newspaper of his speech, "The Last Hours of John Brown." Various letters and general material.)

Sanborn, F.B.--Biographer of John Brown

Box 16 Mr. Villard's correspondence with; various writings of Sanborn on John Brown.

Box 16 Correspondence and general material

Box 16 Sennott, George

(General material concerning.)

Box 16 Smith, Gerrit

(General material concerning.)

Box 16 Speer, John

( President of Kansas State Historical Society; speech delivered by him in 1898 on "Accuracy in History." Also excerpts from other addresses by him.)

Box 16 Spring, Mrs. R.B.

(Original letters of, clippings about, notes on.)

Box 16 Stanton, Harriet Brown

(Granddaughter of Owen Brown; letter from)

Box 16 Stearns, G.L.

(General material concerning.)

Box 16 Stevens, Aaron Dwight

(Voluminous material, clippings, copies of his letters, etc.)

Box 16 Stevens and Hazlitt Rescue

(General material concerning.)

Box 16 Stuart, J.E.B.

(General material.)

Box 16 Sumner, Charles

(Notes from two letters to him, 1859 and 1860.)

Box 17 Tabor, Iowa

(Some notes and correspondence concerning.)

Box 17 Tappan, S.F.

(Two letters from, 1908)

Box 17 Tatham Papers

(Copies of.)

Box 17 Taylor, Stewart

(Notes in regard to his connection with Brown at Harper's Ferry.)

Box 17 Thayer, Eli

(Copies of his letters to various correspondents and J.B. whom he supported.)

Box 17 Thompson, Dauphin

(Biographical notes concerning.)

Box 17 Thompson, Mary E. and Mary Case Lord

(Correspondence with.)

Box 17 Thompson, Ruth Brown and Henry

(Letters from; copies of letters to various correspondents; James H. Holmes notes on their talks with him.)

Box 17 Thompson, William

(Notes concerning.)

Box 17 Tidd, Charles Plummer

(Correspondence and notes concerning.)

Box 17 Townsley's Statements

Box 17 Trial

(Newspaper clippings of 1930 in regard to the finding of the original record of John Brown's Trial, long given up for lost.)

Box 17 Virginia

(Laws, statutes, etc.)

Box 18 Wakarusa War to Pottawatomie Affair

(General material.)

Box 18 Webb, Alfred

(Letter from to Mr. Villard.)

Box 18 White, Horace

(His letters to Col. Hinton and Mr. Villard; extract from his book on Lyman Trumbull about John Brown; copy of his letter to the Chicago Tribune on Harper's Ferry.)

Box 18 White, Rev. Martin

(His connection with Border Ruffians; general material.)

Box 18 Willard, Ashbel

(Letter giving his term of service as Lt. Governor and Governor of Indiana, and the date of his death.)

Box 18 Winter in Kansas, 1855-1856

(Manuscript copy of the author's chapter in Biography of J.B. entitled "Captain of The Liberty Guards.")

Box 18 Wise, Governor Henry S.

(Copies of many of his letters and writings; letter from his son to Mr. Villard, etc.)

Box 18 Wise-Hunter Letters and Virginia History Magazine

Box 18 Writers on John Brown

(Chadwick, John Minor Bott, etc., etc.)

Box 18 "Yet He Shall Live"

(Mr. Villard's manuscript of last chapter in Biography of J.B.)

Box 18 Young, Rev. Joshua

(Two letters from him to Col. Hinton, and several of his printed sermons. He officiated at the funeral of J.B.)