Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Rudolf Wittkower papers, 1916-1995

Series IV: 1992 Addition: Palladian Architecture and Related Trends

(Lectures, notes, architectural sketches, and clippings mostly relating to Palladian architecture are in these files documenting Wittkower's research from 1950 to 1970 in various cities of North America and Europe, and his teaching in the U.S. and in Italy.)

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Box 42 Baroque Influences on...

Box 42 Burlington, Lord

Box 42 Churches

Box 42 Classical Influences on...

Box 42 Courses and Lectures (gen.)

Box 43 Editions

Box 43 English literature on...

Box 43 Italian architects in P. tradition

Box 43 Fireplaces in P. villas

Box 43 Jones, Inigo

Box 43 Landscape Gardens

Box 43 Manuscripts (loose)

Box 43 Notes (misc.)

Box 43 Orders, their transformation, their effects on...

Box 43 Palaces

Box 43 Patronage

Box 44 Proportion

Box 44 "Taste" in 18th c.

Box 44 Texts on...

Box 44 Venice

Box 44 Villas

Box 45 Folder 1-4 Lectures: Lord Burlington, 1942-1950, undated, 4 folders

Box 45 Folder 5 Lectures: British Art and the Mediterranean, 1948

Box 45 Folder 6 Lectures: RIBA Lecture on Inigo Jones, 1952

Box 45 Folder 7 Article reprints on Palladio, 1950-1954

Box 45 Folder 8-9 Lectures by Margot Wittkower: Lord Burlington, 1974, undated, 2 folders

Box 45 Folder 10 Biographical sketch of Lord Burlington, undated

Box 45 Folder 11-12 Correspondence on Lord Burlington, 1946-1987, 2 folders

Rudolf and Margot Wittkower's correspondence.

Box 45 Folder 13 Margot Wittkower correspondence with Christopher White, Mellon Foundation, 1977

Box 45 Folder 14 John Wilton-Ely, "Lord Burlington and the Virtuoso Portrait", 1983

Box 46 Folder 1-12 Lord Burlington biography, 1950-1983, undated, 12 folders

Drafts, research notes, and subject files for a biography of Lord Burlington by Margot Wittkower, incorporating research by Rudolf Wittkower.

Box 47 Unidentified mixed materials, undated

Box 47 is missing as of January 2023.

Box 48 Folder 1-14 Research files and lectures: Chiswick House and other buildings by Lord Burlington, 1944-1987, undated, 14 folders

Research material gathered by Margot and Rudolf Wittkower; lectures by Rudolf Wittkower.

Box 49 Folder 1-8 Research files on Lord Burlington's collections: architectural plans and drawings, paintings, and library, 1935-1976, 8 folders

Research material gathered by Margot and Rudolf Wittkower; lectures by Rudolf Wittkower.

Box 50 Folder 1-14 Research files on Lord Burlington's circle and Palladian architecture, circa 1930s-1973, 14 folders

Box 51 Folder 1-9 Lord Burlington bibliography and desiderata, 1948-1983, undated, 9 folders

Mostly clippings and notecards.

Box 52 Folder 1-4 Lord Burlington building chronology: notecards, undated, 4 folders

Box 53 Folder 1-10 Photographs of Palladian buildings, with identifications, undated, 10 folders

Box 53 Folder 11-13 Photographs of English architecture, with identifications, undated, 3 folders

Box 53 Folder 14 German to English architectural dictionary, undated

Box 54 Alphabetical files on book publishing and university lectures: A-Penguin, circa 1960s-1970s

Box 55 Alphabetical files on book publishing and university lectures: Phaidon-Z, circa 1960s-1970s

Box 55 Reviews of Wittkower's works: correspondence and clippings, circa 1960s-1980s

Box 56 Honors received, circa 1960s-1980s

Box 56 Library correspondence: donations from Rudolf Wittkower's library, 1970s-1980s

Box 56 Individual correspondence, circa 1960s-early 1980s

Box 56 Margot Wittkower files, 1970s-1980s

Correspondence and clippings: Columbia University affiliation rules, University of California oral history program, clippings on Anthony Blunt and neo-Palladian architecture, Jewish Museum correspondence about Ephraim family photographs.

Box 57 Correspondence, A-O and uncategorized, 1950s-1980s