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Clarence H. Vance papers, 1913-1960

Series II: Myles Cooper Research Files

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Box 3 Library call slips re. Myles Cooper

Box 3 Notebooks on Myles Cooper

Box 4 Notes on Myles Cooper

Box 4 Anglicans vs. Dissenters

Box 4 Arnold, Benedict-John Andre

Box 4 Auchmuty, Rev. Samuel

Box 4 Bard, Samuel

Box 4 Barton, Rev. Thomas

Box 4 The Battle of Brandywine

Box 4 The Battles of Lexington and Concord vs. Dr. Cooper

Box 4 Boswell and Dr. Cooper

Box 4 Boucher, Rev. Jonathan

Box 4 Chandler, Rev. Thomas B.

Box 4 Clergy of Church of England in America

Box 4 Clossy, Dr. Samuel: Founder of New York Medical College, 1763

Box 4 Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, etc.

Box 5 Cooper's writings

Box 5 Corporation for the Relief of the Widows and Orphans of Clergymen in the

Box 5 Communion of the Church of England

Box 5 Edinburgh

Box 5 Hamilton, Alexander

Box 5 Inglis, Rev. Bp. Charles

Box 5 Jay, Sir James-Jay's and Smith's Collection in England

Box 5 Johnson, Rev. Dr. Samuel and William Samuel Johnson

Box 5 Johnson, Sir William

Box 5 Johnson, William Samuel

Box 6 King's College and Columbia University

Box 6 King's College, New York-John Vardill

Box 6 King's College, New York-New charter proposed, 1767-1775

University of the State of New York

Box 7 Millom [Cumberland, UK] Duddon Hall (Wha House), Thwaites & Beckfoot

Box 7 Ogden, Nicholas

Box 7 Panton, Rev. George

Box 7 Peters, Rev. Samuel6.5Philadelphia College

Box 7 Queen's College, Oxford

Box 7 Rush, Dr. Benjamin

Box 7 Seabury, Rev. Samuel

Box 8 Sears, Isaac

Box 8 Smith, Joshua Hett

Box 8 Smith, Judge William, of New York and Canada

Box 8 Smith, Rev. William, of Philadelphia College

Box 8 The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

Box 8 Stiles, Rev. Dr. Ezra

Box 8 Trinity Church

Box 8 University of the State of New York and University of France

Box 8 Washington, George

Box 8 Washington, George, and Mason Lort Weems

Box 8 Wilkins, Isaac

Box 8 Miscellaneous manuscript notes

Box 9 Transcripts of letters and manuscripts by & about Myles Cooper

Box 10 Transcripts of letters and manuscripts by & about Myles Cooper

Box 11 Transcripts of letters and manuscripts by & about Myles Cooper

Box 11 3x5 note cards re. Myles Cooper