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Gertrude Vaile papers, 1892-1954

Series I: Gertrude Vaile papers, 1892-1954

Order of arrangement is chronological by position held by Gertrude Vaile. Here and on the folders the names of employing institutions, followed by titles of positions occupied, are given on the left side; dates of such positions are given.

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Box 1 East Denver High School - Student, 1892-1896

Box 1 Vassar College - Student, 1896-1900

Box 1 Denver Residence - Daughter and Home-maker, 1900-1909

Box 1 Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy - Student, 1909-1910

Box 1 Chicago United Charities - District Visitor, then District Supervisor, 1910-1912

Box 1 Denver Department of Charities - Board Member, then Executive Secretary, 1913-1917

Box 1 American Red Cross, Mountain Division - Director of Civilian Relief, 1917-1919

Box 1 American Association for Organizing Family Social Work - Western Field Representative, 1919-1924

Box 1 Colorado State Department of Charities and Corrections - Secretary, 1925

Box 1 National Conference of Social Work - President, 1926

Box 1 Ames (Iowa) Social Service League - Secretary of League, and also County Social Worker of Story County, 1926-1928

Box 1 Denver Residence. Rester, 1928-1929

Box 2 North Carolina University - Student and Part-time Teacher, 1929-1930

Box 2 Cultural Sociology and Social Psychology - Summaries of courses at Cornell

Box 2 Family - course material

Box 2 Rural Sociology - course material

Box 2 Educational Sociology - course material

Box 2 Social Law

Box 2 Social Research Methods

Box 2 Social Case Study and Social Case Work - course taught by Gertrude Vaile

Box 2 Letters to Wilma van Dusseldorp

Box 2 Miscellaneous

Box 2 Thesis for M.A. - "Some Aspects of Family Social Work in Rural Counties in Iowa"

Box 2 Minnesota University - Associate Professor of Sociology and Associate Director of Training Class for Social and Civic Work, (later) Graduate School of Social Work, 1930-1946

Box 2 Appointment

Box 2 Papers and addresses

Box 2 Brookings Institute Survey by Graduate Students of Social Work School

Box 2 Schools of Social Work – Organization and Administration

Box 3 Sabbatic Leave - England, Sweden, Norway, Russia

Box 3 Sabbatic Leave - Australia

Box 3 Correspondence

Box 3 Students' theses

Box 3 Miscellaneous

Box 3 Teaching Outlines - Historical Development of Social Work

Box 3 Teaching Outlines - Public Welfare Administration

Box 4 Teaching Outlines - Rural or County Social Work

Box 4 Teaching Outlines - Casework Methods

Box 4 Teaching Outlines - Special Topics: Aid to Dependent Children, Political Interference, Non-residents and Legal Settlement, Old Age Assistance, Personnel, Public and Private Relief, Social Insurance, Work Relief

Box 4 Teaching - Miscellaneous

Box 4 Denver University School of Social Work - Lecturer, 1946-1947

Box 4 Denver Bureau of Public Welfare - Consultant, 1948-1950

Box 4 Surveys including material on proposed Children's Code for Colorado

Box 4 Colorado Conference on Social Work - Representative on Joint Planning and Legislative Committee, Secretary of Committee, 1948-1950

Box 4 Denver Residence - Retired Social Worker, 1951-1954

Box 4 Personal data including list of publications