Rare Book & Manuscript Library

William York Tindall papers, 1927-1970

Series I: William York Tindall Cataloged Correspondence

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Box 1a Aldington, Richard, 1940

3 folders

Box 1a Auden, W. H., 1940-1947

4 folders

Box 1a Beach, Sylvia, 1953-1954

2 folders

Box 1a Bellow, Saul, 1965

Box 1a Blackmur, Richard Palmer, 1963

Box 1a Brooks, Cleanth, 1966

Box 1a Brown, Edward K., 1948

Box 1a Brown, John Mason, 1942

2 folders

Box 1a Brynner, Witter, 1950

Box 1a Byrne, J. F., 1953

Box 1a Canby, Henry S., 1940

Box 1a Colum, Padraic, 1940-1943

4 folders

Box 1a Colum, Mary G. M., 1942

Box 1a Curran, Constantine, 1953

2 folders

Box 1a Daiches, David, 1947-1965

2 folders

Box 1a Donnelly, Fedelama Nora, 1953

2 folders

Box 1a Dos Passos, John, 1947

2 folders

Box 1a Drew, Elizabeth, 1949

Box 1a Dumas, Alexandre Davy to M. Mortemart, undated

Box 1a Edman, Irwin, 1927-1950

4 folders

Box 1a Empson, William, 1966

Box 1a Erskine, John, 1941

Box 1a Fowlie, Wallace, 1951

Box 1a Golding, William, 1962

Box 1a Hart, Clive, 1969

Box 1a Haydn, Hiram, 1948-1949

2 folders

Box 1a Hency, Paddy, 1967

Box 1a Highet, Gilbert, 1970

Box 1a Huebsch, Ben, 1953

Box 1a Johnston, W. Denis, 1962 - 1969

7 folders

Box 1a Joyce, Stanislaus, 1956

3 folders

Box 1a Kerr, Walter, 1967

2 folders

Box 1a Kirk, Grayson, 1968

Box 1a Lawrence, Frieda, 1939

Box 1a McCarthy, Desmond, 1939

Box 1a McGreevy, Thomas, 1960

Box 1a Murdoch, Iris, 1962

4 folders

Box 1a Nicolson, Marjorie, 1962

Box 1a Noel, Lucy Leon, 1969

Box 1a Nowell, Elizabeth, 1949

Box 1a O'Faolain, Sean, 1953-1953

3 folders

Box 1a Ransom, John Crowe, 1940

Box 1a Richards, Ivor Armstrong, 1940

Box 1a Schorer, Mark, 1967

Box 1a Senn, Fritz, 1959

2 folders

Box 1a Spender, Stephen, 1963

Box 1a Steloff, Frances, 1970

Box 1a Tanasso, Elda, 1945

Box 1a Tate, Allen, 1940

2 folders

Box 1a Thurber, James, 1950

Box 1a Tindall, William to Grover Smith, 1946-1972

17 folders

Box 1a Trilling, Lionel, 1964-1968

4 folders

Box 1a Unterecker, John, 1969

Box 1a Van Doren, Carol, 1942

Box 1a Van Doren, Mark, 1940-1969

7 folders

Box 1a Wain, John B., 1963-1966

2 folders

Box 1a Weaver, Harriet, 1953

Box 1a Wilder, Thornton, 1944

Box 1a Wilson, Edmund, 1940-1942

8 folders

Box 1a Wimsatt, William Kurtz, 1967

2 folders