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Francis Steegmuller papers, 1877-2012

Series VII: Jean Cocteau

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Box 19 Cocteau-Hugo (photostats of mss)

Box 19 Printed material

Box 19 Cocteau-Maurice Radiguet correspondence: photographs of unpublished letters

Box 19 Photostats of unprovable texts of Cocteau

Box 19 "Parade" - photocopy of ms., playbill, reviews, letters, clippings

Box 27 Jean Cocteau Les Enfants Terribles. New Directions, 1957

Box 27 Vanity Fair: Selections From America's Most memorable Magazine, 1920s & 1930s (contains FS on Conteau). Viking Press, 1960., 1920s, 1930s

Box 27 The World In Vogue. Viking Press, 1963 (contains FS on Cocteau page 264), 1963

Box 28 Folder 1-2 Francis Steegmuller clippings, article, etc. relating to Jean Cocteau, 1990s

Box 28 L'Année Cézannienne, No. 1, 1999 (article on Cocteau on pp. 15-7 by Arthur King Peters), 1999

Box 28 Arthur King Peters obituary in the ASFLH Newsletter, September 2001.

Box 28 Next Wave. BAM 10th Anniversary Festival, 1992 (Cocteau page 31), 1992

Box 28 Jean Cocteau and His World by Arthur King Peters. New York: The Vendôme Press, 1986

Box 34 Folder 7 "The Quest for Cocteau" Typed Mss.

Box 35 Folder 1 Misa. Photocopy

Box 35 Folder 2 Cocteau-Madeleine Le Chevre letters. Photocopies (with related correspondence)

Box 35 Folder 3 M. Pierre Geogel Thesis. Photocopy, 1966

Box 35 Folder 4 Mary Hoeck translations of letters and manuscripts

Box 36 Index cards (ca. 300)

Box 37 Folder 1 List of 80+ Interviews (listed) held during preparation of the Cocteau biography

Box 37 Folder 2 Albert Gleizes Gauche

Box 37 Folder 3 Juliette Roche Gleizes La Mineralisation de Dudley Craving Adam, 1924.

Box 37 Folder 4 Jean Hugo. Two Christmas cards and notes on Cocteau letters (1923-34)

Box 37 Folder 5 Pierre Gorgel correspondence, 1966-69

Box 37 Folder 6-9 Eighty-odd interviews held during preparation of biography of Cocteau

Box 37 Folder 10-13 Miscellaneous material, mostly correspondence, used in preparation of biography of Jean Cocteau.

Box 38 Folder 1 Miscellaneous material, mostly correspondence, used in preparation of biography of Jean Cocteau.

Box 38 Folder 2 Anna de Noailles. Photocopies of letters from Cocteau (permission needed to print)

Box 38 Folder 3 Cocteau's decoration of the church of Notre Dame de France in Soho, London. With notes on conversation with Rene L. Varin, formerly French Culturel Conseiller in London. Illustrated booklet, postcards, etc.

Box 38 Folder 4 Permissions from French and other publishers.

Box 38 Folder 5 List of items by and concerning Cocteau in the Fonds Rondel (Bibliothèque de L'Arsenal, Paris).

Box 38 Folder 6 List of Cocteau documents formerly in The Times Bookshop, London, now at Syracuse University

Box 38 Folder 7 Enid Starkie -- notes and a.l.s.. Her biographer Joanna Richardson; her pupil Michael Smithies; Cocteau's honorary degree at Oxford. Also Jean Seznec.

Box 38 Folder 8 Yale University -- Gertrude Heim, Donald Gallup, etc.

Box 38 Folder 9 Venice. Peggy Guggenheim 1nd others. Cocteau's friendship with the glass artist Costantino, the songwriter John Tortorella, etc.

Box 38 Folder 10 Glenway Wescott. Photocopies of letters to him from Cocteau. Jean Bourgoint, etc.

Box 39 Folder 1 Excerpts from Diary (1919-1926) of Jean Hugo made by him for me, 1967 (1 notebook), 1967

Box 39 Folder 2 Excerpts from Diary (1926-) of Jean Hugo made by him for me, 1967 (1 notebook), 1967

Box 39 Folder 3 Jean Hugo correspondence with Steegmuller, and Hugo's transcript of part of his journal from, 1919

Box 39 Folder 4-5 Cocteau's letters to Comte Etienne de Beaumont; documents concerning the Le Boeuf sur le toit, etc.; correspondence Henri de Beaumont with Steegmuller; Photographs.

Box 39 Folder 6-7 Letters from Jean Hugo to Francis Steegmuller, 1967-1970

Box 39 Folder 8 Barbette letters to Steegmuller and biography.

Box 39 Folder 9 Barbette. Notes, correspondence and related material

Box 39 Folder 10 The Bibliothèque nationale de France. List of Cocteau items

Box 39 Folder 11 Reginald Francis Orlando Bridgeman. Notes and correspondence

Box 39 Folder 12 R. John Blackley "Essay on the Creative Act of Jean Cocteau"

Box 39 Folder 13 Jean Bourgoint: Interviews with Mme. Denise Van Moppès, Maurice Rheims, etc.

Box 39 Folder 14 Al Brown: Documents concerning the boxer who Cocteau "managed".

Box 39 Folder 15 Bibliothèque littéraire Jacques Doucet notes

Box 39 Folder 16 Juliette Roche Gleizes. ALS, notes on conversations, chapters from her Memoirs

Box 39 Folder 17 Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal: Cocteau -- Louis Jouvet correspondence (not to be used without permission)

Box 40 Folder 1 André Maurois and Simone André Maurois. ALS, notes, etc.

Box 40 Folder 2 The Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Fonds Montesquiou. Letters to Montesquiou, Aurel, Nadar

Box 40 Folder 3 Léon Bakst. L'Art Decoratif de Léon Bakst. Essai critique par Arséne Alexandre. Notes sur les Ballets par Jean Cocteau. Photocopy.

Box 40 Folder 4 Cocteau -- Jacob correspondence from Bibliothèque de l'Education Nationale & de la Culture, Belgique. Photocopies

Box 40 Cocteau -- Jacob correspondence from Bibliothèque de l'Education Nationale & de la Culture, Belgique. Two microfilms (negatives)

Box 41 Cyrilly Abels. Literary Agent. "Cocteau I" by Francis Steegmuller. (to be published in the fall by the Atlantic Monthly Press). Mss.

Box 41 Cyrilly Abels. Literary Agent. "Cocteau II" by Francis Steegmuller. Mss.

Disorderly "definitive":

Box 42 Folder 1-4 Manuscript

Box 42 Folder 5 Appendix I (for Chapetr IV) Portions of Cocteau's Military Dossier (photocopy)

Box 42 Folder 6 Photographs (2) of portraits of Jean Cocteau (by Léon Bakst and Jean Cocteau).

Box 42 Folder 7 Index prepared by Georgine Johnstino (photocopy)

Box 42 Folder 8-11 Illustrations, photographs, etc.

Box 43 Folder 1 Illustrations, photographs, etc.

Box 43 Cocteau: A Biography. Corrected page proof.

Box 44 Cocteau: A Biography. Duplicate of master copy. Mss. (photocopy) Note: "Superseded by Master Copy, December 1969 -- only Master Copy is now valid. However, in this copy, List and Illustrations, Bibliography, Notes & Acknowledgements have been redone to conform with Master Copy, December 16, 1969"., December 1969

Box 45 Cocteau: A Biography. Photocopies of Chapters I-IV, etc.

Box 46 Cocteau: A Biography. Setting Copy of Cocteau Chapters I-IV (Atlantic Monthly Press)

Box 47 Folder 1 Stoots, Richard. Photomontage of "Hope" [Isadora Duncan]. Photograph

Box 47 Folder 2 Illustrations for Cocteau: A Biography. Negatives

Box 47 Folder 3 Re. Charles Hobson's brochure: Flaubert and Louise

Box 47 Folder 4-8 Photographs for Cocteau: A Biography.

Box 47 Folder 9-11 Illustrations for Cocteau: A Biography.

Box 47 C.B.S. M. Ziegel. Cocteau. 30150 & 30151. Two reel-to-reel tapes (730m).

Box 47 Cocteau: A Biography. Duplicate Galleys. "For AMP Steegmuller"

Box 48 Folder 1-10 Typescript of Cocteau: A Biography.

Notes, correspondence, clippings, etc. for Cocteau: A Biography:

Box 49 Folder 1 Chapter I

Box 49 Folder 2 Chapter II

Box 49 Folder 3 Chapter III

Box 49 Folder 4 Chapter IV

Box 49 Folder 5-8 Chapter V

Box 50 Folder 1-2 Chapter VI

Box 50 Folder 3-4 Chapter VII

Box 50 Folder 5 Correspondence and documents concerning Stravinsky-Cocteau "Oedipus Rex". Including correspondence between Steegmuller and Robert Craft.

Box 50 Folder 6 Correspondence and documents concerning Stravinsky-Cocteau "David". Including correspondence between Steegmuller and Robert Craft.

Box 50 Folder 7-8 Responses from Europe (chiefly to British edition. British reviews, etc.)

Box 50 Folder 9 National Book Awards. Press Kit re. Cocteau: A Biography, 1971

Box 51 Folder 1-2 National Book Awards, related material (clippings, announcements, press releases, etc)

Box 51 Folder 3-4 Reviews, publicity, etc. relating to the French edition of Cocteau: A Biography, 1973

Box 51 Folder 5-7 Letters of Jean Cocteau to Jean Hugo (chiefly photocopies), 1917-1921 with related material., 1917-1921

Box 51 Folder 8 Letters of Jean Cocteau to Valentine (Gross) Hugo, 1915-1916

Box 52 Folder 1-2 Letters of Jean Cocteau to Valentine (Gross) Hugo, 1916-1921

Box 52 Microfilm (positive) of Jean Cocteau Journal, (2 volumes)

Box 53 Folder 1 Jean Marais. Mes Quatre Verites. Paris: Editions de Paris, 1957 (Photocopy), 1957

Box 53 Folder 2-7 Miscellaneous Mss., clippings, printed items, cards, magazines, etc. re Cocteau

Box 54 Miscellaneous clippings, magazines, etc. re Cocteau

Box 55 Folder 1 Correspondence with Liliano delli Ponti re Raymond Radiguet, 1968

Box 55 Folder 2-5 Letters to Steegmuller regarding his Cocteau: A Biography including:


Jacques Barzun

Mary Ann Caws

Maria Chabelska

David Diamond

George Dix

Vladimir Golschmann

Philippe Halsman

Horst P. Horst

Leslie Irons

Charles James

Lincoln Kirstein

Thomas Lask

Gladys Lasky

Valentine Lawford

Harry Levin

Melissa McQuillan

Paul Morand

Ned Rorem

Lionel Trilling

Day Tuttle

John Updike

Glenway Wescott

Gil Williams

John Williams

Box 55 Folder 6-10 Miscellaneous material relating.to Steegmuller's Cocteau: A Biography. Includes letters, brochures, catalogs, clippings, notes, lists

Box 56 Folder 1-6 Cocteau (French). Tms.

Box 63 Folder 1 Printed material and letters re. Cocteau

Box 63 Folder 2 Letters and clippings re. Cocteau and Stravinsky (included a.l.s. by Jean Cocteau, 15 June 1945)

Box 63 Folder 3 Typescript rendering of Cocteau's poems in "Opera" by Will Schmitz (with his Poems Verlaine Forgot to Write ), 1979

Box 63 Folder 4 Printed material and photographs re. Cocteau.

Box 74 Folder 2 Details concerning the publication by Editions Roger Chastel in Paris of the French translation of Steegmuller's Cocteau (including permissions for that edition)

Box 77 Folder 7 Letters, clippings, bulleting, magazines re. Jean Cocteau

Box 79 Folder 6-8 Material relating to the 1984 Cocteau festival., 1984

Box 81 Folder 4 Cocteau: Letters, clippings, etc.

Box 81 Folder 5 Cocteau: Société dse Amis de Jeac Cocteau, 14 November 1987 Petit Journal, 3 February1987 Jean Cocteau. Severin Wunderman Foundation, November 1987, February1987

Box 88 Folder 8 Letters, clippings, etc. re. Cocteau

Box 88 Folder 9 Cocteau: Maurice Sachs notes, clippings

Box 88 Folder 10 Cocteau: Bernard Faӱ notes, clippings

Box 88 Folder 11 Cocteau, prince sans royaume Letters, articles, notes, etc.

Box 89 Folder 3 Cocteau: correspondence between Francis Steegmuller and Julie Saul, Elizabeth Harvey, Arthur King Peters re. Jean Cocteau Exhibition of Photographic portraits, 198889 (with lists, notes, photocopies of images, etc.)

Box 89 Folder 4 Cocteau: correspondence between Francis Steegmuller and Julie Saul, et. al regarding. Jean Cocteau (with clippings, mss (incomplete by Saul.), 1989-1995

Box 89 Folder 5 "Cocteau on Camera" by Francis Steegmuller. Tms.

Box 89 Folder 6 Cocteau photographs (photocopies)

Box 89 Folder 7 Cocteau printed material (clippings, articles, etc.)

Box 89 Folder 8 Barbette photocopies (with letter from Francis Steegmuller to Gibbs M. Smith, February 11, 1990)

Box 89 Folder 9 Cocteau: The Mirror and the Masks. Godine, 1993. In sheets

Box 97 Folder 8 Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc. Photocopies of Jean Cocteau autographs offered for sale, April 1972 (with associated material), April 1972

Box 97 Folder 9 Miscellaneous clippings, etc. re. Cocteau, Walter Pach, Maurice Mardèche, (includes photocopy of a typed manuscript "Siciliana" by Fulco di Verdura)

Box 99 Folder 5 Clippings, and Opera News re. Jean Cocteau

Box 101 Folder 10 Hofstra University. Jean Cocteau Conference, 1-4 October 2003. Letter, postcard, schedule, brochures, etc.