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Francis Steegmuller papers, 1877-2002

Series XIII: Other Writings

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Box 6 "Big Black Box, The" (Opera, score by Sam Norgenstern, libretto by Francis Steeemuller) (1 Box): Typescript libretto; Miscellaneous correspondence; published score

Box 6 "Christening Party, The"

Box 7 "Christening Party, The": Typescript drafts; Typewritten manuscript; Miscellaneous correspondence and clippings (1 Box)

Box 10 The New Yorker: Typescripts; Correspondence; Clippings of articles (1 Box)

Box 11 "Grand Mademoiselle, The": Typescript Manuscript; Notes; Correspondence (1 Box)

Box 14 Miscellaneous notes and Correspondence (l Box)

Box 15 Americans on Relief

Box 15 Anna Comnena

Box 15 Article de Paris

Box 15 Artist at Work

Box 15 As Long As You're Up Get Me a Grant

Box 15 Aunt Flora

Box 15 Le Boudoir Chinois

Box 15 Blue Harpsichord, The

Box 15 Bridge, The, by Haria Chiapelli

Box 15 Catholicism

Box 15 Chez La Palatine

Box 15 Christian Science Monitor, The

Box 15 Christina. Returns to Stockholm

Box 15 Cigarette of the Elder Tasso, The

Box 15 Cinderella, My Grandfather, and My Sign

Box 15 College Themes

Box 15 Cousin Mag and La Lutherie

Box 15 Dea Roma

Box 15 Emergency

Box 15 The Fair Singer

Box 15 Flandreau

Box 16 Francis Bacon

Box 16 French Follies and Other Follies

Box 16 French Revere Lend-Lease

Box 16 Hibou et la Poussiquette, Le

Box 16 Informal Minutes at the Eighth Jersey Roundtable

Box 16 Jarves, James Jackson

Box 17 Legion d'Honneur

Box 17 Matter of Iodine, A

Box 17 My Father vs. Mary Queen of Scots

Box 17 Napoli se ne va

Box 17 New and Old Art at Yale

Box 17 New Year's Taxi

Box 17 Note From Avignon

Box 17 O.W.I.

Box 17 Papillot

Box 17 Pechvogel, The

Box 17 Poems

Box 17 Primo Servizio

Box 17 Rancho del Monte

Box 17 O Rare Ben Jonson

Box 17 Room Under Pascal's, The

Box 15 Sainte-Beuve

Box 16 Sainte-Beuve

Box 17 Sainte-Beuve

Box 18 Sainte-Beuve

Box 18 O Saisons, O Chateaux!

Box 18 States of Grace

Box 18 Stature of Kennedy, The

Box 18 Steegmuller, Beatrice, "Storyteller"

Box 18 Storm at Issy-La-Reine

Box 18 Street Walk

Box 18 Trace of Accent, A

Box 18 Train Bleu

Box 18 Trip to Frascati, A

Box 18 Two Lives of James Jackson Jarves, The

Box 18 Victorian Episode in Egypt

Box 18 Vive Les Artistes!

Box 18 Well Known Character

Box 18 West River Valley-Vemont

Box 24 Folder 4 Unpublished Essay on Eugene Fromentin (t.ms.)

Steegmuller Articles, Essays, Introductions:

Box 34 Folder 1 "The System" Typed Mss., 1968 (New Yorker ), 1968

Box 34 Folder 2 "Ciao Fabrizio" Typed Mss., 1967 (New Yorker, 1964), 1967

Box 34 Folder 3 "The Metropolitan Museum of Art" Typed Mss., 1967 (Holiday Magazine), 1967

Box 34 Folder 4 [Gide] "Biography and the Gidian Oscillation" Typed Mss., 1967 (Life Magazine), 1967

Box 34 Folder 5 "Introduction to Maupassant Book Translated by Lowell Blair" Typed Mss., 1968

Box 34 Folder 6 "Foreword to Stravinsky book" Typed Mss., 1967 (World Publishing), 1967

Box 34 Folder 7 "The Quest for Cocteau" Typed Mss.

Box 58 Folder 1-2 Correspondence, clippings, magazines, notes and manuscripts re. Cubism and Steegmuller's essay :"Onward and Upward with the Arts The Cubists in Los Angeles" for The New Yorker ., 1970

Box 58 Folder 3 Correspondence pertaining to the volume Stories and True Stories, 1972.

Box 58 Folder 4 Printed material (reviews, etc.) pertaining to the volume Stories and True Stories, 1972

Box 58 Folder 5 "A Real Saint". Drafts and notes of story.

Box 58 Folder 6 "Emma Unglued". Correspondence with Alberto Moravia and printed material. Published in Saturday Review, December 1972

Box 58 Nuovi Argomenti 25. , February1972

Box 58 Copies of The New Yorker (1969) and Travel & Leisure

Box 62 Folder 1-2 Correspondence, and printed material relating to Diaghilev (included letters from Lincoln Kirstein and Murray Pollinger), 1970-71.

Box 62 Folder 3-9 Correspondence, notes, and printed material relating to Igor Stravinsky (Includes a copy of the Saturday Review containing Steegmuller's article "Stravinsky at Work" 1970-71

Box 62 Ameryka (2 copies), 1972

Box 63 Folder 5-8 Letters, printed material and photographs re. Stravinsky.

Box 64 Folder 1 Abbot Suger. Letters, notes, and clippings on Suger, 1959

Box 64 Folder 2 Article on Paul Valéry for the TLS, 17 September 1976. Notes, correspondence, mss.

Box 64 Folder 3 Printed material on Freud, Charles Kingsley, Cardinal Wisemann, Cardinal Newman

Box 64 Folder 4 Clippings, magazines, and book on the German occupation of France

Box 64 Folder 5 Correspondence and synopsis re. "The Big Black Box", 1968

Box 64 Folder 6 Poem "Vers Nonsensiques," by George du Maurier. Photocopy

Box 64 Folder 7 Reviews of Cocteau

Box 64 The Big Black Box Comic opera in I act and IV scenes. Libretto by Francis Steegmuller. Music by Sam Morgenstern. Two copies

Box 65 Folder 1-5 Miscellaneous letters, clippings, etc. relating to Cocteau, Stravinsky, etc., 1972-75

Box 65 Folder 6 Photographs: Thomal Milian (the injured poet at Spoleto--See French edition page 359); Francis Steegmuller with Vera de Bosset Stravinsky (Mrs. Igor Stravinsky), 1970

Box 66 Folder 1-4 Silence at Salerno: Mss. (typed)

Box 66 Folder 5-6 Silence at Salerno: Letters, 1977-1979

Box 66 Folder 7 Silence at Salerno: Manuscript fragments

Box 66 Folder 8-9 Silence at Salerno: Printed material (clippings, ads, reviews, etc.)

Box 66 Folder 10 Silence at Salerno: Photographs, negatives.

Box 69 Folder 8 Silence at Salerno. Author's page proofs.

Box 70 Folder 1-3 Silence at Salerno. T.ms., with markup.

Box 69 Folder 6-7 Silence at Salerno. Galleys

Box 70 Folder 5 Louise Colet. Le Poëm de la Femme, 1854. Photocopy.

Box 78 Folder 1 Lillian Libman re. Stravinsky Estate, 1979 (includes Notice of Settlement from Surrogate's Court), 1979

Box 78 Folder 2 Clippings and article re. Stravinsky, 1981-82

Box 78 Folder 3-4 Letters relating to the preservation of art and buildings in Italy, 1971-72

Box 78 Folder 5-6 Clippings and article relating to the preservation of art and buildings in Italy, 1971-72

Box 81 Folder 1 Article on Stravinsky, 1966

Box 81 Folder 11 Clippings and article re. James Pradier; miscellaneous clippings; photocopies of French documents.

Box 81 Folder 12 Gautier at the première of Ernani. Photograph of drawing.

Box 81 Folder 13 Article on Théophile Gautier

Box 81 Folder 14 "Lest We Forget". A Tribute to Sefi Through Her Letters, 1938-1941

Box 88 Folder 7 Photographs, lists, notes re . Raymond Radiguet

Box 89 Folder 10 "Francis Steegmuller" entry in the Dictionary of Literary Biography

Box 89 Folder 11 Revisions by Francis Steegmuller of his interview by Lucy Rastelli, 1991

Box 92 Folder 5 The New York Times Magazine, 1 January 1995. Shirley Hazzard on Francis Steegmuller.

Box 97 Folder 6 I. Mark Paris re. Steegmuller's review of his translation on Paul Iribe book. 3 July 1984 (with review), July 1984

Box 99 Folder 3 Letter, clipping, and "Note by Shirley Hazzard concerning Lionello Venturi", 17 December 2002