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Edmund Clarence Stedman papers, 1840-1960

Series IV: E.C. Stedman's Writings

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Box 25 Aaron Burr's wooing

Box 25 Abraham Lincoln

Box 25 Ad Grahamum abeunttem

Box 25 Ad sorores doctas

Box 25 Aërial navigation

Box 25 Alas, poor Yorick! [Eugene Field]

Box 25 The album

Box 25 [Aldrich, Thomas Bailey]

Box 25 Alice Wellington Rollins (obituary)

Box 25 An American anthology

Box 25 Ariel

Box 25 Astra coeli

Box 25 Astraea

Box 25 At the morgue

Box 25 "Ave! Color vini clari

Box 25 Bacchanal

Box 25 The Bacon-Shakespeare case

Box 25 The battle of Bull Run

Box 25 Bayard Taylor

Box 25 A belt of asteroids

Box 25 Betrothed anew

Box 25 Beyond the portals

Box 25 Bill in favor of the Miss. & Mo. R.R.

Box 25 Blanchette to Bronx

Box 25 Bohemian days at Pfaff's

Box 25 Brownstone utopia

Box 25 Byron

Box 26 Captain Francisca

Box 26 Carmen. Innuptias felicissimas triumpale …

Box 26 Castle Island Light

Box 26 A catch

Box 26 Centuria

Box 26 The Century Club (New York)

Box 26 Charles Henry Webb

Box 26 Charley

Box 26 Chastity

Box 26 Chorus in Helen - Euripides

Box 26 Christian and Christiana

Box 26 Christmas:, 1859

Box 26 Christmas in· the camps

Box 26 Christophe

Box 26 Church sparrows

Box 26 Clara Morris

Box 26 Clubs

Box 26 Concerning Mr. Spofford's plan for an academy

Box 26 The constant heart

Box 26 The copyright bill

Box 26 Corda concordia

Box 26 Country· sleighing in New England

Box 26 Cousin Lucrece

Box 26 Creole lover's song

Box 26 A crisis in triolets

Box 26 A critical estimate of Mrs. Stoddard's novels

Box 26 Danäe and Perseus - Simonides

Box 26 Dartmouth ode

Box 26 The death of Bryant

Box 26 The death of George Belmore

Box 26 The diamond wedding

Box 26 A dirge Smith E. Lane, Esq.

Box 26 A distressing misquotation [letter to The Dial]

Box 26 The doorstep

Box 26 The Dutch patrol

Box 26 Edwin Booth

Box 26 1865-1890

Box 26 Emerson

Box 26 En attendant

Box 26 England's poet-laureateship

Box 26 Episode of Austaeus - Virgil: Georgic 4: 317-538

Box 26 Epitaph of Bion

Box 26 "Ergo Iris"

Box 26 An evening over poems

Box 26 Eventide

Box 26 Falstaff's song

Box 26 The fate of a fowler

Box 26 Father Jardine

Box 26 Fern-land

Box 26 Flood-tide

Box 26 Forty years

Box 26 The freshet

Box 27 Gen. Halleck & Battle of Shiloh

Box 27 Genius

Box 27 Genius and other essays

Box 27 George Arnold

Box 27 George W. Smalley

Box 27 Gettysburg

Box 27 Gifford

Box 27 Glimpses of heaven

Box 27 Gold forgery, 1870

Box 27 Good-bye, Walt! .Walt Whitman.

Box 27 Garaeco-English epigrams

Box 27 Guests at Yule

Box 27 H. van D. [Henry van Dyke]

Box 27 The hand of Lincoln

Box 27 Harebell

Box 27 Hawthorne

Box 27 The Hebrew pastorals

Box 27 Heliotrope

Box 27 Helen Keller

Box 27 The hillside door

Box 27 Holmes

Box 27 Home

Box 27 Homeward bound

Box 27 Honest Abe of the west

Box 27 The honeycomb-thief

Box 27 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick

Box 27 Horatius [to Austin Dobson]

Box 27 The house that Vander built

Box 27 Hovey, Richard

Box 27 Howells, William Dean

Box 27 Hymn of the west

Box 28 It the earth were a cube

Box 28 Immortality

Box 28 In good old colony times

Box 28 In memory of Charles Frederick Stedman

Box 28 In Rose Hutchinson's album

Box 28 The inland city

Box 28 Intercollegiate literary contest

Box 28 Introduction [to the Gustave Doré edition of Poe's The raven]

Box 28 Introduction to "Vignettes in rhyms" by Austin Dobson

Box 28 Introductory remarks at the Keats-Shelly Entertainment

Box 28 Italy

Box 28 J.C.R.D. [Julia C.R. Dorr]

Box 28 J.G.H.

Box 28 Jamaica

Box 28 James Russell Lowell

Box 28 Jean Pouvaire's song

Box 28 Jean Valjean's epitaph

Box 28 John Godfrey Saxe

Box 28 John Hay

Box 28 John Morrisey

Box 28 Le jour du rossignol

Box 28 Juliet's runaway, once more

Box 28 Katharine and Eugenio

Box 28 Kearny at Seven Pines

Box 28 Keats

Box 28 Keats-Shelley Memorial

Box 28 Kennst du?

Box 28 King -"the frolic and the gentle"

Box 28 Landor

Box 28 "The last of the buffalo" [Albert Bierstadt's painting]

Box 28 The last token

Box 28 Latter-day British poets

Box 28 The lay of Harmodius

Box 28 Letter from Edmund C. Stedman [re. the Boston Gazette]

Box 28 Letters to journals

Box 29 Library of American literature

Box 29 Life "on the floor"

Box 29 Lines written in the album of John Hay

Box 29 Literary estimate and bibliography of Richard Malcolm Johnson

Box 29 Longfellow

Box 29 The Lord's Day gale

Box 29 The Lord's Prayer

Box 29 Lovers in the tropics

Box 29 Madrigal

Box 30 Map of Lake Winnipisseogee

Box 30 Markham

Box 30 Mater coronats

Box 30 May:, 1859

Box 30 Memoranda [on dreams]

Box 30 Memorandum [on a projected literary magazine]

Box 30 Memories of the Masonic Hall services. [O.B. Frothingham]

Box 30 Menn

Box 30 Meridian

Box 30 Miss Field's debut [letter to The Tribune]

Box 30 Mr Charles Henry Webb

Box 30 Mr Howells and his friends

Box 30 Mr Money Coutts's "Alhambra, etc."

Box 30 Mr Stedman on the late Dr Powers

Box 30 Mr Stoddard's seventieth birthday

Box 30 Mrs Stoddard's novels

Box 30 Monopolists as practical reformers

Box 30 Montagu

Box 30 The monument of Greeley

Box 30 Mors benefica

Box 30 A mother's picture

Box 30 Musae Americanae

Box 30 The music of the hoof

Box 30 My brother's character

Box 30 My godchild

Box 30 The nature and elements of poetry

Box 31 New England ballad

Box 31 New England drama

Box 31 New York

Box 31 The New York Stock Exchange

Box 31 New York University--Hall of Fame

Box 31 News from Olympia

Box 32 Night-mists

Box 32 Notebooks (2)

Box 32 The obligations of Tennyson to Theocritus

Box 32 Ode for Commencement Day

Box 32 Ode to pastoral romance

Box 32 The old admiral

Box 32 The old picture dealer

Box 32 On a picture by McEntee

Box 32 On every heighth there lies repose

Box 32 On reading the foregoing song of degrees

Box 32 On the death of an invincible soldier

Box 32 [On the New Testament]

Box 32 On the old dock

Box 32 The opening of the Adirondak

Box 32 Our juvenile poet has a mother…

Box 33 Painting and poetry compared as means of expression

Box 33 Panam

Box 33 [Paper tax, 1863]

Box 33 Perdita

Box 33 Peter Stuyvesant's New Year's call

Box 33 The pilgrims

Box 33 Poe, Cooper, and the Hall of Fame

Box 33 Poe's cottage at Fordham

Box 33 Poems now first collected

Box 33 Poems of occasion

Box 33 Poetry in America

Box 33 Poets of America

Box 33 A poet's tribute to Lowell

Box 33 Portrait d'une dame espagnola

Box 33 Preface to "New England Society--Orations"

Box 33 Preface to "The garden of years…" by Wetmore Carryl

Box 33 Prelude

Box 33 The prince of the power of the air

Box 33 The prince's ball

Box 33 The protest of faith

Box 33 Psi U Choral

Box 33 Question d'argent

Box 33 Recipes for punch

Box 33 Reminiscences

Box 33 A representative triad. Hood-Arnold-Proctor

Box 33 Review of Bryant·"Odyssey"

Box 33 Review of "Cathedral days" by Anna Bowman Dodd

Box 33 Review of "Love-lore" by W.J. Linton

Box 33 [Review of] Mr Stoddard's poems

Box 33 [Review ot] Mrs Stoddard's poems

Box 33 Review of "Tempest-tossed" by Theodore Tilton

Box 33 Review of "The builders & other poems" by Henry van Dyle

Box 33 Review of "The life of George Brummell…

Box 33 Review of "The seven seas" by Rudyard Kipling

Box 33 The rime of the Elle-King

Box 33 Rip Van Winkle

Box 33 Robes of honor

Box 33 The rose

Box 33 The rose and the jasmine

Box 33 Rosemary

Box 33 Round the old board

Box 34 Sargasso weed

Box 34 A sea change

Box 34 "Sentiment" for Mrs Potter Palmer's "Child's book"

Box 34 The Seventh

Box 34 70 degrees North

Box 34 The singer

Box 34 Sister Beatrice

Box 34 The sleigh-ride

Box 34 Some London poets

Box 34 Song. The sunset…

Box 34 Song. Thou art mine…

Box 34 Song of the surf

Box 34 The songster

Box 34 La source


Box 34 The Aldine Dinner for R.H. Stoddard, 1872

Box 34 Bayard Taylor funeral, 1879

Box 34 Bayard Taylor Memorial, Goethe Club, 1879

Box 34 Sidney Lanier Memorial, Johns Hopkins University, 1881

Box 34 Typothetae of New York –Dinner, 1886

Box 34 American Copyright League Dinner, 1888

Box 34 Sidney Lanier Memorial, Johns Hopkins University, 1888

Box 34 U.S. Senate. Committee on patents re. copyright bill, 1888

Box 34 American Copyright League Dinner, 1891

Box 34 Whittier funeral, 1892

Box 34 Esther Carpenter Memorial, 1894

Box 34 O.B. Frothingham Memorial, 1895

Box 34 R.L. Stevenson Memorial Meeting, 1895

Box 34 Authors' Club Dinner for R.H. Stoddard, 1897

Box 34 Tolstoy Dinner, 1898

Box 34 Watchnight at the Players for Edwin Booth, 1898

Box 34 Presentation of Whitelaw Reid's portrait, 1899

Box 34 Authors Club, 1900

Box 34 New York Stock Exchange, 1900

Box 34 Norwich, Ct., Arbor Day, 1900

Box 34 Press Club, 1900

Box 34 Author's Club reception for Seth Low, 1901

Box 34 Hoi Scholastkoi Dinner, 1901

Box 34 St. Lawrence Univ. Dinner for Irving Bacheller, 1901

Box 34 University Club Dinner for Hamilton W. Mabie, 1901

Box 34 The Lotos Club Dinner for E.H. Abbey, 1902

Box 34 New England Society Dinner, 1902

Box 34 Army and Navy Journal Dinner for W.C. Church, 1903

Box 34 Church Reception for Robert Collyer, 1903

Box 34 Funeral of R.H. Stoddard, 1903

Box 34 New England Society Dinner, 1903

Box 34 Author's Club, for F.R. Stockton, 1904

Box 34 Carnegie Dinner for John Morley, 1904

Box 34 Testimonial to Mme Mojeska, 1905

Box 34 Norwich Board of Trade Dinner, 1906

Box 34 Keats-Shelley Entertainment, 1907

Box 34 The star bearer

Box 34 Stoddard, Richard Henry

Box 34 Stoddard's last poem

Box 34 The sulphur gatherers

Box 34 Swedenborg

Box 35 Tenyson

Box 35 Terra ab astris

Box 35 The test

Box 35 Theocritus

Box 35 Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Box 35 [Thompson]

Box 35 Times are harder…(poem to E.B.D. Stoddard)

Box 35 To A.R. Macdonough

Box 35 To Austin Dobson

Box 35 To C.O.B. [Cyrus Osborne Baker]

Box 35 To Dr. John Williamson Palmer

Box 35 To Dr. Waldstein…

Box 35 To E.[Eugene Field]

Box 35 To Howard

Box 35 To joy

Box 35 To L.H.S. [Mrs Stedman]

Box 35 To Lucy Catlin Bull [Mrs Robinson]

Box 35 To Louise

Box 35 To Thomas D. English

Box 35 To William Sharp

Box 35 Toasts

Box 35 Too late!

Box 35 A town sermon

Box 35 Treasure tombs at Mycenae

Box 35 The tree-planter

Box 35 Truffles

Box 35 Twelve years of British song

Box 35 The twins

Box 35 "Ubi sunt qui ante nos?"

Box 35 A Victorian anthology

Box 35 Victorian poets

Box 35 View of neurasthenia

Box 35 A vigil

Box 35 Voice of the western wind

Box 35 The voyage of life

Box 36 Wanted--a man

Box 36 Westminster Abbey

Box 36 What is criticism?

Box 36 White frost

Box 36 Whitman, Walt

Box 36 Whittier

Box 36 Whittier, John Greenleaf (Encyclopedia Britanica)

Box 36 The Whittier Home Association

Box 36 William Watson

Box 36 A wish

Box 36 With a book, to Robin MacKaye

Box 36 With De Quincey's Opium Eater to Sanford B. Hunt

Box 36 With Hancock at Williamsburg

Box 36 The works of Edgar Allan Poe

Box 36 "The World" directory [annotated by Stedman]

Box 36 The world well lost

Box 36 Written for the Authors' Album given to Mrs. Cleveland

Box 36 Yale ode tor Commencement Day

Box 36 The Yankee

Box 36 Ye tombe of ye poet Chaucer

Box 36 Unidentified and misc. fragments